Pinoy boy gay ass fucking Punished by Tickling

Pinoy boy gay ass fucking Punished by Tickling
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The whole day had been like a nightmare where one is awake and yet in a daze. The closer it grew to time for Nathan to arrive the more knots tied up in Amanda's stomach. The ringing of the door bell sent a shiver up her spin as she opened it, in hand was her one small suitcase with the gifts she had collected over the years with her Master.

As the door shut behind her, her old life came to a close as well. A new beginning awaited, one she was unsure of. Unlike the warm inviting garden that sat out back of the house, the entrance to the huge manor was support by huge dark columns.

The front door leading inside made a chill run up Amanda's spin, its heavy hardware and sturdy oak gave the appearance of no escape.

Her stomach churned and a knot swelled up in her throat, how could her Master do this to her or wish her to do this? "Set your bags down and remove your clothes, you will be given proper clothing to wear inside at some point but for now I wish to see what is mine for the moment." Nathan said. It took all her strength to make her hands work the buttons on her blouse loose, one by one, each giving way to a better view of her bra clad breast.

Slowly it slide from her shoulders and heaped into a pile on the floor. Reaching behind her, she loosed the snaps on the bra and it joined her shirt in the pile. A blush entered her cheeks as her breathing became ragged. The sound of the zipper on her skirt echoed through out the room, slowly it slide downward to reveal a pair of white hose held up by a white garter and no panties beneath.

Stepping from the heap on the floor, she blushed and tried to cover herself with her hands. Reaching up he pulled he hands free and placed them at her side. Totally vulnerable now, her embarrassment grew. Grasping a handful of hair he pulled back, making her small breast thrust forward. Licking a finger he slowly circled her left nipple. Like a prune it begin to crinkle at his touch, tenderly pinching till she moaned.

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Then returning his finger to his lips, he once more wet it and circled her right nipple till it to produced the same effect. His hands trailed down her slender tummy, prying his way between her legs to caress the hairless treasures that hid between them. Slipping a finger between the folds to find an abundance of moisture, lifting his finger to his lips he sucked softly.

Then kissed her on the lips softly, letting her taste her own juices. Letting go of her hair he pulled her close to him.

She could smell his cologne, its aroma strong and sexy. Reaching behind her, he took her ass cheeks in hand and squeezed bringing her up on to tip toes. "Excellent my dear girl, now please bend forward and grasp your ankles!" he ordered.

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Her eyes widened, how she dreaded this position as it left her totally exposed in one area she was uncomfortable with to no end. Sucking in a deep breath, she did as told and watched his feet as they disappeared behind her.

The tickle of his fingers as they roamed over her curved spin, and between her ass cheeks. Grabbing a cheek in each hand he pried her cheeks apart, a crimson red filled her face. "You my dear are more then a sub you are truly a treasure. I see now why my dear brother adored you so.

You obey without hesitation even when you are overwhelmed with humiliation. Now come lets find you some proper clothing and let me show you to your room." The room was a like a page out of time, victorian from wall to wall, velvet spread of blood red adorned the full size canopy poster bed. Gold mirrors, sconces and colors of gold, black and red wallpaper covered the walls. Black lace covered the windows, allowing just a hint of sunlight to pass through their thick floucy layers.

Placing her suitcase on the bed, Nathan, pulled her naked body to him, kissed her softly on the forehead. " Your clothing is in the closet, choose what you wish. I'll return for you in one hour, then we shall discuss your rules here." With that he left Amanda standing in the middle of her new world, still surveying its content.

Opening the closet door, Amanda gazed at what was to be her new form of dress. Conservative, yet with easy access to her body anytime Nathan desired it. Each dress had buttons up the front or a zipper, a tapered waistline and low cut in the front to show just enough of her breast to be arousing.

Simple yet tasteful. Suddenly the room filled with music, soft sensuous, bringing life to the room. Reaching into the closet Amanda choose a dress and then proceeded to the bathroom. Slipping into the shower, she closed her eyes. Thoughts of the past filled her mind, of happier times when she felt safe and loved.

As the warm spray of water washed over her, she breathed in the clean smell of soap as its slickness covered her tense body. Absorbing the warmth, the music and the smells, she slowly begin to feel herself grow more at ease.

Taking the razor in hand she spread her legs and soaped herself, gently removing what little hair there was till she was smooth. Running a hand over her clean shaven privates, she let the sensation take her away from the moment, she grew closer to achieving her goal when she realized she had not received permission to orgasm and quickly stopped. Climbing out of the shower she dressed in the pale pink dress and nothing more. The opening of the door brought Amanda back to the moment as she turned to see Nathan staring at her with a smile on his face.

"Come dear, we have things to discuss and a hot meal awaits us." Amanda's bare feet followed as Nathan took her hand and lead her into the huge dinning room. Seating himself at the head of the table he motioned for her to sit by him on the plush carpet.


Her eyes wondering about the room, she listened silently as he began. " Amanda, till the day you leave this place, you will call it home.

I will give you love, security, and all that your heart desires. You will follow my rules and be rewarded with many things, but if you fail you will be punished just as my brother did you and in other ways, but you will never have to fear abuse. There is a difference you know, one is done with love the other is from anger.

I will never raise a hand to you in anger. There will be no under garments when you are with me. You will always sit here at my feet when a meal is served unless told otherwise. You will wait for me at the foot of the bed each night and when I go to bed you will go also. You will only leave the house or grounds with permission.

You will serve no other nor will I expect you to surrender your body to another without consent. You will refer to me as Master when in private and Sir in public. I will treat you like a lady and you will show the mannerisms of a lady as well.


No foul language is to come from your lips. I will not accept the words no when I desire to use your body. Is this acceptable to you?" "Yes Master, it is and I will do my best to give to you the same respect as I gave your brother." "Good now shall we begin our meal?" A smile crossed Amanda's face, "Yes please." Nathan tore a small piece of meat from his plate and placed it against Amanda's lips, she eagerly accepted it.

Bit after bit of food was hand feed to her. Sharing his drink with her, soon both were full, standing Nathan took her by the hand. Leading her to the indoor pool, he stood with his hands on his hips. "Come girl and undress us both its time for a little exercise." Shaking as she did so, Amanda slowly begin to unbutton Nathan's shirt, as the thick gray mass of hair came into site, she ran her fingers through it.

Its soft curls tickling her palms. Her heart raced as she begin to undo his pants, her mind racing as to what was beneath them.

Peeling his jeans past the public hair, it jumped out at her, every vein distinguished as they stood protruding along the shaft. The head, wider then she had ever seen, wrapping her small hand around its base she found her fingers were unable to touch.

It's appearance inviting, as she leaned forward to softly wrap her lips around it. "Not yet young lady, that is something you earn in time, for now, finish the task at hand!" scolded Nathan in a warm yet demanding tone.

Slipping his jeans and the remainder of his clothing off, Amanda stood back and admired the form before her.

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Strong legs, especially for his age, his cock a full six and a half inches long and at a thickness of five and a half in diameter. His chest firm like his arms. Without hesitation, she quickly shed her own clothing. Taking Amanda by the hand, he pulled her to the edge of the water and then slowly they emerged step by step.

Its coolness making Amanda's nipples grow erect. Leaning forward, Nathan softly sucked her right nipple into the warmth of his mouth. The contrast between the coolness of the water and the warmth of his mouth sent a shiver up Amanda's spine. A moan escaped her lips. Flickering his tongue over the delicate bud, he watched as she shook with excitement and listened as her breathing grew rapid.

Pulling her to the edge of the pool he picked her up and lay her across the edge, face down. Slipping two fingers between the folds of her cunt, he teased her clit as she squirmed.

Without warning, suddenly she felt the head of his cock begin its entry, spreading her wider then she had ever known, almost painful at first, causing her to gasp out loud as he pushed it forward. His in and out thrust caused her nipples to brush slightly against the roughness of the concrete, teasing her as he continued to pound his manhood into her tight cunt. The water splashing about them, making a swishing sound. A roar like that of a angry animal exploded, filling the night, as Nathan filled her with his hot cum.

Holding her for a moment to let it seep deep within her, he slowly set her back onto the bottom of the pool.


Reaching the edge of the pool, Nathan climbed out and placed a towel on the concrete, motioning for Amanda to lay down. Her head had just touched the ground when Nathan walked to where his jeans lay, removing a handkerchief, he handed it to Amanda.

"Please make a blindfold.

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It is time for you to receive pleasure my dear, but you will ask for it." Darkness took Amanda's sight, silence soon followed as the last sound she heard was Nathan walking away and the slamming of the door.

Several moments passed, she soon became aware of her nakedness once more as a breeze blew over her wet body. She shivered and the thoughts of what if someone were to walk up and see her entered her mind. Reaching she covered herself as much as possible till a sudden sting on her thigh was felt, she knew to return her hands to their original position. The warm lips returned to her nipples sucking and nipping till she was in a constant state of movement.

Suddenly the attention to her nipples changed, the bite of the clips brought a squeal from her lips as he lifted her tits by the chain. "Now my pet, you will come on command or these stay on, each time you fail, I will tighten them one turn. You will not cum till I give the order no matter what, is that perfectly clear?" "Yes Nathan.

I mean Master, it's perfectly clear!" she whispered as she bite into her lower lip. The sound of a bullet being turned on made her cringe, she knew the effect the vibration on her clit would have.

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"Please Master, please don't use that on my clit, I'll loose control Sir." she whimpered. "So now my slave is telling her Master what he can and can't do?" "Oh no Master, your slave is only begging you not to as she knows what will happen." Releasing the tension on her nipples he smacked the inside of her thigh indicating he wished them parted. The cool breeze swept across her hot cunt lips, as she felt Nathan part them, exposing her completely.

The sudden thrust of the vibrator took her by surprise, making her raise her hips as it buried deep within her, its vibration sending small shivers up her spine. Taking the chain to the clips in hand, Nathan gently tugged at it, making her nipples stretch slightly, enough to make her gasp. Fucking her slowly at first then picking up speed to match her moans. Without warning the bullet touched her clit, she tighten her muscles around the vibrator.

"Oh Master, please may I cum?" she begged between gasp of breath. "Don't you dare young lady, I said on command, not one second earlier!" he scolded.

Watching her movements and listening to her breathing, Nathan waited till he knew she could take no more. Her juices were flowing down her ass cheeks, its clear slickness covering the vibrator.

"Come for your Master my pet, give it to me now or I'll take what is mine!" A squeal echoed past Amanda's lips as she shook and bucked through her orgasm, shaking and panting she collapsed on the bed, her eyes rolled back in her head as she lay almost limp. Removing the clips from her nipples brought a slight moan, putting the toys away, Nathan lifted her and carried her inside to lay her on her bed.

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Her first night was one he would always remember and hopefully so would she. Kissing her softly on the forehead, he bid her goodnight and turned out the lights.