Geile nackte feuchte frauen

Geile nackte feuchte frauen
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She Loved this!!! This is a true story and I have been wondering how I would go about writing it. You see my wife is 5'2", petite, small breasts with nipples that are incredibly sensitive and she is in great shape. She has a beautiful shaved pussy that is really tight and legs that everyone says are great looking. I guess I should mention she loves sex and her name is Beth also she is 50.

Now, we have had a few threesomes with other guys and Beth loves the feeling of two guys playing with her, bringing her to orgasms and fucking her. The first time we did a threesome she was afraid of how I might react or she might not like it but as it happened I loved watching her get have orgasms and get fucked by another guy. Beth on the other hand loved having another guys fuck her so each time I arranged another threesome she was ready and willing. I had been telling her I would try and arrange a threesome with a young guy preferably around the age of 19 or 20.

Each time I brought this up she really got turned on. I finally connected with this really good looking 19 year old and when he saw some pictures of Beth he really wanted to fuck her. While arranging a time for him (Brad) to come over I mentioned that if this worked out maybe he could help with one of her fantasies of having a threesome with two young guys while I shot video of it.

Brad and I had been connecting through email and of course prior to his coming over I wanted a meet to make sure he was who he said he was and go over some rules, etc. Things like no anal or pain, how she will have orgasms when her nipples, clit and pussy are played with or sucked, but most of all she likes to be fucked slowly. We had arranged to meet at a small restaurant and I was early so I was a little surprised when he came in with another guy. Brad came over to the table, introduced himself and his buddy Mike (also 19) to me then sat down.

Mike said that since I had mentioned about Beth's fantasy of two young guys he thought he would bring Mike along for me to meet. Mike turned out to be a really good looking guy and I knew Beth would be thrilled with Brad, Mike or both of them.

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Well we went over rules, likes, dislikes and plans then arranged for both of them to come over the next night. When I got home I told Beth I had arranged a threesome for the next night around 7 so she could spend time getting ready and decide what to wear. Her reaction was a smile and that she was looking forward to it and I later learned she thought I had one guy coming over so we could have a threesome. Beth had spend a great deal of time getting ready and when she came out and sat on the couch in the middle (because she expected me on one side and the guy on the other side of her) she was dressed in a sexy silk robe and did she ever look great.

When the doorbell rang I went and let the guys in. We spent a couple minutes where I told them to just sit on either side of her and after some small talk, etc. to just go ahead.


When we came in the room I introduced Beth to Brad and Mike then explained they were both 19 and were here to have a threesome with her while I taped it. She just kept looking back and forth to each of them and then she had a great smile on her face.

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I said guys have a seat and give Beth a few minutes to get to know you a little so they sat down one on each side of her. I sat down across from them, took the camera, hit record and let it sit on my knee. Beth, Brad and Mike were making small talk when I noticed Brad making the first move. His hand went to her knee and was rubbing her leg, slowly making his way up her thigh. Mike wasn't far behind; his hand was rubbing her neck and hair when Brad moved his hand up under her robe and close to her pussy.

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Mike then leaned over and began to kiss her neck and ear while his hand moved across her chest and inside her robe to feel her nipples. Brad also moved in kissing her neck and ears then to her lips for some hot kissing with their tongues then mike was there too. Beth kissed one then the other then back again visibly getting turned on because Brad had his fingers playing with her pussy and clit while Mike worked on her nipples.

They worked her robe open so we could all see her naked body underneath. Both guys moved their mouths down to her chest and both started sucking on a nipple while Mikes hand went down between her legs to help Brad play with her pussy.

Within seconds Beth had her first of what would be many orgasms of the night. Each of Beth's hands was rubbing the crotch of the guys when she said I want to feel those hard cocks you have in your pants. Both guys stood up in front of her and slowly took off their shirts then pulled their pants down and removed them.

Beth took a cock in each hand and started to rub them; she leaned forward and took turns licking each one while fondling them. I had moved around to the side so I could get better shots of what was happening. Beth then worked between the two taking first the head of their cocks in her mouth then deeper on each cock. Soon she was sucking one cock then another each time getting them deeper into her mouth.

After several minutes of taking turns sucking each cock Beth seemed to be concentrating more on Mikes cock. She stopped for a moment and said to them "I want to have each of you cum in my mouth so I can taste it" then she went back to Mike's cock. Brad took this as his cue to move Beth so she was lying on the couch with one foot on the floor.

While she was being rearranged she had to give up Mike's cock for a few seconds, but she didn't let go of it. As soon as she was lying down, she pulled Mike's cock into her mouth and Brad moved in between her legs and began to lick her clit and play with her pussy. It seemed like only seconds before she was having an orgasm. When this happened she deep throated Mike and sucked even harder. He started saying"Oh my God, oh my God, I'm cumming" and he started to cum while Beth sucked and swallowed his cum.

Brad was not letting up on her clit. He kept licking her clit and had his finger up her pussy making her cum even harder. When Mike could take no more of her sucking his spent cock he pulled out of her mouth and she said "I can't stop cumming, oh God it feels so good!" Beth reached down to Brads head and pulled saying "I need your fucking cock in my mouth, I want to taste your cum." Brad moved from between her legs and brought his rock hard cock to Beth's mouth and she took it deep and started to suck on it.

Mike had moved down between her legs to take over from Brad. He was positioned so while he was licking her clit and fingering her pussy she could play with his cock.

I was shooting everything and that was not easy as I had a raging hard on in my pants that I could not release and there was no way I was going to stop at this point. Beth had one hand on Brads cock as he was slowly fucking her mouth, her other hand wa on Mikes cock as he was licking and fucking her pussy with his fingers. I figured as much but she told me later while watching what I recorded that she could not stop cumming. Beth's playing with Mike's cock got him rock hard again and he got up and moved around between her legs.


As Beth was sucking on Brads cock, Mike moved his cock up to her pussy lips and slowly pushed his cock deep inside her. He then began to fuck her slowly and I concentrated in getting shots o his cock slowly going in and out of Beth's pussy.

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Mike was saying "God are you ever tight, your pussy is fucking incredible." I had to move the camera up to Brad's cock in Beth's mouth when he said "I'm cumming, fuck am I ever going to cum" Beth's moaning while sucking was making Brad cum and when he did cum she sucked and swallowed every drop of his cum." When Brad finally pulled out of her mouth he kept it close enough that she could lick his cock while she held onto it. While Brad was having his cock and balls licked and fondled by Beth he watched his buddy slowly fuck her.

It wasn't long before Mike was saying "your pussy is so incredible I'm going to cum again". Beth said "Cum in me baby I want to feel you cum in me, God you are so hard, fuck me I can't stop cumming!" With that Mike started to cum inside Beth. When Mike could take no more he pulled out of Beth's pussy and since Brad was hard he took Mike place and started to fuck Beth. Like Mike Brad was fucking her slowly, sliding his cock in and out while saying "Oh fuck are you tight, it feels so fucking good!" Beth said "I can't stop cumming, you're so hard, fuck me, don't stop, cum in me, I need your cum in me!" While Brad was fucking Beth Mike leaned over and began sucking her nipples then kissing her mouth then back to her nipples.

Beth exploded in a massive orgasm just as Brad started to cum in her. I got great shot of cum and juices dripping out of Beth's pussy around Brad's cock.

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Exhausted Brad pulled out of Beth's pussy and rolled over to one side of her, while Mike sat on the floor next to her. After a few minutes Beth surprised even me when she said "Next time you guys have got to bring two other guys with you so I can so I can fuck and suck more cocks (they did and she did).

I want to be filled up with cum! Right now I want to take you two up to the bedroom where I can suck both of you and get you hard again so I can sit on your cocks." We all took about half an hour to rest up and during that time the guys had repositioned themselves to sit on each side of Beth.

While they had something to drink and made small talk mainly about how great Beth was, how her pussy is so tight, etc.

etc. Beth was fondling one cock or the other. She would occasionally lean over and take a cock in her mouth and later told me she was just seeing when they were getting hard again. As good as she is to her word she finally stood up, took hold of each cock and said "come with me." Beth then led them to the bedroom and had them lie next to each other on the bed. She stood there for a moment then leaned down and started sucking on Brad's cock.

She did not suck for long as she got up, moved over Brad and sat down on his cock.


As she was still wet and her pussy was still drenched in Brad and Mikes cum his cock slid right in. She must have been really turned on because after only sliding up and down on his cock several times and rocking back and forth she had an orgasm.

She was soon back in what she calls "orgasmic heaven" which is when she starts an orgasm that just continues. While she was fucking Brad and he played with her nipples Mike watched for a bit then stood up and had her take his cock in her mouth.

I lost track of time and until we watched the tape back we did not realize she fucked Mike for over 10 minutes until he finally came again. Mike had lay back down by this time and watched the show so as soon as Brad was getting soft Beth got off him, straddled Mike and sat down on his cock. She later said that once the orgasms started while fucking Brad they never stopped until it built to a huge orgasm that exploded just as Mike was cumming in her.

Beth had been fucking the two of them for over 20 minutes and was having an orgasm through most of it so when she finally got off Mike and laid between them she was exhausted and so were they. I shut off the camera and the lights then left the three of them lying naked next to each other in the bed to rest.

They ended up falling asleep together so I ended up in the guest room to sleep. I was woken up several times during the night to the sounds of their fucking and each time I would roll over and go back to sleep knowing Beth was enjoying her threesome with these two young guys.

The next morning I awoke to her sitting on my cock fucking me. Beth said the boys had to leave and before she got rid of their cum in her she wanted my cock in her so I could feel all that cum.

After we both had an orgasm she got down and licked me clean telling me that Mike and Brad would be back for more just as soon as they could.