Blonde vs Black Guy Maledom Interracial Mixed Wrestling

Blonde vs Black Guy Maledom Interracial Mixed Wrestling
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As luck would have it with in a few weeks after I had slept with Piyush I had another encounter, no nonsense sexual fling with a traveling young man from England named Mark. I was roaming with my friends in sector 17 in Chandigarh and after having spent some time and doing some basic shopping was leaving for my home. Reached the parking lot and pulled out on my kinetic I saw this gora guy trying to seek directions from a rickshaw guy. Seeing me coming he waved and asked for the directions of Rose Garden in sector 16.

Rose garden is bang opposite to sector 17. I gave him the directions but I saw a puzzled look on his face. I thought may be he did not understand what I said, so I asked him whether he knew where he had to go. He said he was finding it tough to negotiate with the rickshaw guy because of the language barrier. I do not know what got into me and I asked the guy that should I drop him up to Rose garden.


He was more than happy and he hopped on my kinetic on the pillion seat. We reached Rose garden in no time and I dropped him at one of the entrances nearest to sector 17.

When he got down, he introduced himself as Mark and we started talking a little about where he was from etc. He told me he was from England and was traveling for sometime through India and South East Asia after having taken a break from his work in some suburb near London.

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We chatted up for sometime and I kind of liked the guy instantaneously. He was a tall guy around 5 feet 10 inches, slim, looked like he was into work out or some serious sports activity. We talked for almost half an hour and hit off quite well. During our chat I got to know that he was staying at a hotel in sector 10 and would explore Chandigarh for some more time before heading to Dharamshala and Manali.

It was nice talking to Mark and in my mind I started looking towards him for some sexual fun. During the course of discussion I asked him about his plans to explore Chandigarh, what he had seen and what he was planning to see. On his behest I suggested that he should visit Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake at least. These are the must see places along with rose garden where we were currently.

Soon after I decided to leave him and bid him good bye, at that moment he innocuously asked me if I could show him around Rock garden and Sukhna Lake tomorrow. What could I have asked for more? I gave him a conditional yes that I would be able to take him around only till lunch as after that I would need to head back home. He readily agreed and I told him that I will pick him up from outside his hotel at around 8.30 the next morning.

While going back home I knew I had a decent deal in place, all I had to do was act naïve and may be by the end of day tomorrow I could have a guy give me some sexual pleasure. The next day I left home as usual to attend my classes at the university campus but instead I headed to pick up Mark from his hotel.

I intentionally did not dress in excess so that I should not give out any wrong signals and therefore wore a usual pair of jeans and a round neck sweat shirt, which kind of kept my well developed boobs a little under cover. As soon as I reached the outside of the hotel, I saw Mark coming out of the lobby area and was headed towards the gate.

He greeted me warmly and thanked me for sparing time for taking him around town. Soon we headed towards Rock garden. He spent a lot of time clicking snaps on his digital camera. While roaming around we talked about multiple things, culture, life aboard and in India and miscellaneous differences in our way of living and thinking vis-à-vis the west After we were through with Rock garden we headed to Sukhna Lake.

But it got slightly warm and uncomfortable to stay out we decided to have early lunch. We headed to his hotel and went to the coffee shop for some coffee and snacks. While having coffee he showed me the snaps which he had taken. He also talked about his travels in South East Asia and the photographs which he had clicked there.

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But a lot of pictures were in his laptop in his hotel room. He invited me to his room and we went there after finishing our coffee.

In his room I went through the pictures which he had taken in Thailand, Bali and Philippines. While going through the snaps he narrated me some stories about the cultures of these places and how these places are somewhat similar to India. We spent around 1 hour chatting on lots of things and had a good time. All this while I was in his room my mind was racing to bed Mark, but he was behaving in a very appropriate manner and not giving me any chance to take the things to the next level.

I put on my sandals and told Mark that I am leaving for home now and bid him good bye. He got up and thanked me holding both my hands and pulled me into a hug. While we hugged I could feel his hands rub my mid back, the hug was a tight one and I could feel my boobs pressing into his chest and tummy and his slightly hard dick press into my tummy.

Pulling myself out of the hug I looked up into his eyes and I saw him gazing at my boobs. Only while hugging me I guessed he had realized that I had big assets. I saw his grin and tried to pull away mockingly. He pulled me back into an embrace and started rubbing my ass and back.

I could feel his meat rod swelling and by the feel I could tell that Mark had a tool which was the thickest of all the men I had taken inside me.

Our embrace lasted a lot of time, during which Mark had succeeded in getting his hands inside my sweat shirt and was rubbing my bare back. He had aroused me and I was melting into his arms for a long sexy fun filled fuck session. He let go of me from the hug and turned and hugged from behind this time. Now I could feel his hands roughing up my full grown melons over the sweat shirt.

I could also feel his thick big dick buried in my ass. He slid his hands inside my sweatshirt and squeezed my tits over the bra. While I was enjoying Mark's playing with my tits with his hands, I also loved the way he was grinding his cock in my ass.

I closed my eyes and was feeling the warmth of Mark's body. He turned me around again and placed his lips on my pink luscious lips and started kissing me slowly.

We kissed each other for slowly for some time and soon our tongues were buried inside each other other's mouth. I started to the feel the length of his dick and tried to size him up by moving my hand over his crotch.

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He did not disappoint me. His tool was almost 9 inches long and as thick as a can of beer. We continued kissing and as expected he lifted my sweat shirt over my head. I was standing in my bra, with my size 34 melons in front of a foreigner who was about to have his first Indian fuck.

Mark gazed at my bra covered tits for sometime but could not resist the temptation of fondling the bare breasts of a sexy busty Indian girl. He came forward and unhooked my bra, clutched it in his hands and threw it on the bed.

My tits were standing in full glory. He started rubbing my breasts. I could see lust in his eyes when he was squeezing my round melons and erect pink nipples.

He bent over to roll his tongue all over my melons. Slowly he pushed me on the bed and started massaging, licking, sucking and biting my nipples and boobs. He was sucking one tit and rubbing the other one with his free hand. Our foreplay continued for almost 15-20 minutes, during which we had stripped each other of our clothing. I could not wait any longer to have his thick meat rod inside my cunt He asked me whether I had sex before to which I said yes.

The intense foreplay and the thought of getting my self fucked again made my pussy juices flow. Mark withdrew from the foreplay and had rolled a condom on his big dick. He came over me and I spread my legs for him to place his dick head on the entrance of my cunt.

I could feel my cunt head opening as he started pushing his thick cock inside my pussy. With some slow movements of his hips he inserted the tip of his tool inside my pussy.

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Every inch of his tool was stretching my cunt the way it was not stretched. His meat was definitely thicker than Joseph and Manjeet. With in few seconds his cock was settled inside my twat. Slowly he started pumping the entire length of his cock inside my pussy.


Our rhythm was erratic At first as we were trying to adjust to each other's pace but after 2-3 minutes our bodies started moving in a steady rhythm and we were matching each other stroke by stroke. I loved his strokes and my soft erotic moans were audible in the room. Mark fucked me in missionary position for around 5-7 minutes. Then he turned me over and asked me to go on my knees. He inserted his dick doggie style in my cunt. This was the first time I was doing doggie and I really liked it.

He kept pumping me for some 3-4 minutes and all the while I could feel his hands roughing up my ass. I was amazed by his stamina. I had already cummed once but mark was still going on. He pulled me out of doggie and asked me to ride his cock. He lied down on his back and I climbed over.

Even before I could realize, his meat was again inside me and he was making me ride him. Riding a man was totally new for me but I could feel his cock buried inside my pussy. After around 1- 2 minutes of ride he got me down and spread my legs to give me rigorous fuck my standing in between my legs. I lied on my back and he pulled me to the edge of the bed. His dick was again inside me and was moving inside and outside my pussy like a piston.

I asked him whether he was about to climax. He was building momentum and kept thrusting my pussy with his huge dick.


I slowed him down and asked him to cum on tummy instead of wasting his load inside the condom. My words gave him an idea and he climbed over my tummy and removed the condom. I had never heard thought that a guy could also tit fuck a girl. He held my tits together and started rubbing his dick in the valley created between the tits.

I could his face contorting and feel squirts on warm semen falling on my tits and few spurts falling on my face.

He kept jerking his semen and covered my big tits with his white fluid. This was one of the best fucks I ever had. We stayed in the hotel for some time cuddling each other my wet pussy juices had smeared the bed sheet.

Boy I was satisfied like anything. After some time I went home. For feedback write to me