Tinslee Reagan is horny and needs BBC

Tinslee Reagan is horny and needs BBC
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After last nights fun, today was going to be a slack day, Grant and Jim, had been making phone calls and getting as many guys as they knew together, Liz was also coming tonight, I looked forward to playing with her again, most of the day we spent resting ready for tonight. Jim rang and said one of the guys he contacted might have a surprise for us. Also Grant said Mark was able to come along tonight as well, and would be bringing some one too. Rick came around mid afternoon, and used our douche, cleaning himself out, we had already got prepared, and it didn't take long for Rick to eat my pussy and give me a good orgasm, as he did Grant slipped behind him and fucked his butt, before they turned me over and filled both my holes with cocks, Rick lay down and Grant slipped easily into my arse, his cock going fully home, both enjoyed my body for awhile, then Rick slipped out and pulled Grant around, slipping his cock deep in his arse, opening him up for the day, as I sucked Grant's cock.

It was then that Andy, Ricks dad came in, and stripped of, quickly joining in the fun with us. He popped his cock firmly up my arse to start with, then after awhile said lets dp Grant, as he and Rick pushed deep inside Grants butt, my pussy above Grants mouth keeping me happy.

After some 20 mintes or so, both guys let out a goan and flooded Grant's butt with hot cum, I went down and ate his hole licking away the free running juices.

Around 6 we all took a bit of time out to double check our internal preparations, and got dressed, I wore a see thought dress, and heels nothing else, the boys just shorts and shirts, knowing as soon as we got to Jim's we would be naked in seconds. Then drove to Jims place, taking Prince with us. As before we walked into his games room, and saw a few guys already there, all naked some sucking cock, others waiting for us. I let Prince out the back, and found a nice cock to suck; the boys also began playing.

I was taking a couple of guys when more walked in, Grant was slung up on the frame and a few guys enjoyed his body. Rick was laying in the sling taking a nice size cock. Things were warming up, I was soon taken by two guys, and dp'd, as another fucked my mouth, when they had finished, I was lifted and impaled on 2 cocks, both in my butt, it didn't take long, my butt was christened with cum, and my mouth was flooded with man juice too.

There seemed to be a steady stream of new guys turning up, some had been with us before, other I didn't know, all took turns, fucking and playing with us, then I saw one guy turn up, with a large dog, not sure what breed, but huge, Liz came in minutes later.


She was stripped and 2 cocks immediately filled her holes, as I worked my way over, she said hello, and kissed me deeply, I then made a beeline for the guy with the dog, and slipped his cock in my mouth, as his dog, began to sniff my pussy. The guy I was sucking (Les) said careful he (Jake the dog) likes pussy, with that I moved my hips up for him to lick me better.

"Oh my god", his tongue must have gone in a full 6 inches, as I hit a huge orgasm. It was then I took Jakes collar, and made my way over to the bench, I knew I would need some support with this one. kneeling up I got him behind me again, his tongue going straight back to my pussy, made me scream with another good orgasm. I saw Liz go and get Prince, and join me on the bench, watching her begin enjoying his canine attentions, as both dogs licked us, Liz had her first orgasm with Prince, then Jake, started to show signs of wanting more.

Les standing by me, said was I sure, I could take him, "of course", was the reply. I heard Les say "Jake" "Mount", my body was pinned by his front paws, his cock, hitting my butt, began to pock around, it didn't take long, the first few inches pushed in, lucky for me the cum lubed his cock, as he rammed more in, my mouth pushed firmly onto Les's cock, then more and more, "god he's huge", my cervix was opened up and now he was heading further in, my uterus now filling with cock, as he began to fuck me hard, but still I could not feel his knot hitting my butt.

Then I heard his owner, say he's nearly in, just a few more inches to go. My head spinning, as I went wild with one long orgasm, my pussy hurt as never before, I could feel his cock go deeper, I was sure his cock was now going into one of my fallopian tubes, I screamed but knew I was his bitch, until he finished what I had began. Liz looked on, concern on her face, she could see how big his cock was of course. Prince's cock was big, but this dog was massive, I felt a sharp pain, followed quickly by another orgasm, then blank.

I came too, with the dog still pounding my body, but now my pussy was screaming at me, the dog had slowed some, his movements more determined, as I got more feelings back, I knew he had knotted with me. And then the heat, I knew from my fun with Prince Jake was building up to his finnish, his cock pulsed, right from the base, all the way into my fallopian tubes, as he began to shot ream after ream of doggy cum deep insie my body, different kinds of pains filled my body, some good, some not so good, but my orgams kept coming, my mouth flooded with cum, I gurgled thought another couple of orgasms.

It was so intense, my body shook uncontrollably, his cock just kept going, looking under me, cum over flowing past his knot.

I screamed again with one huge orgasm, another cock filled my mouth with cum, as guys watched the show. I knew Liz was also enjoying Prince, but I was too busy to see.

Then Jake slowed, pulling back some, my pussy lips on fire, I orgasm again, as guys took turns fucking my mouth, then what seemed like a life time, his knot popped out, I saw Grant go down under me, and my pussy got a licking out. It was then I saw the dogs cock, bloody hell, it was massive to say the least, long and thick, around 12 inches or so, and about 3 inches across, no wonder I had trouble taking him all.

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but I had. Grant was still under me, I moved over his face, and pushed the doggy cum out; Grant coughed and spat, gallons of cum flowed from my pussy, over his face. Liz joined him, both eating what they could, kissing each other. Liz then brought a mouth full up to me, dropping it in my mouth, Jake's cum was sweeter than Princes, and we both took delight sharing it, as a cock filled my cum soaked pussy and fucked me.

I was guessing it was Grant, he loves to feel the heat, and stickiness of cum in my pussy, I saw Jim go down and eat Liz's pussy, eating Prince's cum from her, I swung her around joining him, we both licked cum flowing from her hole. As I took stock, my pussy was filled with Grants cum, then as he slipped out, others followed suite.

Fucking my pussy and butt raw. Grant asked how the new dog had felt like, fucking right up inside, with a smile, I said why not find out, he knew what I meant. By now both dogs were lying near us, cocks still showing, as Grant took his place on the bench, Les looked on as I pulled Jake towards Grant.

I'm sure he was going to say some thing, as I turned and said, "he can take it", and pushed Jake's nose at Grants cum filled butt. I gave Grant a huge sniff of his poppers to help his butt relax, As the dog's tongue began licking the cum away, Grant orgasm as I had done before, more cum run free, as Les then said "Jake Mount", Grant was pinned down, the dog's cock aimed at his butt, I held it, with one push it went in, Grant jumped, I looked on, as inch by inch went further in, Grant was going wild, orgasm after orgasm raced though him, as the knot grew close I knew Grant could take his 12 inch monster dildo, about the same size, but this cock was going fast, just a blur in his butt, as the knot hit home, then with both pushing hard it dissapeared right in, Grant let out a loud yell as it disappeared deep in his bowel, Les looked shocked, as Grant rode his dog, both working towards a huge finish.

It was so hot seeing the full size of the cock and the knot in Grants butt, I knew he would soon feel the heat of the cum deep inside him, Grant was pushing back so hard now.

Both began to show signs, the dog sped up more, then with a loud growl his body shook, Grant also let out a loud moan as both orgasm. The dog filling Grant with gallons of hot cum, as it thrust forward pushing Grant into the wall, I moved to watch the knot as it held tight, cum started to drip from Grants butt, then Liz slipped a finger in his but, causing more cum to run out. Jake then turned butt to butt with Grant causing a few noises between them, as the knot held firm. It took some time for the knot to loosen and slip out; as it did Liz and I both licked the flowing juices, and kissed, guys took turns fucking our butts as we did.

I looked over to see Rick with Princes cock buried in his butt, and his dad face fucking him, as other guys watched. All to soon, both Liz and I were taken and I was strapped in the frame, Liz was put in the sling, guys had fun fucking us in every hole, when I heard Rick yell as Prince cum in him, I saw the huge 12 inch dildo get picked up, then my arse was abused by a couple of guys as they had fun fucking me with it, Liz also had the large fist dildo in her pussy as a cock fucked her butt, guys taking turns going from me to her and back, as we took care of them all, I saw Grant being double fisted, both guys having fun stretching his hole open as much as they could, as we all enjoyed their attention.

Grank then got the two guys fisting him to lay down, both with arms held together, he sat above them and slid down, both fists disapearing into his cum soaked hole, as he rode them he took more and more, guys shot cum over his face while they jerked of watching.

Grant was also wanking his cock, one guy sucking on it as best he could, then a long white stream shot from his cock, over 2 guys faces as his orgasm hit home.


After having the guys use me in the frame, I told them to grab Jake again, I was on my back, as Jake walked up sniffing my pussy and began to show interest, I told Les to aim his cock at my arse, he did and with one big sniff of the poppers, I felt Jakes cock ram home, oh my god, I loved it, this big dog looming over me with his cock buried deep inside my butt.

I knew Jake would fuck me long and hard, his cock just a blurr, felt great, as I screamed from one orgasm to another. then with little warning, he rammed his knot in fully, my arse stretched beyoned belief. I was loving the feeling, my butt so full now, that I had one long orgasm, Jake was going flat out, ramming all the way in, after some 10 minutes he started to slow a bit then the heat built up and the cum flowed, I have had guys with long cocks fill my arse beforebut this was differnt, so much pressure from loads of hot cum, I went crazy, as Jake held tight.

I reckon some 15 minutes passed before he stopped cumming and his knot popped out, Andy was behind me now looking, his fist went right in, cum covering his fist and arm, as I saw his elbow close in to my butt cheeks, all the time I was held in the frame, not able to respond.

as guys used me more and more. It was then I said to Andy. let me out and find another fist, laying them together I sat over them, one fist in each hole, I worked myself deeper onto their arms.

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With a huge sniff of the poppers, both guys let out a sigh as I felt them go deep, looking down both were close to fully in to the elbow, my best yet. as I screamed out in bliss. It was then I went blank again for awhile, to weak to stay up. I sank deeper onto ther arms, as they held me up.

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I realised that two other guys were standing holding me, my legs had given out and I was held purely by the fists in my holes, but ater taking Jake it felt good. It was then I saw Mark walk in, his huge cock stiff ready for use, he headed straight for me, and easily slipped his cock in my pussy, saying how wet it was, I laughed and said "so it should be", as he built up speed, then with no warning, his cock went deep in my butt, I think he just slipped in, with out trying, but seeing it fully home, he continued to pound away, I asked him if he had brought his friend, he smiled and said yes, did I want to meet him, 'Of course, I said, and with that, he called his friend over, a nice dark skinned cock, shot into my mouth, as he introduced himself as James, I took him in as far as I could, as Mark continued to pound my arse, then I asked James if he wanted to join Mark in my butt too, he looked shocked, but Mark said trust me she can take us both, I worked him under me, slipping his cock fully home in my butt, then Mark pushed his back in, as both began to work up speed.

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I enjoyed thier cocks for some time, both liking the feeling of flesh on flesh, as james began to squirm under me, I knew his juices were on the move, then with one hard push his cock erupted fully inside, as Mark kept fucking away.

I moved Mark off for awhile going down sucking James cock dry, he again was a bit shocked but loved it. Mark took up fucking both my holes. I then got Jim to take over from James and fuck my butt whie Mark carried on, for some time we all enjoyed the ride. then both Jim and Mark, let loose, setting one another off, my arse was once more filled with hot juices. Jim popped up and ate thier cum from me, then slid his fist in, sending me over the top once more, James gasped seeing my butt take Jim's fist so easy, I said " you should have been here before when I rode 2 fists"his eyes nearly popped out, Mark took Jame's arm and eased it in my butt as Jim moved out, the sounds he made were priceless, as his hand went further in, then I shot another orgasm out, squirting cum past his fist onto his body, the other guys laughed as James, pushed in further still, watching cum run free.

Just to show him I lay him down, grabbed Mark and pushed both back in James taking my butt, as I rode them hard. I let them rest as my orgasms subsided, then pulled up, both guys gasped as I let them loose and licked the cum of their arms.

I heard Liz ask if Jake was ready again, and she went over to the bench, I watched as the dog licked her pussy, then jump up, and heard her scream a bit as his cock went in, followed by a huge orgasm, then with every trust more of that lovely cock went in deeper, it was then I realized he was fucking her arse, and just about all in too, this dog was good to watch, Prince was sniffing around again, so I took him next to Liz, Prince soon took his place between my legs his cock slipped easily into my butt, as we both began to enjoy plenty of doggy orgasms.

Grant and Rick kept as many guys busy as they could, while Liz and I enjoyed the dogs, but all to often guys would shot cum in our mouths or over our faces.

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Before to soon, I felt Prince's knot go in, and his pace change, I guessed from the scream that Liz had made earlier, the other dog had knotted in her arse also, I was hoping that he had one more fuck in him tonightas my butt would also like to feel his knot again.

Prince was going well, but slowing, his knot once more buried in my butt, meant he would soon be enjoying his 4th or 5th cum tonight, I held him tight as he started to cum, guys also standing near me moved my face to suck thier depleted cocks, most were dry, but turned on seeing us in action. Prince let loose, his cock rammed his hot juices up inside me as deep as he could, by now my body was sore from the dogs paws, but my orgasm still flowed.

turning back to back Prince moved of dragging me with him, then because my arse was so well used his knot popped out, fooding the floor with his cum, I was content now to lay and watch the guys. Mark and James were now dp ing Grants butt, as they worked him hard, it was great to see the diffent colours ripping him a new hole, as they fucked harder and harder, Grant was in bliss, as more orgasms raced though him.

I went over and straddled his face, and with one good push covered his face in doggy cum, James pulled back a bit but soon went down and tasted the juices rolling over Grants face as I again shot another load, this time aimed right at James, he took to my butt and licked me clean.


As things began to slow, Andy was still fucking his son, and fisting him too, and watching others use his holes, I think these two will be having plenty of fun in the future togther, as Rick continued to orgasm. I went over and while Rick ate Andy's cock I fisted his butt, causing yet another orgasm, as Andy flooded his mouth for the last time tonight. Well all good things come to an end, as guy after guy left, Mark and James gave me one last quick fuck, saying they wanted to meet again real soon.

James said he wanted to stay a bit longer as Mark left. As Les was leaving he said next time we might want to have some fun at his place, I said that I would love to and looked forward to be fucked by Jack again, Les gave me a sly smile and said, if you reckon Jakes good and has a big cock, wait till you get fucked by Patch, I said "if he's as good a dog as Jack it would be fun", Les again smiled and said " you said it was a dog" its pony, and he's got a mate too, a full size horse, if your game.

After I picked my jaw up of the ground, I said "well who knows, I'm game for most things, " can we meet this weekend" ? of course he said. with a kiss he left.

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Andy and Rick said good night, so with a sigh, the night was over, but when Jim said "did we want to stay seeing as it was nearly 3 am", we said "yes please". Pulling some sheets and pillows from a cupboard, we lay resting, talking about tonights fun. Jim said any time we want to come back just call.

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As we fell of to sleep, my mouth was proped open with a soft cock.James smiled saying how nice it felt in there.I woke to feel my legs up high, and some one using my pussy, eyeing James as his cock went in deep, dry cum making his enter a bit harder than last night, but soon he started to fuck me hard, as other guys woke, Grant now slipping his cock in my mouth as Jim moved behind him, waking his butt up for the day, We played for a few hours, all tired, from last night, but horny too, after they had all cum, I called Prince in, for one last fuck, he didnt need any prompting, his nose in my pussy and soon humping me hard, I am going to miss him, as his knot went in, my orgasms hit home hard, He knotted and once more filled me with his hot cum, before resting on my back.As he pulled out Grant went down and ate his cum, with Jim and James helping, all three happy to make me cum again, Grant brought me a mouth full of Prince's to share as we kissed good morning.

But soon it was time for us to leave and pick our friends up, cleaning up, we said our good byes, saying we will meet soon, James more than happy to drive to us too, as we took Prince home we all had a sad feeling, but also happy that the last 2 weeks worked ot so well,