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When Anna's parents arrived she explained to them that she had been abducted and held for the past couple of days.

After ensuring her family that she was ok, Anna made her way to her bedroom. She promised them that she would explain everything in the morning that she was tired and needed some sleep.

Anna's parents immediately called the police. After allowing Anna to sleep for a couple hours her parents awakened her so she could talk to the police.

She answered all their questions, but told them she never saw her abductor's face; he had kept her head covered the entire time. They pressed for details, especially as to rape. She explained her top and bra had been cut away, but she was not harmed in any other way.

After about 3 hours they concluded the interrogation and left. The police never pressed for any additional information and after a couple of weeks life was back to near normal for Anna's family. The same could not be said for Anna.

Prior to her experience she had been a very conservative person. She never thought of doing anything to risque. Her choice of clothes was stylish and modern, but again toward the conservative.

Since her return home, she found her normal life really boring. Something had been awakened in her, especially in her desires for sex. She had always been sexually curious, but now she had a desire that needed fed. One weekend she decided she needed to get away from her family and quench her hunger. She told them she was going to spend the weekend at a friend's house, which agreed to support her cover.

She reserved a room in a downtown Knoxville hotel and went shopping for a sexy outfit to go out in. She bought a sexy form fitting short blue dress and a pair of six inch fuck me pumps. In her room she admired how sexy she looked, for the first time she realized how hot she could be. As she admired herself she started to wonder what being with a woman would be like.

She felt a heat grow between her legs; was she getting hot looking at herself or thinking of sex with a woman. She grinned to herself and headed out.

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She hailed a cab and asked to be taken to the best night club in town. Once there she made sure to walk straight to the bar in the most seductive walk she could manage. She achieved the affect she was after, most if not all men's heads turned to watch. Before she could order a drink a cute guy was already asking what she would like. As she talked with him she noticed another guy, behind him, doing his best to get her attention. She knew at that point she could be choosy and pick the best she could find.

As the night went on she met many men, and few hot women. One guy especially triggered her desire, after a couple drinks her desires could not be contained. She leaned into his shoulder and whispered, "I do not want a relationship, I do not want a second date, all I want is for you to fuck the hell out of me and make me cum.

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Are you up to the challenge?" She could not believe what had just come from her mouth. It was exactly what she wanted, but she was shocked to hear it come out of her mouth so matter of fact.

They quickly left the bar and went to his apartment. What Anna thought would be a mind blowing orgasm turned out to be a series of quick in and outs and tremendous frustration on her part. After a couple of hours she got up, thanked him for his efforts and left.

Once back in her hotel room she proceeded to relieve the pressure in her body with the toy she had brought with her. It was nowhere near as good as Lewis had been, but it was better than the self absorbed jerk she had just spent two hours with. She so wanted to feel Lewis again and envisioned she was with him as she played with herself. Her thoughts of how he had licked her pussy sent waves through her body, how hard and big his cock was. He was double what the guy tonight was.

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She desired to be filled with hard meat. It was at that moment she knew she had to find him. She had to experience those pleasures once again. She remembered the license plate number she had written down.

She had a friend whose brother was a policeman, he had always seemed attracted to her, she was certain she could get him to find out who owned the license plate. The next day she put her plan into action, she called her friend and asked if she thought he would do her a favor. Her friend asked her brother who agreed, as long as Anna would go out with him. Anna agreed and gave the policeman the information. She could hardly wait the two days until she would go her date and find out who and where her true desire was.

The date was fairly uneventful; she had to ask if he had been able to find out who owned the license plate. He smiled and handed her a piece of paper. She unfolded it and saw the name and address of her desire. Lewis Paddington, and he lived in Tampa Florida. The thoughts of him gave her an immediate sexual charge.

Needless to say the police officer got nicely rewarded for his work. The next day Anna put together her plan to head to Florida and find her Lewis. Her parents threw a fit over her heading to Florida, especially in the middle of a school semester. She promised them that she would complete school, but she really needed the break and really wanted to hang out on a beach for a couple of weeks.

She used the fact that the abduction had stressed her out and she needed to just get away for a while. They reluctantly agreed. She had been saving money and took out $500 from her account; to her surprise her father gave an additional $500.

She knew that with the amount she could pay for gas there and back and pay for a motel room, if required.

She hoped that Lewis would accept her and spend the time she desired with her. Lewis had thought numerous times of Anna over the past couple of couple of months since he had left her. Each time he would have to jack off as the thoughts would drive his lust to the breaking point.

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One Friday evening he was sitting in his house think about Anna, when the doorbell rang on the front door. He was a little alarmed as he never got visitors. His first thought was if the police had tracked him down and was waiting to arrest him when he opened the door. He quickly ran all possibilities through his mind. He came to the conclusion that if it was the police on the other side of the door his arrest was inevitable and he might as well open the door and face the music.

Just as he started toward the door a light knock started on the door. He paused but figured to go ahead and answer the door. As he opened the door he fully expected to be bum rushed and shackled. He looked out and straight into Anna's beautiful face. His first instinct was fear, she had found him and brought the police or was she going to shoot and kill him.

His fear quickly resided as she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. Anna was terrified he was not home, as she rang the doorbell. After a few moments she knocked. She heard the doorknob turn and the door started to open. Before she knew it Lewis was standing in front of her. Her excitement made her throw her arms around him. After many long and deep kisses, they separated. Lewis was confused, how had she found him? He asked and she explained how she had faked being asleep when he had left her on the bench.

Then she looked up at him and asked if he was going to invite her in or was she going to have to stand in the door forever. Then she winked at him and said, "If you let me in I will make it worth your time." Lewis was speechless, but was able to move aside and motion her in. He calmly shut the door and followed her. His head was still spinning. How did she find him and what was she doing her? Anna made herself comfortable on his couch.

She made quick stoke of his home. It was neat and clean, but plain. She could tell no woman lived here, everything screamed man. She looked at him, still standing and in obvious shock. She figured she should be straight forward and level with him as to why she was there. She grinned and asked, "Will you please sit here beside me, I have some things I need to tell you?" Lewis contemplated running out the front door, but instead walked over and sat down beside her. Anna took his hand in hers, took a deep breath and began, "Lewis, ever since you left me on that bench I have not been able to think of anything else but you and the way you made me feel.

I know it sounds strange, after all you did abduct and rape me. But it turned into something else, something kind and caring and very erotic. I found myself desiring your touch so bad at times I thought I would go crazy. I tried having sex with other men, but none of them satisfied me the way you did." Lewis was needless to say shocked.

He thought for sure once she got back to her normal surroundings she would recall all of the events that took place and hate the thought of him. Instead here she sat explaining how much she desired him. Anna continued, "I knew after a while that I had to locate you. I had to find you and see if you missed and desired me as much as I did you. I came here hoping you would invite me in and let me stay with you." Anna was not going to beg, she had made her statement and if he was not interested she would leave and spend the next couple of weeks in a motel room near the beach.

Her heart was pounding, she was pleading for her ears to hear the words she was looking for. It was Lewis' turn to take a deep breath and sit back into the couch. He looked at Anna and asked, "So you do not hate me?" Anna quickly responded, "Absolutely not, actually I feel as if I could fall in love with you." Lewis again was shocked by what he was hearing. In a calm voice he started, "So let me get this straight. You tracked me down, quit school, and traveled here with the soul intent to stay with me?" Anna shook her head yes and smiled the most pleasing and sexy smile she could muster.


She quickly said, "I would understand if you said no and if you do I will leave and never contact you again. Do not worry about me going to the police, I told them I was not raped so they are not looking for you." Lewis smiled back, put his hand on her face and said, "You can stay as long as want." Anna jumped into his lap, straddling him, pushed him violently back into the couch, and kissed all over him. Lewis loved the feel of her little body against his.

So did his cock, as it was starting to harden. Anna felt the monster in his pants starting to stir and press against her crotch. She widened her stance and pushed her soaked pussy down hard on him and started grinding back and forth. The sexual energy growing between them was becoming unbearable. Anna pushed back from Lewis looked deep into his eyes and said, "Take me to you bed and Fuck Me, I need you so bad.

I want to cum like only you can make me." Lewis hooked his arms under Anna's knees and in one swift move stood up. Anna wrapped her arms around Lewis' neck and sat in his arms as he carried through the house and into the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom Lewis pressed Anna's back against the wall and pushed his hard cut against her hot crotch. Anna was close to an orgasm and Lewis' grinding on her was pushing her closer. She pulled back from his face and quickly said, "God I am about to cum. Let's take these clothes off, you lay back on the bed, and let me sit on your face.

I want to cum all over you." Lewis gently let her down and did and she instructed. In no time she was climbing into bed and straddling his face. Her pussy was soaking wet and wide open. She was hotter than he had ever felt any woman's pussy. As she lowered herself onto his face, she gently placed her hand on the top of his head. Lewis felt her adjust her pussy so his mouth was completely covered and her little swollen clit was rubbing the tip of his nose.

She let out a low moan as she initially touched him. She slowly started to sway up and down on his face, as her desire grew her pace and pressure increased on his face. For his part he had inserted his tongue as far into her hot little hole as he could. Within minutes he felt her pussy clamp down on his tongue and heard her scream in pure ecstasy. Immediately he felt hot sweet fluid fill his mouth and face. Anna was cumming so much he almost could not swallow fast enough.

Anna was shaking uncontrollably from the violence of the oral orgasm she was having. Her desires had been repressed for so long her body was paying the price.

She did not care; she pressed her pussy harder into Lewis' face. She loved how he made her feel.


Anna collapsed onto the bed once her orgasm came to a halt. She was gasping for air and still shaking slightly.

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Lewis was gulping air himself as she had almost suffocated him during the episode. He wiped his face and laughingly said, "Damn girl are you trying to kill me with that thing?" Anna looked over and quickly commented, "No, but I may not be able to control what she does so be careful." "Oh, I am not afraid sweetie", Lewis replied. "MMMM. You're not huh? Well let me see if I can scare you little then", came Anna's reply.

With that she jumped onto all fours and made her way to his hard as nails cock. She wrapped her little fingers around it and placed the head into her mouth. She looked back at Lewis; her eyes sparkled with pure lust, and slid down the shaft until only about 2 inches remained.

Lewis' reaction was immediate; he through his head back and pressed is hips forward. Anna was prepared and moved her head up with his thrust. She was not going to let him catch her off guard this time. She moved up and down on his cock and feed as much as she could manage, without gagging, down her throat.

His cock was so hard and long, she could not wait to feel it in her pussy. She knew that if she continued blowing him he would waste his load in her mouth and she wanted the first blast to feed the extended hunger in her pussy. She pulled up and off of his threatening cock and quickly straddled him.

She had to wrap her pussy around it. She reached under her and pulled it up so the head pushed pasted her lips and rested at her opening. She paused just long enough to look into Lewis' eyes and then slid down until she felt the head press against the bottom of her pussy canal. Streaks of fire pulsed through Anna's entire body. She was so full, so stretched, but so satisfied. She worked her little tight pussy up and down on that monster like it was nothing.

He passion and desire took over, she leaned a little forward and started to jack hammer herself up and down on it. The sensations she was feeling was unbelievable.

Every time she thrust down on his cock she felt the head slam into the back of her. It hurt at first but quickly turned to pleasure. Each time she felt as if more entered her. She was so wrapped up in her sensations she did not realize that she had pushed all of him into her, that her canal had stretched and accommodated the monster.

She was in a consistent rhythm when she felt him grasp her by the waste and start to thrust into her. It was then she realized she felt his balls slap her ass as they slammed into each other. She had taken all of him, she immediately busted loose in wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. The sensation of having his entire cock finally buried in Anna's tight pussy drove Lewis crazy. Her pussy was sucking with such force he just knew the head was going to pop.

All of a sudden everything got tighter and Anna started screaming to the top of her lungs. She was spraying cum all over both of them. Her pussy was driving him to the point of no return. In one last violent thrust he pushed into her as far as he could and blast load after load into her.

They both collapsed on the bed, totally spent.

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After about 5 minutes, Lewis turned to Anna and said with a smile, "I could get used to days like this." Anna's replied, "Well get used to them, I have quite a sexual appetite now that you woke me up inside." They spent the day fucking each other silly. They decided to clean up and head out for something to eat. While at the restaurant, Lewis asked, "Are you sure about all this, I mean I did force you to do something you did not want.

How could you ever trust me after that?" Anna paused for a second before answering. Then she looked at him and said, "Well it is simple, I am not asking to change you for one.

I want you for whom and what you are." Lewis quickly replied, "Even after what I did? How are you going to feel if I cannot stop that?

I mean I obviously do not have to force you any longer, but what if I have the urge to do that to someone else? Anna grinned and answered, "You are correct you will never have to force me to do anything sexual, I will more than likely bug you to death for as much as you can give me. I would hope you would not want to do that to anyone else that is at least without me." Lewis looked at her puzzled and asked, "Not without you?


I am confused." Anna grinned once again and answered, "I have been giving all this long thought and I have discovered that I have desires to be with a woman. To add to that I not only want to be with a woman, but I want to take a woman as you did me. I want to make her do things with me and watch as you make her do things with you. Not to mention it would be some much easier to abduct them if I assisted. They would never suspect a thing." Anna watched Lewis as he was thinking through what she had just said.

She could tell he was a little confused, maybe not believing what she was proposing. Finally he laughed a little and said, "Damn girl what have I awakened in there? I have read about things like this but never thought it would be true." "Oh it is true baby. I want to experience everything. I was such a prude until you made me face my inner desires and I have no intentions on going back to little miss boring." Anna quickly said.

Lewis looked at her for a few seconds and replied, "Well sweetie, I guess we can see where this trip is going to take us. We just need to be careful." With that they left the restaurant and headed home. On the way they both were quite, both running multiple situations through their head. Both were excited to see what thrills their new life would bring them.