Teenager mag gebohrt werden

Teenager mag gebohrt werden
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Story I sat with my back against the wall in the hallway at school, hoping that Layla Mays would notice me. I have always liked her, and thought she was pretty. Although she never noticed me, she always swung her hips more and flipped her hair when I was around.

This is all because I was the star quarter back at our school and hung out with her now-ex boyfriend Luke Terrel who also played football. She walked past me and I watched her ass as she strode by, wondering what she would look like with nothing covering her ass or pussy as I fingered. I felt my pants stretch to fit my pecker, now growing as I daydreamed about fondling her in my bedroom.

Too bad this thought would never come through. Layla stopped by her locker that was some ways down the hall from where I was sitting watching her. She got some papers from her locked then walked back this way. She was looking strait at me as I pulled my books over my boner, hoping she didn't notice it.

She stopped right in front of me with one hand holding the papers and the other one onher hip. Her blonde hair fell gracefully past her shoulders, framing tight, firm breasts, probably a B pushing a C, and then her flat stomach to her well-formed hips. She didn't look like a freshman to me, but she is. Layla just turned 16 today. "Are you listening Jacob?" she asked, rolling her eyes and holding one of the many papers out to me.

"Um, sorry I was just, uh, thinking of my math homework I didn't do." I licked my lips and glanced down at the floor, hoping she didn't see my face flush with red. I stared at her light-tan Uggs, with her dark blue skinny jeans tucked in, and a light blue t-shirt with a North face jacket topping it off. "Here, I'm inviting you to my birthday party at 9pm- 3am tonight.

Gonna be there?" she said, as I looked up at her. There was a gleam in her eyes then she looked away quickly hiding her face a little.

"Sure. I guess. Want me to bring Luke?" I asked looking up at her, feeling my boner deflate as I looked at her innocently. She made a disgusted sound in her throat about the Luke comment. "Nahh, he has been a bit of a jerk to me lately." She made a pouty face at me, blinking her long, dark eyelashes, hoping I would notice her gestures.

I only shrugged and pulled myself off the ground, taking the paper from her hands. She looked up in my face for what seemed like eternity, then broke the gaze.

"Uh, I need to um, get to class." she stuttered, turning on her heels and walking down the hall in a rush.

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She bumped into Luke as she was going around the corner and quickly apologised as she disappeared around the corner.

I stuffed the invitation in my pocket, not wanting Luke to see and get mad. "Hey." He paused and glanced down at my pocket then back to my face. "Whatcha have in your pocket?" He asked me. "Nothing, just some homework I need to finish in study period." I shrugged and walked off down the hallway, hearing his foot steps behind me, knowing he would follow me.

The first bell rang, meaning we have 5 minutes until the final bell for start of class. "Man, please talk to me, we haven't been talking much lately, come on dude." Luke said while walking next to me with his hands deep in his pockets of his gray sweet pants.

"Luke, I'm not mad or anything, just been busy." I said while staring at the floor as we walked towards math. "Can we hang out later tonight?" Luke asked me, letting me know he knew something was up, but not knowing what yet. "I can't, I have to somewhere with my mom and dad." I lied, shrugging as we walked through the classroom door and found our seat in the back of the room.

"Something is up, and I'm gonna find out." Luke narrowed his eyes at me and studied me as we took our seats. He stared at me the whole period while I sat and stared out the window think about how Layla's pussy would look with me ramming my huge cock up into her, and cumming deep in her.

My pants bulged under the table, hiding me, but Luke noticed and elbowed me in the ribs and gave me a look saying I was gross. I couldn't keep Layla off my mind the whole day of school. After school I was waiting with Luke for the bus when Layla walked up. "Jacob, I need to talk to you." she said, smiling at me and giving Luke a smile that wasn't as bright as mine. I gave her a look wondering what was up. The party wasn't for another 6 in a half hours, what could she want to talk about? Luke gave me a look.

I knew he still liked her, even though he is the one who dumped her, to fuck the head cheerleader. If I was her, I don't think I would have taken it lightly. She grabbed my hand and pulled me farther up near the school stairs, standing a little close for comfort, and away from anyone.

She stood to where she was standing in front of me blocking most of the view from Luke, who was staring at us now. When I looked at him, knowing he was being nosy, he looked down at the ground, kicking his feet. "Do you think you could come over earlier than everyone else, I wanna hang out, just us two.

I don't get to hang out with you much because of Luke." She looked me in the eyes, smiling, pouting her bottom lip out a little bit, looking beautiful.

The only thing that went through my mind was what it would be like with her pretty, full lips around my shaft. Another thought was that she was finally legal.

I smiled down at her with a smile showing what I wanted to do with her. "Sure, when?" I asked, turning my facial expression back to a relaxed, calm, not caring look. I gazed down at her wondering why she wanted me to show up earlier. She bit her lip, and looked up at me with a look of wanting, desire, and longing. "Um, how about you ride the bus home with me?" She pouted and batted her eyes at me and leaned against me.

I shrugged like I always do when I try to hide my feelings. She slid her hand down and brushes it on my cock. I straitened my back and felt my face blush with the embarrassment I had as my cock jumped to attention beneath her hand, loving how it felt. I lightly removed her hand from me and looked down at her. She smiled at me brightly, knowing I liked it. "I guess I could come over. My parents probably won't mind." I said as I looked her in the eye, hoping she would stop touching me for now.

She beamed up at me and hugged me tightly. We walked over to Luke, I had to tell him I couldn't be on the bus. It was Friday and I don't think my mom and dad wouldn't mind me being a little late home.

"Luke, I" he cut me off. "Cut the crap, I could care less about your stupid excuses, do what ever." he threw his hands up in the air and stomped off. I shrugged and walked with Layla to her bus. When we got to her house, Layla brought me through the front door and into the front room where we put our backpacks down. "Where is your parents?" I asked, feeling her walk towards me and wrap her arms around me.

"They are out of town." She looked a little sad, but still happy that I was there to keep her company. I felt her hands on my belt as she undid them and slipped her hands down my pants and rubbed me through my briefs. I sighed a little bit and closed my eyes. "I never did anything with Luke, he tried to get me to, but I didn't want to. I have wanted to fuck you since I met you." she went on tip toes and kissed me.

I kissed her back, not caring if Luke would get mad or not. He used to steal my girlfriends, and date my ex's. I have never did it though, even though I got some offers, but I always turned then down no matter how much of a dick he was to me.

It all changes now. I kissed her back as if she was my air and I needed it. She slipped my pants down around my ankles and then slowly pulled my underwear down to my thighs, exposing me to her hungry eyes. "Oh my, you're a lot larger than I thought." She stroked my large cock to make me hard, it didn't take long.

She went down and kissed the tip of it, leaving lip stick on it and then licking from the tip down my shaft, to my shaven base. "I want you to fuck me so hard, and be my first." when she said this, I felt myself go still.

I will be her first? She squeezed my shaft, bringing my attention back to her waiting. I pulled her up, while she still had my cock in her hand. "Before we do that my love, I need to show you some other things you need to experience. That so you know what it's like to have a real lover." I looked at her with passion and slipped her pants and underwear down, and slipping my fingers between her wet, swollen lips, flicking her clit. She leaned her head back and moaned, and smiled at me.

I put two fingers into her tight, virgin pussy, and moved them around, exploring, trying to find her sweet spot. I found it because she started to breath a little faster and move her hips under my touch, and grabbed onto my cock with her hand and stroked it for what it's worth. I withdrew my hand, soaking with how wet she was. I didn't want her to go just yet. I pulled her hand from around me, and pulled her shirt off, revealing a bra matching her underwear, pink with blue poka dots, covering her lush tits.

I put my hands up under her breasts and felt her nipples react to my touch, hardening to a hard nub. I ran my thumbs over them, squeezed them, and rolled them between my forefinger and thumb, making her squirm under my touch. "Oh my gosh, I feel like I'm in heaven. Please make me cum for you Jacob." she moaned, her voice thick with need. I pulled her bra over her head, revealing her perky breasts. I leaned down and drew her nipple into my mouth and sucked on it, and raked my teeth across them, feeling her bow her back.

I loved the feel of her nipples between my teeth, how she reacted to me. While I flicked my tongue across her nipple, I reached down and finger fucked her, letting my fingers run over her g-spot making her cum. I barely touched her and made her cum, this was going to be fun. I pushed her down on the couch and spread her legs to were I could get a good view of her pussy and be able to see her look of pleasure in her eyes.

I stood over her, and pulled off my shirt off so I was as naked as her. "Would you care if I ate you out? I want to not just fuck you and you not have all the pleasure." I said as I got on my knees between her thighs, blowing on her pussy. Her clit was already hard, that was quick. "Please." she sighed, leaning her head back on the couch.


I kissed her pussy lips like I would kiss her lips, working my tongue between her lips and into her pussy. She was so tight, I don't know how she is gonna do for her first time, I don't want to hurt her. "I'm going to cum.oh my gosh." she moaned, grinding her mound on my face as I tongue fucked her, feeling her convulse around me, and then squirt on my face.

I licked her clean, and worked her clit to get her ready to be penetrated. "My oh my, you're a squirter, eh Layla?" I winked at her, smiling wide at her, my mouth gleaming from her juices.

She moaned again. "Let me do all the work, don't move around unless you feel comfortable enough and sure enough it won't hurt you." I said as I stood and put my head of my dick against her opening, pushing it in slowly. I watched Layla as she laid her head back. "Mmm, feels so wonderful." she closed her eyes and started to finger her clit as I pushed in farther. I stood up pulling her with me and turning her so I could be on the couch and she could be on top. I sat her on top of my with her legs spread and me part way in her, waiting for her next move, wanting her to be in control.

She bit her lip as she pushed down further, sitting completely on me. I filled her pussy completely with my cock, all the space occupied by my gigantic boner.

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Layla pulled me almost completely out, then plunged back down, letting out a gasp, then started to bounce up and down slow at first, and got faster. The faster she got, the wetter, letting me glid in easier, making a thudding noise as our flesh bumped together, bonding us.

My breath started to quicken so I had to stop her. "Layla, I feel like I'm going to cum, stop." I didn't really want to go in her, I don't want a baby at 17, but she made it oh-so tempting. "Good." She said in a seductive voice in my ear, only bringing my closer to the brink, and she sped up.

Our bodies made a sloshing noise and she pounded her pussy down over my throbbing cock. She gasped at almost the same time as me, and she almost completely stopped moving as she thrust one more time, pushing me deep within her walls, letting me spill within her.


She screamed my name over and over again, then closed her eyes and had her mouth partially open. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, pulling me out of her. "Can I try um." she paused and bit her lip, "sorry I'm a little new to all of this, can't help being shy, but can I try. Deep throating? Just tell me what to do, I want to try." she said looking down at me, doing that pouty thing again, letting her dark eyelashes frame her bright blue eyes.

I couldn't tell her no with that look in her eyes. "Sure, I guess." I smiled at her and she bent down and kissed me with my mouth still covered in her juices. It only made me harder and smile wider. I love how she is not afraid to try anything. She bent down between my legs, and drew my dick down to her lips and kissed it while looking my in the eyes, then put only the head in her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue, tasting her juices on my still-hard dick.

She pulled it out for a moment. "Together, we taste sweet." she admitted sheepishly, blushing a little bit, then put my dick back in her mouth, this time bringing it deeper into her mouth, sucking it and pulling it in and out, coating my with her saliva.

She pulled it even farther back, I could feel her gag a little bit, but she quit and pulled it back again. I felt pressure between my legs and felt my veins warm with the feeling of orgasm building.

My pulse sped up while my breathing quickened. My hips bucked, and I spilt my hot cum into the back of her throat, and she swallowed all of it like it was her favorite drink. She moaned with my cock between her lips while I started to finger her and she came one last time and pulled my cock out of her mouth and moaned loudly. She squirter again and writhed around making a spot on the carpet. After about an hour, she slipped up next to me on the couch, and snuggled close, neither of us want to move yet.

"We need to get cleaned up." she paused in a lazy tone. "We can take a shower together then afterwards rest while I wash our clothes." She smiled and kissed me on the lips gently looking me in the eyes. "I love you Jacob." She said quietly. I smiled at her and put my hand under her chin, stroking her cheek with my thumb.

"I love you too." I bent down and kissed her on the lips with a long, passionate kiss then pulled her up off the couch and we walked to the shower. She turned the water on hot and we both got in and started to scrub the dried cum off of us and threw soap at each other, laughing and smiling at each other, ending up laying in the tub with the water beating down on us, making out.

She started to jerk me off, and I let her. "I'm gonna cum." I said, then felt her mouth on my as I came, as I yelled my satisfaction into the water, feeling my body go limp with the after glow of orgasm.

The water went cold on us, and we finally got out and she washed and dried our clothes. "For the party tonight, I think you can fit in some of my brother's clothes, he is about the same size as you." We walked into her brother's room, both of us stark naked, and looked for some clothes to wear. She threw some black skinny jeans at me, and white shirt with some band on it, some socks, and watched as I slipped on my own underwear and put on her brother's clothes.

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I twisted in circles for her, showing her my look, and smiling at her. I walked up to her and pushed her on the bed and made out with her, slipping my hand between her thighs and started to stroke her clit, and she started to breath heavily. "Okay, I feel like I'm about to cum, unless you want to be messy again, then you should stop." she laughed breathlessly and kissed me playfully. I pulled her up and we walked to her room for her clothes.

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She went into her closet and came out holding some dresses over her arm. She had put on some panties and bra, matching dark pink.


"I have 5 dresses, pick a color, red, blue, purple, or green?" She asked as she came up and rubbed her almost-naked body against me playfully, and kissed me, waiting for me to answer. "Blue." I whispered next to her ear.

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She shivered from my breath on her neck and ear. "You make me not want to get dressed." she smiled up at me, waiting for my next move. What I did surprised her, I picked up the blue dress and handed it to her, we had 3 hours, and we still had to go to my house real fast. "If you don't want to get dressed yet, wear the dress with no underwear and when we come back, put the underwear back on when we come back?" I suggested to her, pulling her into my arms.

She giggled, snuggling closer to me.

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I put my hands on her underwear-clad ass and asked again, "Like my idea?" and smiled down at her quietly. "Yeah, I actually do." She pulled her underwear down while looking me right in the eyes, then slipped the dress on. It looked amazing on her, showing off her breasts, small waist line, hips, and long, graceful legs. She topped it off with dark blue high heels, matching her dress. We left to go to my house, when we got to the porch, no one was home, but Luke was standing on the porch, he looked mad.

As we approached, he got up off the little white bench. "I know what you two did. It hurts me. You, you went Behind my back. You both did." You can tell he had been upset. Layla and I both walked to him, pity on our faces, and gathered him in a hug, which turned into Luke and I both groping Layla.

I turned the door knob, and the house was unlocked and we all three slipped in. "Layla, please?" Luke asked, glancing up at me, wondering if I would get mad at his request. Layla looked up at me, asking with her eyes what to do.

I nodded. Layla leaned up and kissed Luke. "Not right now." Luke said, "In a little bit. Also, I heard about your party." he paused, "can I go too?" he asked in a weak voice.

"Well, I guess, but, I'm going to this with Jacob, don't get jealous about it, please." she said hugging him lightly. He only nodded at that one request. We all sat and talked about everything, he knew we had sex, he had spied on us, and left when I penetrated her. I felt bad about it, but he has done it to me, and he knew how much I loved Layla even before he asked her out.

Before I knew it, we wasted some hours, and there was only about less than a half an hour till the party, good thing Layla had got all the supplies for it earlier today, or I don't know what we would have done. When the party started, so many people were there, and someone had spiked the punch so far, predictable, if only they knew it was spiked in the first place.

We knew someone had spiked it again because we saw a kid pour another bottle of vodka in the bowl. Not many people were paying attention to us, but a few people was saying happy birthday as we walked over to the couch, Layla, Luke, and I.

We all sat on the couch and then it kind of happened, mostly because the punch. Layla started to finger herself and moan, and I started to be turned on, and so was Luke by the way he was stroking himself on the outside of his jeans. Luke pulled off his pants and stood in front of Layla.

She spread her legs for him, but grabbed me and looked at me. "I want you to fuck me in the ass, and him in my pussy. You're more gentle so that's why I want you to anal fuck me." She smiled and I smiled back. I slipped her dress off of her and everyone was looking our way as I took her bra off, my pants off, picked her up, and pulled her on top me of facing away from me.

I stuck my hard cock into her ass slowly after I lubricated it with her pussy juices, then Luke pushed his dick into her pussy slowly, making her lean her head back and kiss me. "Fuck me harder, both of you." she moaned loudly.

All the people here were crowed around us now, watching us have a threesome on the couch. I jammed it in as fast and hard as I could, and Luke did too, but he pulled out and Layla took him into her mouth, and Layla pulled me out and put me in her pussy.

I pushed in my cock, surprised by how her pussy was still kind of tight, making her gasp and bow her back. I nibbled on her neck and earlobe as I fucked her, helping her moved up and down on me, making her cry out. Then Luke pulled out and came all over her chest and in her mouth, and she took him back into her mouth, cleaning him completely.

She started moaning loudly as Luke fingered her clit and I fucked her sweet pussy. She screamed as she came and raked her nails down my arms as Luke bent down and took her clit into her mouth, rolling his tongue over an over it, making her come again. Then the door came open and her parents walked in and saw their daughter displayed in front of everyone with a cock shoved deep into her and a guy sucking her clit.

"Layla! What are you doing??!" Her mom and dad both yelled, yanking her off of my and shoving Luke to the floor. "Everyone out, now!" ordered her dad, and everyone ran out the door quickly. He pointed at me and Luke, "You two stay, and get your clothes on." you could tell he was royally pissed, so we obeyed. Once everything was in control again, Her parents, Her, Luke, and I, all sat down on the couch were we had made love, and we talked about this like normal people.

I didn't thin her parents would be home tonight, but I guess things happen. "Layla, you shouldn't have done this party without asking us, and besides, you didn't have to sneak behind our back about this.

Every teen experiments, I just wish you didn't. In front a big crowd." Her mom said. "You could have came to us about this, we wouldn't have cared, but you didn't have to do this in front of everyone." Luke's mouth and mine both dropped open as we both sunk in what they had both just said to us.

"But the only thing you have to do is let us join in on the fun next time." Her mom winked and her dad ran his hand up her mom's leg.