Wife lets bbc fuck her ass p anal

Wife lets bbc fuck her ass p anal
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Complete Pleasure [/b] BI GUY FOR COUPLES COMPLETE PLEASURE was the subject of the e-mail reply I sent in response to the Craig's List post from a couple who were going to visit the island of Maui in several weeks. They were looking for a decently equipped local man for an evening of fun. They had enclosed torso shots of the two of them both with fine bodies although the female was particularly curvaceous.

The last line in the add stated that the male was bi-curious. I had been checking out Craig's List for some time, responding to anything that looked exciting. Rarely did I even get a response, let alone a personal contact. Only once had I connected to where I got together with a couple, but it was very strange experience, especially at first. The lady and I had some good sex but her mate sat in a chair at the back of the bedroom and did nothing but video us.

I wasn't too sure about that, but kept my face hidden, and actually got carried away with a great performance using some Tantra techniques, I screwed her for at least forty-five minutes.


If the guy ever had an erection, I didn't see it! To my amazement, I received a reply from the bi-curious couple a day after sending my response.

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They wanted to know a bit more about me and wanted a full frontal nude photo which I sent immediately, asking if they wanted the X rated one. Things went back and forth for a couple of days till they asked for my phone number and said they would call when they got to Maui. Still having ten days to go before they even arrived, my mind got carried away. I came up with a number of scenarios, some of which developed into excellent masturbatory fantasies. The day they would arrive came and went with no call.

All week long, I kept waiting for a call, and even e-mailed them. No response. By Friday, I had given up, thinking that this was the day they flew off island. Friday afternoon, I was driving home from a wind-surfing session, when my phone rang. "Would you like to go out to dinner tonight," a women's voice asked. "I always like to go out to dinner, but who am I speaking with?" "Your Craig's List friends.

Let's get together and see how we feel about each other." We agreed to meet at an Italian restaurant in Kehei later that evening.

I asked how I would know who I was meeting and was told to look for the blond couple that would be waiting for me. I rushed home, jumped in the shower, shaved closely and really scrubbed my penis, balls and ass.

I even squirted some water into my rectum, not wanting any unwelcome surprises if the opportunity knocked. I got to the restaurant in time and there they were the blond couple. Tricia was fairly short, about 5'5" and wearing a Hawaiian print shift. The kind that was stretched nicely tight over her breast and then opening up into a skirt down to mid-thigh. Her breasts were very evident with a hint of nipple showing through the fabric.

I couldn't tell much about her waist or hips, but she had well shaped firm legs. Robert was about my height and dressed conservatively for Hawaii.

They both had red faces with a hint of peeling. Hawaii sun will do that to you. After ordering drinks, dinner and a bottle of wine, we quickly became friends. They had come over for a week of Maui wind-surfing and had had a great, but ego destroying time.

Maui can be one of the toughest places on the planet to learn to windsurf when the wind is up and it had been blowing that week. When they learned that wind-surfing was my passion, there were no problems with lagging conversation.

Robert asked me, "are you the guy with the maroon Ezzy sail and a blue and white board, I saw today?" "That's what I was using today." "How big was your sail," he asked.

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"6.2." I replied. "My God," he said, "I could hardly hold down a 5.0 today.

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How do you do it?" I told him it was a matter of technique and having your equipment dialed in. When the wind blows, I windsurf almost daily and several years practice certainly helps.

I told him that when I first windsurfed Maui, I could hardly go fifty yards without getting smashed. Broken ribs, dislocated toes and too many cuts and scrapes to mention were all part of the price of proficiency. By the end of dinner and a great bottle of wine, we had become very close. Then I felt a hand sliding on my leg. Tricia, who was sitting next to me had a smug look on her face as the hand worked its way underneath my shorts and up to my underwear.

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The smug look became a grin as she slid her hand along my stiffening cock. I was thinking that this could be fun when I felt a foot sliding up the other leg.

It was Robert putting in his two cents worth. I looked at Tricia and said, "if this wasn't a public place, I'd crawl under the table and get your attention." "Hey, it's dark and I don't see anyone looking," she whispered with a smile.

Looking around, I saw we were fairly private as we sat in a rear corner of the restaurant. I also realized that the tablecloth hanging over the edges would hide me somewhat, so I fumbled like I had lost my napkin and slid under the table. I stuck my head up under her skirt. It was dark, but I knew where I was going. She shifted her butt forward and spread her legs further apart and I worked my face up to her crotch.

She had on some smooth panties that I nuzzled with my lips. I felt her responding with a minute thrust of her hips. Reaching between her legs, I pulled the panty to one side and started licking.

Her juices came immediately. At the same time I realized she was shaved down there. What a sensation, the musky odor of her panties, the taste of her pussy juice and the smooth folds of her cunt. I was thinking that his could go on for awhile, when I felt a hand tapping my shoulder.

Robert wanted some attention. I thought about him for a moment but realized that giving a blow job under the table would cause more damage to my head than pleasure to him.


So I just reached over, unzipped him and pulled out his cock. There I was, under a restaurant table, giving head to a woman and jacking off her guy at the same time. All this was hard on my knees, so I regretfully pulled away and crawled back into my chair, musky juices dripping from my face.

As I wiped my face clean, I smiled at the two and said, "let's get out of here." I forget the name of their Condo, Maui Surf or Kehei Sands or something like that, but it was only a couple of minutes away from the restaurant.

I followed their rental car and parked beside them. We all linked arms as we walked to their entrance, with a deep French kiss thrown in by Tricia every few steps.

Once through their door, it was a mad rush into the bedroom, with clothes being shed as Robert and I caressed and kissed Tricia. Once we had her shift off, I just had to step back and stare. She was beautifully shaped, large breasts with a surprisingly dark areola around the nipples, but the highlight was her tiny waist without an ounce of fat ripening into smooth, child bearing capable, hips.

Robert was also a treat. He had a nice build without hardly any body hair whatsoever. His cock was well proportioned and was the whitest one I had ever seen. It wasn't hard but was probably a good five inches long in its flaccid state. I was standing there with a good boner, sticking out about seven inches upwards toward my stomach. We each looked at each other and collapsed onto the bed.

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I took on of Tricia's nipples in my mouth and Robert began sucking on the other. She sighed with pleasure as we licked and rubbed. My hand caressed his as we each reached for her mons. I noticed that his cock had stiffened nicely. It was slightly longer than mine, but also slightly thinner, and a good seven to eight inches long. She sat up a little and said "you know, we've never done anything like this. What do you think we should do?" I replied, "whatever feels good sweetie." I decided to be a stage director for a while.

I had Robert enter her from behind. The way she raised her ass into the air told me that they were not strangers to this position. Then I had Robert roll over, so that Tricia facing slightly up, half-way between lying on her side and on her back. Now I could see his cock pumping into her vagina. Because of their position, approximately two inches of cock was visible at his deepest stroke.

I bent down and placed my lips on his cock and moved my lips slowly onto her labia, sliding my tongue between the folds. She moaned and bucked. As I moved back towards his cock, it came out of her pussy, I grabbed it in my mouth, sucking hard and taking in as much as I could reach. I felt his surprise, but he didn't hesitate, just kept pumping.

I pushed his cock down into her cunt and guided it with my lips so that it rubbed back and forth, from clitoris to vagina. I then pushed his cock head back into her vagina and just ran my tongue along it as it moved in and out. By this time Alicia was humping so hard that I had to use a little force to stay with them.

I moved up to her clit, stiffened my tongue and lips and rubbed back and forth and then side to side as fast and as hard as I could. Her hand pressed my face deeper into her. Her moans turned to a scream, "don't stop, I'm cuming," and she had a violent orgasm. Robert withdrew his cock and I slowly sucked him as she recovered. When she had stopped shaking, we started the process all over again. He and I had worked into a rhythm where we could bring her to orgasm very quickly no more than five minutes apart.

After five or six of them, she cried out, "give me a break, I've got to relax for a moment. You guys take care of each other." I looked at Robert and then looked down at my cock. He got the message immediately and moved over and started licking it.

It was great to receive some stimulation after all the work I had been doing. He then put his mouth at the tip and slid his lips down onto it. He wasn't a very experienced cock sucker, but what he lacked in experience, he made up with effort. He sucked and he slurped and managed to keep his teeth mostly in the background.

I was just beginning to wonder how good she was at that task, but she bent over and whispered in my ear. "I want to see you fuck him. I've been dreaming about watching him with a cock in his ass." That seemed like a worthwhile venture!

We moved him to the end of the bed where he lay with on his stomach with his knees supporting him on the floor. It looked like a good position to pop his cherry. The two of us rubbed some astroglide onto his asshole and we each pushed in a finger.

It was exciting to see two fingers, mine dark from suntan, and her almost lily white finger, lunging into his rectum. At first he didn't say anything.

Then he began to moan. I showed her how to insert three fingers while I was pulling a condom over my swollen cock. I then moved between his legs and placed the head of my penis at his rosebud of an asshole. He shivered. I pushed a little and moved back. I pushed harder and saw the pain on the side of his face. "Think about relaxing for a moment," I said as paused again with most of the head engaged with his sphincters. Then I told him to push out like he was having a bowel movement.

He must have thought about this for a moment as nothing happened. Then his ass seemed to open up and the first three inches of my cock slipped in. He groaned and I could tell he was still in pain.

I just held myself there, rubbing his back and hoped that the pain would subside. Since my cock has a very large and prominent ridge at the head, the worst for Robert was getting the head past his sphincter. Tricia's head was at my waist level and she stared intensely at the point of insertion. I couldn't stay motionless forever, so started sliding my cock back and forth, moving further in at each smooth stroke.

He relaxed somewhat and I pumped harder and started to step up above him so that I could stroke slightly downwards and massage his prostate. But before I could do much there, he said that he couldn't take it any more! I reluctantly pulled out and removed the condom. I looked over a Tricia who was fingering herself. I crawled over and started licking her.

She was a very juicy female and I quickly had pussy juice all over the lower part of my face. She pulled at my head and moaned "please fuck me now." I didn't hesitate. I just moved up and stuck my cock in to the hilt as soon as it reached her groin.

We were going at it hot and heavy, when I felt a pressure on my rear. He was going to fuck me!

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I hoped he had put on a condom and had used some lube, but I just kept pounding Tricia. I paused for just a moment and felt his cock slide in and fill me up. I didn't even think about relaxing my ass, it just happened. What a sensation, my cock in a juicy cunt and another cock in my ass.

As I would withdraw from Tricia, Robert would push into me. I could feel his strong stomach pushing into my crack as he went deep into me.

In an ecstasy of lust, I exploded in her. As I relaxed slightly, the intensity of his stroking increased. I felt his cock twitch a couple of times when he exclaimed, "yes," and came inside of me. We all lay there for a bit until his cock receded. I held onto Tricia as I rolled onto my back. "We don't want any wet spots on the bed, do we," I said as I pulled her crotch up to my face and sucked and licked at every bit of cum and juice.

She didn't seem too enthusiastic a first, but quickly got excited again. After a minute or two she was grinding her cunt against my mouth, like she hadn't had any sex for a month.

I worked a finger into her ass and her whole body quivered with her orgasm. After a moment, she sat up on my chest, looked around and laughed. "Wet spots! Look at this bed." The sheet was a total mess. Spots and drips everywhere, brown stains in a couple of places, one small bloody smear, used condoms and a brassiere! A sight to remember as I slowly drove home.