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Bbw massage porn
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My coworkers always got on my nerves always asking me to pitch in for different things like gas for the car and coffee. I didn't have money to spend on them, I had a wedding in a couple of months and all my money will be going to that.

On the other hand this was work so sometimes I chipped in and told them to pay me back but I never got any money back it pissed me off but I was a very passive guy. I was trying to be more assertive with this direct marketing job. We went door to door selling energy efficiency programs.

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My trainer was Lucy and her boyfriend Chris always rode in the front seats of the car. Once in a while Chris wouldn't show up because he had court for some time he did for getting caught stealing. Sometimes it was just me and Lucy driving along looking for good neighborhoods to sell in. The beginning of the week came by and I didn't see Chris, I asked Lucy what had happened.

"He won't be able to come in all week since he has some community service thing, he is almost done with all the court shit they keep throwing at him," she said this while lighting a cigarette. Oh yeah another thing about these two is that they smoke almost constantly not chain-smoking god forbid but very often and before we would head out in the "field" they would light up "blunt" a cigar filled with marijuana.

I didn't like it much my days of smoking were over. It didn't bother me but on a few occasions in would give me a headache. "Well alright I guess it's just me and you for the rest of the week," I said not minding and remembering that the first week it was like this. We had two different styles of selling but in the end we got the job done. She drove around for a while and right before she finished her cigarette something falls out of her mouth.

It looked like a little ball I think for a tongue piercing. "Oh fuck the stupid little ball fell out," she said as she was trying to look for parking so we could check out this neighborhood.

"Why do you even have a tongue ring?" I asked. "Do you like, you know performing fellatio?" "What's that?" She asked back as she parked and was getting out looking for the little ball. "You don't know what it is?" I asked shocked that a 21 year old girl didn't know what fellatio meant.

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"I think I know I just wasn't sure. "Is it like you know?" She made a gesture of holding a cock and putting it in her mouth a little shyly as she blushed.

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"Yeah that's what it is," I responded as she continued to look for the little ball. I got out of the car to help her find it. "No I don't like doing that; I just got it at a time when everyone else was getting one." She said remembering when she got the piercing; at least that's what it looked like. "Found it," I said excitedly as I handed the little yellow ball back to her.

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"Thanks Sam, I don't think I would have found it by myself," she said. That was true, this couple I had been working with for the last month or so always seemed to lose things and never find them, I suppose it was partly due to the short term memory effect the drugs provided. "Oh shoot, I don't have 10 to buy the Kush," she said and looked at me pleadingly.

I knew she was getting paid tomorrow so I thought why not I should get it back tomorrow. "Alright I said but you owe me, maybe you can pay me back using what the tongue ring was meant for," I said jokingly and let out a little laugh.

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She looked at me hard then at my crotch, really fast almost as if she didn't mean to. "Maybe," she said as she blushed again and gave out a little nervous laugh.

"Alright, you know I can pay you tomorrow? It's just for today; you know that today I usually have no money left. "Yeah I know, you guys and your spending habits," I said as I handed her the 10. She got out walked across the street, knocked on the door and that was it. She came back and she had the little bag that held what she always wanted in the morning.


She sat there thinking about something, she looked at the bag and then at my crotch again for some reason. She took a deep breath, I could see her breasts heave and settle as asked me; "Were you serious that I can pay you by giving you a blowjob?" I looked at her surprised and then thought about it, "I don't know I might have.

You know that I always joke around, but I mean if you're willing?" I thought some more in silence and added, "You know I wouldn't say anything to Chris and well you know that I'm getting married in 3 months.

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So I mean I was joking." I said quickly at the end as this had gotten too real too fast. "But if I was willing? Would you let me? I was never good at it; I guess that's why I said I don't like doing that. And I have never tasted sperm and stuff." She said as redness was appearing all over her face.


"I guess I would let you do it, you would have to do all the work, I mean you owe me," I chuckled again trying to make it in to a joke but she was serious. I was getting a boner just thinking about it and soon there was a bulge in my pants that even she couldn't miss.

"Well alright I was a little curious as to how big your dick is and to see if I could get better at it, not really for my boyfriend but for myself. He knows I don't like it so he doesn't ask me but I want to surprise him just like I'm surprising you." She said as she was reaching down my crotch and started rubbing it.

Little by little my hips started moving down the passenger seat. She reached for my zipper and undid the button. I pulled my pants down and my dick just popped put straight up like it had been held in there too long while feeling the felt fabric seat on my bare ass. She reached out to grab it and pulled back as she felt precum ooze out of my still covered cock. She reached the bottom of the shaft and pulled back on the foreskin to let out my cock head.

She looked at it and said, "I had no idea you were all ready." "Talking about sucking dick got me really horny I couldn't hold it," I said as she started stroking it. "Alright here we go," she opened he mouth and in my cock disappeared.

I couldn't believe what was happening or why or was happening. A mountain of thoughts started to rush in my head; I imaged my cock going in her mouth as the tongue ring pressed on my cock. I imagined my cock almost going down her throat. Then I did feel her tongue ring, the little ball pressing on my cock almost as if she did it on purpose so I could feel it. I moaned as she started to really suck on my cock hard then started slurping as she reached the top.

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She pulled back and asked, "Did you feel it? I pressed hard so you can feel the difference." "Yeah I felt it, it felt so good. I really can't believe we are doing this." I said. "Me neither but I wanted to try it with someone different to see what it was like and you have a bigger cock than my boyfriend, I had wondered what it would be like for it to reach the back of my throat, I have heard that it feels really good for guys but Chris's cock it not long enough," she said calmly telling me what she was going to do next.

I dropped my mouth open not believing what I was hearing, she didn't notice she was about to put my cock back in her mouth when she casually said, "Oh by the way you can cum in my mouth I want to taste it, I'm just letting you know so you don't have to worry I know how you are Sam, a good guy and knowing you would pull my head back before." She put my cock back in too her mouth and kept going what she had started, what we had started.

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She inched a little closer and closer to her throat I could feel that she was being careful not to choke but it was driving me crazy. Then finally she had my whole cock in her mouth I couldn't believe it. Up to that point she had had her eyes closed and when she looked up and smiled I lost it. I was ready to cum, I could feel it. My balls burning and my breath shortening, she knew what was about to come. She closed her eyes again and continued, I was holding on to the sides of the seat. I couldn't help myself, I grabbed head and rammed my cock all the way in, she wasn't surprised she just closed her eyes tight as I let go.

I started grunting as I my hips sped up and then slowed down I could feel my cum in the back or her throat and that got me more excited that I let out one more. I finally slowed all the way down, she sucked every last dropped trying to taste all of it. My legs were shaking as she looked up at me with a smile and asked; "How was it?"