Fucking rich girl at home

Fucking rich girl at home
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She showed up at four o'clock dressed in a pale yellow halter top that emphasized her breasts and matching shorts that highlighted her well formed thighs and calves. I could smell her light perfume as I kissed her.

She returned the kiss with enthusiasm. I said, "Let's walk along the beach." We walked hand in hand on the boardwalk that bordered the beach. We kissed and hugged every couple hundred feet or so. The beach was crowded with a lot of activity, but for the most part we ignored everything as we talked. Two hours later we found ourselves back at the small Italian restaurant where we ate the first night I arrived.

The meal was probably great, but I don't remember much of it. What I do remember is Paula smiling and laughing and touching me. I paid the bill and said, "Let's go back to the beach and watch the sunset." Paula pulled my arm and as I faced her she answered, "Let's miss the sunset and go back to your room." I looked at her and could tell she was nervous.

"Honey, things are moving so fast for us; I just want to know you are sure." Her face had a determined look as she stared at me. She said quietly, "I want you to be the first.

Maybe you will fall in love with me, maybe not. But you are my best friend right now and I want you." "We've only been together a couple of days." "No Joe. We've been talking to each other for almost a year through our letters. I've told you things about me that no one else knows, and I think you'd say the same thing about your letters.

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We're not strangers; we're best friends and even more." She stared at me—tears started to swell in her eyes—and I said, "Paula, you're my best friend and I think you know by now that the only reason I came to California was to see you. I'll do whatever you want, but I don't want to hurt you." "You know what I want Joe." I nodded and took her hand as we walked back to my motel.

I was nervous and excited. There wasn't much else to say; we were mostly quiet during the walk back. Each kiss on the walk back seemed more sensual and several times she took my hand to caress her face and then guided it down so it lightly grazed her nipple. We faced each other in the motel room. One desk light was on giving a muted brightness to the room. Paula smiled timidly at me and said, "I told Gran I wouldn't be home tonight; I'm staying with you." "I'm not very experienced at this Paula." She giggled nervously, "You know I'm not either, but I don't care.

I just want you to be my first. "Maybe it will help both of us if we take off some clothes?" She took one step and hugged me. I could feel her soft hair and smell her perfume.

My fingers went to her halter and freed it quickly followed by her bra. She stepped back and they both fell to the floor.


She stood proudly before me with her hands on my shoulders. She sighed as I captured each breast with my hands and gently fondled them. My thumb teased her nipples and they immediately became hard. She stared at me and ordered, "Take off your shirt Joe." I pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it.

Paula came back into my arms; I could feel her naked stomach and her breasts pushing into my chest. I reached behind her and my hands pressed into her back and pulled her into me harder. The touching of our naked bodies against each other was more sensual than I ever imagined.

I kissed her hard and she responded with an open mouth. We stood there hugging and kissing for many minutes until finally I took her arm and pulled her onto the bed. We lay on our sides facing each other. Her face was flush and I could see tiny beads of sweat on her forehead. I whispered, "I never thought anything could feel this good. I love the smoothness of your skin, your soft hair, and your fragrance." She smiled at my compliment and said, "I think it's time for you to see all of me." I quickly unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them off.

She lifted her hips to help me. I gazed at her small panties that were wet with moisture and reached for the elastic. She again lifted her hips and now was now naked lying on her back with her legs slightly spread apart. Her hairs were trimmed neatly and I could see beads of moisture clinging to them. I quickly pulled off my pants and shorts and pulled her to me as we kissed again.

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My mouth left hers and went to her breasts kissing and sucking her nipples. She gasped and then groaned in pleasure at my teasing. My fingers went to her vagina and felt her wet hairs and then slowly I traced her wet slit.

I knew I should be doing more things with her body to make it ready for me, but I was so aroused by this woman it was difficult to want anything but be in her. My shyness and inexperience was saved when she gasped, "Don't wait; I want you in me now." Without saying a word I knelt between her legs and lifted them with my arms as I searched for her opening.

I penetrated her until I reached an obstruction and then withdrew and entered her again. After several more times Paula was pleading with me. I pushed hard and I was all the way in her as she gasped. "Should I stop?" I asked. "It's not bad Joe. Just make love to me." I felt the wetness of her warm vagina and slowly started to push into her and then pull almost completely out.

Our bodies began to move together as we sought release. I wanted Paula to come before me, but felt my resolve weakening as I became more and more aroused.

"I'm almost there," she gasped. Her back suddenly arched into me and she began to convulse violently.


Instantly, I came shooting into her repeatedly as I tried to bury myself even deeper. Even when I was emptied I continued to push into her not wanting this moment to end. We were finally still and I pulled out of her and faced her on my side. "It will be better next time," I said. "I wanted it to be." She touched my lips with her fingers.

Her eyes were moist and I saw a tear run down her cheek. "Let me talk Joe. "Ever since I met you a year ago I knew you were special for me.

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Many of my girlfriends lost their virginity in high school, and most said it wasn't as good as they had dreamed. I wanted you. Tonight was special. We're going to make love better with practice, but that doesn't matter.

What matters is that my best friend and now lover made me a woman and in my heart it was perfect.it was the fulfillment of my dream.

I will never forget tonight." She pulled me to her and we hugged each other. There was nothing else to say. Later that night we took a shower together. We teased each other's body without mercy.

Her cute butt that I had been lusting for since I first met her lived up to all expectations. Back on the bed I spread her legs and explored her vagina with my tongue until she was screaming with sexual pleasure begging for release.

After she came she tried to take me into her mouth, but was surprised when I came and pulled out as I spurted onto her chest and face. She giggled in surprise. We showered again and fell asleep in each other's arms.


We made love one more time that night; it was a quieter, gentler sex, but special in its own way. I woke up before Paula the next morning and quietly slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom. I came back into the bedroom and sat on the chair watching Paula and thinking. She was lying on her side facing me.

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The bed sheet was down to her stomach exposing her breasts. I looked at her peaceful face as she slept. For thirty minutes I looked at this woman and thought about what I should do now. I had gone through four years of high school and three years of college and had never come close to my feelings for Paula with any other woman.

We were both young, but how could I ever let her go? The sun streaming through the window finally woke her up. She slowly opened her eyes and saw me looking at her.

I said, "Hi sleepyhead." She grinned at me and said, "Hi yourself." As she got out of bed and went into the bathroom, I wondered if she would be embarrassed to be naked in front of me now that the passion of sex was over for the moment. I watched the door of the bathroom open and she walked out. She stopped in front of me, making no attempt to hide her nakedness. She smiled and said, "You own my body now Joe.

I hope it will always give you the pleasure that we had last night." I reached for her again. Later we cuddled with her face resting on my chest. "I have a plan," I said. "Do you want to hear it?" She giggled and kissed me. "Of course I want to hear it, but I think you should tell me your plan over breakfast. With your body next to mine, I'd agree to do anything and everything." Finally we got dressed and started to walk to a local breakfast café.

As we walked I noticed Paula was walking a little funny. I teased, "You're not a little sore, are you? If so, I guess that's the end of our fun for the rest of my visit." She grinned sheepishly and then hit me on the arm.

"Don't worry about me; I'm just resting up for later." We finished breakfast and were sitting at the table just talking. Finally, I reached and put my hand on hers and said, "Paula, we have a situation." She instantly looked worried. "I'm in love with you—not just attracted to you or infatuated with you, but really in love.

Is that going to be a problem?" I watched her face turn serious and then her eyes became moist and a single tear ran down her face. She said, "Joe, I've known you for a year and you are everything I ever dreamed for as a best friend and lover who knows me better than any person alive.

I love you too, and I'm only mad that I didn't tell you that first." The serious look on her face turned to a smile. She squeezed my hand and said, "I love you." "Do you want to hear my plan Paula?" She nodded yes.

I continued, "At the end of the summer you will come and stay at my house for a week or two. Okay?" "I'd love that, but you'll have to make sure that we have some private time for us." "Private time?" She giggled, "For sex silly. I'm going to be so horny by the time I come to your house, we need some time." I laughed, "Maybe a lot of private time. "Then, you'll have to invite me to your house during Christmas break.even if it is only for a few days." "I can do that," she answered.

"Then," I continued, "I'll visit you during my Spring break." "With a lot of private time?" she asked.

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"Of course.lots." "Finally you will come to my graduation. By then I will have a job and we'll know where I'm going to be working. "You'll be finished with junior college and so right after I graduate we can search for our apartment. "If you want to go on to college." Paula interrupted, "Joe, I don't want to go to college. After I graduate next year I'm going to find a job.and help pay for our apartment rent." "Is this okay with you Paula? I'm in love with you.

Can we give it my plan a chance? Will you live with me?" She gushed, "I love it!" "What will your folks think?" I asked. "My parents are great and after my visit to your house at the end of the summer and your two visits to our house, they're not dumb; they'll know.

"But Joe, I want more than one letter every three weeks when we're away from each other." I laughed and then teased, "That's not a problem; you'll be getting more letters than you can read, but we do have a problem already." She looked at me puzzled.

"I've read there are over fifty different ways to make love and we've only tried two so far. Isn't that a problem?" Paula giggled and pulled me to my feet.

I perceptively took that to mean we were going to be working on that problem for the rest of my stay in California.