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Anal blowjob anal ride big tits babe fuckass ride anal love tube porn
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This is a fictional story that is in no way true. If you are offended by gay teen and preteen boys in sexual situations and acts then stop reading and leave now. If you like that then read on. This is a story I have been kicking around in my head for a while. I drew parts of it from a lot of different things lets see if you can figure what they are.

I kind of like to set the theme for the story and get it going first before I get to the good parts with the boys. Hope you enjoy it and let me know if you like the story. Chapter 5 Days go by as the younger 2 boys, the dog, and I manage to get by on what provisions we have.

Josiah seems to be getting stronger and gaining more energy by the day. Chris fashioned him a make shift set of crutches so that he can get around on his bad ankle. The first couple days were the worst with Joe since he needed help going to the bathroom. Chris and I had to carry him outside and then steady him as he went to the bathroom.

Now that he is more mobile he's been managing that task on his own. The three of us have been bonding and learning different things about each other. In fact we learned quite a bit about each other.

We found out that Josiah was in the boy scouts and had survival training before, and also that Chris was a pretty handy engineer. He proved that fact early when he came up with our intruder alarm. We made small talk most of the time we were in the mine to pass time. Sometimes we played the video games we got from the wal mart, and some times we tried to come up with plans to explore the area more. One thing was for sure with three people here now and a dog our supplies would be stressed even more and will need to be restocked soon.

We loaded up the atv and prepared for a trip back to town for supplies. "Ok Joe I know you're probably not going to like this idea, but Chris and I are going to have to leave you here alone for a few hours. We have to go into town for food and stuff. We're getting low on other supplies to.

I'm going to leave you a shot gun and the dog. We're going to close the mine entrance back up securely so if you hear anything at all or the alien alarm starts making noise get that gun ready.

You will hear us when we come back, we'll make noise so you know it's us for sure. Plus you will hear the atv running so don't shot at us." I told the still injured Josiah before we set out for town. Chris and I piled onto the atv and attached the trailer we got from town to it and secured the mine entrance before leaving. Inside the mine Josiah decided he would just try and wait out our trip by sleeping so he stripped down most of the way and slid his nearly nude body under a blanket and closed his eyes.

Lucky crawled up next to him and with a deep breath he closed his eyes for some more sleep to. Mean while on our way to town we tried to make as little noise as possible with the atv just incase anything in the area might hear us. As we approached the outskirts of town he heard a low toned rumble. We knew right then that we needed to take cover.

I steered the atv into a thicket of dense bushes to hide us and our vehicle from view. I killed the engine and we slowly and quietly dismounted. We stayed low and quiet in the bushes trying not to make a sound as we crept closer to town. We were both armed so the fear factor wasn't as high as our previous trips was, but still that element of the unknown was scary to us.

We finally came to the edge of the woods and saw something we had never seen before. It seemed to be like some sort of machine. More like a robot or droid or something or other we would see in the movies on earth. It wasn't very big and didn't look very menacing, but we knew from the moment we saw it that we couldn't let it see us. We knew it was alien if it saw us our game was over. "Think we should shoot it?" Chris asked. "Hell no! We don't even know if that would hurt it.

Plus if it didn't it would know we were here then we'd be dead." I whispered to him. Just then an alien craft appeared above the town and the machine levitated up to it and into a door in the bottom of it. At the same time we saw 5 other machines do the same from other parts of the town. "Those must be some kind of scouting robots looking for survivors. We have to be on our toes from now on.

Who knows when we might run into one of those things." I said to Chris. Once the alien ship was gone we cautiously proceeded to town on foot with our guns at the ready. We had to walk across a large hay field from where we were t reach town. In the field were large voids of flattened out hay in circular patterns. I looked down and thought for a moment and that's when it hit me. "Holy shit I don't believe it!" I said.

"What?" Chris asked looking puzzled. "Do you know what we're standing in right now?" I asked. He shook his head now. "Dude it's a damn crop circle. I knew they were made by aliens." I said. The spot where we were standing is directly under where the alien ship was hovering. It was clearly freshly made so that was all the proof I needed.

Now with one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century solved we pushed on. Soon we were walking on paved ground again and more apprehensive than ever. We looked in every direction with guns pointed and ready to blast holes in what ever we came across. We made our way in the direction of the grocery store when Chris stopped dead in his tracks. "Shh! Be quiet a second." He said. We stood quietly for a second then he spoke again.

"Do you hear that? It sounded like a phone ringing." He said. "I don't know. I thought I might have heard something but I don't know." I answered.

We took a few more steps and he stopped again. This time I did hear it to. We looked at each other in agreement that we both heard it this time. We walked further down the road and the sound seemed to grow louder.

We turned a corner and there was the source of the sound. A payphone on the corner was ringing off the hook. "Should we answer it?" Chris asked. "I'm not sure. I mean what if it's a trap or something.

Maybe those monster set it up for us." I replied. Agreeing Chris nodded. So we marched on and left the phone to ring. We went back to the wal mart and grabbed a few back packs and essentials we needed and headed on to the grocery store. Since we didn't bring the atv all the way to town this time we could only grab a few days worth of food, what ever we can cram in the back packs. On the way to the store Chris and I chatted quietly as we kept our guard up.

"I sure do miss what we did when we first me." Chris said referring to our sex play in the mine. "Yea me to. Every time I see you or Joe naked I just want to grab you and suck the life out of you." I said with a little giggle. "Yea maybe we can try and get Josiah to play later. Who knows maybe he's as horny as we are." Chris said with an evil smile.

As we pushed on another noise caught our attention that we hadn't heard before.


It sounded like static from a radio. "You hear that?" I said. He nodded yes. We redirected our paths from the grocery store towards the static. We crept slowly down the road and we found the sound coming from the police station which is now in shambles. The aliens must have came back ere since the day I was here and torn the place up. The sound seemed to be coming from a police radio. "They must have turned it on some how and just left it." I told Chris explaining how the place wasn't this bad when I was here before.

We walked over to the radio and checked it out just incase. We flipped switches and turned dials trying to find anything. "Wait! Stop!" I said as Chris turned a big dial in the middle. "Did you hear that? It sounded like a voice." I told him.

He very slowly turned the dial back and the voice reappeared. It was garbled and staticy, but it was definitely human. I turned a dial next to the big one and some of the static seemed to clear up. The sound was still a bit garbled but we could now make out a signal a bit better.

"Can any one hear me? Hello is any one there? May day may day may day, hello? Is any one still alive out there?" the voice said. "Oh my god!


Some one else is a live!" Chris said excitedly. The voice seemed to be what sounded like a younger boy or possible a younger lady, we couldn't tell because of the distortion in the signal.

We stood there in total awe of what we were hearing. Some one else out there survived the invasion. "You think we should answer?" Chris asked.

That question was quickly answered as I picked up the microphone showing Chris the severed cord leading to it. "Don't think we'll be able to." I said. We stood there and listened for a few more minutes as more of the same came through the speaker. Then what we needed to hear came out. "If any one out there can hear this I'm in Kingston hiding out. I'm almost out of food and I need help, I'm trapped in a bomb shelter.

If you can hear me please help me." The voice said. "oh my gosh1 Derrik Kingston is like 10 miles from here. Do you think we can help them?" Chris asked. "I don't know Chris. There's no way we can get there today. Plus we have no idea where they are in that town. That shelter could be any where." I explained to him.

"Well we can't just leave them there to die. We have to help them." Chris said with a look of intent on his face. "Look dude they said they were almost out of food not that they were.

We can't do anything for them today it's too late. Kingston is like you said 10 miles away, but that's on paved roads. If we go it's going to have to be covert in the woods. So it might take us all day long to get there on the atv. Let's just get what we came for and get back to the mine. We'll come up with a plan tonight." I told him trying to calm him.

Agreeing that we couldn't help today I turned the volume to radio down and he followed me to the store. It appeared that animals or the aliens had made it into the grocery store.

The place was a total mess. As we approached the meat department it was clear who had been here. All of the meat was gone. The plastic wrappers were still here, but the food its self was gone. "Those things have been here." I said. Fearing that they may still be here we gathered what food we could and packed our packs full. "Oh yea I forgot something." Chris said before he ran back into the store.

He emerged a minute later with a small bag of dog food. "Good idea bud. Now we don't have to feed Lucky our food." I told him as I rubbed the top of his head.

We trekked back out of town and through the hay field till we reached the edge of the woods. At that point we re entered the bushes and could now increase our pace since we had cover now.

Not much longer after that we reached the atv. We pushed it back out of the thickets and back on the trail. We both climbed back on and started the engine. "Let's get back to the mine. We have a lot of things to talk about." I told Chris as we sped up the trail. Back at the mine Josiah was getting very worried that something had gone wrong. He was told that they would only be gone a few hours and here it was now almost dusk. He was too scared to venture out of the mine on his own, but he did have Lucky to protect him.

He sat in deep thought thinking of what may have happened to his new friends. Just then the dogs head came up and his ears perked up.

He let out a slight "woof" which caught Josiah's attention. He grabbed the gun and aimed it at the door as he shook like a leaf in fear. "Shhh. Lucky. Be quiet." He told the dog as he was ready to piss him self in fear.

He sat for another 30 seconds in total fear until his fears were relieved. He heard the engine of the atv backing inside the mine entrance. The next sound made his heart go from a 100 mile per hour pace to a nearly normal one. "Hey Joe it's us don't shoot." He heard coming from the other side of the door as Chris pushed it open.

"Oh my god you guys scared me to death." He told us. "Sorry to scare you bud. We kinda got tied up trying to get to town. We had to walk most of the way." I explained to him. "Why what happened?" he asked. "Aliens happened." Chris said. "Yea we had to hide the atv in the woods and walk into town. So we didn't get many supplies. Only what we could carry on our backs.

But we got enough for a few days, maybe a week if we're careful. Oh yea and we got our fierce guard dog some food to." I told him. Chris and I sat our packs on the ground then I went to secure the mine for the night and set the alien alarm. When I came back Chris had poured a small pile of dog food on the floor and Lucky was wagging his tail devouring it.

He then unpacked the food and stowed it away in the coolers. "We also got held up by a few more things today." I told him. He looked at me puzzled. "We saw something new from the aliens. They were some kind of robots in town. Only thing we can think of is they were some kind of scouts looking for life. We had to wait till the aliens flew over and picked them up before we went into town." I explained as I slid my sox and shoes off.

"Tell him the rest." Chris said. "Oh yea the biggest thing I almost forgot. We were walking through town and heard a noise so we went to check it out. We found some kind of radio in the police station. Well to make a long story short we heard another person calling for help on there. Some one else is alive.

They were calling from Kingston they said. The said they were in a bomb shelter trapped and they were almost out of food." I told Josiah. I then stood up to remove my dirty sweaty shirt. By now Chris was already in his boxers.

Josiah sat for a moment soaking in this information as I slid my shorts off leaving me now in my undies to. "Wait a minute did you say Kingston? That's where I lived. Those monsters chased me from my house and into the woods to where you found me. I wonder if it's some one I know." Josiah said. "I don't Know Joe. We couldn't tell if it was a boy our age or a younger lady. The signal was really messed up. We couldn't make it out to well. But we deffinately heard the part about needing help and where they were." I told him.

Still he sat and wondered if it could be some one he knew since Kingston was a small town. Chris looked to me and gave me an evil grin like he knew something was getting ready to happen.

Something did happen at that point. He dropped his boxers to the floor exposing his nude body to us. I knew what he was trying to do but I didn't let on about it. I just let it go as normal behavior. He then got a rag and out jug of bathing water and began to wash his body off. I glanced to Josiah and now his eyes were fixed on Chris' naked slender body.

I moved my eyes to his crotch and he surely had a tent going. As Chris washed he made sure to show us as he washed his small dick and balls. Josiah tried not to stare at Chris but he couldn't help it. He watched as Chris washed his smooth cock and balls with the rag making him grow hard from the contact.

I looked to Chris and saw him smile at me in a knowing way, as if he knew Josiah liked what he was seeing. I then decided to join Chris. I stood up and let my boxers fall to the ground to. I then walked over by Chris and took another rag and began to wash my own body off. As I washed Chris handed me his rag and turned to face away from me which made him facing Josiah. I knew he wanted me to wash his back so I did. As I washed him he stood and enjoyed the feeling making his small hard cock pulsate with his heart beat.

Josiah was sure getting a good show from us if nothing else. Once I got to Chris' ass cheeks I washed each of them in a circular pattern as he tilted his head back to rest it on my shoulder. The sheer contact between our bodies was too much for me to take any more. I hadn't had an orgasm since the day we found Josiah and I was about to explode. I dropped the rag and wrapped my arms around him as I kissed him on the side of his neck.

I then heard Josiah make a gulping sound as he swallowed. I then stopped kissing Chris' neck and looked up to Joe. Chris turned and looked into my eyes and I then knew what he had planned. I let go of his body and he turned and walked over to Josiah. "Time for your bath mister." Chris told him in a kinky tone.

He then snatched the blanket from off top of Joe and gently pushed him down on the bed to a laying position so that he didn't hurt his ankle. Now the tent in Joe's boxers was very pronounced. Chris grabbed his undies by the waist band and gently pulled them down. Josiah tried to resist at first but soon let Chris have his way as soon as his hard cock popped out.

Chris continued sliding his boxers off till he reached Josiah's hurt ankle at which time I took over and took then off the rest of the way.

now all three of us were totally naked and hard as rocks. I then sat and watched as the two younger horny boys carried on with their sex play. "Please guys I'm not, I mean I don't like" Josiah tried to say. "Just say it Joe." I told him. "I'm not gay guys. I never did anything like this before." He said. "So what try it you might like it. I sure did." Chris told him. "You sure seemed to like watching us have fun.

Why not have some with us." I asked. He didn't have an answer for that. I think his mind was soon changed as he felt Chris hand wrap around his little hard tool.

He inhaled sharply as Chris squeezed him gently. "Come on Josiah you'll love it. Just try it once if you don't like it you don't gotta do it now more. You'll just have to watch me and Derrik have fun." Chris said laughing as he slowing fondled Josiah's little dick. Not knowing exactly what he should do Joe just nodded ok and the fun went from there.

Chris smiled and got into a position so he could inhale the other small boys dick into his mouth. With in seconds Josiah gasped sharply and clinched his eyes shut as the head of this small boy cock slid between Chris' lips.

Chris clamped down on him and began to give him the biggest thrill of his life. "How's it feel?" I asked him. "Oh my gosh, it's awesome. I never thought it would be like this." He moaned as Chris' head bobbed up and down on his shaft. His smooth slender body was more than inviting to my wondering hand as it found it's was over to Josiah's smooth hairless torso. I began to rub up and down on his chest and belly as Chris continued to suck on his prepubescent cock. I occasionally tickled his nipples as Chris would pop his cock out licking all around the tip of it.

Next thing I knew I felt a hand encircling my own cock. Chris had grabbed Joe by the wrist and brought his hand up to my cock. The boy grabbed me with no contest followed by Chris' hand. I now had to boy's hands in complete control of my dick and it felt great. So warm and tender it felt like warm velvet around my dick. Chris began to speed up sucking him as they both began to stroke me.

"Not gay huh? Guess we proved that wrong didn't we?' I said enjoying the moment making Joe smile through his slight moans. "Wait stop I have to pee." Josiah said. Once Chris heard that he chuckled with the boy's dick still in his mouth and I told him go for it. Chris began to bob his head up and down furiously now. "Stop Chris I have to pee. I'm going to pee in your mouth if you don't." he cried out.

Chris had no intention of stopping. Next thing I saw was Josiah's whole body go tense and he inhaled very deeply. Chris went all the way down on his cock till his lips were resting on Joe's belly. He then very slowly slid up the boy's dick making his body shutter.

He then let out the deep breath he had taken and began breathing heavily. "Oh my gosh what was that?

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It felt so good!" Joe said through his breaths. "Well it's called an orgasm. Feels fucking great don't it?" I said. He still in orgasmic bliss with is eyes still closed nodded yes. Chris only now started to withdraw his small dick from his mouth giving Joe one final surge of pleasure as his dick popped out of his mouth.

I continued to gently rub his tender chest as he came back to earth from heaven. He then opened his eyes about a minute later. "Like it?" Chris said licking his lips. "Oh my gosh yes. Man that was great than you. Can you do it again please?" he asked. Chris and I instantly cracked up laughing.

"You know it's only fair if you return the favor some how." I told Josiah. " How?" he asked. "Well I got an idea. I don't know how good we can do this but I wanna try it." Chris told him. "I want Derrik to fuck me and you can jack me off at the same time." Chris explained. "How?" Josiah asked. "Like this" I said as I lay down and let Chris mount me. Chris lined my cock up with his tight pucker and slowly began to sink onto it. Like before my cock not being very huge slid inside him with little problems.

Once I was in him and he was settled on me I brought Joe's hand up to Chris' little hard 3 incher. As Chris began to slowly move up and down on me Josiah began to slowly move his small finger on his good hand up and down on Chris' dick.

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"Mmmmmmm" Chris moaned as he got pleasure from to sources. Not much time went by till I felt my cock start to pulsate in Chris' love tunnel as my orgasm over took me.

With in seconds of my own his orgasm began to rack his body as I felt his sphincter clamp down on my shaft making my force my dick in him even deeper. Josiah had gotten a good rhythm down as he stroked up and down on Chris as he felt wave after wave of pleasure shoot through his small body. Once his orgasms peak had passed he collapsed onto my chest and lay there in a heavily breathing mass with my still hard dick in him.

A few minutes later he opened his eyes and planted a huge sloppy kiss on my lips. He then looked to Josiah who was smiling at us. "That felt great. Thanks." He told him for stroking him off. He then rose off my chest and stood up slowly letting my cock slide out of him then he sat down next to Josiah.

Chris moved his face to with in inches of Joes and their eye seemed to be locked on each others. Joe began to breath heavy once again as Chris' face came closer and closer. Finally their lips met in a tender loving first kiss. Chris slowly drew back then. He then looked to me. "No offense Derrik, but every since I first saw him I fell in love with him." Chris said to both mine and Josiah's shock. He then turned back to Joe and placed his hands on Josiah's cheeks and planted another deeper kiss on him.

This time Joe didn't resist he let it happen and even placed his hands on Chris sides under his arms. A few seconds later the kiss broke.

"Oh gosh. I never though anything would feel like this. I never thought I would feel like this about another boy. I think I like it. I like it a lot." Joe said quietly. Seeing the two smaller boys seem to fall in love made me feel good. I was attracted to Chris and I loved to have sex with him, but as for love I wasn't sure. I loved him as a close friend but as a lover I wasn't sure about. It seemed he had found his love and opened Josiah's eyes to a world he never knew existed for him.

The two kissed a few more times and lay down. By now I was famished from all of the walking from the day and sex play we just had. I got up and went to the cooler as the love birds lay as they held each other. I made a peanut butter sandwich and lay down next to the boys. I ate my sandwich as the next thing I heard was the distinct sound of two cute boys snoring. They had fallen asleep in each others arms.

I how ever sat up for a while longer and thought of plans for the next day of how we were going to go about finding the person in Kingston. The more I thought about it the more I realized I was going to have to go alone.

Josiah was in no position to go with me due to his injuries and he sure couldn't be left alone for a day or two. And I surely wasn't going to let Chris go off on his own to look for the person.

I had decided that I would go alone and take the atv and since lucky had a keen sense of smell which found Josiah I would take him along.

He just might be able to sniff the person out. I set my alarm on my watch for 6 am and turned out the lantern for the night. I settled in next to the two sleeping boys and draped an over the two making them both sigh in their sleep. I pulled the covers over us and then proceeded to the land of dreams.

Tomorrow was going to be a long day. Chapter 6 My eyes opened to a dimly lit rock room. The sound from my watch pierced through the quiet darkness of the room bringing me slowly back to earth.

I sat up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes and tried to wake up with out waking the other boys. 6 Am came all to early. I felt like I had just laid down and fell asleep only minutes before. Now it was time to prepare to set out to find that person in Kingston that needed help.

I carefully got up from the bed without waking the 2 sleeping bys and got dressed quietly as Lucky watched. I slid my shoes, grabbed a gun, then I called the dog to follow me outside for our first piss of the day. Lucky sniffed at every tree outside the mine entrance pissing on the ones he found inviting to his nose while I went on the first one I came to.

As I stood and drained my bladder I yawned with a roar. I finished my business and was zipping my pants when I Noticed Lucky squatting his hind end down doing a bit more business. We should have named the dog Egypt since he shit piles the size of pyramids. Once he w done we re entered the mine to find Chris awake. "Morning. How ya feeling?" I asked.

"Fine. You getting ready to leave for Kingston?" he asked me. "Yep. I need to wake Josiah up so I can get some info on that town before I leave." I said. "That's easy I'll wake him for you." Chris said with a wicked grin. He reached over to Joe's bare penis under the blanket and began to fondle it while he slept. Not even a minute after he started Joe began to stir.

He moaned slightly and smiled as he opened his eyes. Once he was awake Chris stopped messaging his little cock. "Ok he's awake now." Chris said giggling. "Hey no fair. That felt good!" Josiah whined. "Sorry to let Chris wake you up like that Josiah, but you guys can always finish later. Right now I need you to tell me some things about your home town." I told him as he rubbed his sleepy eyes. As Josiah answered the questions I could think of I packed the gear I would need for a 2 day trip to Kingston to look for the survivor.

I packed food for the dog and myself, 2 guns for protection, a sleeping bag and blanket, some first aid supplies just in case, and some climbing ropes. I packed it all as compact as I could then I placed the leash on Lucky's neck. "Ok guys here's what we have to do. Me and the dog are going looking for the survivor. You guys need to stay inside or at least close to the entrance of the mine.

Joe is still in rough shape and he's going to need your help Chris. I only plan on being gone for 2 days, but it might turn into 3, who knows. If I get there and I can't find anything Lucky and I will be back. If we do find something that might hold us up longer. So if we're not back in 2 days don't freak out right away. There should be enough food to last until we get back so don't pig out you guys.

And keep a gun by the door to the safe room ready at all times." I said as I slung a back pack over my shoulder.

Chris and Josiah both agreed that what I said will be law for now and they both nodded. I could tell that they were both eager to get back to their fun as I grabbed the dogs leash.

I bid them both good bay and told them I'd see them in a few days, then headed out to the atv with the dog. I pushed the atv outside the mine entrance with Lucky sitting on the passenger side tied up so he couldn't jump off. Once I had the atv outside I heard Chris yelling from inside the mine shaft. I turned to see him run out of the entrance still completely naked and smiling.

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He ran to me and engulfed me in a hug. "Be careful. We need you to come back to us." He said as he hugged me.

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I wrapped my arms around the smaller boy and squeezed. "I will. I promise." I said as I kissed him on the top of his moppy hair. We released the hug and he turned to re enter the mine, but I lightly slapped him on his bare ass as he went back inside making him laugh. Seeing his smooth bare buns walking away from me made my cock twitch a bit.

That twitch quickly faded because I knew I was in for a long next few days. I climbed on the atv and cranked the engine to life. Lucky and I were no off for Kingston. I cautiously drove the atv through the woods and wilderness towards Kingston trying my best to keep out of sight from the air just incase a ship flew over. The miles went by relatively quickly as we made it to the outskirts of Kingston in a few hours thanks to the atv.

I parked it in a thick brush pile making sure to cover it completely from view, but not so much as to make it noticeable that I did.

I slung my pack over my shoulders and proceeded on foot with a shotgun held by one arm and the dogs leash by the other. I figured since Lucky had a way better sense of smell and hearing than I did he'd be a good early warning system to danger. The dog and I trekked on into the streets of the small town as I now had the shotgun at the ready.

I followed the directions that Josiah had given me and quickly found the police station. It was torn to shreds by the aliens. All around in this town just like in the other destruction reigned. Most of the buildings were either destroyed or severely damaged. I walked on to the small single school that all the kids in town went to see if it had and old cold war style bomb shelter like my school had. When I go to the School it was clear there was no way to check it out.

The building had been leveled to the ground and seemed to had been burning for days and had finally burned its self out. There was no way that the person was transmitting from here. The dog and I searched on for a while longer with no success.

I then decided to find a place to hold up for the night. It was now nearly sun set and I decided we would wait out the night in the old post office since it was one of the few buildings in town left standing.

I laid my sleeping bag and blanket out on the floor and grabbed a sandwich I made this morning for dinner. I poured a pile of dog food out on the floor for the dog which he clearly had no problem wolfing down. I tied his leash to an old heavy tables leg so he wouldn't run off on me then I lay down for some rest myself.

I checked my watch and as the light level outside confirmed it was nearly 9 pm. Once Lucky was done eating he lay down next to me on the floor and let out a sigh as he closed his eyes for some rest.

I had the dog on one side of me and a 12 gauge shotgun on the other. For the moment I felt vulnerable from being in an unfamiliar place, but I was secure for the moment. The sleep I had that night certainly wasn't great.

I tossed and turned all night long dreaming and thinking about what the other boys and I would do in the future. Thoughts of how we would make it through the cold months of autumn and winter plagued my mind while I slept.

Visions of seeing Chris and Josiah as frozen blocks of ice haunted my dreams. I found myself being woken up by Lucky licking the sweat from my face some time during the night.

I sat up and looked at my watch. 4 am it read and as hard as I tried I couldn't go back to sleep after that. I sat petting the dog and pondered the visions and dreams I had in the previous hours of sleep. The one big thing that stuck out was what we were going to do when it gets cold. There's no way we can survive in the mine in the winter time with no source of heat. Some how I knew it was probably going to be up to me to find out what we were going to do.

The pressure of everything that has happened in the last week was beginning to tear at my senses. A boy of my age should not have to make these decisions and be responsible for the lives of other people. I should be in school and enjoying life as a kid, but instead I'm just getting by from day to day hiding from something no one could have ever imagined. A tear streamed down my cheek as I sat with Lucky and thought about my situation and everyone I had lost in my life.

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All of my family and friends were now gone as far as I knew. They were killed or worse by the invading creatures. I was drawn out of my self induced sorry very fast by a faint sound in the night. "Can any one hear me? Hello? Is any one there?" I heard in the distance. This time it wasn't staticy like before. It sounded like some one asking for help in person. I jumped to my feet grabbed the gun and flash light and Lucky's leash and cautiously began following the sound. I stopped about every 50 feet or so to listen for the voice to make sure I was going in the right direction.

As we stopped to crouch and listen Lucky's ears perked up as he let out a muffled woof. He definitely heard the voice this time. I gave him about 8 foot of leash and let him lead the way to the voice I heard. He walked along sniffing the ground and stopped a few times to listen. He led the way to a collapsed rubble pile that looks like it use to be a house.

He then stopped and sat on down. I crouched down on one knee next to him and listened. I nearly jumped out of my damn skin from what I heard next. "Help me. Is any one out there? Please!" I heard very close now. In fact so close it sounded like it was coming from right in front of us, from underneath the rubble pile. Lucky broke away from me yanking his leash from my hand and he raced to the pile and began sniffing and scratching at it.

I then knew that some one was alive in that pile of destroyed wood that use to be a house. "Hello can you hear me?" I said in a low voice trying not to give away my position. There was no response so walked around the pile and repeated myself a few more times. I knew some one was in there now, but that was about all I knew. I didn't know where they were in the pile, if they were hurt, and so on. I stopped and listened to the voice which now did sound like a boy close my age calling out.

I got a general idea of where the voice was coming from and I began to dig through the rubble. Who ever was inside could definitely hear me since they started to yell once they heard me moving the splintered wood around. "Shh! Dammit be quiet!" I said sternly and loud enough for the person to hear me. I didn't want anything else to hear him. After nearly 2 hours of digging through the rubble it was nearly dawn and I was getting some where. I got to a lower level of the home which seemed to be the basement.

The basement was surprisingly intact compared to the upper floors of the house. The first floor held up most of the debris from getting into the basement. Don't get me wrong the basement was a hell of a mess but I had room to move down there. I called out to the persona and they seemed to be frantic now about being saved. "Help me! please get me out of here!" the voice was crying now.

I dug through some debris and finally found what I was looking for. A thick steel door that was barricaded shut by a large wooden beam that had fallen from above. I knocked on the door and called out. "Hello can you hear me in there? I'm gonna get you out of there just hold on. There's a big wood beam holding the door shut I have to move it" "Please hurry I don't know how much longer I can stay in here." A young sounding voice said from the other side of the thick door.

I tried my best but to no luck to move the beam. It was just too heavy to move with my level of strength. I thought for a few minutes and then one of those things you learn in school that you think will never come in handy in real life hit me.

If I find a lever big enough I can move this beam and get that kid out of there. I checked around the basement for something that would work and found a large piece of old cast iron drain pipe.

I grabbed it and quickly ran back to the door. I shoved the pipe under the beam and then pried with all of my might on the other end to get the beam to finally move some. I pushed myself to the point of nearly passing out prying on the beam to get it off that door. I wasn't going to stop until I had that door open.

I pried with one finally all strength gathering grunt and forced the bead off of the door. O fell on the ground next to the bean nearly passing out from putting every ounce of muscle I had into freeing the door.

I lay there trying catch my breath as I heard the door unlock and slowly swing open making a squeaking noise. I lifted my head to see a form step out of the room.

As I regained my breath and got my wits back I could see it was indeed a boy. A younger boy than myself probably around 11 or so. "Are you ok?" he asked sounding like an angel. I looked on him seeing that he was dirty but still had the looks that could make him a model instantly. He asked again if I was ok and I muttered, "Yea I'll be ok in a minute I just winded myself prying the beam off the door.

I'm Derrik." "My name's AJ." The boy said. I sat up and took a few deep breaths before getting back to my feet. Once I was back upright again I was a full head taller than this new boy. "Bet it feels good to be out of there now." I said to him noticing the rank smell that came from inside smelling like urine.

"Yea it was so hot in there. And I had to go to the bathroom I there to." He said with an embarrassed look on his face. "It's kool dude you gotta do what you have to some times. How about we get you out of here and to some place safe?" I asked him. He smiled and nodded ok. He only had on a pair of shorts and socks. It seemed he was in the house and ran down here in a hurry.

I stepped into his stinky confines to check it out before we left. There was a lot of food wrappers and empty water bottles on the ground. He had a lantern going for light and in the corner sat the short wave radio he was using to find help in the out side world. "AJ now we have you out of there let's get out of here. I have a place about 10 miles from here that is safe, and we have plenty of room for you to join us." I told him.

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"We? Us? You mean there are more than just you alive?" he asked with a smile. "Yea there's me, Chris, and Joe. Oh yea we have a dog to his names Lucky." I told him. He looked scared, amazed, and confused all at the same time. I walked in the room he was stuck in and grabbed the radio he had in the corner and turned it off and brought it with me. I then led him through the twisted mass of wood that use to be his home. Once we got outside he looked at his house and began to cry. "My house.

it's… it's gone. So are my parents and every body else. Every body is dead!" he said as he wept. I wrapped him in a hug to comfort him. "That might be true. But AJ you got us now. We have to stick together if we are going to make it through this. If those things catch us we are dead. They have no mercy at all their vicious. Trust me I know. If you want to stay and take your chances here that's fine, but you are welcome to come back with me." I told him.

"There's no reason for me to stay here now. Everything I ever knew is dead and gone now. I'll go with you." He said as he wiped his eyes.

I picked up my gun off the ground and grabbed the dog's leash and headed back to the post office to collect my gear I left there.

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A short time later we arrived at the post office and everything was just like I left it. AJ sat down in a chair as I rolled up my sleeping bag and blanket. As I was rolling the bag up I heard the distinct sound of his stomach growling. "Hungry?" I asked. "Starving. I ran out of food last night." He answered. I handed him one of the sandwiches I had wrapped up and he dug into it with no complaint. He had the food eaten before I even had my back pack ready to go. "Ok kid here's the plan.

We are going to have to walk a little ways back into the woods. I have an atv stashed there that I drove here to find you. Only thing is it's about a ½ mile in the woods away from here.

You think you can make it that far bare foot?" I asked. "If it gets me to a safe place I'd walk that far but naked." He answered with a giggle.

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Its then I noticed how cute he really was. He had dimples in both cheeks when he smiled, and his green eyes were a stand out feature. He did indeed look like an angel only with brown hair. I slung my pack over my shoulder and handed him Lucky's leash.

I grabbed the shot gun and we were off to find the atv. We walked for about 20 minutes through town and the woods till we found the pile of brush I placed on the atv the day before to hide it. "There it is." I pointed to pointed to the pile. We uncovered it and climbed aboard, AJ next to me and Lucky in the back with the gear. I fired it up and we were on our way back to the mine. On the way I kind of got to know AJ a bit better. Like his name, AJ it stood for Adam Joseph.

I learned he was an only child that lived with his parents. He is 11 years old and was in the 5th grade. The one thing that stuck out was just like me he lost everything he knew and had. It didn't take as long to get back to the mine as it did to get Kingston since I knew which way to go to get back to the mine. By 2 pm we pulled up to the mines entrance. "Ok here we are." I said. "Where? I don't see nothing." He said. "Home. This is the mine entrance.

Trust me it's not as bad as it seems from the outside. We have plenty of room inside." I told him.

"Just wait here a few minutes, I'm going inside to let the others know we're here so they don't shoot us." I said. I then went inside the mine making sure to let Chris and Josiah know it was me that was coming in. "Chris! Joe! It's me don't shoot." I said before I entered the safe room. I pushed the door open to find them in a rather compromising position.

The boys were laying on their sides in a 69 position sucking each others cocks. "Fuck you guys why weren't you ready with the gun? What if I was an alien?" I asked with a bit of an attitude. Chris pulled off Josiah's stiff 3 inches to tell me, "We heard the atv motor so we didn't stop what we was doing." Then he went back to sucking Joe's dick.

"Well sorry guys, but you're going to have to stop your fun for now. I FOUND THE SURVIVOR!" I said excitedly. They both popped the others cock from their mouths and looked at me in awe. "No way?!" Chris said smiling. "Yep I sure did. He's outside. You two at least put some clothes on before I bring him inside." I told the younger love birds. The boys stopped their sex play and slid shorts and a shirt on and stood and waited as I yelled for AJ to come in the mine.

"AJ! Come on in! Just come in the entrance and you will see me standing by the door to the safe room." He got off the atv and entered the mine and saw me. I waved to him to join me and he walked my way.

A second later he stepped in the room and saw Chris and Joe. The next thing I heard was Josiah yelling out in great awe and happiness, "ADAM!" Hope you like the story so far. Guess I should explain something you might be wondering about.

The atv, its like one of those large gas powered 4 seater golf carts or a utility vehicle I guess you could call it. If you can think of any other things drop me a message or if you like story message me. [email protected]