Two sexy clothed girls having hot sex

Two sexy clothed girls having hot sex
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Lisa's Morning After Pill By Samantha Skin Lisa woke up when the sunlight fell on her face from the window. She had a hairy arm around her belly and when she looked over, there was a naked man in his late thirties snoring beside her.

On the other side there was another naked man, this one a little bit younger. Her realized that her clothes were missing and felt the dull throbbing ache between her thin legs. Her thighs were sticky and bruised. She tried to move her right leg and brushed against the snoring man's chubby flaccid dick. Lisa's insides hurt and her head was throbbing. Slowly, the night before came back to her. She remembered sneaking into the club with her friend Alice, wearing some clothes they'd borrowed from her older sister.

Their fake ID's worked and they got into Club Rooster.

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She remembered dancing with some frat boys from the local college, remembered one of them groping her and having to hide on the other side of the club from him. Then Lisa remembered the older man, the one sleeping on her left, offering to buy her a drink. From there it was just flashes. The club started to spin and started dancing with her.

Lisa remembered saying she had to find Alice and the man telling her that she was outside.


She barely remembered climbing into his El Camino parked outside Club Rooster. She barely remembered them stopping to pick up another man, the one snoring beside her with his arm around her. "Hey doll," he'd said when he climbed in the backseat. "I'm your new friend Rick. Good catch, Bill." Lisa didn't remember them tossing her on the bed and stripping her down.

She didn't remember Rick climbing on top of her and pushing his thick penis into her teenage pussy. She didn't remember how Rick grunted as he stuffed himself inside her or Bill cumming in her mouth.

Now she had a salty taste in her mouth and realized she had to get home. Lisa didn't even know where she was. She felt sick with their bare skin rubbing against her. She raised Rick's arm and started to climb from underneath. Lisa sat up and slowly rose to climb out of the bed. Then she felt the calloused fingers closing around her forearm and pulling her backwards. She turned with agape eyes and Rick smiled back at her.

"Morning precious. Where were you off to, eh?" He pulled her down and rolled on top of her, pinning her down under his body weight. "Were you going to leave without saying goodbye?" "Please," Lisa said. "I want to go home." "I thought you wanted to have fun," Rick said, pushing her legs apart with his knees and settling between her thighs.

"Isn't that why you had that stupid fake ID. Are you even out of high school yet?" "Please let me go!" "I don't think so sweetie." He pushed his cock head against Lisa's slit and pushed himself inside bare, moaning as he buried his morning wood inside her. Lisa opened her mouth to scream but Rick clamped his hand over her mouth, cutting it off. "Shh. You don't to wake up Bill, do you? He'd probably want a turn too." Lisa sobbed and Rick buried his cock inside her, pistoning in and out.

He wasn't gentle, just started pounding her little cunt like an animal. Her tears spilled down her cheeks onto his knuckles. Rick's hairy chest brushed against her tiny perky breasts as he moved against her.

Lisa could feel his hot breath on her face as he panted and moaned. He picked up speed, rocking the bed. Lisa felt like she was being tortured.

Her toes curled up from the pain.

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His cock stretched her pussy walls, so thick she gripped Rick's meat like a glove. His eyes rolled into the back of his head. "Oh fuck!" Rick moaned and he spurt his load inside her. He rolled off and Lisa trembled there, violated.


Before she could even think of what to do next, she felt a smoother pair of hands on her. Bill rolled her onto her stomach, climbing on top of her. He was lighter than Rick but not by much.

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Lisa sobbed aloud, terrified of getting raped another time. Bill spit on his finger and thrust it into her tiny sphincter, pushing inside and twisted it until he was knuckle deep in her asshole. Lisa cried out and he pulled it out but before she could feel any relief, Bill pushed his hard dick into her asshole.

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Lisa screamed and thrashed her limbs but Bill pinned her left arm down with one hand, gripping her by the scruff of her neck with the other. Rick held her legs. One arm flailed uselessly as Bill sodomized her, pushing himself deeper with each hard thrust. "It's fucking tight" Bill said.

"You got to try this next." "I'm still trying to recover from the cunt, man." He was thinner than Rick but his cock was longer and reached deep into her colon, the head deep inside her. He started slow but when he got deep enough in, Bill started to get rough. He picked up speed and pumped her hard. Lisa heard their sweaty skin slapping together as she wailed face down, muscles clenched.

Her insides were on fire and her voice was sore from screaming. Bill moaned "Shit yes! Shit yes!" over and over again.

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Then his muscles tensed and his dick throbbed inside her. Bill exploded, spurting hot sticky cum deep inside her asshole. He rolled off and by then, Bill had recovered. Between them, they fucked Lisa three more times. The last two, she just laid their whimpering, all the fight taken out of her. When they were done, Bill and Rick got dressed.

"Can I go home now?" Lisa whimpered. "Leave now?" Rick laughed.

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"I want you to meet some of my friends. They're coming in an hour." Lisa sprinted for the door and tried to open it but it wouldn't budge. She pulled uselessly at the knob, getting nowhere. Rick walked up behind her, laughing.

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Lisa saw the deadbolt lock and knew one of them must have the key. Rick picked her up and she thrashed in his arms, trying to fight, but he just laughed at her more.

Bill walked over and pushed a pill in her mouth, rubbing her throat to force her to swallow. She threw a hand on and hit Bill hard. Blood ran from his nose and she started to feel dizzy. Then she started drifting off.

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"Stupid bitch," Bill said. "I'm going to make you pay for that one."