Honeys fondle each other hardcore and blowjob

Honeys fondle each other hardcore and blowjob
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The Mall My new Master has decided to prepare me for an outing. This will be our first. It is a Saturday, and we are going to the shopping mall in the city.

He has asked me to prepare for him to dress me. I shower and perfume myself and apply my makeup, and my long black wavy luxurious hair is fresh and clean. Per his directions I return to the bedroom to be dressed. He hands me a pair of lovely nylon stockings with lace tops and seams down the back. They are the kind that stay on with no garters. I sit on the bed and begin to carefully put them on. Next, I am given a pink lace under-wire push-up bra. My size 36F is hard to fit. This will make my large breasts stand out even more.

I cringe at the thought of publicly drawing more attention to them, but I am afraid to disobey my new Master, and so I put it on as well. He then hands me a leather mini-skirt, which zips up in the back. I step into it and pull it up, but I turn and wait for him to help me zip it since it is so incredibly tight. It is a bit uncomfortable against my bare skin, and I am still hoping he has just forgotten to hand me my panties… He then hands me a long-sleeved, pink angora sweater with a plunging v-neck and lovely pink pearl buttons down the front.

I put this on also.

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Next he hands me the shoes. Lovely new black patent-leather stiletto heals, that appear to be about 5 inches high. I step into them obediently. They have very sexy ankle straps which he encloses around my slender legs just above the ankle.


He then hands me a heavy, warm black woolen blazer. I am grateful, since it is mid-January. I place it on and step in front of the full-length mirror. Oh! The effect is too dramatic. I am all legs and tits.

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The lace tops of my stockings are just visible from under my skin-tight leather skirt. And the black jacket, which is at least a size too small does not even cover my overly accentuated tits in the push-up bra and bulky pink sweater.

I look like a total slut. "Oh, Master! I can't leave the house this way! You know how conservative I am, and I don't dare to dress this way in public!" He simply gives me a look that seems to go right through me and says, "You shall do exactly as I say." I am horrified.

I am frightened and hoping at least that he will stick by me every minute, being dressed the way I am. It is already making me feel incredibly vulnerable. I hate attracting attention, and I am usually dressed publicly in a most conservative manner. However, at least I am new in this town and do not run the risk of meeting anyone I am familiar with.

For this I am grateful. I don my blue-mirrored sunglasses and hope that I am prepared for this. We exit his vehicle in the parking garage on the second floor.

The Mall is actually on the next block. We head to the Mall through the glass-enclosed walkway that leads over the traffic below. The full-length windows have a dizzying effect as I gaze down at the dense city traffic below. We finally enter the Mall and it is clean and modern. It is three stories tall, with a glass-enclosed elevator in the center. There are beautiful skylights way above, with fountains, gardens and waterfalls everywhere I look.


It is very busy today, packed with people. Where we are on the second floor, there is a coffee shop that I adore.

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My Master offers to order take-out cappuccino, so that we can walk around and enjoy it. As we leave the coffee shop there is a large group of ten or twelve teenaged boys who all seem to notice me as I step out into the corridor.

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My Master is smiling as he nods his head to them, and I cringe as I hear all of their comments. Wow she's hot! What a slut! Lucky guy! I'd love a piece of that! How much? My face is burning up from embarrassment, and my Master is clearly pleased with my humiliation. He then suggests that we head to the Food Pavilion to drink our cappuccinos.

There are at least 20 vendors surrounding hundreds of little tables in this huge food pavilion. In the far corner there is another corridor with a sign above it: "Rest Rooms" The men's room door is visible from the seating area, and the ladies' room is a bit further down.

Master explains to me that I am to stand outside of the men's room door drinking my cappuccino, as if I am waiting for him to come out. He deposits me there, and I begin to panic as I watch him leave only to sit in a seat at the closest table to where I am standing, clearly in his view. I sip my drink nervously and endure all kinds of lecherous stares of the men who are entering there. And they are all reaching down to their zippers as if they are getting ready to go in… or something… I have never before noticed that men do this.

Some of them comment to me as they exit… still waiting baby? come back in with me? I know what you need… oh God I am so mortified. I am nearly in tears and finally my Master curls his index finger indicating that I am to approach him. "Please, please don't leave me again, Master!" He simply smiles. "We are going for a ride in the elevator now," he tells me. I recall that it is totally encased in glass, and that I am not wearing panties.

I cringe. We step inside on the first floor. We move to the back and several people enter. Men have been staring all day and the women have been giving me dirty looks all day (filthy slut).

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The elevator is no different. The doors close and we move to the second level. I am blushing furiously. Here everyone else exits.

It is just Master and myself. I glance behind us only to see the group of teenaged boys from earlier, with a very clear view as the elevator is right next to the balcony where they stand.

Oh no! They have noticed me also. I pretend not to notice. It is taking forever for these doors to close… My Master drops his keys on the floor in front of me.

"Pick them up, slut." I look back at him pleadingly, but the look in his eyes terrifies me, and I dare not disobey him.

I reach for them, knowing full well the view that the young boys behind me are enjoying. I am so humiliated. I dare not turn around, and I am so grateful that I cannot hear them… Why is it taking so long for this elevator to move?

"You are lovely in your humiliation, my slut. You have such a healthy glow." My Master is smiling evilly, and I think that I shall die. We continue the elevator ride up and I know they are watching me. "Spread your legs apart, slut." I obey him and several people step on to the elevator at the top floor.

I know those boys have full view of me still. I feel as if I am going to faint. I have never felt so cheap and so vulnerable in my entire life. He is making me ride down again… and at the second floor after everyone else has stepped out, my Master again drops his keys on the floor at my feet.

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"Oh no please, Sir!" "DO IT!" I cringe as I reach for them and hand them back to him. He takes my arm and leads me out and back to the enclosed walkway to the parking garage. I have barely recovered from my experience in the glass elevator. I am horrified and humiliated. And to add to my vulnerability and humiliation I realize that my pussy is dripping wet.

I am terrified that my stockings are going to give me away… There in the glass-enclosed walkway, I realize that it has gotten late enough in the day to become dark. Master stops me to "look at the view, the city lights" at the beginning of the walkway. It is very well-lit inside.

I look down to notice that the traffic below has come to a complete stop at a traffic light. My Master is holding me from behind. This seems all very wonderful and romantic and innocent looking, until I hear his zipper. With his long overcoat camouflaging him, he is able to come up behind me, and he forces his hard throbbing cock into my wet available pussy from behind. "Spread them just a bit more, slut." He is whispering in my ear.

He is fucking me right in front of the full-length window. My hands are grasping desperately at the railing as I look down at the traffic stopped below. "Just a bit wider, sweet slut. I want them all to watch you getting fucked." There are some people traveling the walkway, but they don't seem to notice us. I am panicking and fully aware that anyone below could see everything.

I am trying to maintain my composure as Master fucks me publicly. "Look at that man driving the taxi. He is watching you." Oh… god this is too humiliating I think I am going to faint. I have never felt more like a slut in my life.

A huge wave of heat engulfs me. I fear I am going to faint, but instead I realize I am going to cum. I whisper, "Oh god no…" and my Master begins to lick and breath into my ear… which always pushes me over the edge. Here I am in full public view, being fucked and loving it and cumming like a total slut.

He is practically holding me up. Finally, he asks if I can walk, and I tell him yes. We go back to his vehicle and drive home before we can be caught.