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Latina Big ass oiled striptease
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"Hey Kyle, have you seen the car keys?" I didn't even look up from my computer as my sister walked in the room.

"Yes, but you're not getting them," I said. "Come on, I just need it for like half an hour," she said. "Mom and dad won't know." "You got that dent in the door last time you took it out, I think they'd notice something like that." Kristin pouted as she sat down heavily on my bed, purposefully coming into my line of sight. "That was an accident, it's not like it would happen again," she said. "It doesn't matter, you're going to follow the rules this weekend whether you want to or not." I had to play the older brother a lot with Kristin.

I wasn't actually older, or not by a significant amount anyway since we were twins and we didn't actually know who was born first, but I had definitely developed into the more responsible one. My sister was way more impulsive and generally uncontrollable; two months since we turned eighteen and she'd already been grounded for getting caught drinking.

It was a good thing I could get her to listen to me sometimes or who knows what kind of trouble she'd get in to. To be fair she could mostly take care of herself and when she did something stupid she usually learned from it.

This Friday was the start of another weekend where I would have to try keeping her on leash, so to speak. Our parents would be gone until Sunday and I really didn't want them to think we couldn't be left on our own for a couple days.

"It's always rules with you," Kristin said. "You never want to have any fun." "But when I do want to do something I have access to the car," I countered.

Kristin could see that she wasn't getting anywhere with me and abruptly changed tactics.

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"You still like Shannon right?" she asked, referring to one of her friends who I did indeed have an interest in. "I never admitted to anything," I said warily. "Whatever. I'm just saying that I wanted to go pick her up so she could come over for a while. You'd like having her around wouldn't you?" I stayed silent since I actually did kind of like it when Shannon hung around. I could have sworn she was at least a little interested in me too, although that might have been wishful thinking.

"You could always try asking her out while she's here," Kristin added. "Okay, now I know you're making things up 'cause you're constantly telling me not to hit on your friends. And you know I wouldn't even do that anyway." "Well it'd be kind of weird if you hooked up with someone I know." She shrugged. "I just think it might be worth the trade off in this case.

She'd probably say yes if you asked." That made me hesitate. I didn't think Kristin was lying which meant that I might actually have a chance with Shannon. I wasn't desperate, not exactly, but I wasn't rolling in dates either. "You mean that?" I asked. "Of course I do. She probably would have said something to you already if she thought I'd be okay with it." Kristin knew she had me now, I could tell by that look of triumph that she could never quite manage to hide from me.

Partly just because I'd seen it so often. "Fine," I said, giving in to inevitability. "But I'm driving and you're not arguing that one." My sister leaped off my bed and wrapped her arms around me.

"See, you're the best brother ever. Can we go right now?" "Give me a couple minutes." Kristin practically bounced out of the room as I leaned back and sighed. Now I'd have to be even more on my toes to make sure nothing went wrong or I'd be getting rightfully blamed as an active participant. Still, there was a chance that it could turn out to be worth the trouble.

**** We picked up Shannon without incident and when we got back the two girls spent some time doing whatever it is they do. In some ways it might have been better this way since as long as Kristin wasn't bored she was less likely to come up with bad ideas just to amuse herself.

It didn't take me long however to realize that despite what Kristin had convinced me, I still couldn't simply walk up to Shannon and ask her out. I didn't have the kind of confidence that would let me initiate something like that, particularly with my sister hanging around. Fortunately it turned out I didn't have to. I was lying on my bed that evening reading something for my English class, which would get a derisive comment from Kristin if she caught me, when Shannon walked up to the doorway.

"Hey, mind if I come in?" she asked. "Uh, no that's fine. I mean, yeah, sure." Great, I was having trouble with monosyllabic words. That didn't bode well. I sat up and tossed the book onto my desk as Shannon came closer. "So I guess I should thank you for letting me come over tonight," she said, looking casually around my room.

"Oh that's okay, it's not big deal," I said, trying to downplay my involvement instinctively. "Your sister said you might have something to ask me," Shannon continued. Shit shit shit, what did Kristin tell her? I glanced toward the hallway to make sure it was still empty. The two of them probably wouldn't be working together just to tease me, but I couldn't discount the idea entirely.

Shannon gave a small smile at my look of panic. "That's okay, I know she's playing games," she said. "But I think you do kind of like me don't you?" "Yeah, I do," I admitted, not meeting her eyes. "Good, 'cause I kind of like you too. And even if Kris is just hoping you'll wuss out of saying anything, she did still give me permission." "Permission for what?" I asked automatically. I didn't bother pretending to take offense at the 'wuss out' comment because it was pretty dead on for me.

As my sister would well know. "For whatever. I figure we could probably do something just to bug her if you wanted." "Like what?" "Like I could give you a blowjob." I heard the words and they matched up with her lip movements, but it seemed like I must have misunderstood somehow.

Shannon had always been friendly around me and everything, but her suggestion went against most of what I understood about girls. Outside of when she came over with Kristin, or occasionally when we bumped in to each other in school, we'd never really spent any time together.

The idea of someone just casually offering me anything sexual without at least going out a couple times was completely foreign to me. "Um, okay," I said faintly.


Confused or not, enough of my brain was functioning to accept. Unless this turned out to be a prank after all, and I really didn't think it was since it definitely wasn't my sister's style, there was no good reason to refuse. Shannon knelt down in front of me, but didn't immediately make any further move.

"You don't have to be so nervous," she said.

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"I know, it's just I haven't really done anything like this with that many girls." Plus I was generally more comfortable with them when I did, but I could think of a good way to say that. "That's okay, I haven't done this with that many guys either." As though my concern had anything to do with our relative amounts of experience. "Or is it because I'm moving too fast?" she asked, tilting her head slightly. "I swear I don't usually, I'm not a slut or anything.

But I know you well enough that I can trust you not to be a dick about it later like some guys." "And you can always have Kristin kick my ass if you're wrong." "That too. But I don't think I am." I watched in fascination as she reached for the front of my pants and undid them with only a slight fumble.

My cock wasn't completely soft, but it was far from hard which I found a little embarrassing as Shannon carefully fished it out. She didn't seem to think there was anything wrong and acted as though it was nothing out of the ordinary. When I thought about it, I really was more used to a little foreplay before any clothing started coming off, so to speak.

It was perfectly reasonable that I wouldn't be as worked up as normal. "It's been a little while," Shannon said.

"I might be out of practice." She certainly didn't seem out of practice to me. Her fingers seemed to know exactly what they were doing as they gently stroked me to full erection.

Then again, maybe I just wasn't much of a connoisseur. Any girl getting me off was better than doing it myself as far as I was concerned.

"That feels good," I assured her. The corner of her mouth twitched upward as she looked at me for a second, then leaned closer to my lap.

"This'll feel even better," she said. I drew in a sharp breath as her tongue flicked out and ran across the head of my cock before disappearing again. She repeated the movement a couple times before licking a path along the entire underside of the shaft.

I had been getting very close to full hardness and Shannon's playful tongue was enough to get me the rest of the way. With her hand wrapped around the base of my cock she parted her lips around the tip and started to take me into her mouth. She used a kind of bobbing motion as she worked me deeper inside until she was about halfway down my full length. "I keep forgetting how much I like doing this," Shannon told me as she pulled back briefly.

"I kinda wish I could take it a little deeper though, I have a wicked gag-reflex and it doesn't really work out very well if I go too far." "You're doing pretty well as far as I'm concerned." "See, that's what I'm saying about being able to trust you.

I said almost the exact same thing to this one guy, and he wanted to, like, 'help me get used to it' or something. I'd have needed to like him a lot more before I'd let him shove his dick down my throat." It wouldn't even have occurred to me to expect anything more than what Shannon wanted to do.

Partly just because that's the sort of person I was, and partly because what she was doing felt so good anyway. As her focus returned to my cock I once again got to feel her take as much of me as she could into her mouth while her fingers circled around the part she couldn't reach.

She looked incredibly sexy as she sucked me off despite still being fully clothed. I loved the way she would look up at me every now and then without breaking her rhythm.

I was so wrapped up in the experience that it was another few minutes before I noticed Kristin watching from the doorway. It belatedly occurred to me that Shannon had never actually closed the door and my sister would naturally have been curious what her friend was doing in my room for so long.

My initial reaction was simply to freeze up, unnoticed by Shannon since I had been keeping fairly still anyway. I didn't think Kristin could see that much from where she was, but she could definitely guess what was going on.

Once she saw that I had noticed her she bit her lip for a second before turning around and walking away. "Shit," I said softly. Shannon must have decided that I meant I was close to orgasm because she started working even harder on me.

Despite my concern over what Kristin was thinking I actually was getting close and soon my need to cum overrode everything else. "I'm gonna cum," I said, just to give Shannon some proper warning.

She didn't so much as slow down or look like she might pull her mouth away as I came. I'd never had a girl swallow before, but I kind of liked it. Not only was it pretty hot to cum inside her, there was no mess left afterward when she finally released me and straightened up. "That. that was amazing," I said, guessing that she'd want to hear something along those lines. Shannon smiled at me a little breathlessly and pulled herself up to flop down beside me on the bed. "Glad you liked it," she said.

The rising and falling of her chest as she regained her breath was verging on the hypnotic, but I was beginning to remember my worried about my sister. "I think Kristin might have seen us," I said. Actually she had definitely seen us, but I was mainly looking to see what Shannon's response would be. "Oh yeah?" she replied noncommittally.

"She seemed like she might have been a little upset," I pressed. "How upset? Like just kind of annoyed or ready to burst into tears?" "Probably somewhere in the middle." Shannon stopped to think about it for a second, which was fine by me because at least she was taking it seriously now. "Kyle?" she said thoughtfully. "Yeah?" "Have you ever brought a girlfriend home or been with her around Kristin or anything?" I tried to recall exactly who I might have brought to the house, or who my sister would have met somewhere else.

There were at least two past girlfriends that fit off the top of my head anyway. "Yes," I said. "But I don't think they would have ever gotten to know each other that well." "So this would have been a fairly new experience for her is what you're saying? Like maybe in her mind she's never had any real competition for being the only girl in your life. And seeing us, it might have changed that." "I. I don't know, maybe.

But why would she think this makes anything different? Not that I don't love having her as a sister, but it's really not the same relationship as what I'd have with someone else. I wouldn't be replacing her or anything." I was starting to get flustered.

Somehow it was looking like I'd done something wrong and I had no idea how that happened. "Hey, maybe I don't even know what I'm talking about.

I didn't even see her remember?" Shannon stood back up and shrugged. "Anyway, I'm gonna go clean up." She left the room and shortly after I heard the bathroom door close down the hall. What she thought she needed to do I didn't know, she looked fine to me.

But then, I wasn't a girl. And as I was reminded more than I liked, I never seemed to be able to fully understand their motivations. It quickly occurred to me that Kristin would be alone for a short period of time if I went to talk to her. Even if I had misread her mood at least I would have confirmation that I was worrying over nothing. As I expected my sister was sitting by herself in her room. She had some music on and her eyes were closed, although somehow she still heard me coming.

"So how was it?" she asked without opening her eyes. "Uh, good," I said, unsure how to treat the question. "I just came to see if you were okay." "Why wouldn't I be?" "You looked like you weren't, that's all." Finally she looked at me, giving me an appraising stare.

"I got weirded out at first," she admitted. "But it was really my own fault. I pushed you two toward each other and then didn't think you'd actually do anything. If I'd been smarter I would have stayed away from your room until Shannon came back." "So everything's fine then?" "Yeah, as far as I'm concerned." I didn't really believe that was all there was to it, but I heard Shannon coming and I wasn't prepared to continue the conversation with both of them present.

Besides, even if there was more of an issue than what Kristin would tell me, the girls might be able to work it out amongst themselves. **** Nothing much else happened while Shannon was still around. I didn't even get a chance to figure out if what happened between us was purely a one-time thing before she left. I did get a friendly hug as she headed out the door where her mom was waiting to pick her up though, which I thought was probably not a bad sign.

Unfortunately with her friend gone, Kristin appeared to hit a dangerously bored state fairly quickly. That's how I interpreted it when she spent most of her time in her room and didn't look like she had much to occupy herself with when I walked by a couple times. I figured that she'd at least hit me up for some new scheme before going off on her own, which would give me a little warning. As it turned out I was sort of right. "So you missing Shannon yet?" Kristin asked me Saturday evening as she casually entered my room.

"A bit. I guess I would've liked to talk to her before she went." "You could always find her at school on Monday. Or I could give you her number if you make it worth my while." My sister was probably genuinely willing to negotiate that information, but I was pretty sure her heart wasn't really in it. She clearly hadn't just wandered in for no reason, but she wasn't giving me any useful clues about what she actually wanted.

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Eventually she lay down on my bed and curled up with her legs pulled protectively toward her chest. I took that as meaning she wasn't planning on leaving soon. "Can I help with anything?" I asked. "I don't know, maybe." She paused for a long moment, perhaps waiting for me to prompt her again. "I keep thinking about you and Shannon," she said finally.

"It's really bugging you that much?" "Kind of. I keep seeing it in my head, only it's different." I didn't strictly mind Kristin picturing me getting head, although it was weird to hear her say.

We also seemed to be getting into territory I was unequipped to handle. "How is it different?" I asked for lack of anything better to say. "Sometimes it's me instead of her." She said it in a completely neutral voice, and her face gave away nothing that would suggest she was joking. "Like you're." "Like I'm sucking you off, yeah. I always knew I was kinda messed up, but this is a brand new level for me." "You're not messed up." I shook my head.

"Everyone thinks about stuff sometimes that they feel guilty about later." "Do you?" "Of course. Some of it. well, it's about you." That got her interest. I wouldn't normally have ever said anything about it, but she did start it so I figured it wouldn't bother her that much. Plus I knew she wouldn't tell anyone else.

"What kind of stuff about me?" she asked. "I dunno, just stuff. Like when you come out of the shower wearing just a towel or something, I can't always stop my imagination you know?" "So you think about me being naked sometimes?" I winced a little at how bluntly she put it, but didn't try to retract my statement.

"Yes." "But you feel guilty," she said thoughtfully. "What if I said I didn't mind? What if we decided that we can both think whatever we want about each other?" "I'm not sure that's how it works." "Why not?

Isn't it just 'cause you're worried what I'd think if I found out? Well now that won't be a problem." Kristin had a talent for making things simpler than they really were. It probably got her into trouble as much as it helped. "Weren't you worried about what I'd think too?" I asked, changing the subject slightly. "Yeah, that's why I told you.

Because if you know now then I don't have to worry about you finding out later. And if you did get mad then at least you'd get over it sooner." Simple. Sometimes I wished the world worked the way my sister thought it did.

"You're weird," I told her. "I know." She grinned and stuck out her tongue at me. "So do we have a deal?" "It's not like what you think is any of my business anyway, so yeah I guess I'm okay with it." "Good." She stood up and was gone without saying another word. The conversation had been a little odd, but it hadn't gone nearly as badly as it could have. **** A few days passed and we entered a new week of school. Our parents hadn't found anything out of place upon their return so we were back to business as usual.

By Wednesday I still hadn't really had much of a chance to talk to Shannon. We didn't have any classes together and there really wasn't any reason I would run into her without making a specific effort. Kristin on the other hand did share a history class with me so I saw her at least once a day at school.

I didn't think anything had changed all that much between us, but sometimes when she looked at me I could swear there was something in her eyes that never used to be there. It made me wonder what exactly she might be seeing. At the start of Wednesday's class my sister made a point of sitting right next to me. Not that we didn't sit near each other on a fairly regular basis, but it wasn't that a big a deal either.

I knew it was on purpose this time since she immediately passed me a folded up piece of paper. I surreptitiously opened what I expected to be a note, not an uncommon thing to receive during classes with Kristin, but instead was a drawing. A rough sketch of a guy getting a blowjob more specifically.

I was glad that my note-reading instincts had taken over even if the teacher hadn't really started yet because it wasn't something I wanted to draw attention to.

After carefully folding the picture closed I scrawled a quick note and handed the paper back to Kristin. "How much time did you spend on that?" I wrote. "Just when I was bored," she wrote back. That could mean just about anything from fifteen minutes to the entire past couple days. "Is it supposed to be you and me?" "What do you think?" I was pretty sure it was. The guy in the drawing could have been anyone, but there was no reason for it not to be me.

The girl however had her hair in a ponytail which I was pretty sure I'd never seen Shannon do. Kristin would put her hair up like that sometimes when she needed it out of the way though. "Well as long as it's entertaining you," I wrote. We had to pretend to pay attention after that as the teacher directed us to a page in our textbooks and had students start reading out loud.

You never wanted to be caught too much off-guard in those situations in case you got called on. It was pretty obvious when you had no idea where you were supposed to be in the text. It didn't take long for Kristin to need to amuse herself again however.

I wasn't watching her closely enough to catch when she started writing again, but all of a sudden the paper landed in front of me once more. She had refolded the page so that her sketch was visible again with an arrow added pointing roughly to the lines denoting 'my' cock. "So how big is it?" she had written at the other end of the arrow. I rolled my eyes at Kristin who only smiled back brightly.

"None of your business," I passed back. "Come on, I never got to see it properly. You said you didn't mind if I thought about that stuff right?" "That doesn't mean I'm going to help you along." "You could just let me see it for a second." "No." She pouted at me, but that was easy enough to ignore by simply facing the front of the room like I was supposed to be doing anyway.

When she passed the paper to me again I ignored it for a couple minutes, then glanced at it out of simple curiosity. "What if I showed you my tits?" I stared at the words for a moment, then turned to mouth "what?" as forcefully as I could without actually making any noise. Kristin sighed and started scribbling on a new sheet of paper.

"You know, boobs? Breasts? Those soft, bouncy things girls have?" There was a helpful stick figure drawn with twin circles near where the arms met the body as a visual aid. "I know what you mean, but you're not serious are you?" "Of course I am. It's a fair deal. I'll even go first if you want." The offer was more tempting to me than it should have been.

I wasn't lying when I told Kristin about the thoughts I had about her sometimes and the chance to put some more definition to them wasn't without a certain amount of appeal. I was kind of worried I'd just feel bad about it afterward, but as is so often the case my guilt didn't really have a hold on me before the fact. If I was truly a good brother I probably should have continued to decline anyway. But I wasn't that good. Deep down I felt a lot of the same feelings and urges as my sister, we were twins after all, I just didn't usually show them the way she did.

"I'll think about it," I wrote. That was as good as saying yes and we both knew it. **** As soon as we got home that day Kristin was pressing me again. We both knew we had about an hour to ourselves before we had to worry about either of our parents getting home from work so it really wasn't a bad time.

"So you wanna do it now?" she asked before I even got my sneakers off. "I don't know, maybe we should wait and see if we still want to later." "Pff, how long have you known me? Honestly, what do you think the odds are I'll change my mind?" "Okay, okay. But it's just going to be quick right? And no touching." "Whatever, let's go." I followed Kristin upstairs where she lead me into my bedroom. "How come it's always my room?" I asked without expecting a real answer.

"Because mine's only for special occasions," she said. I wisely chose not to find out what that meant. "So how are we." I started. Without waiting for me my sister had pulled her shirt over her head and turned toward me as she bundled it up in her hands. "I already said I'd go first, just don't try and back out later," she said, tossing her balled up top onto a clear space on my desk.

Kristin motioned for me to sit down on the bed, which I did. Her hands were behind her back before I could complete the simple maneuver, deftly unclasping her bra yet still holding it in place. "Ready?" she asked. I nodded, though the question seemed unnecessary. What kind of preparations could I possibly need to make? She teased me a little more and covered her chest with her hands as she let her bra fall to the floor.

After a moment she let her arms drop to her sides and let me take in the entirety of her naked upper half. It wasn't like I had absolutely no idea what her breasts were going to look like. I'd seen her in swimsuits or not-quite-dressed enough that I knew the general size and shape, but that was still nowhere near the actual effect of seeing them directly in front of me.

"Wow, they're. wow," I said. "You think?" "Definitely." "Too bad you said no touching then isn't it?" she said with a mischievous grin. I caught myself just before agreeing with her. "No, we need to keep this simple. We're already probably going too far just with what we're doing." "Too far?

There's nothing wrong with looking. Depending on where and when we grew up there's no reason we couldn't have been raised to think being naked around each other was completely normal." "This is different," I asserted.

"This is about the two of us and our dirty minds, not something more natural and pure like you're trying to make it out to be." "Yeah, okay.

I do have a pretty dirty mind. Wanna know what I thought about last night before I fell asleep?" "No thanks, I think I'm safer being out of the loop on that one." "Whatever.

So you gonna do this or what?" Kristin sat down about a foot away from me, not far enough to be out of reach if it came to that but enough to give us a little distance. I was uncomfortably aware that I didn't have much choice other than to go through with my end of the deal after she had already done her part. "I'm getting to it," I said. Along with my default misgivings I was also beginning to have to deal with my reaction to seeing my sister topless; I was getting hard.

Not exactly an unforeseeable consequence, but it wasn't helping. I decided the best thing to do was probably just to get it over with before I had any more time to think about how much of a bad idea it was.

With Kristin's undivided attention I worked the front of my pants open and pulled out my semi-erect cock. I waited for her reaction, but all she did was stare fixedly at my slowly growing erection which, perversely, only made it swell faster.

"So that's what it looks like," she said. "You sound like it's different than you expected," I said. "Not different, just. unique you know? Like you probably could have guessed what my boobies looked like but you didn't really know. Not until now." I sat there simultaneously aroused and anxious, unsure what to do next. Surely we didn't need to keep going for too much longer, but I had no idea if I should wait for Kristin to make the call or not.

"Is that good enough?" I asked after a couple minutes of silence. "Oh, yeah I guess," she said, jerking up slightly as though I had startled her. "But maybe." "What?" I prodded despite my better judgement. "Are you gonna masturbate as soon as I'm gone?" "Uh, probably." It was either that or wait for my erection to go down on its own, and I was horny enough that I didn't think I'd make it through the second option.

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"Do you want to do it while I'm still here? I mean, looking at my tits would help wouldn't it?" "It might, but that wasn't the deal." Part of me was hoping we could keep to the tenuous rules that we established previously.

Another, darker part of me was hoping Kristin would up the stakes. "So what if we changed the deal a little?" she said. "How much?" "Still no touching or anything, unless you want to, but we could just, you know, get off together. It'd be a bit silly just to go off and do it on our own in our rooms." "That's not really fair though if you get to watch me jerking off and I can't see anything." Kristin shrugged and slid her hand down to her pussy, deliberately letting me see it slip into her panties but not allowing me to see anything beyond that.

"Suit yourself," she said. Even though I couldn't see any skin below her waist, I could make out her fingers working through the material of her pants. It wasn't all that hard to imagine what sorts of things she was doing and I was going to have to face the choice of either kicking her out or simply giving in. I wouldn't be able to hold out very long in the current circumstances.

After a moment of further hesitation I raised my hand to my erection and wrapped my fingers around it. It actually meant Kristin could see less of it, but her arm movements increased in intensity as soon as I started stroking myself.

I couldn't really blame her for that since watching her masturbate was getting to me and I had a significantly worse view than she did. It was beginning to bug me how much I wanted to see everything.

I wanted to see my sister naked on my bed and fingering herself. Hell, I kind of wanted to be the one fingering her too. Part of me hated that I was so weak, another part understood that I was playing right into what Kristin was hoping for. It would be easy just to blame it all on her, but she was only bringing thoughts to the surface that already existed inside me.

At least she would understand my desires rather than condemn me for them the way others might. "See, not so bad right?" Kristin said.

"Ask me that again in fifteen minutes," I said. "I'll feel different about it then." "You don't need to." She shook her head almost a little sadly.

"It's okay with me and no one else is ever gonna know. You need to get over thinking you're hurting me somehow. If anything, this is my fault anyway." I opened my mouth to respond, then closed it again.

I didn't think that my reluctance had much to do with worrying about hurting her, but if that wasn't it then what was it exactly?

There were good reasons I shouldn't be masturbating with my sister, plenty I could come up with if I had to, yet they weren't really my reasons. "If I ever did anything that you didn't like, you'd tell me right?" I asked softly. "I don't think I really need to worry about that." She smiled.

"But yeah, I'd tell you. Does that make you feel better?" "A little." "Good, then we're making progress." Kristin removed her hand from her panties and brought it to her mouth.

She made sure I was watching while she sucked her fingers clean, then stood up. I was disappointed for a second since I thought she was leaving, but she didn't. Instead she pulled her pants down and kicked them off her feet, leaving her in only her panties and socks.

"Don't say I never do anything for you," she said. She was so close to naked, so close. I still couldn't see her pussy, but that made what she let me see that much more interesting. Only that small piece of material was between me and a far more detailed knowledge of my sister's body than I ever should have. I was too stunned to say anything as Kristin sat back down and resumed where she left off, her fingers disappearing once more into her panties.

My hand still knew what to do though, and without any conscious instructions continued to stroke me closer to orgasm as my sister did much the same to herself. It was only when I was very close to actually cumming that I realized I was going to make a mess. I never expected we'd get this far and I had absolutely no plan for dealing with the aftermath. Soon I was too far gone to care and just kept pumping as my first spurt of cum shot out of the end of my cock.

I was sitting slightly angled toward Kristin so it mostly landed on my bed rather than the floor, which meant I'd probably end up doing a quick load of laundry later on. A little semen actually landed on Kristin's leg and her eyes widened in surprise as she felt the contact.

I just stared stupidly at her for a second as my senses returned, then looked around for something to wipe it off with. "You got some on me," she breathed. "I know, I'm sorry." "It's okay, just leave it." Far from being grossed out or anything similar, Kristin actually seemed turned on having my cum on her. Her fingers moved even faster under her panties as she moved her free hand to the small puddle of cum on her skin. She poked at it experimentally, then traced a single fingertip through it as though it was the first time she'd ever encountered anything like it.

Moments later she came, throwing her head back and closing her eyes in an expression of bliss unlike anything I'd seen from her before. She collapsed backward as she finished and lay motionless but content for a few moments. "That was way better than any porn," she said eventually.

"I might have to agree with that," I said. "So you think we can do it again sometime?" "Yeah, I guess I'd be okay with that." I got myself straightened up as we talked, getting my cock back in my pants and trying to make it look like I hadn't just finished jerking off.

Kristin didn't even seem to care about covering up. "Kyle, are you still thinking of asking Shannon out?" "Uh, I don't know," I said, frowning at the question coming out of nowhere.

"Do you think I should?" "She'd be good for you. She'd balance out me being such a bad influence on you a little." That wasn't really a yes or no. "But what do you want?" I asked. "Like if we ignore what's in my best interest." "If I was being selfish I'd want you all to myself, duh.

That's why they have to teach kids all about sharing when they're little, 'cause otherwise there'd be people like me who'd never want to." "Somehow I think this generally isn't what they have in mind," I said.

"Probably not," she agreed. "Well maybe we should just leave it for now," I suggested. "If Shannon says something to me, or to you, then I might have to make a decision. Otherwise we can wait until we work some stuff out." "'Kay." She shrugged. Kristin still looked like she had no intention of doing anything other than staying where she was, and I really didn't have anything better to do than sit there with her. It was an odd situation, but kind of nice at the same time.

The sound of the front door opening finally forced us both into life in what I'm sure would have been an amusing sight for an outside observer. I mostly panicked and looked around to see what evidence might need to be disposed of while Kristin grabbed her clothes and sprinted to her room. She moved so quickly I had to wonder if she'd been planning on waiting until the last second the whole time. In the end all I ended up doing was flipping my blanket over and hoping I'd have a chance to throw it in the washer before too long.

I knew that a little cum on my bedding hardly pointed to my sister being present, but on the other hand it would be embarrassing enough in its own right if mom found it when she did laundry some day. It wasn't until later that evening that I realized the guilt I'd been expecting to hit me after jerking off with my sister never showed up.

**** Nothing much happened Thursday. I actually found myself hoping that Kristin would try and repeat our masturbation session, or something similar, but she didn't even hint at it. I still jerked off thinking about her though, imagining she was on my bed again and fingering herself. There was some residual guilt this time which both confused and irritated me. If anything thinking about my sister should be less wrong than actually watching her.

Friday afternoon Kristin found me during lunch at school and dragged me off to the side of the hallway. "What's up?" I asked, figuring it would be something along the lines of wanting to copy my homework. "I'm bored, want to go do something with me?" she said.

"You mean like not at school I take it." "Yeah, I know you're not big on that sort of thing but I really don't want to go by myself and I haven't been able to convince anyone else." "Nice to know I'm your last resort." "Okay, I might have been making up asking other people.

I thought it'd be fun to hang out together for a little while. Everything's been all about sex between us lately." "Say that a little louder why don't you," I grumbled even though no one passing by gave the slightest indication of having heard, and a lot of them wouldn't necessarily know we were siblings even if they did. "Come on, we can go see a movie or something and just enjoy some mindless entertainment.

I'll even pay." My eyes narrowed in suspicion. If Kristin was willing to pay for both of us she was almost certainly planning something. The question was whether I was actually against the idea. "What are we going to see?' I asked. "I don't know. We'll figure it out when we get there." She took my hand and started dragging me toward the front of the building as soon as she got my indirect agreement.

I really did give in to her too easily most of the time, she probably hadn't even considered that I might say no. We were technically allowed to leave the school during lunch which made it easy enough to get off the premises. The nearest theatre wasn't that far away either. I was almost disappointed how little effort it took to skip class with my sister.

Despite the ease of escape initially I kept expecting someone to be suspicious as to why we were wandering around in the middle of the day, but we never attracted so much as a mildly puzzled look.

Kristin probably had something to do with that, she had developed quite a talent over the years for looking like she belonged wherever she was. She didn't project so much as a hint of doing something she wasn't supposed to. We made it to the movie without any notable incident, taking up residence in one of the back rows as far away from anyone else as possible.

There really weren't many people there to start with which gave us a decent amount of privacy. "Just think, as soon as they turn the lights down we can basically do whatever we want back here," Kristin said.

"Is that your big plan? You know anything we can do here we could have done at home," I said. "Yeah, but this is more fun." I was a little nervous about what my sister had planned, but not so much that I didn't want to see what it would be. My assumption was that she would take the opportunity of having us sitting next to each other in the dark to work on breaking the loose 'no touching' rule I'd set out last time.

It really didn't bode well for my attempt at controlling the situation when I found myself hoping that's what she'd do. On the other hand the whole thing could be as innocent as it appeared on the surface and Kristin really did just want to spend time with me. I doubted it was anything that simple however. Eventually the previews started playing, followed by the movie itself. It was some animated 'family' film like the kind that I generally wouldn't bother to watch on my own but that I didn't mind sitting through with someone else.

Sometimes they were even good. I didn't get much of a chance to find out exactly what this one was about because I soon felt Kristin's hand on my leg.

After a little fumbling around her fingers closed on my zipper and started to tug it down. "What are you doing?" I hissed, although I made no move to stop her.

"Just having fun, what'd you think?" she whispered back. "You should probably try to stay quiet though unless you want to attract attention." I could have fended her off, I could have stood up and changed seats. There were options. I had been expecting her to start slower and work her way up, at least give me an excuse to stay passive.

It was like she wanted to see whether she'd broken me already or not. It was becoming pretty clear to me that she had. Her fingers brushed against my cock as she gained entry to the inside of my pants, causing it to stir slightly. She delicately encircled it in her hand without yet removing it from its resting place. "That's kind of weird," she said with a hint of a giggle. "It's getting all hard in my hand." "How's that weird?" "I just mean it feels strange. Good though, kinda sexy." Kristin didn't need to do much at all to get me to continue stiffening, just her soft touch against me was enough.

Granted we were in a public area and it was my sister touching me so the nervous excitement probably helped. "So what are going to do now, jerk me off or something?" I asked when she continued not to move. "Do you want me to?" "Well you are getting me a little worked up here." "Not very fair is it. Don't worry I'm not going to tease you or anything, if you say yes I promise I'll get you off. I just really want to know if you want me to." I did want her to, quite a lot.

Not only was her hand currently on my cock which made it really hard to care that I shouldn't be even be considering her proposal, but the image of her nearly naked on my bed was still fresh in my mind.

I couldn't help it, our relationship had turned into something it wasn't supposed to and I wasn't strong enough to try and change it back. "Yes," I said. Her hand squeezed gently and she made a happy sounding noise as she started stroking me. I slid a little farther down in my seat as though it would offer more protection from anyone who might happen to look our way.

Honestly they probably wouldn't see anything regardless, but I wasn't in an entirely rational frame of mind. "So why the pretense of watching a movie?" I asked. "We could have just done this at home." "Yeah, but we don't have to worry about mom and dad here. Plus I really do like doing stuff with you sometimes. You're my favorite brother you know." "I'm your only brother." "So its good I don't think of you as my least favorite then isn't it?

Positive thinking and all that shit." Kristin leaned over to nuzzle my cheek for a second and I groaned softly as her grip tightened on my cock. She had only been playing with me before, now it felt like she was taking her task seriously.

There wasn't that much to handjob when it came right down to it, but it was still pretty obvious to me when the girl in question was putting effort into it. "You feel like doing me too?" she asked after a couple minutes. Without waiting for an answer she stopped masturbating me just long enough to pull my hand over between her legs.

It was still over her clothes, but the intent was pretty clear. It was kind of hard to concentrate properly and I had significantly more trouble getting into my sister's pants than she had on mine, but I managed.

I was initially surprised to find her panties damp to the touch, although there was no reason what we were doing wouldn't have had a comparable effect on her as on me. Then I slipped my fingers under the wet material to one of the very few parts of her body I hadn't yet seen. As I expected from the state of her panties, her pussy was quite wet already and my fingers were coated in her juices quite quickly.

Less expected, but not entirely surprising in some ways, was a complete lack of any hair. Her lips were smooth and soft and absolutely amazing to feel. I ran my fingertips up and down reveling in the sensation long enough that I got a small growl from Kristin at my lack of focus.

"You'd think you'd never felt one before," she said. "Not one quite the same," I replied honestly. "Well if you're going to want to play with it more you're going to have to at least try and make me happy. If you keep dicking around I might just have to rethink what kind of access I give you." It was probably more bluff than a real threat, but testing that theory was both risky and counter-productive to my current desires.

Kristin's handjob was feeling really, really good and I wanted her to enjoy the experience as much as I was. Admittedly I didn't really know what I was doing. Masturbating a girl just with my hand was a different thing entirely from using a combination of my tongue and fingers as I was more used to. I didn't even know whether I should be concentrating more on getting my fingers inside her or on rubbing her clit. Initially I tried to do both at the same time which was awkward and, I suspect, not all that effective.

I had to force myself to relax a little and recall a lesson I'd learned a while back about paying attention to how she reacted rather than just going through the motions and hoping it worked out. If I was patient enough the movements of her hips and the noises she made would guide me better than any techniques I might have learned. "Mmm, that's better," Kristin breathed, apparently beginning to appreciate my efforts. I took a perverse sense of pride in the pleasure I detected in her voice.

There was a small nagging voice in the back of my head telling me that I really shouldn't be making my own sister feel that way, but I shut it out. I knew full well it was wrong and I didn't need a constant reminder of that fact. As long as no one else found out what we were doing I was pretty sure the moral consequences alone weren't enough to stop me, so what good was worrying about them going to do? Before too long I felt the familiar sensation of impending orgasm.

Kristin knew what she was doing well enough that I couldn't hold back much longer, nor did I want to. "M'gonna cum," I whispered. She didn't say a word, but as I started cumming she used a couple napkins she'd grabbed from the concession stand earlier to prevent too much of a mess. Even if I hadn't realized the foresight involved earlier, I appreciated it after the fact.

"Good thinking," I said a few moments later as my ability to form words returned. My first instinct was to get myself straightened out and my cock safely back in my pants, but I still needed to take care of my sister. My hand had been doing little more than fumbling around aimlessly through my orgasm and I wanted to do better than that.

There was no competing sensory input anymore, no gently stroking fingers to take my attention away from my goal. Not that I'd minded at the time of course, but it made a world of difference to be able to pick out as my subtle reactions from my sister as possible while I worked on her pussy. With a little experimentation I determined that she responded well to having a couple fingers inside her while my thumb flicked over her clit at irregular intervals.

Gradually her breathing grew louder and her legs spread slightly wider as I got her closer and closer until finally I made her cum. I'd never had a girls pussy tighten on me quite the way my sister's did during orgasm. It felt like if she wasn't so wet she could easily have trapped my fingers where they were until she chose to release them.

I couldn't help wonder how it would feel if we were actually having sex at the time, then tried to shake the thought from my head as I realized the implications. Slowly it came back though and the more I thought about it the less it bothered me. It was just one more barrier being broken down between Kristin and me. There was a couple minutes of silence as we got our clothing back in place and processed what we'd just done. I'd almost forgotten there was a movie playing the whole time, but I didn't think I'd missed much of any importance.

"That was kind of a stupid thing for us to do in a place like this," I said, not accusingly but just a statement of fact. "Yeah, I know. It was fun though wasn't it?" she said. "Yes, it was," I agreed. "But still not very clever." "If it makes you feel any better I'm not planning on doing it again any time soon. Wasn't really as scary as I was hoping." I looked disbelievingly at my sister but couldn't make out her expression very clearly in the dark.

"What, you wanted to get caught or something?" I asked. "No, I just wanted to feel like we might. I don't think anyone even glanced at us." She leaned toward me and rested her head on my shoulder. "I still liked being with you and doing stuff though. That part I'm gonna want to do more." I wrapped my arm around her shoulder in an almost automatic response.

"Yeah, me too," I said. We watched the rest of the movie, or more accurately sat there together until it was over, before leaving. Despite my reservations over the location Kristin had chosen I had no regrets and I'd probably even do it again if she asked.

On the other hand, I wasn't going to tell her that since I'd rather be somewhere more private in the future.

**** Unfortunately for Kristin, that day was not the first time she'd skipped class and the school had long ago caught on to her tendencies. Our parents got a call informing them of their daughter's absence and they weren't particularly happy. They were even less happy when she told them she just felt like catching a movie rather than sitting through a couple more boring classes.

Strangely my name never came up at all, although I didn't have the same history as my sister and it was possible the school never noticed my absence let alone connected the two of us. The end result was Kristin was confined to the house over the weekend yet again. Our parents planned on making sure she caught up on her school work and probably were hoping that would cut down on her ability to think up new ideas for getting herself into trouble.

She hadn't protested nearly as much as what anyone was expecting and only I knew that was because any of her plans would involve me and I'd be around anyway. Late Saturday morning the doorbell rang and I happened to be the closest one so I answered it. It was Shannon and she gave me a small smile when she saw me. "Oh, hey Kyle," she said.

"Hi," I said back. "Uh, you know Kris is under house arrest again this weekend right? And our parents are actually around this time." "Yeah, we got permission for me to come over 'cause we have a project to work on for school." "Of course you do." Maybe they really did need to work on something together, but I wouldn't have laid money on it.

"I assume she's in her room," Shannon said, almost a question but not quite. "As far as I know." Without another word she headed toward my sister's room leaving me to watch her go and feel like I should have said something else, though I wasn't certain what exactly. We hadn't talked since last weekend when she gave me that blowjob that started everything between me and Kristin. Even if she wasn't aware of that part, I figured I should still make sure she knew I hadn't been purposefully avoiding her or anything.

She didn't seem upset to me, but that didn't necessarily mean she wasn't. I got my chance a little later on as I was grabbing some lunch in the kitchen. Shannon came walking in and went straight for the fridge. "Just grabbing a drink," she said.

Salva se folla duro a Susy en el jacuzzi

"Cool. Uh, do you have a second though?" "Sure, what's up?" She took a seven-up from the fridge and shut it as she turned to face me. "I meant to talk to you last week sometime," I began. "I didn't want to, you know, ignore you or anything." "That's okay.

I know you and Kristin have been working stuff out and I'm happy about that. She needs you way more than I do right now." "What do you mean? I'm pretty sure she can handle herself." "So can I, but I'm not the one who's been afraid my brother's going to start paying more attention to some other girl this last week." Shannon's statement was accompanied by a meaningful look that tried to convey more than I was getting.

"You think what she's been doing was just a ploy for attention?" I asked, purposefully not specifying what that was. "Partly, yes. But she loves you too and I'm pretty sure she meant anything she told you." "Why do you feel like you know more than you're telling me?" I said finally as it was growing increasingly difficult to dance around the subject.

"Because I do," Shannon said. "I know Kris pretty well and I know it means something when she's been doing nothing but talking about you and asking 'hypothetical' questions all week. She's been trying to convince me she started seeing someone I didn't know and who I probably wouldn't want her to continue seeing just to find out what kind of reaction she'd get from me." "And you think you know who she was talking about," I said, trying desperately to maintain a straight face even though I was on the verge of panic.

"Yeah, and stop looking like you're about to run away screaming. I'm not going to tell anyone, I wasn't even going to tell you I knew until it came up just now. It's really none of my business what you guys do." She moved to leave the kitchen, then looked back over her shoulder for a second. "Just be careful okay? I know you will anyway, but it'd be really easy for someone to get hurt and I don't want that." Even after she left I stood there for a good couple minutes staring stupidly at the doorway.

I felt like we'd dodged a bullet there somehow since Shannon could have reacted much, much worse to figuring out what was going on between my sister and me. Obviously she didn't know all the details, but as long as she was okay with the idea of it that was the main thing.

I had enough to think about already I didn't need to worry about her revealing our secret along with everything else. **** I waited until late that evening to go talk to Kristin, after Shannon had left and there was a smaller chance of getting interrupted by one of our parents.

My conversation with Shannon had brought up a few things that I'd been trying to work out, though I didn't know I was really getting anywhere.

Kristin was in her room right where I expected her to be. She was lying on her bed with a textbook and some papers spread out in front of her, if not actually doing school work then at least pretending to. She also had her mp3 player with her and her foot swung back and forth in the air to whatever music she was listening to. Since she wasn't looking in my direction she didn't notice I was there right away.

I debated sneaking up on her for a brief second, then decided against it. Not that it mattered when she happened to see me from the corner of her eye a moment later and pulled her earphones off. "How long you been standing there?" she asked.

"Hours," I replied automatically. "I am pretty fascinating to watch aren't I?" "Something like that." I moved into the room and closed the door behind me. "There's something I wanted to ask you." "Go for it." "Okay, well I'm pretty sure I know the answer already but I. I really need to know. This is for real right?

It's not just for fun?" "Kyle, I don't let people touch me in certain places 'just for fun'," she said, using finger quotes to emphasize her point. "I know you don't," I said hurriedly. "I didn't mean. I just needed to hear you say it, that's all. Because there's stuff I'm feeling that I really need to repress if you didn't feel it too." "What kind of stuff?" she asked, suddenly much more interested. "Like I've been thinking about you a lot. Way more than I should." "Are they naughty thoughts?" Kristin climbed off her bed and walked the few steps it took to reach me.

"Very," I confirmed. "Thoughts a brother really shouldn't have about his sister." As soon as she was near enough I put my hands on either side of her waist and pulled her even closer. It was a simple enough matter to push the hem of her shirt up a little so that I could feel her bare skin under my palms.

"I've been having thoughts about you too," she said, her face only inches away from mine. "I know. That's what started this wasn't it?" "Mm-hm, but my mind's only been getting dirtier since then. I've been imagining a lot of different possibilities." Kristin offered absolutely no kind of protest as my hands ran over her sides and back, slowly creeping higher as we stood there talking. "Was this one of them?" I asked. "It's pretty close to a couple of them, yeah.

You were faster about removing my clothes most of the time though, at this rate you're going to be all night just getting my shirt off." That definitely sounded like an invitation and I had every intention of accepting. I grabbed the bottom of Kristin's shirt and pulled it up and over her arms as she raised them for me. She wasn't wearing a bra underneath.

"Have you been going like that all day?" I asked. "Didn't seem worth getting properly dressed when I couldn't go anywhere anyway," she replied.

"Besides, I wanted to make it easier for you if you tried something." She leaned toward me and kissed me gently, squealing a little as I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her to me tightly. Her lips tasted a little like strawberries, lip gloss or something probably, and they were wonderfully soft against mine. Even softer, and more interesting when it came down to it, were her breasts pressing into my chest.

I pulled away from her just enough to squeeze one of my hands between us and cup her left breast. "I knew you'd want to feel my boobies," Kristin said. "Of course I do, I did before I just couldn't get past you being my sister." "Are you past it now?" "Not really, but I'm not letting it stop me." I reached down to the front of her jeans and started to undo them, partly to make my point and partly just because I wanted to.

"Hey, you already got to take something off, it's my turn," Kristin said as she pushed my arms away. I smiled and relented, reaching above my head to help her get my shirt off. The sooner it was out of the way the sooner I could remove more of my sister's clothing.

Kristin guided me backward to her bed and pushed me onto it before climbing on top and straddling my hips. I could see her panties peeking out at me from where I'd managed to get her pants open, but not off. "Now this really is like one of my fantasies," she said, grinning wickedly at me. "Oh? Then what happens next?" "Next your pants disappear all on their own, 'cept obviously I'm gonna have to help them along a little in real life." Kristin worked them partly off and I finished by kicking them the rest of the way over my feet.

My sister was so incredibly sexy sitting on top of me topless looking in complete control, I probably would have done anything she asked me at that point. More so than usual even. "Then I have to let you get hard, that's kind of a given," she said. I was well on my way there already, but when she started grinding on top of my still-growing erection it sped up the process even more. My underwear was starting to feel uncomfortably tight.

"So when do your pants come off?" I asked. "Pretty soon if you're lucky." She raised herself just enough that she could pull my underwear back and let my erection spring free. Her eyes gleamed as she saw it again and she crawled backward a little so she could lean closer. "Mmm, I've been waiting to see you again," she said, addressing my cock rather than me.

Her fingers encircled my shaft and stroked it lightly, sending a shiver through my body. It was becoming more and more real to me with each passing second, the idea that we were actually going to have sex. It seemed so weird when I thought about it.

When I focused on my sister and the way she was making me feel however, I couldn't imagine trying to stop it. I sat partway up in an attempt to get at Kristin's pants again and was quickly pushed back down.

She waved a finger in my face like I was a misbehaving puppy. "Ah ah, stay right there," she said.


"I don't want you going anywhere." "Wasn't going anywhere, just trying to help," I said. "Well be a little more patient, you're usually better than me at that aren't you?" "That's because most of the time there isn't anything worth getting excited over. This isn't exactly a typical situation for me." "No, I guess it isn't." Perhaps to placate me a little, Kristin stood up on the bed with her feet planted on either side of my waist and tugged at her pants slightly. She turned around before pulling them down too far so that her panty-covered butt came into view first.

"That better?" she asked, wiggling her butt at me and letting her pants slide down her legs. "Yeah, I gotta say you look good in just your panties," I said. She rolled her eyes at me over her shoulder but began swaying gently as she stepped out of her pant legs, clearly not minding too much. Her fingers hooked themselves into the sides of her panties as she turned around, threatening to pull them down as well.

"So how do you think I'd look in nothing at all?" she asked. "I don't know, maybe you'll have to show me so I can decide." Kristin smiled and the front of her panties came down a little, just barely keeping her pussy covered. She continued dancing in slow, deliberate movements above me making it harder and harder for me to stay put like she wanted. "You know I'm not above tackling you to the bed if I really have to," I said.

She giggled and lowered herself until she was nearly sitting on my stomach. "Maybe you would, but we both know you're completely incapable of holding me down if I don't want you to." She leaned in closer so her lips were almost touching mine.


"Right now though, I might let you if you tried." I closed my eyes as she kissed me, but simultaneously circled my hands around behind her and down her back until I felt the top of her underwear. Her butt brushed against the tip of my cock as she moved back and forth slightly, reinforcing my need to be inside her.

Those panties had to go. I grabbed the material firmly in both hands just above one of her legs and pulled. For a second I thought nothing was going to happen, then there was a satisfying ripping sound and my sister's panties hung limply from their still-intact side.

Kristin gave me a look of shock that quickly turned into an appreciative smile. "Did you just rip my panties off?" she asked. "I didn't think you had it in you.

There must be a bad boy in there somewhere after all." "What can I say, you bring out the best in me," I replied distractedly. The front of Kristin's panties had fallen away leaving her pussy naked in front of me for the first time. After feeling it only the day before I had a decent idea what to expect and I was in no way disappointed. It was just as smooth and perfect as I could have imagined and my first instinct was to reach out and touch it.

Kristin made a small sound of approval as my fingers ran over her pussy lips. Her arousal was readily apparent and it didn't take long for her hips to start rocking against my hand. However much teasing she'd planned on putting me through, her need was clearly comparable to mine and I didn't expect her to try holding out much longer.

As I guessed after a minute or two my sister reluctantly backed away from my fingers and moved herself over my cock. She made sure to grind up and down the shaft a couple times to spread her wetness along it and make the next part a little easier.

Soon Kristin was ready and we made direct eye contact as she positioned the entrance of her pussy at the tip of my waiting erection. Nothing needed to be said, we knew what we were doing and there really was no way either of us was going to back down now. I put my hands on her hips and gave a little downward pressure, just enough to encourage her.

Then, as she let gravity take over, her pussy lips parted on either side of my cock and allowed me inside my sister. For a long moment I was only aware of the sensation of Kristin working me deeper inside her, the rest of the world may as well have disappeared for all I would have known.

A big part of it was simply that I was having sex which tends to occupy my attention all on its own, but there was also that voice in the back of my mind telling me that she was my sister.

Strangely it wasn't a guilty thought so much as an acknowledgement of what was happening. It was like my conscience had given up on morality and just wanted to point out an interesting fact. "Ooh, this feels way too good," Kristin breathed, breaking the silence. "How the fuck did we not do this before?" "I think it had something to do with being siblings," I said. "Smartass. You know what I mean." "Yeah, I do. But I don't even really know how we ended up here as it is." "Maybe 'cause we're both kinda bad even if you pretend like you're not." "You might be right." Whatever the case was it didn't really matter to me at that point.

I had my sister on top of me riding my cock while I ran my hands freely over her almost-naked body; it wasn't the best time for deep introspection. Kristin leaned closer to me as she braced herself on her arms, putting her chest within much easier reach. I took the opportunity to lift my head and suck one of her nipples into my mouth as I caressed her other breast with my hand.

Seemingly in response to my actions Kristin increased her pace, rocking back and forth on me like a girl possessed. Unfortunately her movement pulled her breast from my mouth and I didn't want to risk hurting her by trying to keep it still. Instead I lay back and just watched her as I let my hands settle on her ass.

She was breathing harder from the exertion but still grinned as she caught me staring at her swaying breasts and bent down for a quick kiss. "It's nice not having to just imagine anymore isn't it," she said. "Yeah, but it's going to be hard not to think about sex around you now.

It could make things a little awkward." "As if you don't think about sex all the time anyway," she teased. I didn't bother arguing the point even if it was bit of an over-generalization.

I could sense the changes in my sister's body as she somehow fucked me even more frantically than before and I guessed she was probably getting close to orgasm. I wasn't that far behind either. Within moments Kristin threw her head back and arched her whole body while her hips continued pumping me almost of their own volition.

Whether purposefully or not she didn't make too much noise even though her mouth opened in nearly a perfect a circle and she looked as though she might scream. I think it was that appearance of pure sexual ecstasy that really did it for me and I came even as that image of my sister burned itself permanently into my mind.

Again there was that inner voice reminding me just who it was that I was shooting my cum into, and once again I didn't give a fuck. There was nothing in the world my own mind could do that would make me regret what had just happened. After another minute or so of gradually slowing down Kristin collapsed on top of me, moving just enough to let my softening cock slip out of her before lying still. I gently stroked her hair with one hand and pushed some of it back out of her face where it had fallen.

She twisted her body strangely for a second, making me think something was wrong, but then straightened out and tossed the remains of her panties on the floor. "I liked that pair you know," she said, not sounding the least bit upset. "Sorry," I said. "S'okay. Maybe we can go shopping for some new ones together." Kristin grinned at the thought and, despite myself, I smiled too. I didn't know what she had in store for me, but it would certainly be interesting finding out. to be continued.