Fucking on the floor in sheer black pantyhose

Fucking on the floor in sheer black pantyhose
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The life of James Anderson Pt:3 I'm having some trouble deciding where to take this story, feel free to give suggestions on what you would like to happen. As we walked home together, we held hands and every now and again we exchanged cheeky quick kisses and grabs of each others bottoms.

We were in a serious dilemma. We knew that we could not be boyfriend and girlfriend as it would be frowned upon by most people, and if we broke up it would cause lots of tension in the family. We both tried to ignore this subject knowing what the end outcome would be but unfortunately I just had to know. My curiosity got the better of me once again.

"So what the fuck is happening between us" I asked with a twang to my voice making it sound more quizzical. "I'm not sure" She replied as she looked at her small feet. "I really find you attractive and your such a nice guy but we just can't be together, its forbidden." "Damn, forbidden love is always the sexiest!".

I replied using a voice that gave the assumption that I wanted to fuck her right there. "But in all seriousness, whats happening? Are we going to stop blowing each other and just act like nothings happen" "Pfft fat chance I'm letting your talented fingers not go to use" she winked at me.

"Ok I have a solution but it's quite strange, you may like it, you may not" Her voice turned into a serious voice. "Okay, go on?" I replied intrigued by this suggestion "How would you feel about us being friends with benefits." "Hell y." She cut me off abruptly, " I'm not done.

But the twist is we are not exclusive. so you can feel free to get some other ass and not feel guilty about it".

I looked at her with astonishment. On one hand I really wanted to take this opportunity and go on a fucking spree and on the other I couldn't stand the idea of another guy touching Caroline. ARGH why was this decision so hard, it was most teenage boys dream. "I don't know, I think I'd get jealous of other boys being with you" I said with a quiver in my voice.

"HA, don't you worry, I don't plan on getting with anyone else anytime soon. I'm done with relationships.

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As long as I have a cock at home to ride then I am a happy girl" She smiled at me as if the conversation was just casual and kept walking. By the time we got in, it was ten O'clock at night.

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We put a frozen pizza in the oven and after eating the shitty pizza we went to bed. As I got to the top of the hall way I turned right into my room but I suddenly realised that Caroline was following me into the room. We both got naked and got into bed. There was the occasional touch of the dick or the odd boob grope but that was it.

We both fell asleep in the spoon position. When I woke up in the morning and almost shit myself realizing that if my dad came in at any time to go to the gym with me, he would go absolutely mental!

I rolled over to notify Caroline but she had already left. I sat up and reached for my phone. I had three messages on my phone the first two were from Caroline and the other was from a blocked number.

The ones from Caroline said "Sorry, couldn't wait until you woke up" and the second was a picture of her squirting on me while I was asleep. At this point I touched my neck to find it was all wet.


I licked my fingers and yep, it was definitely lady cum. The third message said, "I saw what you did to your step sister on the hill, you sick fuck!". Holy shit someone had seen us. I decided not to tell Caroline as it would worry her too much. Being a Saturday morning and me not having any homework I turned my xbox on and played games for about an hour until My step mum shouted me for breakfast.

Pausing the game I ran downstairs. As I got to the kitchen I saw the best thing to see on a Saturday morning. A Whopping stack of American style pancakes. I just devoured the pancakes in next to no time.

We normally are only made special food with our parents have news whether it be good or bad. They both gathered around us as if they were about to give bad news. "Well, your dad and I have decided that we need to take a trip" "Where we off" I said excitedly "No no, not you just us two" my dad interrupted "We are going to an island for a few weeks, you may have realised we have drifted a part over the past few months and we will spend this time rekindling the passion" They both fell into fits of laughter at the word passion "How long will you be gone?" "Only a week, we are putting you in charge of the house for that time." "When are you leaving" "Next Friday, son, you better keep this house in splendid condition or I will whoop your ass, understood?" my dad barked at me.

This was bullshit! I couldn't believe how they are just fucking off to a luxury island and we are stuck to fend for ourselves. "Caroline can you believe whats happening" "Ye a week to ourselves, I wonder what could happen" she winked at me and I turned from being angry to happy, she turned and walked away, but before she could get too far I gave her ass a good firm slap making her shiver with the pleasure of sexual pain.

The day just sort of flew past and before I knew it I was in bed naked, ready to go asleep. The door slowly creeked open and I saw Carolines slender figure walk in butt naked. Damn she was perfect. She walked over to my bed. Mmm. She even walked like a model. I went to speak to her but she put her finger to my mouth and I shut up. She pushed me down flat onto the bed and then mounted my chest. She bent over and started to kiss me. This was like no other kiss that we have ever shared.

This was special. It was that type of kiss that makes your heart stop and you forget the concept of time. I don't know how long we were there but she soon raised her lips off mine and started to move up my body. Soon her sopping wet crotch was on my mouth. I knew what she wanted so instead of playing games I just gave her what she needed.

I stuck my tongue right into her glory hole which caused her to squeal. She put her hand to her mouth as the folks were in the house a few rooms down.

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I had little experience of giving oral so I didn't have a clue to do. I started licking away at the clit which made her go crazy. Before long she was literally fucking my face. She was bucking her hips on my mouth which felt so fucking good.

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My tongue got a little tired but I soldiered on. Caroline was really going for it and she obviously wanted it rough so I decided to up the game a level.

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I started to grope her ass cheeks with my hands and occasionally give a hard slap making her jump a bit. I built up the courage I needed to put my plan into action and without asking her, inserted one finger into her arsehole.

She made a very high pitch noise and looked down at me and shook her head violently but I kept on going. Her ass was so tight!

I kept holding her still while she thrashed about. Eventually she calmed down with my finger still in her ass. I continued with my pussy licking and y ass fingering. Soon she started to moan again and get back into it. I wiggled my finger around and to my surprise she moaned louder. OH MY GOD she liked anal! The power of having both holes probed and licked must have driven her wild because within four minutes her pussy erupted sending gushes of pussy juice all over my face.

I let her drop onto the bed and sprawl out. When I could see she had her breath back I got above her and spread her legs. I aimed my dick at her pussy when she suddenly put a hand to my chest and said "Not now, not yet.

I was going to give it too you on your birthday so it would be more special, please baby?" She was blushing now. "Sure hunny, but you have to do something about this big problem" I said pointing down at my dick. No more words were spoken and she went down fast than a stone. She started licking the top and fuck did it feel good. she would slowly lick it or kiss it, teasing me. Got it was so hard not to just force her head down to the bottom. It took a few minutes of pure agony but she did go put it in.

She bobbed up and down on the first four inches. She kept making those sexy as hell slurping noises when she came up. I couldn't resist and put my hand on the back of her head and gently pushed it down. At the six inch mark she resisted and started to gag a bit. Got it was so hot! I felt the resistance go away as her throat relaxed. With ease the last inch went in and jesus I was in blowob heaven. She stayed there for a while before starting to bob up and down on my cock. I got the feeling that I was about to cum.

Giving no warning I pulled out of her mouth and specked all over her perfect little tits. After that we did the casual spoon for a while before she went off, showered and then went to bed. The next day was fairly uneventful. I got a sunday morning blowjob and a sunday night blowjob but that was about it. I woke up on the monday morning and just casually strolled downstairs not knowing what special day it was.

When I got into the kitchen all of my family yelled, "Happy Birthday!" "Oh crap I forgot" I said laughing. We all shared a laugh and sat together and ate breakfast. "Right son, we are going to the DMV this morning, taking your tests and then you can get your present". I had been excused from morning classes and off I went to the DMV. The theory was fine and then I went to the practical test.

My instructor was about forty years old, a woman who was probably about a six out of ten. We did out introductions and before I knew it we were off. I was having a horribly time, hitting cones, doing the wrong speed, I knew I had failed straight away. "Please pull in here behind that building and we will practice your parking" So I did and I have to say I nailed the parking. "Turn off the engine please" so I did "I'm sorry James but you have failed your practical but there s one way you can still pass." she said with a shy hint in her voice "Whats that then" I said eagerly "Well uhm the thing is, er what i'd.

er well if you can make me cum before we get back I will pass you" Seeing my confused and shocked face she went on " Its been so long since I last had a man and well by the looks of you, you've probably had your fair share of women so I just want to get off so badly! I'm Already warmed up look!" She hiked up her skirt and pulled her panties a side. Shockingly a small bullet shaped dildo fell out.

"I get no male attention at home and your muscly body just made me so wet." "You don't need too tell me twice" I said as i moved my hand over to her slit and started to frantically rub her clit. "No hunny you don't understand" She said, "I've done the foreplay on the way, I just need a big cock in me!" as she said this she swung her legs over the middle parting of the car and straddled on top of me.

In seconds my cock was out and free. She started to jack it hard. She wasn't as good as caroline but she wasn't bad "Do you have a condom" I said naively " no im on the pill now stick it in please!" I lined my hard dick up with her hole and then it happened. She plunged down and my virginity was gone! What a great way to start a birthday!

she just stayed for a second muttering things like "Oh god, so tight" She then started to wiggle and then start to move her hips up and down. This felt so good. The wetness of her vagina on my dick was outstanding. I thought nothing could ever beat a Blowjob but this sure did. I grabbed hold of her ass and then started to hump her from my seat.

"Sorry to rush you hun but we only have ten minutes to get back, so fuck my pussy hard and we will head back, Oh and you have passed by the way" She winked at me and I knew what I had to do. I grabbed her by the ass and then lifted her up off my dick and then slammed her back down.

This was met by a loud squeal of pleasure. I started to do this over and over. the squelch got louder and louder each time I entered showing how wet she was getting.

I then lifter her ass just a bit and started to hump her as quickly as I can. This felt amazing for the both of us.

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She was moaning constantly and holding my by my biceps. I was in ecstasy. Without warning I got that feeling and before I could tell her I shot my load inside her. Rope after rope after rope went into her. I looked at her shaven cunt as my stuff started to leak out. She sat back in her own seat and lit up a cigarette. My sperm just leaked onto the seat next to her.


Laughing she said " next persons problem, ok get us back now, already got me off" she winked. She slipped a piece of paper to me before we got back which was her name and number. Naomi, what a nice name. I walked up to my"I passed"! "Great son!, lets go get your car" he said excitedly, "It's ready for pick up at the ford garage so lets go!" We got there and there was hundreds of cars but one stood out in particular an old red 1969 mustang with a black hood and a white stripe going across the side.

I looked at it and walked into the dealership. I thought that the one with a big red bow on the hood was mine, a new fiesta so I was really happy!

my dad walked over to a man who hurried off to the back and came out with a pair of keys. He handed me them and signaled for us to follow him.

we walked up to the fiesta but passed it, I was slightly disappointed until I found our destination. The old mustang. I couldn't contain my happiness as I hugged my dad.

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I jumped in to admire the interior. Black leather vintage seats with a refurbished dashboard! It really was a beauty! We said our thank you's to the dealer and I hopped in the drivers seat. As I turned the key the engine gave an almighty roar. My dad sat next to me and strapped up tight obviously nervous. I stuck to all the limits on the way home and dropped my dad off.

As i drove to school I saw people admire the sweet ass ride. When I got to school I could see people in the windows looking at it and admiring its beauty and its sound. In the hallway, kids started to ask, is that really your ride.

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I could proudly tell them it was. As I had no time for gym in the morning I decided to go at the start of lunch just like Jake, but I wasn't prepared for the surprise I got when I went up. Jake had often mentioned how empty it was, as you had to have very special permission to be there at lunch but still I didn't think he was this odd.

As I walked in I was faced with a bottom naked girl with just a loose T-shirt on sitting on the bench, legs spread and Jake down in between licking her out. I thought she'd seen me but she was obviously in too much pleasure. It was when the door banged shut after me that they both jumped out of their skin. "Classy Jake" I said jokingly Charlotte hunted round frantically looking for her skirt. "Happy birthday bud!" He said happily ignoring what had just happened.

It was hard for me to ignore it as a stray pube was on his upper lip "Thanks Jake, just give your mouth a wipe. Don't worry I wont tell anyone about this" I winked before starting my workout.

Charlotte left without a word and me and Jake worked out together. He could just about bench press 70 kilos and I was pushing 130 so we were very far a part in terms of ability. We worked solidly until the end of lunch. The rest of the day flew past with people wishing me well etc.

At the end of school, I rolled up to the front entrance in my new pussy wagon. People crowded round and admired the machine. I almost forgot about Caroline until she jumped in and asked to be taken home! Normally our walk would take about 20 minutes.

It took five in the car as I raced it home just guzzling fuel. When we got in there was dozens of family members standing round with their own little party. We did this every year for birthdays. By the time we were there everyone was drunk. After an hour of socializing Caroline took me by the hand dragged me to my room and just told me to stay there for a minute and get naked.

Minutes later she walked in with Victorias secret lingerie on. I nearly came then. Sorry this part took a little longer, been very busy. Expect new chapters every few days.