Stupefying brunette beauty demonstrates fucking skills

Stupefying brunette beauty demonstrates fucking skills
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 The Devil's Pact Side-Story: Sakura's First Day Visit my blog at Notes: This takes place during Chapter 51. Thanks to b0b for beta reading this. Friday, June 28th, 2030 Tomoyo Asuka-Ulster "Are you ready, Sakura?" I asked my daughter. She stood before a mirror admiring her appearance. My heart beat with pride; she was gorgeous. She shared features with Sam, her other mother.

When I was almost nineteen, Sam had decided to test a pill that could allow a man—or a woman with a cock—to impregnate a woman whether she was in the fertile part of her cycle or even using birth control, like I had been. Nine month's later, my little Sakura was born as a result of that afternoon of passion I shared with Sam.

Sakura inherited Sam's round, doll-like face framed by blue-black, short hair that swayed just above her shoulders. Her breasts were larger than mine, round, a little plump, with puffy nipples perfect for sucking.

She shaved her pussy, leaving only a landing strip of black hair that lead to her tight, virginal slit. I knew she wasn't a virgin; a year ago she happily had told me about Silas, our God's eldest son, taking her cherry. Silas took after his divine father, and had taken every servant in the mansion. I fondly remembered the enthusiasm he brought as he fucked me the first time.

Often Silas was accompanied by his half-sisters, Andrea and Delilah—they were called the Trio, and they had been running wild throughout the mansion since they were children. "She's gorgeous," my wife smiled. "Thank you, mommy-Abigail," Sakura smiled. Abigail had adopted Sakura as her own daughter when we married and always had loved her like her own child.

"You don't have to do this," I reminded her. She looked at me with fierce determination. "I've always wanted this, Mom. I was born to be Theirs." I beamed at my daughter, so happy she felt that way. The last eighteen-and-a-half years I served the Living Gods had been amazing and I looked forward to sharing this wonderful blessing with my daughter. I held her hand as we walked through the mansion. I wore my maid's outfit with pride while Sakura walked naked, her head held high, allowing everyone to see her beautiful body.

Maids gave her a knowing smile, encouragingly patting or pinching her butt. Sam smiled when she saw our daughter, and gave Sakura a tight hug. "Good luck." "Thank you, Mother," Sakura formally replied. My daughter had always been intimidated by the Holy Vizier, and I could always see that sad look in Sam's eyes that she wasn't closer with her daughter.

"We need to get going," Candy, Sam's wife, said, tugging on Sam's hand and pulling her away. "Right, take care," Sam said as she got pulled along by Candy. When we passed Alison, the slut gave Sakura a hug and a rather passionate kiss before slapping Sakura on the ass, saying, "Master's going to love fucking you." Sweet, innocent Violet eyed Sakura as she passed, then hugged the girl and whispered, "I'm going to ask for you to be my bath attendant tonight.

Cindy and I are going to play with you all night long." "Thank you," Sakura blushed. Cindy used to be a maid until she married Violet and got bumped up to being a Slut, serving our God in a more important capacity. Silas walked around the corner, his arms wrapped around Delilah and Andrea, and leered at my daughter. "Going to become a maid, eh?" "Yes, sir," Sakura answered.

Silas inherited our God's boyish smile, only on Silas it seemed more mischievous than dominating. He had Korina's blue eyes and round face, with his father's strong nose pierced by a silver ring. "I should have you come serve us tonight," he grinned at my daughter. "Too late," Violet answered with a big grin. "I already got dibs." Delilah laughed, a diamond stud flashing on her nose. "Guess Mom beat you to it." Delilah was conceived in the brief hours that our Goddess was tempted with a cock by the foul demoness Lilith, and had inherited the Goddess's auburn hair.

Delilah wore her hair in a pair of pigtails. The cute freckles that painted her innocent face she inherited from Violet. Silas looked crestfallen. "Tomorrow then," he said. "I think that would be fun," Andrea smiled, her blue eyes flashing with lust. She was our God's daughter from April, her hair as brown and bushy, though that was the only thing she inherited from April.

Her curvy figure and plump breasts made Andrea look a lot like her Aunt Samantha, the mortal sister of our God. "I would be honored to serve the demigods," Sakura bowed.

All of our Gods' children with the Sluts were the demigods, half-divine beings. Only Chase, conceived in our Goddess womb by our God's seed, was a true Goddess. In addition to the demigods, there were hundreds of other sons and daughters out there who had been born of Godly seed, but none were acknowledged by Him, not even the children He fathered on maids or other servants.

"We'll be late," I told Silas. "Oh, of course," Silas grinned, a mocking tone in his voice. "I wouldn't want Father to be kept waiting for his latest conquest. A virgin a day isn't enough for him." Finally, we reached the divine rooms.

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Two bodyguards stood at attention, 149 and 150. "Good morning," I greeted them. "Hey, Tomoyo," 149 smiled, her hand sliding up to squeeze my fanny. "Would you and Abby like to get together with us for dinner?" "I think that'd be fine," I smiled. Sakura giggled, "Don't let my moms wear you out." A smile creased 150's serious face.

"They're the ones that should be worried." 149 opened the door.

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"They eagerly await your daughter. You know how much He likes watching a mother with her child." "I've been looking forward to it ever since she was born," I answered, squeezing my daughter's hand.

"We can't wait for our little Rhonda to be old enough," 150 sighed. "Just a few more years and she'll join the guard." Our Gods were waiting in their sitting room, watching a movie as They cuddled naked on the couch.

It was always breathtaking to see Them. It was clear that the two Gods were still besotted with each other after nearly nineteen years, something Abigail and I had to struggle with after ten years of marriage. We came close to divorcing before Dr. Willow's counseling helped us through our problems. "My Lord, my Lady," I said as I curtsied, lifting up my short skirt to flash my shaved pussy.

"I present my daughter Sakura for your approval." My God's eyes lit on Sakura, a boyish grin creasing His face and lust shining in His blue eyes. "Hmm, she's gorgeous." "You did very well, Tomoyo," She purred, shifting forward. Her perfect breasts, spotted with freckles, jiggled. "Let's see how she performs," He said.

"I want to see you eat your mother's pussy." Color spotted Sakura's cheeks as she licked her lips. We hadn't been intimate yet, but only because I wanted our first time making love to be before our Gods' eyes.

She turned to me, so innocent, trembling slightly like it was her first time. Her pink tongue moistened her red lips and lust shown in her dark eyes as she leaned to me. Sparks seemed to jump between us as we kissed; my daughter's lips were soft, eager, exciting.

I tasted her sweetness as my tongue slipped between her lips. Our bodies drew closer together, arms wrapping around each other and pulling us together until our breasts were rubbing, our thighs touching, our groins grinding. My hands found her ass, squeezing her plump cheeks as I pulled her against me. I moaned as I ground my hungry cunt on her leg while her dripping pussy rubbed on my thigh.

Our kiss grew fierce, devouring each other. Her tongue plunged into my mouth and fenced with my tongue, and her hands found my supple back, tracing my spine from my neck to the tops of my ass, sending shivers throughout my body.

Sakura broke the kiss, breathing heavily.


"I just have to taste you, Mom. I've been dreaming of it." "Oh, yes," I purred. I sat on a chair and spread my legs for her. Sakura knelt gracefully, pushing up my ruffled skirt to have a view of the tight slit of my cunt, shaved bare and glistening with juices.

I moaned as she ran a finger around my vulva; the little minx was teasing me. "Oh, yes!" I groaned as my daughter's tongue slowly lapped through my slit, brushing my aching clit. "My beautiful Sakura! Oh, yes!" "She's eager," my Goddess purred. He had stretched out on the couch, leaning against the arm rest and watching my daughter devour my cunt while my Goddess was mounting His hard cock reverse cowgirl. He smiled, His eyes watching Her plump rear as She worked Her pussy up and down His cock.

My God groaned as He slid His gaze over to watch my daughter at her feast. "I love it when you ride me, Mare!" The Goddess' auburn hair tossed as She looked back at Him. "Horny stallion!" The God smacked Her ass. "Naughty filly!" Her laugh was loud, rich, happy. I started pinching my nipples, putting on a show for my Gods. I was so aroused, so ready to explode; everything was combining inside me: my daughter's tongue sliding through my snatch, my God's blue eyes watching, my Goddess's breasts heaving as she rode him.

My eyes fell on Her freckled breasts, my mouth watering, wanting to suck Her dusky nipples as She bounced up and down my God's cock. I gasped as my daughter inserted her finger inside me. "Ohh, you delightful child!" I purred. "Stir my cauldron up! Mmm, make me cum!" "Working on it, Mom," Sakura answered, then her lips sucked my hard little bud between her lips as she fucked a second finger inside my cauldron, stirring my desires.

"Oh, yes! Oh, fucking yes!" I moaned. "Make your mother cum, slut!" my Goddess hissed. "I want to lick her cream off your face! You dirty little girl!" "Oh, Mare!" my God moaned. "Your pussy! Oh fuck! I'm going to explode in you!" "Do it!

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Flood my cunt, Mark!" My God grunted, pulling Her hips down so He was buried all the way into Her cunt. My Goddess's face twisted, rapture flooding Her features as They came together. Those perky breasts heaved magnificently and my cunt heaved with them, flooding the lips of my daughter with my juices as the ecstatic passion filled me.

I howled and screamed, my voice as an offering of love and worship to my Gods. My pleasure reached it's peak before bleeding away, leaving my body tingling in delight. "Wow, Mom." Sakura's face looked up at me from between my thighs, sticky with my passion. "Thank you," I told her, bending down to tenderly kiss her forehead. I saw my Goddess out of the corner of my eyes sitting on the couch, her legs spread, her divine pussy messy with holy cum.

"Go to her and clean her up." Sakura's eyes flickered over to my Goddess, and Sakura nodded as she stood. Sakura trembled as she approached our Goddess. Sakura gasped as our Goddess seized my daughter's hand, pulling her down and cupping her round face. "Shh, don't be afraid, Sakura." Then She kissed my daughter on the lips, tasting my passion. When She broke the kiss, our Goddess asked, "Have you ever been fucked in the ass?" "No, my Lady," Sakura answered, her voice so sweet.

"I thought for sure Silas would have plucked all her cherries," my God said. He sounded faintly disappointed in His son.


"He lacks your diligence," giggled my Goddess. "He's too easily distracted by Delilah and Andrea." Our God shook his head as He stared at my daughter. "Well, his mistake is my gain." "Oh, yes!" Our goddess purred, before she ordered, "Make me cum, slut!" Wordlessly, Sakura dropped to her knees and buried her face in our Goddess' snatch, eagerly licking the combined cum and pussy juices up, drinking the divine mix.

She writhed on my daughter's tongue, softly sighing as She enjoyed every last second of my daughter's skilled tongue. Our God stood before me, His cock half-hard, glistening with Her sacred pussy juices. "Get your daughter's ass ready for me," He commanded me. "Yes, my Lord," I purred, shuddering in excitement. I fell to my knees behind my daughter as she noisily ate our Goddess, and ran my hands across the smooth orbs of her butt. I lowered my lips, spread Sakura's cheeks open, and my tongue found her tight rosebud, tasting the sour flavor with relish.

I swirled my tongue around her sphincter, then wormed it past the tight ring and enjoyed her warm, dirty flesh. I felt my God's strong hands on my hips, then His cock nudging the lips of my cunt.

When He drove into me—burying every wonderful inch of His hard shaft into me—I moaned into my daughter's bowels. His strokes were hard, strong, stirring my poor cauldron vigorously.

I could tell He wanted to quickly finish in me; my cunt a mere appetizer to the feast of my daughter's ass. So I did everything I could to speed up His orgasm, rolling my hips and rhythmically clamping my cunt down on His cock. I kept rimming my daughter's ass, grunting and moaning my pleasure into her bowels as I treasured her taboo delights. My God's cock felt amazing inside me; I was close to cumming.

His cock stirred my cauldron, and I boiled over on His shaft, milking it as I spasmed. I always came so hard on His cock.


The pleasure assaulted my mind. I was so happy to share this moment with my daughter. "Fucking slut!" He grunted. "Milk my cock, whore!" My God slammed into the depths of my cunt.

I shuddered, as He flooded me. His hot seed prolonged my orgasm. New heights of pleasure burned into my mind. I collapsed to the floor in a ball of pleasure. As I panted on the floor, I watched as my God's cock, wet from my cunt, rubbed against Sakura's asshole. My Goddess moaned her passion, cumming on my daughter's lips, as my God rammed His cock into Sakura's bowels. "Fuck!" He groaned. "I love virgin ass! It's getting so hard to find!" Mary gave a throaty laugh. "Every day you fuck a new virgin, Mark!" His balls slapped at my daughters slit.

"One a day may not be enough." "Horny stallion." Her tone was fond; I bet they were gazing into each other's eyes, lost in Their love as they used my daughter for Their pleasure. "My naughty filly! I love you so much!" I struggled to my feet, my God's cum leaking out of my pussy. I reached down, scooped up an errant glob as it slid down my thigh, and sucked it into my lips.

I savored His cum as He pounded His cock into my daughter's ass while my Goddess had her black hair clutched in tight fingers, forcing Sakura's face into Her snatch.

"My heart and soul," She purred, and the two leaned across my daughter and kissed with passion. My daughter bucked between them, cumming like a good whore on His cock. Her tongue never once stopped pleasuring her Goddess. I smiled; Sakura knew her job was to always please them. Like me, her body belong to them. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" He moaned. "Your fucking ass is a vice! Goddamn, but I love your ass, slut!" "Oh, yes!

Oh, yes! She's making me cum again! Oh, Mark! This little whore has an amazing tongue!" My God buried His cock into my daughter's ass, His face squeezing tight and His cum must be pumping deep into Sakura's depths.

He drew back, slammed into her once more, then moaned and relaxed as His climax finished. His cock was dirty when He pulled out. I knew what to do, kneeling down and licking his cock clean of my daughter's sour ass. "She's a keeper," my God breathed. "Yes, she is!" my Goddess sighed. "Tomoyo, your daughter knows how to eat pussy." Tears beaded my eyes. I was so proud of my daughter. The bedroom door opened and my God's mortal mother walked out.

Sandy was naked, her mature body as beautiful as a sunset. Her cunt, a mess of dark brown hair sticky with cum. I stopped licking my God's cock as I watched Sakura kneel before Sandy.

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"If you want to be ours forever," my God said, "then drink from my mother's cunt and bind your soul to us." Sakura's tongue was pink as it scooped up a mix of cum and pussy juices. "Zimmah!" My daughter shuddered, her eyes going wide as the binding fell upon her. She looked up at our God, and gushed, "I'm yours forever!" Our Goddess walked over to Sakura, holding a silver choker.

"Forever," She told Sakura, stroking her cheek before placing the choker tight about Sakura's throat. It read: "Sakura.


Slave of Mark and Mary Glassner forever." It matched the one cinching my throat. I embraced my daughter, tears running hot down my cheeks. "Forever," I whispered.