Unprotected gay xxx sex first time Caught in the showers by the boy

Unprotected gay xxx sex first time Caught in the showers by the boy
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My name is Katie, I am 25, a very attractive brunette; I would give myself a nine on a scale of 1 -10. I know my 34D boobs get me a lot of attention from men. I'm 5'8", very nice figure as I love to work out, mostly jogging to tease the guys who watch me; watch my boobs bouncing as I jog by them.

I had to tell someone about how I got my job. I guess I feel more comfortable just sharing it with strangers since I know I could never tell any of my friends, except for one. They wouldn't believe me or mainly not believe what I actually did to get my good job.

A friend of mine told me about this site. He said people would love to read this story and would be jerking off to it, to me. I have never done this before but he said to just write it as it happened. I was really getting desperate for a new job, I just needed out of my dead end job.

I was able to get an interview at a very good company, a very good, well paying position. I went to the interview wearing my black suit jacket, white blouse and black suit pants, my power outfit. The interview took place in my soon to be bosses office, Alan. I corner office; the only windows in the office were the ones to look out. The interview was going ok, I could tell he was spending more time looking at my boobs and undressing me with his eyes.

I began to think the only way I was going to get the job was if I opened up my suit jacket to show off some cleavage, which was my mistake. I asked, "Do you mind if I unbutton my jacket, it's a bit hot in here." He smiled, of course and said it was fine with him. I could see him trying to adjust himself in his seat behind his desk.

I did start to subtly tease him with my boobs, thrusting them out once in awhile. I felt the interview was going good since it was taking longer than I thought.

I was so wrong. He kept staring at my large breasts. Trying to look at my resume but I could tell he was still looking at my boobs he said, "Well Katie those are some impressive qualifications.

It makes me wonder if they are real or fake. Something like that would make a difference in your chance to get this job. If you could prove that your.qualifications are real." I knew exactly what he was talking about and that is when I really realized this interview was taking a turn down a road I did not think it would ever go.

This man wanted to see or feel my boobs! I was offended and mad. How could this man take a serious, business meeting, interview and turn it into something sexual. I was tempted to walk out right then and there but I didn't; I don't know why. I made my first mistake by responding in a playful, flirty manner. "Yes my qualifications are REAL, not fake or made up. I think you need to concentrate more on my resume." I gave him a playful smile to let him know I knew what he was talking about.

I thought that would end this but it didn't. He smiled back at me and said 'well I guess I would have to take your word for it.

However, it's hard to do that. This is an important position and I can't take chances on someone who might not have the right qualifications or is faking them.

Well this sexual teasing talk went on for too long, don't get me wrong, I am all up for sexual, dirty talk but in the interview, I felt it went on too long.

"Alan, you know I can report you for this conversation. All this referring to my boobs as real or fake qualifications and you need to know for sure or I have to show proof that they are real, is call sexual harassment." His smile fell off his face and he gave me a shitty look.

"I'm sorry Katie if YOU took the conversation in that manner. Perhaps you are not right for this position after all if that is how you think. I will be in touch." He placed my resume in a folder and just looked at me.

I started to wonder if I had just blown it, was I wrong, did I take his chat as sexual in nature. My mind was racing as I was trying analyze it but then I caught him starring at my boobs again and I knew I was right. The ball was in my court. I really needed the job but I also knew I should just walk out of there with my dignity. I am not that kind of woman or so I thought. I don't know why I did what I did next and I knew it would be a mistake but I my desperation for the job took over my common sense.

"Ok. I will prove they are real." Alan perked up as I opened up my suit jacket and I began to unbutton my blouse. I kept thinking to myself 'I can't believe I'm doing this.' Alan had a delighted smile on his face as I completely unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it open revealing my white bra. I thought for a moment that would be enough but he just shock his head no and said, 'Hmm, I'm sorry Katie but that does not really prove anything.

I will need to see more.' I blushed as I unhooked my bra; I had worn one that unhooked in the front. I couldn't look at him as I pushed the cups off my boobs, the cool air hit my nipples and they went erect.

I glanced up and Alan was standing up smiling, I glanced at his pants and I could see a visible erection. "Those are very nice qualifications Katie. Nice sized areola, hard nipples and very good size." He moved around his desk and stood in front of me. "Tell me Katie, how large are your…qualifications?" "34D." That's all I said to him, as I was so ashamed of what I was doing. "Perfect. Perfect and beautiful but I will have to examine them more closely." With that, he moved behind me, reached over my shoulders and slowly ran his hands down to my boobs.

I shivered a little as this man began to fondle my breasts. I tried not to move at all, tried not show any pleasure; but when he began to play with and pull on my nipples I let out a moan. My nipples are sensitive, I experience intense pleasure when they are touched or sucked on in the right way and Alan was doing it just right!

He pressed his crotch against the back of my head and I could feel his hard cock pressing against my head. I could tell it was an average length but with more girth. I let him play with my boobs for five minutes. I just sat there and let this man, 'interviewing' me fondle my boobs and rub his hard cock on my head.

I was very wet already. Every time he pulled on my nipples I moaned and he said, "You like that Katie. You like having your qualifications, your nice big tits played with." Then he told me to stand up.

I did what he said without saying a word. He spun me around; I knew what he was going to do. He bent his head down and began to suck on my boobs…my tits. He was so good at it I let out another moan. I let the pleasure take over for a moment, placed my hands on his head, and guided him between my tits letting him suck on both nipples. He looked up into my eyes as he flicked his tongue on my hard nipples, no matter how much I tried to hide it; I knew he could see the intense pleasure he was giving to me.

This went on for another five minutes or so before he suddenly stopped. He grinned at me and walked behind his desk. He sat down and he told me to sit down too. I started to button up my blouse but he stopped me before I got the first one buttoned. "I must say Katie your qualifications are real and perfect." I blushed and said thank you.

Then I saw a wicked grin on his face. "I do have to tell you Katie that this position requires very good oral communication. How is your oral communication skill?" My mind flashed, he wants a blowjob. I really don't enjoy giving head and I don't like cum. I never swallow.

I hesitated, "Alan, I really don't like oral, please don't ask me to do that." He stared at me blankly, "Well Katie if you want this job you will have to show me some oral skills." Then he began to undo his belt first, and then he unbuttoned his pants, unzipped them.

I watched as he pulled out his hard cock and I could see the pre cum oozing out of it. "Time to show me your oral communication skill." I couldn't believe what I did next; I got up from my chair and slowly walked around to his side of the desk.

I felt like a slut as I looked at the floor. "Ok Alan I will do this but please don't make me swallow. I don't like the taste of cum." He smiled at me as I started down onto my knees in front of him. As I reached for his cock he stopped me. Then he stood up, looking down at me he said, "Ok Katie, if you want this job impress me with your oral skills." He allowed his pants to drop to his ankles as I readied myself for this. I knew he stood up as a power play. He wanted to stand over me, looking down at me as I gave him a blowjob.

He wanted to make me feel little, feel like a slut. It worked as I grabbed his hard cock I could feel it throbbing; it was hot and sticky from his pre cum. I cringed at knowing how it would taste as I opened my mouth. "Katie! Look at me as you show me your oral skills." I looked up as him as I slid his cock into my mouth.

His pre cum tasted salty, sticky, I didn't have any choice but to swallow his pre cum as I took his cock into my mouth. He moaned and smiled as his cock disappeared into my mouth. I slid his shaft along my tongue, keeping my lips wrapped tightly around his thick shaft. When he felt me swallow his pre cum he raised his eyebrows and grinned. I didn't know if I should give him a quick blowjob or if I should take my time. Well, Alan spoke up, "Don't rush this Katie.

Take your time I need to make sure your skills are perfect for this job." I slowly worked his hard shaft in and out of my mouth. His moans could barely be heard over the slurping noise coming from my mouth as I sucked on his cock.

He said all the usual things guys say when they are getting a blowjob. He ran his fingers through my long black hair as I slowly slid his cock in and out of my mouth, repeatedly. A couple of times I let his cock pop out of my mouth so I could catch my breath. When I did that he hissed, "Lick it Katie. Lick my fucking cock." I did it, I slowly ran my tongue down his shaft, starting at his cock head, slowly snaking it around his throbbing shaft then slowly sliding it back up.

He told me to stick my tongue out; he grabbed his cock and slowly slid his hand up his wet shaft squeezing out some pre cum onto my tongue.

Then Alan said, "Swallow it Katie, if you want this job you have to learn to swallow." I did it. Then his office phone rang in the middle of my blowjob. I stopped as he reached for his phone. Before he picked up the phone, he looked down at me, "I didn't tell you stop Katie, our interview is still going on." I grabbed his cock and went back to my degrading action of sucking him off for a job. As I gave him head I listened to his call, it was such an odd scene.

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I was on my knees sucking his cock; he was standing there on the phone acting as if nothing was going on. "Yes I'm still in the middle of my interview. I think it will be longer than I planned.


She is a very good candidate and I would like to talk to her a bit longer. Yes, that sounds good." Then he hung up. He looked down at me, reached down with his hands and grabbed my boobs. He fondled them for a moment before he spoke. "That was my secretary asking if she could go home. Now we have more time to continue our interview." Then he told me I could speed up so I did as he said, I worked his cock in and out of my mouth faster, playing with his balls at the same time.

I assumed if I got him off quickly, I could get out of there; I was so wrong as I was about to find out. I don't know maybe a couple of minutes went by before the door to his office opened and two more men came in.

Alan was looking down at me, watching me giving him head but when the men walked in he turned to look at them. "Thomas, Dave I would like you two to meet Katie.

She is interviewing for the position. She has great qualifications, real big tits and as you can see she is showing me her oral communication skill." Almost immediately, I let Alan's cock slide out of my mouth. I looked up at him and said, 'Alan, please, no.' He ignored me, Thomas, a black man, said, "Damn she is fucking hot and sucking on your cock like a pro." Dave nodded and added, 'I think we need to interview her as well.' Alan grinned, "Sure.

Come on around here and take a look at her tits. I know she will show you two her oral, cock sucking skills." He then grabbed his cock and slapped me in the face with it. "You are not done Katie. Keep sucking!" I was trapped, I couldn't do anything now. I was at their sexual whims. I went back to working on Alan's cock as fast as I could. I looked out the corner of my eyes and watched Dave and Thomas undo their pants.

I never have had more than one man before and never a black man.


My eyes bulged out when he pulled out his cock, it was big! He saw me and laughed, 'Guess you never had a black dick before. That's ok; I never had a hot white woman suck my cock before.' Then when the two of them saw my tits, they went wild. Dave said, "Oh shit, look at those tits!" Thomas added, "Fuck those are perfect and would look great with a cock between them." The two of them knelt down on either side of me and began fondling my boobs.

Alan told them to pull on my nipples, 'Guys, I found if you play with Katie's nipples the hot slut goes wild.' Of course the two them did it and I couldn't but moan and suck harder on Alan's cock. He noticed and told them how much better I was sucking him off. I never had three guys like this before and it was turning me on.


The two of them grabbed my boobs and began sucking on them. Each of them held one of my boobs with one hand and with their other hands; they rubbed my ass, squeezed and rubbed my pussy through my pants. I nearly got off when they did that. Then Alan's cock stiffened even more, I could see his eyes glazing over and I knew he was about to cum. Then Alan said, "Fuck Katie, I'm gonna blow a huge load. Hey guys, Katie told me she doesn't like cum in her mouth.

What do you think?" Thomas said, "Oh well, Katie is going to have to learn to like cum in the mouth." "That's right, if she wants this job she going to get a lot of cum." Dave added.

Then Alan pulled his cock out of my mouth. "Open your mouth Katie! Stick your tongue out!" I very reluctantly did what he said as the two other men now stood up around me watching Alan. Alan began jacking off, placing his cock head right on my tongue aiming for my mouth.

"Don't worry Katie, I won't cum all over your beautiful face…right now. Don't be afraid of the cum, I have plenty for you Katie." He groaned loudly, his body tensed up and then his cock erupted with a long surge of cum. It was hot, sticky, and salty and it felt like he coated the entire inside of mouth. Then another surge and another of his man goo shot out into my mouth and on my tongue. It tasted nasty to me but I couldn't do anything but sit on my knees, my mouth wide open with him shooting his wad into it.

Thomas and Dave loved seeing him blow his cum into my mouth. As soon as he finished Alan gave me no time, no chance to spit. He rammed his cock into my mouth forcing his huge load of cum down my throat. I had no choice but to swallow, exactly what they wanted to see me do. I felt so humiliated but I had no one to blame but myself. I could have left, I didn't and now I was going to be a cocksucker for this job.

As I swallowed Alan smiled, laughed and said, "That's it Katie, swallow all that cum. Good job Katie that is what I call exceptional oral skills." I felt sick, I never swallowed that much cum before, and I only swallowed once long ago.

However, I tried to hide that from them. Then Alan pulled his cock out of my mouth. "Well Katie, I'm sure Dave and Thomas have some cum for you. Time for you to interview with them." Both of them tried to shove their cocks into my mouth but Alan actually stopped them. "Guys, guys take it easy with Katie.

We don't want to scare her off. We have time and I'm sure Katie won't mind showing you each her skills. We don't want to over load her with cum right now anyways." He helped me up and sat me down in his chair. "See Katie I'm not that bad. I don't want you on your pretty knees all the time. Sit here, I'm sure you can still show your skill while being comfortable." I sat down; Alan pulled my shirt wide open exposing my 34D boobs to everyone.

He began to suck on one of my boobs making me moan. Thomas and Dave looked at each other. Thomas told Dave he could go next, he would save the big black dick for last. Dave stood next to me on the other side of the chair, his cock aimed right at my mouth.


"Ok Katie, time to show me your oral skills." Dave said while giving me dirty smile. There was no choice for me so I reached out, grabbed his cock and began to give him a blowjob. Dave was very helpful; he slowly fucked my mouth as well. Alan stood up and asked Thomas if he wanted to suck on my tits.

Thomas grinned and yes. He sucked on my boob, playing with both of them, squeezing them, fondling them and telling me they were the perfect size to be fucked and my boobs would look great with a big black cock between them. My eyes darted from watching Dave slowly fuck my mouth, to Thomas playing with and sucking on my boobs to Alan who had knelt down on the floor in front of me.

"I think Katie deserves a little more attention. I think she needs to get off too." He spread my legs and rubbed my crotch. "Fuck Katie, I can feel how wet you are!" He glanced at the two guys, "Who wants to see if Katie has a shaved pussy or not?' They both said yes. I couldn't stop him even if I wanted to.

Alan reached up, undid my pants and slid them off. I was wearing a pair of black lace boy shorts. He pulled my pants off and rubbed my pussy even more. I couldn't help but squirm and moan even louder, Dave's cock slid out of my mouth as I let out a loud groan of pleasure. They loved hearing that and I didn't want to admit but I was getting intense pleasure from these three men. Alan pulled off my boy shorts and smiled. "Look, Katie shaves her pussy." The guys seemed to love that.

Then Alan planted his face on my pussy and really went to town eating me out. He was so good! I actually spread my legs wider to let him get in there. He was an expert with his tongue as lapped at my very wet pussy. Dave groaned, "How does Katie taste." Alan looked up. "She has the best tasting pussy ever. It's like fucking candy." Then he went back working my pussy over with his tongue.

I was so horny at that point, I couldn't hold back on my own pleasure and I could feel my own orgasm building very quickly. I could tell Dave felt the same way as I did because he was moaning louder and fucking my mouth faster. He kept moaning repeatedly, 'Suck it Katie, suck my fucking cock. Yeah that's it; you are such a great cock sucker.' I held onto his cock with my right hand but with my left hand, I started to play with my right boob before grabbing Alan's head as he ate me out.

I ran my fingers through his hair, as I got closer to my orgasm. Thomas said, "Damn we have to hire Katie. She will be the office fuck toy. She loves this, listen to the slut." I knew I was being a slut, for doing this for a job, for letting three guys have their way with me at the same time. I didn't care at that moment, all I could feel was my orgasm building and I knew I couldn't hold back much longer. Then the moment hit, Alan's tongue flicked across my clit and my orgasm hit.

My mouth popped open and I let out a loud moan. "Oh God Alan! Yesssss, make me cum!" I began to thrust my hips into his face, grinding my pussy onto his tongue as wave after wave of intense pleasure shot through my body. That was Dave's breaking point. He yelled, "Turn you head Katie! Keep your mouth open." I turned my head to face him, keeping my mouth open as best I could as I screamed now in pleasure.

I heard Thomas say, 'Give Katie your cum. Feed her your spunk.' Dave was stroking his cock as fast as he could, grunting as he did it. Then he erupted. His cum shot out in smaller spurts as compared to Alan's huge spurt of cum.

One after another, a spurt of his cum jetted out of his cock and into my mouth. I was so horny; in such a world of ecstasy, I didn't care about him cumming in my mouth.

I didn't mind the taste. I let him unleash his load into my mouth and swallowed it all. Dave shoved his cock into my mouth and ordered me to suck him dry, which I did as Alan kept lapping up my sweet pussy honey. My body twitched for a bit from the intensity of my orgasm. My breathing was labored for a few minutes before I began to calm down. That is when I noticed the three guys standing around me, grinning ear to ear.

Dave's cock was still semi erect, Alan was hard again and Thomas's cock was rock hard, dripping pre cum. Alan spoke first, "Guys, her pussy tastes fantastic. Dave do you want to take a taste of Katie?" Dave smiled, "Hell yeah. I love a good tasting pussy." He moved away from me holding his cock. "Damn Alan, you found a great cock sucker in Katie." Alan said, 'we are calling it oral communication skills.' "Oh yeah that's right." He looked at me, "You are the fucking best at oral communication Katie.

And for someone who doesn't like the taste of cum you sure swallowed my load no problem." I blushed bright red, he was right; I did swallow his load with no problem. Then Thomas spoke up, he said it was his turn to give me his load. He looked at me and said, "Don't worry Katie, it's a black cock but it will spurt thick white cum, just the way you like it." Then he pulled me up out of the chair.

He told me to lie down on the floor. The other guys looked puzzled for a moment. I did what he said, I didn't protest at all. I was being a good interviewee. As soon as I laid down Thomas got down on his knee's straddling my body he pulled my blouse open and slapped his big, thick cock between my tits.

He looked at Alan and Dave, "You guys don't mind if I fuck Katie's big tits" They both grinned, Dave said 'nope, I'm going to be tasting me some of her sweet pussy.' Alan looked at me and said, 'I'm sure Katie won't mind sucking on my cock again as you fuck her nice big tits.' Thomas put his hands on my tits, pressing them together around his cock.

With the first stroke of his cock, everyone saw that he could fuck my boobs and still get his cock to my mouth! "Don't worry Katie, I'm going to fuck your tits and cum in your mouth.

You will get to taste the cream from a chocolate dick." Then they went to work. I felt Dave lay down between my legs; he began to finger my very wet pussy. He started telling them how tight and wet I was on the inside before I felt his fingers slide out and his cock began running up and down my wet pussy lips. Alan knelt down by my head and just started slapping my face and forehead with his cock.

He wanted to play a little as he told me to watch Thomas fuck my tits. Thomas wasted no time, he started slow but soon he was fucking my boobs very fast. "Katie, help hold onto your tits. Push them together for Thomas." Alan ordered. When I did he then said, "Good job Katie. Look at how much pleasure you are giving Thomas. How do her tits feel?" "Man I could fuck Katie's tits everyday.

Maybe I will blow my load all over them and watch her lick it up." He laughed, as did Alan. Now he turned my head and shoved his cock into my mouth. I tried to suck his cock but I was too busy watching this black man have sex with my boobs. I started to moan with Alan's cock in my mouth. Dave also knew his way around a pussy or I was just very horny now. Alan gave up after a few minutes; I couldn't keep my head to the side good enough for him.

His cock kept popping out of my mouth and with the moaning I was making, I think he didn't mind. Alan just moved behind my head and then placed my head on his knees. His sticky hard cock was resting on my forehead. Thomas told me to open my mouth and stick my tongue out. I didn't really think his cock would reach but with my head bent forward as it was Thomas's big black cock ran across my tongue with each thrust.

"Oh yeah Katie, now you are getting the best of both worlds, my cock fucking your big tits and my cock just getting into your mouth." Alan held my head grinning, 'I'm glad I saved Katie for the end of the day interview.' Thomas was pumping his cock between my boobs faster and faster.

He said, "I'm glad I called your office and you gave me the code word to stop by." That phone call Alan took was bullshit. I really got suckered into this. Then Alan asked Dave if he was enjoying my pussy.

Dave stopped licking my pussy for a moment to say, 'I feel like a kid eating a sweet piece of candy for the first time.

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I could lick her pussy all day.' Then he went back to lapping at my pussy like a dog. Now the room filled with a mix of noises, my moaning, Thomas grunting as he fucked my boobs and the slurping noise coming from Dave eating me out.

I could feel another orgasm begin to build, as it did I began to moan louder. "Don't stop. Please Dave don't stop." I started to moan. Thomas then said, 'what about me slut?' To make him happy I said, "You too Thomas. Keep fucking my tits. You cock feels so good between them." Then he asked if I wanted his cum. I didn't answer so he asked me again.

I moaned, "Yes. I want your cum. I want it in my mouth. I promise I will swallow it." I glanced up at Alan I could tell he loved every moment of what was going on his office with me. Then Thomas's pace began to quicken. I knew he was getting ready to cum. He began to thrust his cock faster and faster between my very sweaty boobs. 'Fuck, your big tits are going to make me cum big time.' Then he changed, he began very aggressive in his talk and cock thrusts. I opened my mouth expecting him to erupt at any moment.

I was nervous because I had no idea how much cum to expect from his cock. Then Thomas pulled his cock out from between my boobs, he moved closer to my head. "Grab it! Grab my cock Katie!" I did what he said, I grabbed it with both hands. "Jack me off! Go on Katie jack me off into your mouth." I never had done that before.

Every moment I waited only made him more aggressive then he yelled, "Jack me off you fucking slut!" That pissed me off but then Dave's tongue hit my click just right.

The pleasure shot through my body and I began to jerk off Thomas. He told me to open my mouth wide and keep my tongue out. He kept moaning, 'I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum.' With out much notice he yelled out, "Fuck yes Katie here it comes!" Oh my God, the spurt of cum that blew out of his cock was huge!

I gagged at the sheer volume of his spunk that shot out into my mouth.

It actually splattered onto my chin and face! I stopped jerking him off for a moment, he grabbed his cock, calling me a bitch, and he jacked himself off the rest of the way sending several more large spurts of his cum into my overflowing mouth. I was starting to gag; I didn't think I could swallow that much spunk without getting sick. Then Dave made me cum! I was paying so much attention to Thomas I didn't realize I was close to my own orgasm. When it hit I let out another scream of pleasure.

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I large amount of cum ran down my throat and I swallowed it. I nearly threw up from the taste but somehow I didn't. Maybe it was the pleasure of my own orgasm that overrode my sickness.

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Then Thomas used his cock to force me to swallow the rest of his load. He pushed his cock into my mouth, spunk ran out the sides, down my chin on to my neck as he kept saying 'swallow Katie, swallow it all.' Somehow, some way I did with Thomas ramming his cock in and out of my mouth.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth. Alan was laughing a bit as he knew I was barely able to handle Thomas's load. Then he told me to clean myself up. Of course they told me use my fingers and to swallow the overflow of cum from my mouth.

I didn't like it but I knew I had no choice. End Part 1. I thought I would divide this up just cause it was getting so long. Please leave me positive pm's if you enjoyed this, I will try to tell the rest/write it down very soon.