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Cute college girl Charli Baker fucks her hot ass
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Jessica's Scarf and the Old School Copier Cast of characters: Jessica Roberts -- 23 years old -- Newest science teacher. Stunningly beautiful, smart, lonely. Annoyed at being ignored. Mr. Skinner -- 34 years old -- High school principal.

Single, geeky, strict, fair. A hopeless romantic, but awkward with women. Dirk, Nick, Paul, and Abe -- 15 years old -- Four naughty 10th grade boys. Horny, gregarious, affable, unruly, incorrigible.

Matt Summers -- 23 years old -- School janitor. Tall, large, friendly, handsome, hard working. Mr. Roberts -- 48 years old -- Jessica's dad. Loving doting father ready to do anything for (and to) his daughter. Note: This story is based on a true event involving an attractive graduate student, but in real life, the healthy male in the room with her at the time relinquished an exceptional opportunity, though this left him with vivid fantasies to write about. ------------------------------------- MONDAY Jessica Roberts was excited to start teaching at the local high school.

This was the same school she graduated from only five years earlier. When she was a student there, she was a smart girl who was usually the center of attention. She was popular and stunning. Now she is still stunning, but all of her better friends have seem to have fled and she was stuck living in her parent's basement with no money, no car, and a load of debt, so no more Miss Popularity. But now she was the newest science teacher in the school eager for her first real paycheck. She received her masters degree and teaching certificate with little enough trouble, but starting full time was a bit intimidating.

Her meetings with the principal who hired her were somewhat tense. Mr. Skinner is young and single, and he just arrived at the school only two years earlier.

He has earned a reputation for being very strict and he does dish out punishment, but he also runs a tight ship and treats everyone fairly without favoritism. Students connect with him rather well and all the teachers like him.

But he seemed to be rather uncomfortable around Jessica. She is used to seeing uncomfortable men. Her looks make that a rather routine event.

He went over the rules and articulated his expectations, and he tried to give her a tour of the school and her classroom. Not much has changed, but the school did have a new auditorium and music facility. She noticed that the old band room had been replaced by a media center with a few chairs and a tables near the center, but the small recording booth up in the back was still there with its dark tinted windows and its raised door in the hallway. Jessica laughed when she saw the old school copier there in the media center on the wall right behind where the conductor used to wave his baton.

It was old when she was a student there. "You still have that decrepit old thing?" "Well, the budget has been rather tight. It's having some trouble, so please do not use it without special instruction and permission." Jessica wasn't really paying attention to the boring man… umm… principal, Mr.

Skinner. Jessica was assigned three classes and three preparation periods each day and lunchroom duty. "Let's see how you handle these classes before we give you anything more challenging," the principal droned on.

Jessica was pleased to get an honors freshman class, a 2nd curriculum 10th grade class, and an upper level AP class for last period. She was thrilled with getting an AP class to teach. Only the 10th grade class worried her a little. She avoided the kids in that kind of class when she was an honors student here. The principal was still rather uncomfortable.

Jessica was dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a low cut and tapered fitted red blouse that really showed off her hourglass figure.

She wore an exquisite red bra that could easily been seen from several angles. This one pressed her ample breasts together in a most appealing manner.

From some angles, even more could be seen. "You should dress well for the first day of school. The pants you're wearing are really not appropriate." "Skirts and dresses then?" "That would be better. You know how teenage boys can be, right?" "Right." "And your top." "Yes?" "Way too much skin showing for this school." "Got it." Jessica wasn't worried.

This center of attention almost never worries. "On Friday, the teachers dress more casually. Casual Friday." "Oh. That's nice. I don't remember teachers doing that five years ago." "I wasn't here five years ago." TUESDAY Jessica dressed modestly for the first day of school and was basically ignored. The other teachers ignored her, the principal ignored her, and most of the students ignored her. The boys were friendly to her, but those 15 and 16 year old girls were their real center of their attention.

Jessica expected some sort of homecoming party, but no one even remembered her being there except a handful of teachers who were friendly enough, though they didn't seem to remember her all that well. "That was disappointing." Her 10th grade class was the rowdy one, as she had anticipated.

There were four overly active boys in the rear corner who looked to cause trouble. They also had all the other students, especially the girls, constantly looking back in their direction. Such backward glances would only encourage them to engage in even more outrageous acts.

These boys were the center of attention in this class. Looking to prevent future problems, she assigned them to the front row seats and spread them out with a girl sitting between each of them.

She put their apparent leader, Dirk, on her far left near the door. The largest scary looking one, a tall black youth named Abe, was put on the far right by the window. A short wiry kid, Nick, was installed left of center, and finally, the pretty boy, Paul, was installed just right of center.

Problem solved. Right? Paul winked at her twice. Nick showed her his tongue. When the first day was over, Jessica was tired. Teaching like this was a lot less fun than she had anticipated. Since she had so much fun being there as a student, she just expected that it would still be fun, but it wasn't.

It was hard work. THURSDAY Jessica dressed modestly for the second day and third day wearing a modest skirt and a loose thin sweater with an elegant scarf. She looked nice, but again, she was basically ignored. She wasn't used to being ignored, and it was starting to piss her off. She had no friends at all.

She couldn't really socialize with the kids, and most of the staff was much older or married or gay, and, well, just not people with whom she would expect to socialize.

It was basically a social wasteland for a young woman still in her early 20s. At least her classes were going reasonable well and she was considered competent. "Oh Daddy." "Yes. Sweetie." "I hate my school. I hate teaching. And I hate living here." "Is it all that bad?" "I have no friends. I have no boyfriend. No one at school is my age. Everyone there ignores me." "Give it some time. You've only been home for four weeks and at school for three days.

Seek friends elsewhere. You know this town." "Yea. OK Daddy. I'll miss you when I move out of here." She kissed him on the cheek. "Well, it shouldn't be too soon. You should save your money and get a car first… and pay down those damn student loans." "Right. OK Dad." FRIDAY On Friday, she remembered that she could dress casually.

She looked through her closet and wanted to put on something that would get her some attention. She was tired of being ignored. She came across her "Bad Teacher" Halloween costume from three years ago and laughed.

This was an exact copy of the outfit Elizabeth Hurley wore in the movie "Bedazzled" (note to readers, Google images: "Bedazzled teacher Hurley" to see a picture of this costume), with a pleated paid skirt that was way too short, a mid-sleeve red sweater with a white blouse underneath, and tall dark knee socks. She even looked a lot like Elizabeth Hurley, including the dark rimmed glasses.

Her height at 5'8" and her figure were an exact match but Jessica's chin was a little rounder than Hurley's and she looked a bit more innocent. With the plaid skirt, Jessica was showing way too much of her long legs, and if she turned quickly you could see that she was wearing attractive white panties. This was more than casual Friday fare, and she knew it was too much, but she wanted to test the limits.

She wanted to be noticed again. The only addition to her outfit was an elegant flowing red scarf that she wore around her neck. She liked scarves. As she walked into the school, all the boys were looking at her long attractive legs.

She was a dream. The principal saw her and summoned her to his office. "What in hell are you wearing today?" "Don't I look nice?" "Your outfit is way over the top. This is a high school!" He looked angry and flustered. "But you said Friday was casual." "Casual, not pornographic." "This isn't pornographic." "Yea. I recognize the 'Bad Teacher' outfit from 'Bedazzled'. You do look very nice. But how do you expect your male students to pay attention?" "Is it really that bad?" "Yes. And I am going to punish you." "Punish me?

How?" "I haven't decided yet, but you will be punished." "Oh." "And if you dress like that again, I will fire you." "Oh." "Now go home and change." "I… I can't. I have no transportation… my dad., and my classes will start soon." "Can you lengthen the skirt?" "Um… I can pull it down a little… maybe 6 inches." "OK. OK. Do that and go to class. We're not done talking about this you trollop." Jessica's face turned red. "You can't call me a trollop.

I haven't had sex in nearly a year." "I am sorry. I'm just angry." "I'm sorry too." She leaned in and gave the man a kiss on his cheek. He blushed profusely.

After she left his office, Jessica lowered her skirt as told to do so, and now there was a very cute 4" band of soft tanned flesh all the way around her waist. This was not the improvement the principal was looking for. Jessica got through her freshman class well enough. The air was thick, but these are good kids who only stared when she wasn't looking at them, but otherwise behaved.

Her 10th grade class was a very different story. Those four boys sitting in the front row… they made no pretense of not watching Jessica, and their blatant stares, loud breathing, and other little noises made her rather uncomfortable. It seemed that something was going to happen. In fact, when Jessica was turned and writing high on the board while standing one her toes, she heard the front row girls giggling.

She turned quickly to see all four boys masturbating, two with their hand in their pants, and two on the ends with their long erect dicks out and fully exposed. The one on the far right was a true monster. Jessica gasped audibly.

The boys laughed. They didn't even stop when they were caught, and the girls continued to giggle and blush… In fact, all of the girls in the class seemed to be involved in this giggling. Jessica was shocked at how brazen they were. "YOU Dirk!, YOU Nick!, YOU Paul!, and YOU Abe! To the principal's office. NOW!!! NOW!!!" she screamed at them. The boys put away their tools and shuffled out the door alternatively grinning at the class and grinning at Jessica.

Dirk blew a kiss to Jessica. "That was for you," Abe whispered as he walked by her, as if that wasn't totally obvious. Jessica felt a tingling sensation between her legs and noticed that her pussy was rather wet. Jessica wrote a quick note to the principal and decided to take it to him herself, leaving the class unattended.

Her note said "These four boys were masturbating in class. I recommend many hours of detention and a call to their parents." She was soon back, and was having trouble concentrating on her teaching. This class was a total bust. The principal laughed when he read her note. The boys were sitting before him with smirks. "I suppose you think this is funny." "Did you see how she is dressed?" "Yea. But that's no reason to disrupt her class." "Well, we would have waited, but we didn't think she'd stand right in front of us after class," Dirk offered.

The others are laughing. "You boys are so bad. You get two full hours of detention after school today. Report to the media center after last class. Now go back to class and behave! If there's no more trouble, I wont call your parents. So… No more trouble today. OK??" "OK, Mr. Skinner." The boys returned to class and Jessica was shocked to see them returning. She thought that the principal would be sure to give her at least a little peace.

Maybe this was her punishment? The boys took their seats and just stared at Jessica's legs. She knew they were staring and it was now making her panties dripping wet. "Jessica, Please come to the Principal's office." She was preparing for her final class, but headed quickly to see him.

"Jessica, I have decided your punishment." "Really? I thought that you were kidding." "No. I wasn't. I don't kid around with teachers." Mr. Skinner hesitated while looking at Jessica's outfit again. "Ummm. What?" "Well… Students are usually good on Fridays, since Friday detention is considered the worst.

But today I have four. I need a monitor for the detention room after school today." "So?" "That monitor is you." "Why me?" "Well, I have four naughty kids that need detention and no one to monitor them." "Unnnh." "I am guessing that those four are headed to detention because of your ill considered choice of clothing today." "But I have plans for after school today." "Cancel them." "Unnnh." Jessica stamped her feet a little.

"Can't someone else do it? Like a large PE teacher?" "No. It's already decided. And that wouldn't be really fair, now would it?" "But…" "Look. This is your fault. You get two hours of detention too. That is your punishment." "But… But I don't want them staring at me again… not those four… not for two hours." "You should have thought of that this morning." "Unnnh." Jessica was not happy.

"The media center right after last class. Here's the key." "ok." Jessica was defeated. FRIDAY AFTER SCHOOL After the last class and the school was emptying out, Jessica made her way slowly to the media center with some trepidation. The four boys were waiting outside and grinning wickedly as she arrived to unlock the door.

"Are you our detention monitor?" Dirk was laughing. The others were doing high-fives, making Jessica feel terrible. "Yes. Now behave yourself and do some studying while I work." "Yes teacher," they all said in a mocking voice. They all went into the room and she left the door propped open. Jessica was annoyed that there was no proper desk. Where the teacher's desk should have been, there was just a table that would not hide her her legs.

She sat down there facing them. It seems that the boys will be staring at her legs all afternoon as she struggles to keep her panties hidden. They boys sat rather closely and directly in front of her. This annoyed her too. Mr. Skinner wanted to see how Jessica was doing with his naughty boys 10th grade boys, so he made his way to the old recording closet.

He had the rarely used key in his hand. He turns on the sound system so he can hear and see all that goes on in the media room, but they cannot hear nor see him.

He decided to wait a while just to make sure all goes well. He has nothing better to do and he loves staring at her too. He had a clear view of her legs and her body, and so he started to masturbate. "It's not just for kids," he laughed to himself. "Oh God. She does look good," he whispered to himself as he stared intently at her legs and the rest of her body.

Jessica shifted away from the boys, and now the principal could catch a good wide glimpse of Jessica's white panties. This put him over the top and he dumped a sticky white mess right there on the desk in the small closet. "Teacher?" It was Nick. "What?" "Can I go to the bathroom?" "How long will you be gone?" "Huh?" "Number one or number two?" Jessica asked. "Number three," grinned Nick. "Unnnhh. You are disgusting. Do you want more detention??" "Maybe… Will you be there?" "Stop it!" Jessica was flustered.

At least she's getting the attention she craved. Jessica got up to stretch her legs. Five sets of eyes follow her every little movement. Jessica can only see four. Soon, Jessica had finished grading all of her papers and had completed the preparation for her next classes. All that was left to do was to make copies of her handouts.

She wanted to go home, but only 45 minutes had transpired since the start of detention. She REALLY didn't want to sit there for 75 more minutes. "OK boys. You've been reasonably good.

You may go." "You don't know how detention works, do you." "Just go," she commanded. The four boys slowly shuffled out of detention closing the door behind them. They migrated to the front office and fooled around there. They know full well that Jessica didn't have the authority to cut short their detention.

"We'd better wait here." "OK. But I'd rather be back there looking at her legs." "Me too." "Let's wait for Mr. Skinner." "OK." Mr.


Skinner was still looking at Jessica in the media center. He was, of course, invisible in the vestigial recording booth. Soon enough, Jessica was apparently planning to leave, but first she examined the old copier. "I could make my copies right now for free." "What did Mr. Skinner say about the copier?" Jessica couldn't remember, since she hadn't been paying attention. So, Jessica placed her originals into the sheet feeder and turned on the ancient thing.

It rumbled and rattled. She thought it would fall apart, but it held together. She pressed the copy button and the machine went silent. That was strange. She examined the machine trying to figure out how to get it to work. "What did Mr.

Skinner say about this thing?" "How hard could this be?" Jessica leaned over the machine looking for a hidden switch or something.

She bumped the copier hard with her knee and it suddenly came to life again making an awful rattle. She tried to back away from it, but both ends her scarf were already caught up in the machinery.

She tried to pull it out, but her scarf was instead being slowly tugged into the machine. She became alarmed, quite alarmed. "HELP!! HELP ME!! HELP!!!" she screamed. In just a few seconds, not only was her scarf being pulled in, but her neck was being drawn towards the sheet feeding contraption at the center of the copier.

She screamed loudly, but this music room was nearly soundproof and the halls were empty. Only Mr. Skinner could hear, but he was frozen in awe as her panties became slowly exposed to him. He could get there quickly enough anyway if the danger was real. He just watched.


Her head was being drawn into a large sheet feeding crevice in the machine that almost looked like it was a torture device designed to secure her head. Her abject fear was that the machine would strangle her and her dead body would be discovered in the morning. The ancient copier continued to rein her in, and she continued to fight it, until she had the sense to turn off the machine. It went utterly quiet. This occurred when her face was just starting to be pressed up against the machine.

She managed to loosen her scarf around her neck so she could breath, but here she was, bent over the copier's top surface and with her head face down in a large crevice. Her shoulders were pressed on the top front edge of the copier and her two breasts were hanging down invitingly.

She was not harmed, and she could breathe OK, but she was stuck, totally stuck. She pulled and twisted and pulled, but the firm tight material of her scarf held fast. The copier showed no signs of wanting to cooperate either. She also could not rotate her head. If someone were to approach her from any direction other than from directly behind her, she could not see him coming, and even that would take some effort.

Mr. Skinner looked on from the booth in total amazement. He has never seen anything quite like it. Her cute white panties were also offered for his viewing pleasure as she twisted and turned her amazing ass while trying to escape. His erection returned with a freakish urgency. Jessica started making loud muffled noises, but the room was quite soundproof. He slipped from the booth and made his way back to his office. He so much wanted to play with Jessica in her restricted state, but he couldn't risk it while the school still had so many assorted people in it, and frankly, he was afraid… quite afraid.

"Hi boys." "Hi Mr. Skinner." "Why aren't you four in detention? It was supposed to be two full hours." "She let us go early." "But you know you cannot leave early. This is my punishment, not hers. And she is in detention too." The boys all laughed. "She told us to get out. We had no choice." "Go back. If you really want to be dismissed early, I need a note and justification from her.

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Now go." "All us us?" "Yes. All four of you." "Do we need separate justifications?" "One will do." "OK. OK. We're going, but after we go to the bathroom." "What have I done?" Mr. Skinner whispered to himself dropping his head forward with shame. Mr. Skinner sneaked back to the recording booth. His need to watch was strong. He could see that Jessica was still as stuck as she could be, and that she was still making noises as she wiggled around, but not as loudly as before.

He remained quiet and unseen in the booth, but expected a wild scene to soon unfold before his eyes. Soon the boys reluctantly returned to detention in a sombre mood. They were pensive and very quiet. Paul noticed Jessica first and waved to the others with a finger on his lip. They all remained quiet. "Look at that!!" Nick whispers. They are all looking at Jessica's white panties.

"What a perfect ass!" "What's she doing there?" asked Paul continuing to whisper. "I think she's stuck in the copier." "Should we help her?" "Lock the door," commanded Dirk. Abe went about locking the doors and securing the room. "But what if she screams?" worried Paul "This is a soundproof room." "Ohh yea." All four had rapidly beating hearts, and Mr. Skinner did too. Only Jessica doesn't know what was coming. Dirk approached Jessica quietly surveying the situation. He is convinced that she is stuck, but feared that she could see him if she twisted her head.

He removed his large shirt and threw it over her head, ensuring that she will see nothing. She smelled the boy before she felt the shirt. Her eyes entered darkness. His smell from his shirt excited her and now she knew she was not alone.

"Who is there?" No one answered. "Please help me. I'm stuck here!" "Are you a teacher?" Dirk answered in an affected voice. He wanted her to think that strangers were in the room with her. "Yes. Now free me. Please!" "What is your name?" "Miss Roberts. I teach science." "Oh." "How did you get stuck?" "It's my scarf." "Oh." "Get scissors or a knife." Nick found some sharp scissors. "OK." "What?" "We have scissors here… By the way, You have really nice panties." "Cut it off!

Now! Umm. What?" "OK. Cutting panties." Dirk lifted up Jessica's skirt and proceeded to cut the left side of her panties. "Stop!! What are you doing?" "You said to cut your panties." Then he cut the right side of her panties. "Not my panties! My scarf!! Are you stupid?" The boys pulled the tattered panties from between her legs. "STOP!" The four boys gazed upon a most perfect ass.

They squatted sown and looked upon her well trimmed pussy and saw that it has already become wet. "Where is your scarf?" "Around my neck." Dirk reached under Jessica's sweater and reaches up towards her neck. He found a bra strap and cuts that. "Not my bra, you idiot. My scarf." "She called me an idiot." "I'm sorry." Dirk reached up and cuts the other bra strap and also released the clasp at the center of her back.

He's pulling her bra out from under her blouse.

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"Ohhh." Jessica just realized that help is not at hand… that they are not going to soon be cutting her scarf anytime soon. She started to kick at them. Dirk handed the scissors to Abe. "Why don't you remove her sweater. We need long strips of material." "No! Please don't…" She tried to grab the scissors. "Sure thing. Hold her arms." Abe started to make assorted cuts on the red sweater while Paul and Nick held her arms away from her body.

What remained of the red sweater was pulled free and was soon being cut into long strips. "Tie these strips to her ankles." Paul and Nick took the strips and secured them to her ankles. She tried to kick and them so multiple boys were employed to restrict her legs. "Take off her shoes.

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They're dangerous." Her shoes were removed, but her tall dark socks that end just below her knees remained on her.

"Spread her legs and tie the strips to her ankles and also to the wheels of the copier," Dirk commanded. "No! Stop! Please…" Jessica was still objecting. Her legs soon became tethered to corners of the copier. She can no longer kick, nor bring her legs together.

Her pussy was most accessible and at the perfect height for fucking. "Can I unbutton her blouse?" Abe wanted access to her tits too.

"Sure." Abe proceeded to open the front of her blouse. Dirk had to lift her body a little so that the top buttons could be accessible. It wasn't so easy, but soon her blouse was opened thrown over her head without removing it from her body. All four boys took a moment to look at her soft natural ample breasts and her exquisite erect nipples that protruded downward.

Surprisingly none of the boys tried to touch them. "Tie her hands behind her back." Abe took another long strip of the red sweater and secured her wrists together as Nick and Paul held her arms in place as she struggled.

"No. Don't. Please…" The knot was completed, but Jessica wasn't ready to tolerate it. She tried the knot Abe made, clenching and unclenching her fists fiercely, but there her hands will stay, right above her exposed ass. Jessica did manage to push her skirt back down with her fingers. The boys noticed this and set out to deny her even this one little victory. "Pin the skirt to the knot." "No!" And Abe did this too, restricting the motion of her hands and ensuring that her ass would remain both very visible and very accessible.

At this point, the poor teacher was wearing her tall dark knee socks, her short plaid skirt pinned above her curvy ass, an open white blouse draped over her head, and nothing else.

Her hands were tied behind her back, her tits were swinging freely in the air, and each leg was tethered to a corner wheel of the copier with the remains of her sweater.

The boys just loved this look and so did Mr. Skinner. They all stood back to admire their work. Jessica trembled. The boys removed their pants and underwear and four long erect dicks sprung free. One was especially enormous. "It's too bad we can't shove these into her mouth." "Some other time. Some other time. She'll be here all year.

She's ours," was quietly whispered. Dirk nestled the bulbous head of his stiff penis to outer lips of her labia and then probed at her very moist inner pussy lips. "STOP!" But Dirk did not stop. He slid it in an inch. "Ohhh!! Nooo!! Stop!! Seriously Stop." "Why?" "I'm not protected." "We'll protect you." "Unplug the copier," commanded Dirk, pointing at Paul. "What?" "We just unplugged the copier." "That's not what I meant." She tried to move her ass with hopes of escaping his attack, but he held her in place.

Nick and Paul each took the opportunity to play with an exposed tit. Her nipples became very hard nubs. "NO!! STOP!!" Dirk's penis slid into her cunt another inch, and Jessica soon forgot all about the hands on her tits. "Unnh." And another inch, and another, and another was achieved. He used his fingers to play with her clit, sending a paroxysm of pleasure to Jessica's overtaxed brain. He slammed it all the way in as far as he could thrust and held it there mashing her pleasure producing nerve endings.

Dirk used his other hand to reach around her and grab her smooth belly pulling her back into him firmly with strong repetitions. "Unnh Unnh&hellip. OH. OH… OH MY GOD. OOOOHHHHH." The pleasure sensors in her brain were attacked by trillions of released endorphins and her first orgasm blasted onto the scene. "OHHH!!!!! Shit. <grunt> <grunt> <grunt> <grunt>," It's been weeks since this poor girl has had any decent orgasms and those were done by her own fingers, so the pleasure was intense and held for a long duration.

She went weak at the knees, but Dirk held her waist and didn't let her slump down. Dirk wasn't done, not by a long shot, so he started to drive into her repeatedly. At each stroke he would nearly withdraw and then slammed back into her to the hilt. He did this again and again and again. Jessica responded by raising and lowering her hips in concert with this thrusts. He felt Jessica's second orgasm forming and he prepared to cum when she did. He didn't have to wait long. He pushed and held it there firmly as he enjoyed making a pulsing deposit deep within her pussy.

He just kept pressing and squirting and pressing and squirting and pressing and squirting. She felt all of them. "I'm cumming again. Ohhh! Ohhh!! OHHH!!!!! Shit. <grunt> <grunt> <grunt>," Jessica was very vocal. Dirk withdrew and nodded at Nick. Nick was short, so she was encouraged to lower her ass to accommodate him. Nick quickly took his place and slammed his penis home deep within her pussy as both of them grunted.

He was rather excited and didn't care if Jessica came for him or not. Nick was already very excited, so it was quick. He added his sperm to compete with Dirks. Since Nick was the fastest swimmer in the school, he imagined that his sperm would be able to swim faster too and that he would be the one to actually knock her up if she became pregnant.

Dirk pointed at Paul. Paul wasn't in such a hurry. He first set out to play with her nipples in his mouth. She squirmed at his attack but made no other complaints. He then slowly moved to the rear and slid into the poor girl.

His hands went to her nipples and he continued to pleasure them as he slammed into her pussy again and again and again. He continued to slam into her, holding off his orgasm, until he could sense that she was about to come too. They orgasmed together as another large dose of sperm was injected into the girl. Surge after surge after surge oozed from his large dick. Jessica was no longer articulate but was still grunting through her orgasms.

"<grunt> <grunt> <grunt> <grunt> <grunt> <grunt>," as pleasure blasted across her brain. Dirk pointed at Abe. Abe is a monster. His dick is, that is. "Where to put it? Where to put it?" Abe likes pussy, and that's where it went. "OH MY GOD!! WHAT IS THAT THING?" screeched Jessica. She has never felt anything like it. It was pressing her cervix in a major way providing a curious mix of pleasure and pain. Abe grabbed the sides of her ass with both hands over her skirt and slammed into her again and again.

There was nothing gentle about this invasion. "<grunt> <grunt> <grunt> <grunt> <grunt> <grunt>" Jessica was again beyond talking. Her higher mind took a break and she let her lower mind take over for a while as abundant pleasure washed all over her brain.

The pleasure. The pain. The pleasure. The pain. She was lost in it… and then she came, begging to be filled again, but Abe just kept on going and a second orgasm started before the first one subsided, from deep within Jessica. "<grunt> <grunt> <grunt> <grunt> <grunt> <grunt>" But again Abe just kept on going, only moving his hands from her hips to her ample tits. "<grunt> <grunt> <grunt> <grunt>" Jessica continued to cum.

In fact, it was more like one really really long orgasm with all of them blurred together. Abe loved the feel and started to make his full deposit with no early withdrawal penalty. Jessica felt it all… All of it… cumming for the final time. There was a single long "!!!<grunt>!!!" The boys were having a great time, so they all took a second turn, and then a third turn. Jessica took twelve full loads into her overworked pussy.

She came countless times as the boundary between one orgasm and the next became totally blurred. Jessica was very orgasmic. "Bye teacher. We love you." "Wait. Free me." … "Wait. Let me go." … "Wait…" Mr. Skinner was utterly shaken by the scene that unfolded before his eyes. He wanted Jessica now. He wanted Jessica the first time he laid eyes on her. In fact, he never wanted a woman more in his entire life. But unfortunately for him, he was a hopeless geeky romantic and he not only wanted to fuck her but he wanted all of her, as a companion and as a lover and as a friend.

Simply put, he wanted to marry her. And after witnessing this, he found that he wanted to marry her even more. He went to the bathroom and got some wet paper towels and entered the media room, locking the door behind him.

She was his for the taking, and she didn't even know it. But first he wanted to take care of her… to love her. The principal approached the poor teacher whom he had promised to punish. She smelled like sex… lots of sex. He proceeded to clean her up. "Who is there? Release me? Please." He was afraid to use his voice, so he remained totally silent.

He went about cleaning the cum from her pussy and he touched her here and there and everywhere as he did this. He really did think that he was in love with this young woman. He kissed her in numerous places. He also set about to kiss her nipples gently. He was far move loving and gentle than the boys were, and the boys only kissed her nipples and nowhere else. Mr. Skinner continued to kiss her lovingly and gently all over. No one told him that Jessica likes being helpless and likes it rough, but maybe he will learn that someday.

The romantic was soon sliding his penis into where the boys deposited so much. It was still rather slippery, but he loved it… really loved it. His hands wandered all over her body and he kissed her upper back as he fucked her gently. His fingers sought out her clitoris, and this set her in motion. He was so gentle that it appeared that Jessica was the one doing most of the work. She moved her hips as much as she could to seek the pleasure that could be had.

Soon, Mr. Skinner was really getting into it too, and he thrusted deeply to plant his seed. He went a little soft when he finished squirting, but he didn't want to withdraw. He was soon at it again with another full erection. Now he sought to pleasure her as he approached his second orgasm.

Fingers on her clit should do it. Yes. That really did do it. "<grunt> <grunt> <grunt> <grunt> <grunt> <grunt>" Jessica is enjoying this one fully as she felt more cum being pumped into her. This one felt loving to Jessica. He wanted her to feel loved, and she did. The principal was exhausted. He would have liked to have had a third bout with the lovely woman before him, and he was now regretting that he masturbated in the booth earlier… Damn!

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Drained too soon. He wanted to release her, but he was afraid that he would be caught. If she caught him, would he survive? Would he still have a job? His career? He wasn't so sure, so he dressed and retreated to the safety of the booth. He decided to go home and get some sleep. He would release her in the morrow if no one else does before then, pretending that he just arrived at school and was unaware of all.

"Release me. Please." … "I have to pee!" … No one could hear her pleas. EARLY SATURDAY MORNING The late night janitor was making his final rounds in the wee hours of the morning. He noticed a light on in the media room and went to turn it off by force of habit.

Jessica heard him. "Please help me." The janitor was surprised… quite surprised. In the five years he worked at this school, he had never seen anything quite like this. "What happened to you?" "I got stuck and then I was raped." "Oh." He approached her and took in all of her charms, but he didn't know who she was. He was a big man and he towered over her. He touched her and she shivered. She seemed so perfect to him. He started to caress her body all over and became quite excited. "You too?" "Yes, but I will set you free when I am done." "Oh… OK." He looked at her pussy and saw cum and piss dripping from it.

She pissed all over the floor, and he'd be the one to have to clean up the mess. For now, a large towel thrown on the floor would have to do. The large man decided the other hole looked mighty fine and unspoiled. So he lumbered off to his supply cabinet, where he removed all of his clothing and left them there neatly folded. He returned with a small jar of petroleum jelly walking the halls buck naked.

"I'm back." "Unnnh." He inserted some of that goo into her anus with two fingers to fully lubricate her.


"Oh my god. What will you do to me?" He didn't answer with his mouth. He answered with his erect oversized dick. "OH MY GOD! I can't believe this is happening to me!" She was stuffed, fully stuffed.

He then started to slowly withdraw and then thrust again. It became a lot more intense. He was working up a sweat with his ribald thrusts deep into Jessica's rectum. Helpless Jessica alternated between holding her breath and breathing heavily under this sordid assault. She has never felt anything like this… never. No one has ever opened up her ass like this. The janitor finally let his cannon loose with careless abandon and filled Jessica's nether cavity.

"OOOHHHhhhh! What did you just do to me? I'll… I'll never be the same." The janitor had already decided to release her, but he didn't want to be caught, so he first removed all of his supplies, and put them all away. He wanted to leave no evidence that a janitor had been there. He went to the boys room to clean off his dick and to freshen up a bit and to bring back some wet towels to clean her up a little. He went to the main switch box and killed all of the lights in the entire school.

The only lights remaining were the scattered emergency lights. He returned to the media center and set up a stool just behind Jessica.

He then untied her ankle restraints and cleaned her pussy and ass up with wet towels. He was about to cut her scarf and set her free, but there was still too much light, so he first went and disabled the three nearest emergency lights. Now it was too dark to see anything. He would need to work now in near total darkness. He found her soon enough by groping in the dark, and then took the scissors and cut her scarf off, but not her wrist restraints.

She was partially free and started to get up. "Oh thank you. Thanks so much." She started to stretch out her stiff legs there in the total darkness. The janitor, still naked, sat on the stool and pulled Jessica onto his lap. She did not have the strength nor the fight left in her to prevent this.

She couldn't push him away with her arms still tied behind her. "Oh. Don't." "One last time, please." "Unnnh." He's got one of her long legs on each side of his waist as he was reeling her in. Soon, his enormous erect penis was snaking its way up into her pussy. "This is so nice." "Unnh." "Isn't this nice for you?" "I guess so." "Kiss me as I fuck you." "Unnh.

ok." He unties her wrists. "Hold me too." Jessica stretches her arms and then puts one around the man's neck and wraps the other around his strong chest. Jessica starts to rock on her man as he kisses her. She is kissing him back. The kissing became passionate. One of his hands was on her back holding her gently in place. His other hand was playing with a soft firm breast. Jessica clung to him fiercely and she started to rock with more urgency.

Soon… very soon in fact, Jessica was cumming. "Ohhhh. Ohhhh. Make me cum. OOHHH!!

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<grunt> <grunt> <grunt> <grunt>" "Wow. You are quite something," he declared.

"Unnnh. Yea. I know. That's what all my lovers tell me." "Can I become a regular lover of yours?" "Who are you?" "I am afraid to tell you." "Why?" "Didn't I just rape you twice?" "Oh yea.

Why?" "I just had to. I've never seen anything better in my entire life." "Oh. But why." "Weren't you raped many times last night?" "I guess so." "And aren't you going to the police?" "I guess not." "Really?

Why not?" "I don't feel the need to punish any of them." "Wow." "And I liked it," she whispered in his ear.

"Wow." "And it was my fault I got stuck like this." "Who are you?" "I'm not telling either." "You're such a tease." The janitor continued to drive his erection into Jessica as the conversation paused. They started kissing again and it is quite passionate. They continued to cling to each other fiercely. "Please tell me who you are. Are you a student here?" "No. Not a student." "Whew. Staff members who fuck students and get caught really get the shaft." He released her and sat there waiting to see what she does.

Jessica took the scissors and cut two strips from her tattered red scarf that were sticking out of the copier. "I have a gift for my rescuer." "What?" She put a strip from her tattered scarf in his hands and kept the other for herself.

"Wear this strip of my tattered scarf in your belt next week." "Why?" "I will wear this other one." "So?" "And if we meet in the school…" "What then?" "Well then we will introduce ourselves. ok?" "Introduce? yea. OK." The janitor escaped into the dark hallway holding only his scarf strip gift as Jessica was groping around trying to collect her things. He wasn't sure about this red scarf strip idea. He will decide about that later. If the police arrive, he's planning to bury it.

Two minutes later the room lights came up making it easier for Jessica. "Unnnh. Hello?" "Daddy?" "Huh? What time is it? Why are you calling in the middle of the night?" "Daddy. I… I need a ride home." "Can't you call a taxi?" "Please Daddy. I'm at school. Please." "Now?" "Please Daddy." "Yea?

OK. OK sweetie. I'll be there soon." "Thanks Daddy. You're the best." Jessica cleaned herself up in the girls room while waiting for her father to pick her up. She made herself as presentable as she could be and washed the smell of sex off of her. She was grateful that she still had a functioning blouse and an integral skirt. As she climbed into his car at 3AM, her father noticed that she had no panties. In her outfit, this is a fact that was rather difficult to hide, despite how Jessica tried.

He also noticed that she still had a major cream pie, despite her efforts to clean herself up down there. There was just too much still oozing out of her. "It looks like you had a fun evening." "You wouldn't believe…" "Try me. I'm gullible." "Oh Daddy! It's just not believable." "It can't be that amazing." Jessica started to retell her story to her dad.

She just needed to tell someone, and she's always been close to her dad. Her mother would just judge her harshly, but her dad would comfort her. She dearly wanted to be comforted just now.

But Jessica gave way too many exquisite facts in stunning detail and the comforting her dad started to give her was not the comforting she expected. "Daddy!" "Oh Jessica." They were nearly home when he suddenly pulled over. His pajamas were around his knees. He was slouched in her seat and she was above him. He held up the hem of her skirt and she impaled herself upon his stiff waiting dick.

"Oh Jessica! Jessica!" "Oh Daddy! Kiss me." ------------------------------------- EPILOGUE On Monday morning, Jessica returned to school.

The principal waved her into his office. "How are you today Jessica?" She returned a dirty look, but she looked OK. She was modestly dressed and looked rather proper, but an odd piece of red scarf was hanging from her belt.

She looked for a similar piece on the principal, but there was none. "I'm fine, thank you." "I hear that you used the old copier on Friday without permission." Her face went red as she blushed profusely.

"I… I'm sorry." "I'm going to need to punish you." "Oh." "It will be a stiff punishment." "Ohhh… stiff?… I can stomach stiff," she uttered with innuendo in a flirty and even naughty manner. He looked at her and he was thinking. He seemed to have made an unusual decision.

She seemed to be trying to make a decision too. "It wont be only in your stomach… and it may take a while," he said quietly. "Well, I have no time to be thus tied up at school." "Um. I could tie up your time at my house." "Getting tied up at your house? That would be fine." "Unnnh&hellip. Tonight?" "Every night, all night, if you like." She smiled and winked at him.

He falls back into his chair. "Oh my. Oh my… Marry me Jessica!" he blurted out. He just couldn't help himself. "Maybe… Just maybe my dear Mr. Skinner." When her 10th grade class started, Jessica blushed when she saw the four 15 year old boys, but they all smiled nicely back at her.

"Hi Miss Roberts." "Oh… Hi." She had expected this initial meeting to be the worst form of humiliation. Maybe it wasn't them. The four were no trouble on this day and let her teach the class without interruption. But at the end of class, Dirk left a small wrapped gift on her table and departed. She looked at it with fear and trepidation.

When the room was empty, she finally had the courage to open it. She read the card. "For Casual Fridays -- Wear it well, wear it dangerously. With much love from Dirk, Nick, Paul, and Abe" The handwriting on the card was different for each name. She opened the box. It was a new red scarf.

Towards the end of last period AP class, there was an accident at one of the lab benches. It was a bad, but not dangerous, spill with much broken glass and other stuff on the floor. Jessica called for a janitor. A large young man soon arrived and looked at the mess. "I'll need to get my cleaning stuff." "OK.

Please come back after class is dismissed. Wait… I know you." "Yea." They stood about twenty feet apart and looked at each other for a minute. They were homeroom classmates back in high school, but never shared any classes, though they each had vivid fantasies about each other back then.

Jessica has never seen a better looking janitor and he has never seen a better looking teacher. They looked each other over. At they same instant they both notice a fragment of red scarf hanging from each other's belt. Both mouths dropped open in utter amazement at the same time. "Oh my!" she said. "Wow!" he said. She stepped forward and extended her hand towards him. "Hi. I am Jessica Roberts, the new science teacher here." "Um.

Yea. I'm Matt Summers, the accomplished janitor." "Accomplished? Yea. accomplished," she winks at him. Their hands met in a hearty handshake. "I also have some trouble with something in my closet back there." "I'll deal with that when I return, too," he said with some meaning and a grin.

Jessica was smiling and the junior and senior girls were all giggling and twittering. "Daddy?" "Yes sweetie." "I decided that I like my school after all… and I like living here in your basement too." "Are you sure?" "As sure as I am that you're getting hard again." ------------------------------------- Barbarian Dogwoggle