Samantha Bentley and Ava Dalush pleasing

Samantha Bentley and Ava Dalush pleasing
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Meagan gets blackmailed. This story was something i created,hope you like it :) It was on a friday afternoon, meagan was just getting off the bus.she was walking to her house when she hears somebody screaming her name out and whistling when she looked it was josh the neighborhood pervert.

He always had a thing for meagan, she was only a 16 year old white girl with a long blond hair and blue eyes but her body made her look older,she had double d size boobs and her ass was nice,round,and very big it looked very fuckable she was everybodies dream girl that you fantisize fucking and espicially for josh.

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today meagan had on a tight gray shirt that showed her boobs and khaki tight shorts that you could see the outline of her panties ,but josh being 38 he knew he would never get a chance with her but that all changed that day.

Meagan ignored josh,and josh hated when she ignored him,but he loved to watch her walk off the way her ass moved,the way she looked in them shorts he was getting hard by watching her and he would imagine having her ass up fucking her hard up her ass while pulling that blonde hair.

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As he was about to run up to her so he can get her attention a car pulled right next to her and when he saw the driver it was her mom,but her mom was a milf she had a nice round ass,nice huge tits,blonde hair,always wears clothing that shows off her sexy body and always wearing high heels she was another woman you'd fantasize about fucking. As meagan Entered the car josh noticed something,her phone had fallen off her back pocket and on the floor immeadiatly josh got excited just imagining the things on that pone.

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as soon as the car drove away he ran to pick up the phone making sure nobody was looking at him he took the phone back to his house. first thing he did was see if it was locked, to his luck the phone was not locked,so as soon as he unlocked it he went straight to the texts,where he read all.the messages,but all he read was usual texts from friends and nothing dirty,that was till he got a text from a guy named micheal and he clicked on it and it went to a bunch of private messages where it was full of sexting messages that she has been having with other men josh began stroking his hard cock reading these messages that said things like her fingering herself,calling herself names,saying guys own her and being a little sex slave for these guys,cause whatever they told her to do she would do it,then i read one message that had pictures of her naked some were of her naked others of her in bra and thongs immeadiatly josh dick got even harder here he had naked pictures of this bitch and then he went to her pictures where he saw them thousands of pictures of her naked and pictures of her in sexy lingerie,and imeadiatly josh started masturbating seeing meagan naked ass and huge tits with pink nipples and then a picture of her fingering herself where he finally s Him fucking her, he imagined having her ass up fucking her up her ass pulling her hair and bending her that ass and spanking it over and over till its red and then fuck her hard and pull her blonde hair,as he was lost in his imagination the phone began ringing,josh saw that it was her mom" shit she must have noticed her phone missing" josh ignored all calls and then he saw meagan amd her mom drive by to there house, then he saw meagan walking around looking for her phone but couldnt find it, she was outside for about 30 mins and then gave up, josh wanted to fuck her so bad,but how he asked himself and then it hit him blackmail.

hell blackmail meagan with these pictures and let him fuck her and agree to be his sex slave and josh grew a smile on his face thinking now i got you bitch.

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That night josh sent all the pictures to his email and got ready for saturday morning so he can blackmail that little slut. Saturday morning came up real fast and josh woke up and ran to his computer and printed out at least 8 pictures of her naked and then typed up a letter that said " come over to 123 abrosden st(my house adress) at 12 this afternon or else these pictures will go out to everybody in the neighborhood and ill make sure your parents get a good copy of these picture oh and wear something sexy" he printed out the letter and put it all in a big yellow envelope where he wrote to meagan from your neighbor.

and put the envolpe on the floor and knocked on the door and hid behind the car,he saw meagan and immediatly got hard she had on a red bra white see through shirt and black tight booty shorts,meagan looked around but saw nobody and opened the envolope first thing she saw was the letter and then what she saw next was her naked ones her eyes went wide open and then she saw the adress and saw that its was josh she immeadiatly knew that bastard had her phone,so she went inside mad slamming the door and josh went home smiling.

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As josh entered his house he prepared everything, the camera,handcuffs,whips,belts,and other toys he would use on her.around 10 he heard the door knock and when he saw his watch,he knew she was there early so he opened the door and it was meagan, she was dressed in a tight small booty short and tight black top she looked so sexy,josh told meagan that she was there way to early and she didnt follow orders,but this time will do.

He invited meagan inside and watched her ass he couldnt wait to finally fuck the living daylight out of her.

He invited her to sit down amd he told her the deal.

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Meagan looked so uncomfortable and not so happy the first thing she asked was wheres my phone, he knew she wanted to get to buisness so he told her that he is on control of this situation and if you dont want everything thats on this phone to go out to everybody here then you better obey me you little bitch meagan knew she had lost and there was no point to fighting so Said what do you want me to do, josh told her to start by begin taking off.your clothes, meagan got up and as she was taking off her shirt josh told her to wait and he went to play his camera and recorded everything, tgen he played slow,music and told her to strip to that music, meagan stripped of her shirt and to reviel her gray bra and huge double d tits josh wanted to fuck her already but he sat and waited then she began to strip off her shorts and josh was so.horny he wanted to fuck her up the ass already but as he got up he realised he wanted to eait instead.

As meagan was crying he kept telling her to hurry the fuck up meagan took off her bra and josh was so horny his dick was so hard when he saw meagans tits and then came her ass he grabbed her ass and she slapped his handa away and josh got up mad and got the handcuffs then he put them on her and he knew the fun was about to begin.tbc if you want me to continue leave some comments and thinking about a gangbang and mother daughter incest she He saw her parents leave and made sure they were gone,he went up to her door ay her clean shaven pussie josh closed his eyes imagining