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Kathy (white trash whore) part 5 (Jeff's other side) Jeff swept the fallen autumn leaves from the lawn, the garden was looking a bit sad compared with its former summer glory. Kathy opened the patio doors, "I'm just off honey, see you later" "Yeah O.K. sweetie" he replied, as he scooped up the last of the leaves and dumped them into the wheelie bin.

Kathy shut the patio door behind her, and Jeff was free. He had been looking forward to this day for so long and he could hardly believe that it had just arrived.


He went back into the kitchen, washed his hands briefly under the kitchen tap, dried them, and then went upstairs to the bathroom. He showered and shaved, and then went into the bedroom to put on a pair of shorts and a shirt. He chose not to wear underpants.

He went back down to the kitchen and took a Karmagra pill from his wallet, cut it in half and swallowed it. By the time he arrived at the car park his dick was already semi-hard in anticipation of the afternoon fun he was about to have.

He wound down his window when he saw John approaching. John was in his early fifties but quite fit and very attractive, and he had a beautiful 8 inch uncut cock. "Hello Jeff and how are you today?" "All the better for seeing you thanks John and looking forward to having some fun with that lovely cock of yours" "Hey, you'll never guess what I just saw on the way out of the toilet. I just went for a piss and when I came out there was some drunken tart staggering around outside.

I nearly bumped into her." "Maybe you should have John, she might like some of that cock of yours" "Wouldn't be surprised; she looked ready for a shag.

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You could see her tits through her top and her skirt was so fucking short you could see her fanny through her tights" "Sounds like a real whore" "I'm sure she was, she didn't seem to mind me looking at her anyway" "I suppose you're feeling pretty horny after that then?

Or at least, I hope you are" "You know me Jeff, always horny for anything" Jeff wound the window up and got out of the car. "Better go and see if our favourite spot is available then" "Yes we better, don't want to waste any of our valuable time do we Jeff" he said with a wink. They talked about the toilet girl as they walked to the woodland on the cliff tops, speculating on what sort of woman she was and why she was there at this time of day.

Dogging didn't usually take place until after dark. Jeff then told John how he had shagged Kathy when she got back from work in the early hours of the morning. "You're lucky to have a wife that's so keen on sex Jeff" Jeff said,"Yes I suppose I am, but I can't help feeling guilty" "Guilty?" "Yes, since I have been seeing you I feel as if I have betrayed her and feel guilty having sex with her" John laughed, "You mean for the past two years?" "Yes, at least two years" "You are a really nice bloke Jeff, I would never feel guilty about having sex with anyone, I mean, after all, it is just sex isn't it?" "Of course, you are perfectly right, but I still can't help feeling I am cheating on her" If only they knew that the toilet girl was Kathy!

They arrived at their favourite place. Crouching to make their way through a tunnel that had been formed by the footsteps of many people who had trampled down the bushes, they arrived at the small clearing, completely obscured from outside view by the thick shrub.

It was a pretty disgusting place; the ground being littered with used condoms, pages from porn magazines and drinks cans. John dropped his trousers and stood holding his long stiff cock, his ball bag and cock were completely shaved apart from a "V" shaped patch of pubic hair which pointed to the base of his dick.

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Jeff let his shorts drop and then crouched down at John's feet to take him into his mouth. He was soon enjoying the taste of pre-cum as he tried to take the entire length. "Steady Jeff, don't make me shoot too soon, I want to save myself for your arse" Jeff slowed down a little licking and lightly stroking as apposed to sucking for all he was worth.

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"Fuck that feels good Jeff" He pulled John's penis from his mouth, "Only because I love it so much" Jeff had one hand on his cock wanking himself, feeling slightly inferior being so much smaller than the magnificent specimen in his mouth. He actually enjoyed the feeling of subservience that it gave him; Content in the knowledge that he always had John if he wanted a bigger cock.

He had fantasized about inviting John home and somehow getting him to have a threesome with Kathy, but he knew it would be impossible.

Kathy did flirt sometimes when they were out, but he knew it was just light-hearted fun, and she would never go off with anyone else. John looked down at Jeff greedily enjoying his cock. "Would love to fuck that beautiful arse of yours now" Jeff released his cock from his lips, stood up, and shuffled over to the edge of the clearing where there was a convenient tree branch lying horizontal to and about 3 feet up from the ground.

He grabbed it with both hands, bending to offer his bum to John. John took a tube of KY gel out of his pocket, squeezed some on his finger and poked it up Jeff's pooper. He also applied some to his own arse before pushing his cock head between Jeff's bum cheeks and into his hole. Jeff was confident that he would be a nice clean fuck as he had taken the precaution of washing his arse hole out using the shower hose earlier.

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He had filled and evacuated several times until the ejected water was running clear, and used his fingers to clear debris from the plug hole. Kathy would be furious, and probably somewhat curious as to how it got there, if she found shit in the bath.

He closed his eyes as Johns shaft pushed slowly into his arse; he just loved the feeling, but remembered the first few times, long ago, when he had feared that he was actually shitting himself, and constantly asking the guy fucking him if he was clean. John increased his pace and Jeff felt that almost indescribable pleasure of having his prostate well and truly massaged. Suddenly John stopped, they both turned and looked towards the tunnel entrance of the clearing, alerted by the rustling sound of someone pushing their way through and the cracking of twigs underfoot.

Of course, there was nothing for them to worry about; the guys that appeared at the entrance were regulars in this cruising area, and after politely asking if it was o.k.

if they stayed, took up a similar position to that of John and Jeff when they had first arrived. This was the thing that Jeff found most attractive about man sex; He never considered himself in the least bit gay, but he enjoyed the camaraderie of both gay and bisexual men.

He also loved a nice cock in his mouth and arse. John continued to fuck Jeff with added vigour, inspired to some degree by their two newly arrived, sex lovers, both of whom were considerably younger than he and Jeff.

They both were looking at and admiring the tight little bum of the younger of the two as he squatted to suck the older ones sizeable dick. John was on the point of cumming; Jeff was on the point of having an anal orgasm, something he had not believed possible until it happened to him.

Jeff's head was in a whirl, his cock was actually limp as he experienced his orgasm and John's cock filled his arse with his cream. His body trembled as John's cum filled him and the older of the two other guys positioned himself to enter the younger guys tight arse.

Fuck that young guys cock was gorgeous, at least 9 inches long and so stiff that the head was still touching his belly as he bent over. They were also looking at them as John's cock withdrew from Jeff's arse and the cum started to bubble its way out. John and Jeff changed places. Jeff could see the lube glistening on John's smoothly shaved arsehole and his cock entered easily as he pushed into it. The younger guy was now wanking furiously as his partner pumped ever harder into him.

Jeff would have loved to have somehow been able to take him too as he was fucking John. Just the thought triggered his balls to pump his sperm up and into John . The other guy made it apparent that he too was cumming as his pace slowed and turned into long hard forceful thrusts. Three guys stood stroking their softening cocks as the younger one stood and continued wanking. His cock looked almost freakish.

Far too big for his slender frame, and his boyish appearance was emphasised further by the complete lack of hair on his body. His partner knelt at his feet, his mouth open; the boy looked at John and Jeff, "Want some" he said.

They both took up their positions at his feet and all three looked up as he started to cum on their faces, eagerly trying to catch a drop in their mouths. It was a good and tasty load for the trio, enhanced by the cock slapping he gave them, and the opportunity for each of them to suck him. Feeding time finished and they all dressed and headed out of the clearing and parting, leaving Jeff and John to walk back to their cars. Kathy motioned her hands towards the skirt around her waist and the tattered tights that were only just clinging to her legs "Can I take these off now……… please?" Lenny looked around at the other four guys who either nodded or shrugged their shoulders.

They were all naked and had their hands on their cocks which were in differing states of erection. "O.K. slut may as well have you totally naked." Kathy lay back on the mattress, lifted her legs in the air and pulled off her skirt, hooking her thumbs in the torn tights and ripped them off with it.

She got to her knees and looked round at her new friends. "Benny" she said. Benny leant forward, looking at her. He was round faced with shoulder length curly hair and a cheeky smile. He was well covered, but not fat, and very well endowed and was fondling his semi-erect cock. "Thanks for the fart darling." Benny laughed, "My pleasure, glad you enjoyed it." She cast her eyes around the room coming to rest on the proud owner of the biggest cock there.

"You must be Leon" "How did you guess" He chuckled, looking down at his stiff dick. Leon was big in every respect, from the hair on his short cropped head Right down his 6ft 6ins to his massive feet. "Want to come and sit on my knee? She rubbed her hand over her fanny which was now beginning to tingle and produce fluid. Benny coughed, "Just one thing before you go" he said as he turned round on the sofa and pointed his arse towards her.

She immediately put her mouth over his poop chute, he let rip into her, she breathed it in. She licked at his hole feeling a creamy moisture as she poked at his arse; she then ran her tongue around her mouth, enjoying the taste before poking again and then showing her brown stained tongue to her benefactor.

Kathy licked and swallowed inside her mouth as she got up and went to sit on Leon's "knee". Leon steadied her as she reversed onto the sofa, her feet either side of his muscular thighs. He held his steel hard member against her labia and she slowly sat down, his massive rod penetrating deep inside her, deeper than she ever believed possible. She moaned as her cervix stretched open, and his trimmed pubic mound came to rest on her arsehole.

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She rode him like a horse-rider in rising trot, her cunt squelching as he excited every part of it. Her tits were being sucked squeezed and pinched by the guy at her side; His cock beginning to harden in his hand. He returned her gaze and said, "Hi, I'm Mickey" "Yeah, Mickey with the little dickey" Leon's deep husky voice half whispered in her ear.

She reached down and took Mickey's cock from him, looking him in the eye. "It looks and feels perfectly fine to me Mickey" "Would look and feel better in your fine little white bitch arse" Leon stood up with Kathy still impaled on his dick. He lifted her off and then lay on his back on the mattress. Kathy turned around and sat down on him feeding his length back into her twat. Mickey knelt behind her, between Leon's open legs bending to rim her; Fuck she tasted hot!

He spat into her arse then onto his dick, and then started to enter her. Leon kept still in her cunt as Mickey pushed. She was so incredibly tight, with only two inches of his cock inside her he wondered if he could stand the pressure. Kathy was screaming. He pushed harder.

She screamed more. Mickey almost screamed himself as his balls rested against Leon's. Kathy had collapsed on top of Leon, her head on his chest, her fingers clawing at the mattress as she endured the wonderful pain of her holes being torn open.

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It was hurting so much but somehow she knew that she could take more. Somehow she knew that she was far from reaching her limit. "Stop a second Leon" Mickey said as his cock started to throb in her bum. "I need to piss" Leon stopped as Mickey pushed. Kathy pushed hard back against them as she felt Mickey's hot piss fill her bowels. Mickey began fucking her again, his piss farting out covering her cunt and both sets of balls.

Kathy started pleading with them to fuck her harder when she felt half a dozen whacks of the riding crop lashing her bum. It stung like fuck.

Carter, the other guy, offered his dick to her mouth as he reached under her and pinched her nipples, but only allowed her to suck in the tip before he started pissing. Kathy slurped it down, wanting to experience the reaching sensation that sent shivers all through her body when a cock gagged her throat. She soon got it as Carter shoved his whole length into her. All her holes were being used, she had been gagged and pissed in, subjected to agony and whipped, but still she craved more. She had reached that glorious feeling where she would accept anything.

She was fuck meat, she was a toilet, and she was everything they wanted her to be. Her body felt like jelly, her head was spinning and her holes were being filled with spunk. She was in her very own heaven. One by one the guys came and then left her. Leon lifted her off him and then threw her down onto the mattress as if he were discarding trash. She lay still, face down, tasting the cum and pee in her mouth.

Her hands beneath her clutching at her slit. When she finally sat up everyone had gone except Benny, who was sitting drinking a beer. "Where is everyone Benny?" "Well, Leon and Carter have gone to get cleaned up and dressed and Lenny is in the kitchen with Mickey preparing the nibbles for tonight." "Nibbles for tonight?" "Yeah, for the party" "I thought we were having a party now?" Benny laughed, "Nah, this afternoon was just a warm up. Lenny wanted to see if you would really be up for it" "Up for what?" "Up for being the perfect party hostess" Kathy was a little confused.

"Have I got to go and help out in the kitchen and serve drinks and stuff?" Benny laughed again, "No way, all you have to do is what you are best at." Kathy was beginning to like the sound of this. "Yeah, all you gotta do is mingle baby, and give the guests what they want. I mean ANYTHING they want." "How many people are you expecting?" "That I'm not sure about, maybe thirty or so" "All guys?" "Mostly black guys, but there may be a couple of chicks too." Kathy pondered the situation.

It must be around 5 o'clock now, and if the party maybe starts around seven or eight, how long would it go on for?


She asked Benny; "As far as I know the invites were for around eightish, but we usually party on until the small hours" "SHIT!" "What?" Benny asked, "You want a shit? You feel like shit? Or what?" "Well………… I do actually need a poo…………&hellip.but…………………………………&hellip.

I really really wanna stay all night, but it………… it's my husband… "No Problem! Just give him a call and invite him over" Kathy moved over to Benny, sitting beside him and kissing him passionately. "I really, really wish I could Benny, but he's not much into sex and I'm sure he would be absolutely appalled at what I am doing." Kathy was struggling with excuses to tell Jeff……&hellip.

And then in a flash it was clear to her.

She had often called Jeff to tell him she was going out for a drink with the girls at work, and had asked him if he could pick her up? She had often wondered at his reluctance to collect her and had sometimes stayed at Julia's house. Julia then, was the answer. Kathy needed her mobile phone. It was in her bag, in Lenny's Jeep. "Benny?" she asked "I need to get my stuff out of Lenny's car so I can text Jeff" "No problem" he said, and promptly got up and walked out of the room.

Kathy waited for a few minutes until Benny returned. "Here, put this on." He handed her a dog leash and collar. "Don't want you getting away, do we?" Getting away was furthest from Kathy's thoughts; she was desperately trying to think of an excuse to stay.

She put the leather collar around her neck and Benny tightened it, fastened the buckle, and then attached the leash.


"Here doggy" he said as he tugged on the lead and pulled her out of the room. She followed him to the hallway and then, with her tongue firmly in her cheek, sat, patiently waiting for Benny to open the door. "Here doggy" he said as he tugged on the leash, Kathy moved forward on all fours, rubbed her neck against his calf and then licked up his leg and started sniffing Benny's bare backside.

He enjoyed her attention for a few moments, bending slightly when she licked at his crack, then gave a sharp tug on the lead. "Come on doggy, there's a good girl" She crawled obediently behind him until they reached the end of the concrete path, and then raised her head, pulling against him, and cocked her leg up an ornamental tree and pissed.

Benny almost pissed himself laughing; his little doggy was not very good at this, as he watched her spray squirt more on her inner thighs than on her target. Kathy yelped as the gravel stuck in her hands and knees when he pulled her further toward the car, but she gritted her teeth and followed him. "Stand up." He commanded as he opened the car door.

Kathy stood, brushing the gravel from her hands and knees. Benny passed her the carrier and her handbag and they walked back into the house.

Benny unclipped the leash but left the collar on and spanked her bum. "Now go and lie down" Kathy ran in and settled herself on the mattress, took out her phone, and texted Jeff.