Bitchy teen tied up while toying twat before getting fucked

Bitchy teen tied up while toying twat before getting fucked
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Fbailey story number 154 Cousin Sandy I had forgotten about my new DVD camcorder that Mom and Dad had bought me for my birthday a few days ago.

I really wanted to show it to my cousin. We hadn't gotten too far away so Sandy and I went back to my house and up to my bedroom. Sandy's parents were visiting my parents and they had sent us out to play.

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They just wanted to get rid of us for awhile. Dad even gave me money to buy Sandy something to eat at the local Burger King. We hadn't tried to be quiet, that's for sure, but apparently we had been. As I passed my parent's bedroom I heard Mom moaning. The door was not fully closed and I looked in. Mom was naked and on her bed.

Sandy's father was naked too and lying on top of Mom. Wow! I tapped Sandy on the shoulder and put my finger up to my lips indicating for her to be quiet. Then I pointed inside the bedroom. Sandy's eyes opened up real wide.

Then we started toward my bedroom again. This time we really were trying to be quiet. When I passed the guest bedroom I slowed down and peeked in. There was Sandy's mother and my father in the same position as their spouses were. Again I pointed for Sandy to peek in. Then I took her to my bedroom. I got my new camera and snuck back to where Dad was fucking Sandy's mother. I recorded them for a few minutes then I recorded my Mom and Sandy's father for a few minutes. I went back and forth between the two bedrooms and the action.

I caught my Dad cumming in Sandy's mother good. Then I went back to Mom just as she was getting creamed by Sandy's father. When I went back to my Dad he was on his back and Sandy's mother was sucking his cock and playing with his balls.

She was sideways and her big tits were hanging and swinging like two pendulums. She sure could suck cock. When I went back to Mom she was doing the same thing but her ass was aimed right at me. I could see her brown puckered asshole and the white gob of cum that was trying to get out of her pussy.

It just hung there hardly moving. It must have been really thick. I just had to zoom in for that. I went back and forth a couple of times with the ladies wishing that they were in the same room. Well wishes do come true. Soon Dad was calling for Mom to come into his room. Sandy and I got in my bedroom just in the nick of time.

Soon we were back at the partly open door watching our two mothers kissing. They were sisters! They rubbed their tits against each other's tits.

Soon they got on the bed and turned into a sixty-nine and started munching on the others freshly used pussy. Meanwhile Sandy was stroking my cock and her own clit as I recorded all of the action. I played with the zoom feature to get in really close. They rolled over about halfway through and I could see Mom's tongue slipping into Sandy's mother's open pussy. Both women had hairy pussies. I found that kind of exciting. I found everything exciting. Then I came.

Sandy had jerked me off the whole time. I squirted several gobs onto the rug in the doorway. As the two women orgasmed and separated Sandy tapped me and pointed to my bedroom. Once inside my bedroom Sandy made sure to close my door and lock it.

She wasn't going to take the same chance that our parents had. Sandy very softly said, "Make a movie of me too." Then Sandy started undressing. I got my first look at her naked. At fourteen she was a knockout.

Sandy had long brown hair almost to her waist, nice firm tits, and a brown bush just like her mother had. Then she took my camera and filmed me as I undressed. I was fifteen and sort of shy but what to hell Sandy had just jerked me off and she was already naked. Once we were both naked Sandy wanted to make love just like our mothers had.

Sandy got on my bed and opened her legs up so that I could film her body. Then I sat the video camera on my desk and got on my bed. I slipped my now hard cock into Sandy's pussy. I was surprised that it just slipped right in so easily.

Sandy whispered softly, "I'm a virgin but Mom got me my own dildo a few months ago. However your cock feels a whole lot better than that rubber stick." I said, "Thanks" and I kept right on fucking into her.

It wasn't very long before I was cumming. Then I got the camera and got some real good pictures of her open pussy with my cum oozing out just a little. Then Sandy reached down and using her fingers scooped some cum out of her pussy and put it up to her lips. She tasted it and seemed to really like it.

Then she kept doing it over and over again as I filmed her. Sandy grabbed her panties and wiped her pussy with them good and tossed them on my floor near the wall. Sandy whispered, "Keep them as a reminder." I said, "Thanks plus I have our fist fuck movie to remember it by." Sandy whispered, "We should blackmail our parents somehow, now that we know they fuck each other, and now that we have proof. We really should get something good out of it too." I said, "I agree but we need to think about this for a while and do it right." Sandy whispered.

"Okay. Shall we go to Burger King now?" With that we got dressed and I hid the DVD in a drawer.


We managed to slip out of the house without getting caught. As we ate our burgers Sandy said that her mother would be easier than her father to get something out of. I told her that my mother was the same way.

Well then we just had to get the two of them together. But what did we want to blackmail them for and how. We needed to think a lot more about this. It was quite obvious that we couldn't threaten to tell their husbands. Then who? Sandy told me to make a bunch of copies of that DVD but just of our parents. She wanted me to leave her and I out of the copies. I agreed. So we decided to go home making sure to make some noise on the porch before opening the front door.

Our parents were all dressed and sitting around the living room drinking and talking. This was actually a typical Saturday evening that took place about once a month for a few years now.

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I then started to realize that this wasn't their first time to fuck each other by a long shot. Sandy and her parents only lived on the other side of town. However they didn't want to drink and drive so they always spent the night. It was nice really. Sandy gets my bed and I have to sleep on the floor in my sleeping bag. It has never been a problem before but now we have had sex together.

I just smiled and looked at Sandy in a new way. I asked, "Sandy do you want to play a video game?" Sandy replied, "Sure" and got up. Behind me I heard Mom say, "They'll be up for hours." Then I was sure that Sandy's mother said, "I hope so." When we got to my bedroom Sandy closed the door and locked it.

She said, "Did you hear what our mothers said?" I replied, "Yes" and then I started giggling. As Sandy had requested I made three copies of the DVD but just of the first part with our parents having sex and our mothers making out too.

It made us so excited that we filmed ourselves having sex again. This time Sandy wanted it doggy style and then she wanted to get on top.

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Afterwards she tried to push all of my cum out of her pussy and onto my chest so that she could lick it up. As she sucked my cock clean she put her pussy in my face. Hell I was willing to do anything at that point. This gorgeous girl had certainly given me enough pleasure. Holy shit I gave her an orgasm as I sucked and nibbled on her young clit.

Wow that was great. I was so excited that I started licking her tiny asshole too. I drove Sandy crazy as I licked it some more and tried to get my tongue inside her.

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As her panting got faster I went back to her pussy and clit again because I knew that had sent her over the edge before. I was treated to a flood of her sweet pussy juice. I relished in the flavor as it ran across my tongue and seeped into the back of my throat. I savored it before swallowing every drop. Now I wondered what my mother's pussy would taste like. After getting dressed and turning off the video camera I changed DVDs.

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Then Sandy and I snuck out the back way and around to the living room windows. A couple of years ago Dad had planted some pretty big shrubs along the windows. I always wondered why since they had always liked the view. However it gave Sandy and I cover from the street so that we could become Peeping Toms. Then we saw our mothers in another sexual embrace totally naked as our fathers watched and took digital pictures of the two sisters making out.

I raised my video camera and joined them. Then it dawned on me why Dad had planted the big shrubs and never trimmed them. Privacy! Sandy and I watched our mothers go at it for a long time. Sandy got sexually excited and started playing with herself again.

Eventually Dad started taking pictures of Sandy's father fucking both women. That was good but it only lasted about ten minutes. Sandy's father had them both get in the doggy position and fucked their pussies from behind. He fucked one for a minute or two and then fucked the other one.

He went back and forth until he cum in my mother. Then Sandy's father started taking pictures of my father fucking the two women. Sandy's mother was on her back, Dad stuck his cock in her hole, while Mom sat on her face. Sandy's Mom was eating her husband's cum out of my mother's pussy while my father fucked her.

When Dad cum Mom swung around and licked Sandy's mother's pussy too. Sandy and I decided to sneak back up to my room so as not to get caught. I made three copies of that DVD too and hid all of the copies. Soon we heard Mom calling us down for pizza. We bounced down the stairs. They were all dressed as we had expected and they were very happy. They were still drinking too. My mother had a little dried cum on her face and Sandy's mother had miss-buttoned her blouse.

They were getting a little tipsy. Sandy and I didn't say anything. We ate a couple of pieces of pizza and asked if we could go to the movies later. They were all for it but we told them that we wanted the seven o'clock show and that we should be home by ten o'clock.

We went back up to my room to kill a little time. At about the right time we came back downstairs. I had my video camera in my coat pocket and it was all ready to go. Both Dads gave me money and told me not to hurry home. As we were leaving the house our Aunt Linda and her husband arrived.

Aunt Linda is the youngest of the three sisters and the prettiest one too. Mom is thirty-five, Sandy's mother is thirty-four, but Aunt Linda is thirty and a very sexy young woman. Sandy and I certainly consider her our favorite Aunt.

We walked down the block toward the center of town then doubled back and hid in the shrubs outside the living room again. We didn't have to wait very long before Aunt Linda was drinking heavily and the men were chanting for her to take off her clothes. Everyone was hooting and hollering for her to strip. Sandy and I watched in amazement as Aunt Linda started stripping for our parents. I was not missing a thing with my video camera either.

Aunt Linda removed her blouse and modeled her brand new Victoria's Secret bra. Then she unhooked the back and slowly let it drop to the floor. Everyone applauded. It seems that Aunt Linda had her nipples pierced and a cute little butterfly tattooed on her left breast. She also had her belly button pierced. Then she removed her miniskirt and showed them her freshly shaved pussy. She opened up her pussy to show them her pierced pussy lips with two rings in each of her outer lips.

She also had her husband's name tattooed on her pubic mound right above her slit. Sandy was just as impressed as I was. Hell everyone was impressed. Our two mother ran over to their sister and kissed and hugged and then they kissed each of her piercings and tattoos. Aunt Linda had it all done while on vacation to the Bahamas. She had a great tan too with just a hint of a tiny bikini on her pubic mound and a tiny string around her waist that disappearing down into the crack of her ass.

Both of our mothers were jealous and wanted some piercings and tattoos too. Of course our fathers were all for it. So we watched as our mothers got undressed and started discussing what they wanted. It wasn't long before they had agreed that they wanted the same thing that Aunt Linda had except their husband's names on their pussies.

All three men started taking digital pictures of Aunt Linda and then of our mothers.


Soon the women were sucking on some other husband's cock and getting fucked too. They laughed as the three sisters got in the doggy position with their heads together in the center. The guys poked their cock in for a minute or so then rotated to the next pussy, and the next, and the next. All three made sure to fill Aunt Linda's pussy with their cum. Then our mothers got into a small Daisy Chain and started to eat each other out, then they swapped direction.

They both got to eat Aunt Linda and she got to eat them too. Once they had gotten the guys hard again Aunt Linda laid the men on the floor and straddled my father's cock first. Then she rode him like a cowgirl. Aunt Linda then went to Sandy's father next and finally to her own husband.

It was terrific watching her tits and ass bounce as she fucked herself with their cocks. Then Sandy's mother took her turn riding them trying to out do her younger sister.

Finally my mother rode the three men. My Mom sure could shake her big tits. Even Sandy thought that my Mom could shake them better. However we both thought that Aunt Linda would make the best stripper at a men's nightclub.

We watched and recorded them for almost three hours before Mom realized that it was time for us kids to get home. The men scrambled to get dressed quickly. The women all went up to the bathroom carrying their clothes. They had to wash up that's for sure. So Sandy and I made our grand entrance. The men were playing cards as we came in and offered us some left over pizza.

We just went up to my bedroom. Mom saw us and told me that Aunt Linda and her husband were going to spend the night in my bedroom and that Sandy and I would have to sleep in the living room. That was okay with us but first I needed to make copies of the newest DVD and hide them. I put in a blank DVD and took my camera downstairs to show everyone. That night Sandy and I were sure that the men were upstairs playing musical beds, but we were too busy ourselves to care.

I got to cum in Sandy's wonderful pussy, in her moist mouth, and then again in her wonderful pussy. When we woke up the next morning Sandy went up to use the toilet. She was only wearing a long T-shirt that she had taken from my drawer. When she came back down she was simply beaming.

She said that Aunt Linda had been in the bathroom when she opened the door and that she had been naked. So Sandy saw her tattoos and her piercings.


Aunt Linda let her look at them up close too. Sandy told me that she had sucked Aunt Linda's nipples and even licked her pussy. Then Aunt Linda had sucked her nipples and licked her pussy before she peed.

Aunt Linda tasted my cum in her pussy and knew what it was but she still licked the rest out of her. Aunt Linda asked Sandy if she had let me fuck her and Sandy said that she had. Aunt Linda smiled and said that she had thought so after finding her cum covered panties on the floor on the wall side of my bed. She said that she liked the idea and asked Sandy how big my cock was.

After Sandy told me all of this Aunt Linda came down wearing one of my T-shirt but it didn't cover her bare pussy. Aunt Linda said, "So you're fucking your first cousin. Would you like to fuck one of your Aunts too?" I spit out a whole-hearted, "Yes I would!" So Aunt Linda lay on Sandy's sleeping bag.

Lifted her knees up, and spread them for me. I just had to taste her pussy first so I leaned in and started licking her.

Sandy got next to me so that we could take turns eating out our Aunt Linda. Soon Sandy was aiming my cock at Aunt Linda's hole and encouraging me to fuck her. The next thing I knew Sandy was filming us with my new camera. Aunt Linda noticed her doing it but didn't seem to care at all. Then Aunt Linda said, "I saw you two outside the window last night and it really excited me. You two should join our little group. That way we wouldn't have to worry about you guys catching us in the act.

Plus Sandy I know for a fact that you're father and Uncles would love to fuck that little pussy of yours. And you're mother has been dying to get you to fuck her too." Sandy and I said, "Okay" in unison. After I cum in my Aunt Linda she took us upstairs and opened my parent's bedroom.

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The other five adults were on my parent's king size bed together. They were all naked too. Aunt Linda said, "Look who wants to join our little group." Both my mother and Sandy's father said, "Come here I've got a present for you," and patted their crotches. Everyone else laughed.

Sandy and I went right to them. Sandy sat on her father's cock and I poked mine into my mother's very wet pussy. After her father and I came Mom pulled Sandy down on top of her in a sixty-nine. I looked around and saw Aunt Linda filming them with my camera. She had filmed me fucking my Mom too. She handed me the camera.

Mom asked Sandy, "What do you think about getting a tattoo and some piercings?" Sandy said, "But Aunt Linda has two tattoos." Her mother said, "Yes but I don't think you want your cousins name on your pussy for the rest of your life. Perhaps you should wait and put your husband's name on your pussy." I had been thinking about our blackmail scheme but I knew that it would never work now.

However this was even better. The End Cousin Sandy 154