Young black gay boys porn Keeping up the stable rhythm I started to

Young black gay boys porn Keeping up the stable rhythm I started to
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These stories contain sexual acts of two underage boys, from the british soap Eastenders, if you have a problem with this gay underage theme do not read on.

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Peter Beale, the 14 year old kid who has a tall, skinny athletic type body with perfect golden blonde hair, his cock is 6.5 inches and he has very little pubic hair. Jay Brown, is a tough 13 year old kid, who is much shorter than Peter, he is not the best looking guy in the world but has a cheeky almost sexy type personality. He has short brown hair and a 6 inch cock. He and Peter develop a relationship together and these are their stories. This is Part 3 read Part 1 and 2 first. PART 3 The boys quietly crept into the bathroom.

They were both but naked and their hard cocks stuck out in front of them. Eventually a point came when they couldn't wait any longer, Jay kissed Peter with such passion and Jay's imagination ran wild. He was thinking about being in the shower unit with somebody else, the vision of him and Peter was far too hot to handle.

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Jay took a hold of Peter's cock and pulled him gently into the shower, where Peter turned it on. Water began to pour down Peter's slim well-built figure and through his blonde hair. Jay ran his fingers through it, lathering it up deeply with shampoo. Jay loved the feeling of Peter's perfect golden hair. As the lather built up on Peter's golden blonde hair, they began making out again passionately. Peter reached over for his shower gel, inadvertedly knocking it off the stand and on the floor.

Peter went to pick it up.


When Peter bent over, Jay was greeted with Peter's buttocks seemingly floating in the middle of the shower. An already hot situation suddenly became a lot hotter when Jay reached out and grabbed them. This caught Peter slightly off guard and he stood up abruptly with wide eyes. He turned around again and Jay locked tongues with him. Peter just stood there staring as he watched Jay's perfect nakedness.The boy had an erection that sprung out in front of him.

Without saying another word, Jay grabbed the shower head and moved it to pour water down himself. "Bring it on then, lover boy! Put that shampoo on and bubble me up." As Jay moved the shower head away, his head full of sexy thoughts, Peter poured some shampoo onto his hands and placed them onto Jay's head. As he massaged Jay's scalp, he could feel all the kid's bumps and flakes of dead skin.

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He washed his hands under the running shower and continued to work on Jay's hair. After a spot more massaging, Jay had a foamy shower cap just like Peter. He ran his lather-caked hands around Jay's facial features that had captivated him so badly.

Okay, Jay wasn't the best looking boy in Walford High - in fact Peter had always considered him to be out of his league - but the more Peter gazed at Jay, the more infatuated he became about him. Now he didn't want to waste one second of the opportunity of a double shower session with the boy he loved.

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Instinctively Peter ran his soapy hands all over Jay's physique. Peter noticed Jay was itching to stroke Pter's penis but was holding off for some reason. Peter encouraged it by lathering up his hands heavily and running them up and down Jay's shaft. He didn't say anything or discourage the setup or anything - Jay just stood there watching, thinking and clearly enjoying the experience.

Without warning, Jay soaped his own hands up heavily and went straight for Peter's genitals and matched him stroke for stroke, turning the situation into a mini-game.

Peter, being far more horny than Jay, shot his load first. He had let the pressure build and shot a stream of semen that landed on Jay's upper thigh. The rest of it continued to seep out of Peter's penis and dribble onto Jay's hands.


Meanwhile Jay grabbed Peter's hands and helped him finish himself off. He eventually pushed out a large amount of watery cum which instantly disappeared down the plughole. The emotional feeling in Jay's head was powerful - he fed directly off being wanked to great effect. They shared a long kiss between them on the lips in the steam of the shower, right underneath the flow of water from the shower head.

The moment was magic as foam and hot water poured down the faces of both boys but this failed to dampen the love and respect they'd built up for one another.

Peter wrapped his arms around Jay's back, to pull him far closer than Jay was comfortable with, but he made no effort to push away. Jay opened his mouth and the boys made eye contact as their tongues physically collided once again. Today was far further than Peter had ever expected to go but it was too good an opportunity to miss.

Peter felt like his penis was on fire, the situation being so sexually hot, he wanted to ejaculate again almost immediately.

Both boys were once again hard and Jay knelt down in front of Peter's cock and began sucking on it like a lollypop. In a matter of minutes Peter shot rope after rope in Jay's mouth which hit Jay's throat and he swallowed. Peter then returned the favour and engulfed Jay's cock fully, his nose was nestled in Jay's pubes.

Peter was a natural and was bobbing away up and down while Jay was moaning in pleasure. Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Peter's dad Ian was standing in the doorway. "What the?" he shouted. "Peter are you in there?". Peter placed his finger on Jay's lips to keep him quiet. "Yeah dad I'm here" said Peter.

"Where is Jay?" questioned his dad. "He'" stammered Peter. "I'm in here gettin a blowjob by your son" said Jay. Peter looked at Jay in disappointment why had he been so stupid to say that? Ian stormed into the room opened the froseted glass door of the shower and was suprised to be met by Peter kneeling in front of Jay's cock. "Get out, get out" he screamed. The two boys dressed quickly and they shared one final kiss before Jay left through the back door of the house while Ian waited for them to come downstairs to the living room.

Peter walked into the living room with his head hanging down, knowing his dad would ban him from seeing Jay ever again. Ian did exactly that and explained to Peter that it was illegal for them to be doing things like that together.

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Peter was grounded for three months and was forbidden to see Jay. The boys stayed in touch by texting each other but never met up to do anything ever again. The month that Jay and Peter had shared sexually was the best of their lives but they never did it again for fear of being caught again. Jay ended up becoming Peter's twin sister's boyfriend.

He and Lucy once they hit 16 began a sexual relationship which quickly reminded Jay of his times with Peter. A few months later Jay moved away from Albert Square forever.