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Schön Amateur Fick
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Hey everyone. Well, I was out at a club, kind of out of the way and away from the city. I had a few drinks and began really feeling horny. My pussy was absolutley throbbing and I knew that I would have to have relief soon or I would go nuts. I danced with a couple guys but they just were not interested no matter how much I hinted to them of my needs. Finally a woman, a little buxom and long red hair came up and asked me to dance.

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I said, "Hell yes." and soon we were on the dance floor, my body pulsating with the rythum of the music. She was watching every move I made and little by little my blouse was coming unbuttoned. I reached behind me and undid my bra and pulled it off tossing it to the table I was sitting at. My blouse was now almost unbuttoned all the way and my breasts swayed as I danced. MY nipples were hard and my pussy was soaking wet. All I could see was this woman's eyes burning with the same lust that I felt.

A slow dance came on and she stood there holding her hand out and soon I stepped into her arms, our bodies pressed together and her breasts against my chin.

She was taller than I was. I caught the scent of her perfume and felt dizzy and her blouse was low and so I kissed her chest above the blouse.

She moved and undid her blouse to give me free access to her lovely breasts that were tanned and her nipples hard and erect. I had first one nipple then the other in my mouth and was sucking and licking her. We kissed deeply and I saw hat we were the only ones on the dance floor and the music had changed and was really slow.

I felt myself being lifted and carried to a long couch and laid down. I watched as the woman undressed and then hands were taking what was left of my clothes off. She turned around and lowered her hips over my face and I began licking the sweetest pussy I had had up till that time. She was between my legs too eating me to heights I had not been to in a while. I soaked her face with my first orgasm and she moaned and licked me more then her pussy exploded and my face was soaked as well as my hair.

I was reaching another orgasm when something was shoved into my ass, hard and thick and long. I managed to turn my head enough and a guy had his cock in my ass as the woman ate my pussy more. I let out a growl like the animal I felt like and he began pounding hard into me. Another orgasm shook my body making my hips buck wildly.

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"Okay guys, I think she is ready." the woman said and got off of me. Quickly a man pushed into my pussy and after I had been moved so that a man was in my ass and pussy. It did not take long and I was filled with cum and then two more cocks in me.

One was given to me to suck and I was starving and fed so that I sucked him off in seconds and another replaced the first. Hands were treating my tits like grab bags and slapping them too. My nipples were biten and pulled and clamped at one time. As I was getting close to another orgasm someone began biting my nipples, two mouths one on each nipple.

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The orgasm built and then they really began biting hard until the pain mixed with the orgasm and made it better than before. My nipples were bleeding and I was going crazy begging for more sex. "Out back everyone." someone said and I was lifted and carried to a building that smelled like a barn and in fact was a stable.

"She will get the hell fucked out of her now" someone laughed and I saw 4 horses tied in stalls. A sort of bed was there and I was laid on it and strapped down. On my back my legs spread I was pushed under one and a woman was playing with the horse cock getting it excited.

They moved me and then the sort of bed was jacked up till it had me against the belly of the animal son to be my lover.

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I was taken away by the scent in the stable and the scent of my new lover. His cock was at the entrance to my pussy and then he moved and humped and pushed into my pussy giving me an instant orgasm and I cried out in pleasure. He was moving in and out now and my pussy was filled with the wonderful horse cock until he exploded and his cum gushed into and out of me.

The woman moved him away and I was soon under another and he was guided into my aching pussy and filled me up with cock. My hands were fre ed and I embressed the animal as best I could while he humped into my pussy and I moaned and begged him to fuck me harder.

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He filled me and again I was moved to another and soon he was mating his strange mare that was under him. He filled me and seemed to never stop cumming.


I was again secured to the cart or bed and moved into another stall. This time on my belly and the horse was moved behind me and guided into my ass by another woman and he pushed and my ass gave way and felt like it caved in.


The animal felt my tight ass around his throbbing cock and soon his pumping started to fill my ass. I was turned over again and secured and was laying on my back spread out. I was back under a horse and his cock was being played by the red head but not near my pussy.

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It was aimmed at my chest and neck and face. Then a stream came from his cock as his piss soaked me all over.


The woman aimed it at my hips and stomach and the chest and then my face as one held my mouth open and the piss went down my throat. A hand was in my pussy and I had several orgasms as I was being humiliated. I laid there while men and women stood around and I could not understand what they said except they laughed some pointing at me. Men lined up to fuck my gaping pussy and ass and I do not know how many or how long but I was being fucked even if I was asleep since I had passed out at least once.

I was turned over and used as a common whore, which I guess I was at the time. Over and over I felt cocks in me filling my sloppy pussy and ass and my throat was used too by men that needed to fuck something. Somehow I slept and was in a bed as I woke and the red headed woman laid next to my covered in cum and piss like I was.

She kissed me and said, "Shower?" and I said yes and stumbled to it my legs almost folding under me. She helped me and I felt the soreness move away as she massagged my body all over.

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We ate some breakfast in the bar and ten she helped me out and I left. Just making it home I collapsed into bed and slept for almost two days. Still sore I had to get up and go to work and so, I did.

Later on everyone, love sue