Hot pretty babe is addicted to wild fuck

Hot pretty babe is addicted to wild fuck
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Dana is your typical boarding school teaching assistant. Except, she is younger then the other assistants. She is in her first job. She is twenty four and managed to make a few friends and went to some of the parties now and then.

She is the quiet type, but knew she liked and enjoyed trying new things. She masturbates like any young woman, but not often. She is not sex crazed like some other women. She has had a couple of boyfriends before in college but they soon dumped her for never going " all the way". She felt their cocks in their pants and just some heaving petting but nothing more. She was concentrating on her school work and volunteered at the local soup kitchen. Dana is attractive, a petite sexy woman, shoulder length brunette hair, perfect sweet innocent looking face, dark eyes, perfect white teeth, nice lips, nice legs and butt, and nice firm smaller 32b breasts.

She enjoys working out and keeping in shape. She is relatively short, 5' 3" and 110 lbs. With her being so tiny, she has a very tight pussy. Lunch hour rolls around and she decided to stay at the school. It is now getting windy outside and her dress is flapping around slightly, so she will have to tame it once and a while during her walk to the cafeteria. To her shock, a gust of wind came up and blew her dress a bit above her waist, she urgently grabbed it and pulled it down quickly.

She looks around in a haste to see if anyone was watching. It is not obvious anyone was looking. A soothing relief went through her. My God, she thought to herself, what if someone would have seen me, my dress blown up, a full view of my ass in my panties! After eating lunch, she went back to class. Once her class is done, she thought she heard her name on the P.A. system. Could it be? She has never heard her name called before, she thought.

Maybe her mother was trying to get in touch with her, she thought. Maybe something bad has happened. Then again, the voice on the P.A. system said, " Dana Darling, please come to the head masters office." The head master suddenly appeared from around the corner, not giving Dana any time to think. " Miss Darling!?" he asked, while looking at Dana.

" Yes Mr. Strong, I'm Dana." she said back to him. " Come with me. Mr Malone a trustee wants to meet you" he said. " Mrs. Sterling, please ensure no one interrupts Mr Malone and no phone calls while he is here, ok?" he said to her. Mrs. Sterling politely said, "Ok sir, no problem." Shaking with fear, Dana got up, grabbed her bag and followed him down a short hallway to an office.

I stepped aside to let Dana by me. " Have a seat young lady, we need to chat." I said. The tone in my voice is stern, making Dana a little frightened. What did she do to get here she thought. Dana sat down in a wooden chair with no arms. It is an old style chair, well built and sturdy.

Mr. Malone is a bigger man, about 6' 2", 200 lbs, well built and not overweight. I'm somewhat attractive for a 55 year old man with short gray hair and wearing a suit. I sat down across from Dana on the other side of a desk, leaning over, and crossed my fingers together, while looking at her.

" I seen something that troubles me, Dana." I said. Dana looks at me extremely distraught. " W-What do you mean sir?" she barely answered back. " Well, I seen you flashing yourself during the lunch break outside on school property." I said in a stern voice. " NO!" Dana said, with a louder confident tone. " The wind blew my skirt up and I quickly pushed it down as fast as I could Sir!" " That's not what I seen, young lady" I said. I stood up from my chair.

" That's exactly what happened Sir" she said sternly. " Don't get mouthy with me!" I said back at her. " I seen you pull up that skirt on your own. I think you need to be punished for what you did." " No Sir, REALLY, it wasn't like that, AT ALL!!" Dana shouted. " DO NOT YELL AT ME DANA!" I said sternly.

" Please stand for me and show me what you're wearing under that skirt young lady!" Dana is shocked at my words. Fear overcame her body as she looks down at the floor. Why is he asking me to do this? She wonders. " WELL!?" I yelled. " I'm terribly sorry Sir, the wind blew my skirt, I will try and make sure it never happens again!" barked Dana. " I didn't ask for an apology Dana, I asked you to show me what's under that dress." I said, in a soft but stern tone. " But, but .

I can't do that Sir. Why do you want to see under my skirt?" asked Dana, in a very quiet voice while looking at me with a bit of a frown. " Why not?" I said.

" You CAN'T or you WON'T!?" I bark back at her. Dana cannot think clearly. Surely in the right frame of mind she would say to me that I could be in a lot of trouble for asking her to do this. Or she could scream so someone could hear her. She did not think of any of this, just that she is in a lot of trouble and in huge predicament. All she can say, " I can't . I won't .

I'm . I'm . not going to . its wrong . please leave me alone!" " I'm afraid I can't do that Dana" I said. " You have been a VERY naughty girl, and you deserve to be punished for what you've done." " What do you mean, punished!?" asked Dana. She has no idea why I'm doing this to her. She is in total fear. I raise my voice, " I'm the one asking questions here, not YOU!

You still have not shown me what's under that dress young lady!" " I . I . just have panties on Sir" Dana said softly. " Are you getting smart with me!?" I groaned. " You had better fix that tongue Dana, or else!". " Now pull up that dress and show me what you have under there, NOW!!" I yell. Not knowing what else to do, Dana reaches under the bottom hem of her skirt with both hands.

She cannot believe what she is about to do. She is feeling extremely afraid but has no choice. Time is running very slowly, everything seems to happen in slow motion. She slowly pulls up her dress as she looks down, with the upper thighs exposed. I'm now visibly excited and just stare as I watch this beautiful woman pulling up her dress in front of me.

My cock is bulging from my pants. Further up it went, now exposing her panties. The skirt is now around her waist as she holds it there and I see her very firm legs and sexy hourglass hips. Dana slowly looks up at me, her heart is pounding so hard, she could have sworn it is going to pop out of her from shear fear and not knowing where this is going.

My cock is so hard, it is making a huge bulge in the front of my pants as I stood there with my arms crossed in front of me. Dana notices and stares down at my large bulge. She now knew exactly the kind of punishment I meant, and she begins to panic.


I'm going to force myself on her. Dana lets down her skirt and tries to run to the door. I grab her arm before she got too far as she spun around due to my force. " OH NO!!" I yell. " You're not going ANYWHERE my dear Dana." I reach over to the desk drawer and pull out some duct tape and wrap it across her mouth.

Her eyes are wide open and have the look of pure fear in them. She tries to scream but it is not very loud. She knows that it is no use trying to scream any longer. She will have to fight me off some how.

I then pull out hand cuffs and quickly put them on her wrists and pull her over to the desk. I made my way on her side of the desk with Dana bent over it at the waist. She is still trying to scream with the tape over her mouth.

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I quickly attach the hand cuffs to the desk legs with an existing system I put there prior to Dana's arrival. She can now no longer move and is bent over the desk. She tries to pull her legs up on the desk and is working toward this goal. I grab her one leg that is on the table and secured it to a strap. Her one leg is spread wide from her body as the other leg is planted to the floor beneath her. She is now at my mercy and she knows it. She cannot move or do anything and is crying out, trying to say no under the tape, " NNNNNNN" .

NNNNNNN". Her voice is muffled. I then pull her other leg out, making both legs spread to the same degree, then secure her other leg to the desk. Her skirt now riding up her thighs exposing the bottom of her ass cheeks and panties with her legs spread so wide apart. I'm peering down at her young ass and licking my lips as I stared at it.

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As Dana is wiggling and trying to scream, I said to her, " You are a VERY naughty girl Dana. We can not have teacher assistants flashing themselves on school grounds. You are to NEVER do that again, understand?

The ONLY time I want to see your ass on school grounds is when you are in this office or when I ask it to be so! GOT THAT!?" I blurt. Dana cannot believe what I said. If he thinks I am going to show him my ass and come back here again, he's crazy! She thought to herself.


With her bent over in front of me, I lift her skirt above her waist, then move toward her slowly staring at her perfect young ass and legs. She screams louder in a muffled voice as I lift her skirt. Her ass is pure heaven. There is nothing more erotic. It looks so soft and perfect, I can barely stop myself from reaching out and grabbing it. Licking it. I also see a tiny bit of her pussy lips with the panties not covering the outer parts of her pussy.

" You're not going to be a cock tease any longer." I said, as I grab my rock hard cock after it springs out of my unzipped pants. " Let me see that cock tease pussy Dana." I said, as I put two fingers inside the crotch of her panties and pull them to the side harshly.

Now I see more of that young pussy being exposed to me. She only has a little bit of short dark hair over her pussy so I clearly see her pussy lips.

The shape of her ass is so erotic as her muscles tightened and relaxed with her movements. Her asshole look so wonderful above her pussy, like it had never been penetrated. My cock is so hard, it stood straight up in the air as I bend over to inspect her. I thought I would cum right then and there.

Dana tries frantically to wiggle her legs and body so I cannot touch her, but her efforts are futile. Her fighting with me only turned me on more but I want to have some fun with her. " Dana, stop wiggling around, it is useless. You're mine now and I am going to punish you for what you have done." Dana stopped moving and became quiet.

I bent over behind her to inspect her ass and pussy up close, but did not touch her.

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My eyes widen and a smirky grin came upon my face. " My my, isn't the naughty cock tease's pussy so sweet." I said to her. " Your pussy looks so tight. I guess you have not had a cock inside it recently, have you Dana?" Dana's face became red and she bucks wildly again after what I said.

" MMMMMM . MMMM" came from her again, as she tries to protest. " Now, now, Dana." I said. I crouch down and move my face extremely close to her pussy, almost touching my nose to her. Dana suddenly feels the warmth of my breath on her pussy.

It is fairly rapid and she feels each exhale blow over her hole as I stay there for what seems like an eternity. After only a few breaths, to her surprise and disgust, her pussy became wet. Her juices are leaking out of her slowly. Her pussy is betraying her. She is being taken by this large man and her pussy is responding to me.

Her pussy became very swollen and sensitive. She has never felt this before. Never to this degree. I quickly notice this and became very excited that her pussy is responding the way I wanted. " Dana, it appears that your pussy is liking this very much. You may not admit it, but your pussy does not lie. You are becoming my slut. My cock tease little slut. For me to use how ever I wish." After several more breaths, her body suddenly reacts more intensely.

A wave of pleasure ripping through her legs and hips and down her spine as she feels them quivering. Her swollen wet pussy went into rapid spasms.

This happened again and again as I continue to breath on her. Dana's eyes closed tight and she clenches her fists together with each orgasm.

None of her orgasms have ever been like that. Dana is shocked at her reaction to my breath but she loves this new feeling she is having. Her pussy reactions calm her fear somewhat now. She is still upset and is hoping I won't take her, but she knows the chances of that are slim. She has no choice but to relinquish her fear and try to enjoy these new sensations.

I notice the quick spasms as her pussy lips open and close with each one. " Oh Dana, I like your obedience, you're becoming a very capable slut for me," I said. " I will not let you go. It has gone too far for that. You do need cock, you fucking teasing slut, and you'll get it .

when I say so." I growl in a low menacing voice. I cover her mouth once again with the tape in case she decides to scream again. Dana begins to wiggle and make noise again but soon realizes her fate and submits to me, just laying still and hoping it will be over soon.


Her ass is pure heaven, legs wide apart. " You have a hot sexy body Dana." I said, as I bend over again to look at her sopping wet swollen pussy. I touch this beautiful young goddess's pussy. I reach between her legs and lightly put two fingers on her that straddled her pussy, one on each of the lips. I begin to pull my hand back, while brushing the outside of her pussy lips until I reach her ass. I did this over and over until her pussy became swollen again.

Her ass wiggles and she moans with each pass of my hand over her pussy. Dana is extremely aroused. My fingers making her squirm with pleasure.

She finally shook and shivered.

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" Mmmmmmm" Dana moans sharply. As I brush over the entire length of her pussy, she lost control of her body and is shivering and moaning. Although her voice is muffled by the tape, it is looser around her mouth than before and some words are audible. " Uhhhhhhhhhhhh . uhhhhhhhhhh . oooooooooo . GOD . GOD . FUCK . OHHH MYYYYY GOOOOOOD!!". Her head is rocking back and forth with each powerful orgasm. " Dana!!! I thought I told you NOT TO CUM!!" I shouted. " You're being VERY bad again Dana," I growl.

I crouch down again. I had to taste this sweet young pussy. It is driving me mad since I laid eyes on her. With this beautiful young sexual creature, legs fully spread, her swollen and dripping wet pussy is something to be marveled. Cherished. I'm in pure heaven.

Her outer pussy lips are so swollen and pink, they spread apart from each side, exposing her soft smaller inner lips that are also visibly swollen. Her clit is extremely sensitive, poking out of its hood and very hard with cunt juices, making her glisten like gold. A small stream of her fluid is slowly dripping down between her outer and inner lips, dripping onto the floor. I position myself between her legs, then pucker my lips and blew a long thin stream of air over her clit softly, changing the angle of the air stream once and a while making it pulse over her clit.

Dana's body suddenly became rigid as she stiffened up. Her eyes completely shut tight as she clenches her teeth together with her lips now tucked between them. The air stream tickles her clit over and over again, like I was licking her. Wave after wave of pleasure went through her with each pulse of air riding over her clit. Her body stiffening with each pulse and her breathing became more erratic. I place my tongue near her clit and lightly lick her moving toward her ass, grabbing her juices along the way.

How her sweet nectar tasted in my mouth. I can eat this young pussy for ever, swallowing her up. I roll my tongue over her clit then back down to the bottom of her pussy, slipping my tongue deep inside of her. Dana is going crazy Her arms are rigid as she grips the desk and clenches her teeth.

Her breathing is extremely erratic and very audible with each inhale and exhale from her nose. I took my finger and inserted it into her tight cunt, pushing it all the way up into her g-spot then moving it in and out of her slowly as I sucked on her clit.

Her pussy is so very tight around my finger as I fucked her with it. I feel her pussy tighten around my finger as it probes deep into her, with each powerful orgasm emanating through her. Her juices spilling onto my hand and on the floor and her body twitching and shaking uncontrollably with each thrust inward.

Dana is screaming in pleasure with her eyes shut, the look of pain on her face and grasping the desk top as hard as she can. The sight of this young girl's pussy cumming all over my hand and her body reacting the way it did is too much for me. I had to take her with my cock.

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I had to feel this pussy wrapped around my rock hard cock. I move my body between her legs and poise my 9" cock at the entrance of her tight young pussy, then push the head against her pussy lips.

I grab her waist with both hands on either side pushing my hips forward causing the head of my cock to enter her dripping wet hole. " OHHHHHHHHH GGGoooddd," cries Dana, as her head suddenly rocked backwards, face cringing with pure lust, and the sound of air escaping from her lungs as I push into her.

I have a look of pain on my face as my cock slowly slides into her very tight tunnel, as I tightly hold her close to me. The feeling of the young girl's sopping wet tight pussy around my cock almost sent me over the edge. The feeling is like nothing I have felt in a long time. Her under size pussy is tighter then young Asian women. We lay still, breathing heavily. I pull her tighter to my body and thrust into her again, sending it deeper into her cunt.

It is still not completely in. Dana's body quivering and shaking uncontrollably as I hold her hips into me. She is having another intense orgasm as they both pause again, with my cock buried more deeply inside of her. She is totally out of control of her bodily reactions.

She moans and groans with her face tightly pushed into the desk top as each wave of orgasm went through her, from her pelvis to her spine tingling. I feel her pussy tightening and releasing around my cock with each spasm of her orgasm.

Her pussy muscles gripping my big cock like a vise, trying to suck me in deeper. The feeling around my cock is incredible.

This beautiful young girl's swollen tight sopping wet pussy wrapped around my huge cock slowly sheaths and unsheaths with every stroke. As she is cumming, I feel the warmth of her juices squirt all over my cock with each pulse of her orgasm. Squirt after squirt, running over my cock and dripping down my legs and on to the floor.

This is too much. I had to cum inside her cunt. I look at her with pure lust. Dana's head is tipped to the side, eyes shut and is lost in her state of constant orgasms with my cock inside of her, some more intense than others.

I'm going to get my entire cock into her and ram her cunt over and over until I came inside of her. I pull my cock back slightly, with the head still inside, then push forward slowly so as to not hurt her. I keep pushing forward until she said something. Four inches, five inches, then, " ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Dana groans with a sigh. My cock is so thick it stretches her young pussy to the limits.

I hear her muffled voice from the tape over it, " Oh my God" she said. " Oh . fuck . that feels soooo fucking good. Don't stop, keep pushing" she said, as her head tips back arching her back. Dana cannot believe the words that are coming out of her mouth.

She is so horny and lustful, all she wants is to be fucked. I lean over her, pulling the tape off of her mouth. I knew she is mine and all she wants is my cock inside her and I want to hear this young woman's cries of pleasure. I push forward, sending my cock another inch into her sweet tight young pussy.

" OOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" cried Dana. " Fuck . Fuck . Oh my God . hold it there . hold it there . I wanna feel it inside" she groans, as she feels another orgasm rip through her and on the verge of another one, but more intense. I hold my cock there for a few seconds then push deeper into her, slowly, all the way to my balls. My cock is totally buried inside of her and feels like a tight hose around it, squeezing it. I push my groin into her and hold her tight, not moving.

The feeling of her tight pussy around my cock blew my mind with lust. " OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH . FFFFFUUCK" Dana yells. Then she groans in a deep soft tone, " OH . MY . GOD." and suddenly scream into the room, " it feels SOOOOOO HUGE!!!!" with her head totally tipped upward and toward me.

Her hips pull into my groin taking my entire cock to her cervix. They both feel her body beginning to react violently, her pussy muscles beginning to contract around my cock again with short small pulses.

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Dana begins to moan the most erotic sounds I have ever heard come from a woman as she is coming constantly on my cock. I want to fuck her. I need to fuck this young pussy, deep, hard and fast, like it should be fucked. I pull my cock back slowly until it reaches the head, all the while Dana's body is jerking and quivering with the feeling of my huge cock pulling out of her.

Then I begin my savage assault on her pussy. I push into her all the way to my balls, then pull back, and repeat this for several minutes but not yet slamming into her. With each thrust forward, Dana's head tips back and she arches her back to meet my thrust, moaning and groaning and not saying anything that can be understood. I feel hitting her cervix with each full thrust into her. I suddenly pick up my pace and thrust into her faster and harder, increasing until I'm slamming her young pussy veraciously.

I cannot believe how tight and how sopping wet her pussy is, my cock sliding in and out of her hole with ease. My cock begins to swell, on the verge of a massive orgasm. Dana completely lost it while I slam her young pussy.

Her head is violently shifting from side to side with my assault on her, eyes closed and mouth open, screaming, " OH FUCK . OH FUCK . GOD . YESSSS . FUCK ME . FUCK ME . AHHHHHHHHH . OOOWWWWAHH . RIGHT THERE, THAT'S IT . THAT'S THE SPOT . POUND MY PUSSY . MMMMMMMMM . OOOWWWAHH . AHHHHHHHHH . I'M CUMMING . I'M CUMMING . AHHHHHH . ALL-OVER-YOUR-FUCKING-COCK . OH-MY-GOD . FUCK . FUCK . AHHHHHHHHHHH". Her young body is reacting uncontrollably to my cock as I fucked her like a wild animal, violently convulsing, shaking and shivering while she came all over my cock the entire time I'm fucking her.

Wave after powerful wave went through her body as my cock hit the back of her cunt with each thrust. Her pussy muscles contracting and releasing, with very hard spasms causing her fluids to squirt out like a constricted hose as I pushed forward making a, " sssppsssssssss, sssppsssssssss" sound as it squirted out of her all over my legs and the floor. With each spasm and squirt, Dana mutters, " AHHHH, AHHHH" as she raises her head up and lifts her hips as much as she can to intensify the orgasm.

She cannot believe what her body is doing, it feels so fucking amazing.

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Never had she cum this violently before. Deep in her being, she loved being a submissive slut and will never be the same after this day, she thought to herself. With Dana's body reacting the way it is, my cock is swelling beyond belief and getting ready for the most powerful orgasm I have had. I keep ramming into her, slamming her, grabbing her hips and pulling her into my huge cock. Her tight young pussy wrapped around my cock, sucking it in, wanting my cum inside, never feeling such a tight young pussy.

" Oh Fuck . Oh Fuck . Dana . I'm gonna cum . I'm gonna cum baby" I said, in a hasty voice between my heavy breaths. " I'm gonna cum inside you baby. I'm gonna give you my cum . All inside that tight young cock tease pussy . Do you want it baby? . Do you want it? . Tell me baby." Dana managed to yelp out a few words while caught up in her own continual onslaught of powerful orgasms.

Her young cunt spasms are much closer together, making her voice very broken, only able to speak between each brief strong wave that made her head go back, body convulsing, clenching her teeth, and between each deep breath, " NO!! . NO!! . DON'T . CUM . INSIDE-ME". I ignored her plea and kept ramming into her as her pussy keeps cumming and squirting on me with each thrust forward.

Then suddenly, I feel my cock go into a huge spasm, shooting my cum deep into her young squirting cunt. I grip her thighs and pull her body into my crotch, holding my cock deep inside of her, not fucking her any longer. I want to feel my cum shoot deep inside this young sweet innocent girl beneath me as she lay on the desk.

My head tipping all the way back as I hold her into me, shooting stream after stream into her hole. They both feel the warmth of my cum, pooling inside her pussy. Dana has one final huge orgasm feeling my cum deep inside of her with her head back and spine fully arched, " OOOHHHHHHHHHHHH . GOD" she moans in a deep low voice. I collapsed on top of her, both of us breathing heavily after the most incredible sex they have ever had, with my cock softening and still inside of her.

It finally slips out of her pussy with one sloppy pop after her pussy spasms one final time. A large blob of cum popped out of her as my cock slipped out, with more cum oozing out of her sopping pussy for the next few minutes. Dana is breathing very heavily still coming down from her ordeal.

She can't mutter a word. I leaned into her head as I laid on top of her and whispered, " You are mine now Dana. Your pussy is mine. I will have you when ever I want to, do you understand me? I have wanted you for a long time and finally got my chance." As I got up from her, I said, " See you tomorrow Dana. In this office at lunch time, and don't be late!"