Fuckfests amaze euro strumpets very much

Fuckfests amaze euro strumpets very much
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Daniel Wolf Chapter 18 part 10 Lusan thought how involved her family had become with Daniel. She chuckled most humans have never seen a Griffon and most Griffons never interact with humans.

I guess you can say we are different. Lusan looked down from high in the sky and observed the army from Reynard Land nearing the aerie where Daniel awaited.

She wondered what Daniel's chosen would be like.Guess I better get back and meet with Daniel. Will and Leaf had joined up with Company A and were clearing the cave system of Torrent soldiers it had been easy so far but they had learned from a captive an Army from Torrent was on the march.

They were due in a week. Dainel was plotting or rather making plans. A runner had recently arrived from A company and reported about Torrents Army on the march.


There wasn't much time so he had the rest of his army on the move. It was almost a pincher move. If Torrent's army continued at its present speed in three days time. All would come together. Oh well guess I better see what Lusan has to report. "Daniel I just returned from a scout in Torrent. Their Army is nearing the mountain pass.

They should clash with your A company at that time." "That seems to be on schedule Lt. Grace has met up with Will and Leaf, Bren is on the way to report to them ." My plan is for them to speed up and to arrive first and to set up an ambush." Unbeknowance to all concerned Torrents Army was playing into our hands they planed to camp on the Torrent side of the Pass.

They were awaiting the arrival of a cadre of Mage and assassins. Will and Leaf took two other scouts, Bush and Stalker and blended into the trees. The plan was to ambush The Mages and Assassins. They would fire off three to four arrows apiece. Then disappear before they could respond.

That would also be the signal for LT. Grace to make his hit and run attack. I heard a strange voice in my mind which I realized was Brax.

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"Daniel can I accompany Will and Leaf? Why should they have all the fun ?" I chuckled as I agreed. Brax would let the Scouts strike first then as they retreated Brax would strike from behind. Brax's main concern was that the scouts wouldn't leave enough for him. It was difficult to get much done. Once Marlu and Tiiup were close they both wanted reassurance that I would not get injured again.

I told them that Colonel Richilou would be leading the fight. Some how I don't think they believed me. Bren returned from her message duties and reported to me.


It is hard to ignore her when she changes to her human form. In the words of my real home she is a Blond bombshell. And change is what she did. Right in the middle of her report. There was also a tantalizing odor that set my mouth to watering. My thoughts, why wait any longer.

I reached out and thumbed her right nipple, she had to catch her breath. The rest of her report was a bit disjointed. Especially when she picked me and smothered me between her massive boobs. Oh but I liked it. As she wallowed me back and forth I opened my mouth and snagged one of her nipples. I rolled it around with my tongue. Bren almost froze, well she did shake just a bit. She gently laid me on to my bed (really a nest) and began to kiss my entire body.

When she reached my groin area my cock was standing tall. She opened her mouth and sucked it in.all at once. It almost took my breath away.

The swirling of her tongue around my cock set my entire body to tingling.

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To Bren it was like I was a toy. She was in total control what she wanted she got. I could feel the tingling working its way to the release point.Her mouth and my cock the moment had arrived. I could hold back no longer and I exploded. Bren drank it right never losing a drop.

She continued to tantalize with her tongue. I never lost my hard, well maybe just a little but not for long.

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I slid down her body kissing as I went until my lips met her outer pussy lips. It was time for a colossal French kiss. "Ouch! " That was almost dangerous Bren slammed her legs together around my head. It felt like my eardrums popped and it was hard to breath. Then as quick as they slammed shut her legs opened wide giving me all the access I needed. I dove right in and went for her Clit.

Whoa Here comes the legs again. Wow this could be dangerous as well as pleasurable. I licked and kissed and slid a finger or two into her amazing pussy and continued to hang on. I could feel her body began to shake. Her orgasam was at hand I just had to hang on it was going to be a bumpy ride.

Bren released a sound that seemed to be a cross between a raging Lion and a screaming Eagle.


Bren reached down and pulled me upwards until my cock was at her opening. It was easy to understand what was on her mind.

I shifted my body and my cock head slipped inside. Now here a question I had been wondering was answered. Would Bren have a maidenhead in her Human form.The answer was NO.

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I slammed all the way home no obstruction at all. I did get an OOOH for Bren, I think it meant she liked it. This was a joining like no other, I started out slowly from her depths not moving back out at all.

I just began to rotate my hips. Almost at once Bren matched me and we set up a rhythm after a few minutes I slowly added the in and out movement with a twist. Bren seemed to know instinctively which way to move for the right feeling. For her and for me slowly, then faster. I began to draw my cock out till it was close to coming all the way out. Then I would stop and hesitate before slamming all the way inside her again. We began to increase our speed. the time was near we both were smashing ou bodies against each other.

Rivulets of sweat was running off our bodies. I had just completed a long stroke and had started back out. When Bren slapped her big hands on my butt cheeks and forced me back inside her and she screamed.

The firey inferno which seemed to be her insides as she orgasmed forced me over the edge and I bathed her insides with the largest blast of cum I had ever turned loose in forty years. For a moment we lay there trying to collect ourself when we heard a noise. I raised up and we looked towards the door.

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All we could see was the smiling faces of Lusan, Marlu, Oeeip and Tiiup. Lusan said,"Well she finally caught you, now maybe we will be able to get some rest around here." Everybady laughed

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