Silvia saint casting a sexy blonde teen

Silvia saint casting a sexy blonde teen
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I was sitting on the couch nervously waiting for Brandon to show up. A few minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. "Hey." Brandon said. "Hi." I squeaked nervously. "Are you ready?" He asked just as nervously. Before I could say anything my hand reached out and led him up to my bedroom. We sat on the bed. I got down on my knees and he gasped. "What's wrong?" I said innocently.

"Let's do it." He moaned. I zipped down his pants and pushed them down around his ankles.

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I could feel his dick inside his boxers growing. "It's moving." I giggled. "Rub harder." He ordered.

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I pulled down his boxers and threw them across the room. I cupped my hand around his growing dick and rubbed up and down gently. "Faster." He managed.

I gripped a bit harder and rubbed up and down even faster. I drop of clear liquid dripped down his penis. I rubbed the pre-cum around the head of his big cock. I started giving him a hand job again.


I was begging myself to press my lips against the wet dick. As if he read my mind, he whispered, "Now suck me." I was waiting for him to say this. I bent down so that my head was level with his. I stuck my tongue out and gently licked the cum off of his penis. I slid my mouth farther and farther down his dick.

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Eventually the whole thing was in my mouth and I was violently moving up and down. He had his head back and his eyes closed silently whispering, "More.".

He held my head against his dick and face fucked me. He thrusts his dick wildly, his balls slapped my chin. He let go and came. The thick semen shot out and landed on my neck. More shot out and landed on my lips, I licked the messy cum off my lips and swallowed. "Can I finger you, babe?" He asked. "Please do." I replied. He took of his shirt and was completely naked. I stood there in awe for a few moments staring at is well built body. I then realized I was supposed to be taking off my clothes.

I slipped out of my shirt and jeans. I let him take my underwear and bra off. He laid me down on the bed and put his knees on either side of me. He laid on me an licked my cleavage.

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I was nervous my boobs weren't big enough. They were the size of an orange and big enough for me. Apparently, he liked them too. He unhooked my bra and peeled it off. He cupped his hands around my breasts and fondled my nipples. They turned hard and I moaned.

He started sucking my nipples and I felt his penis. He sucked my breasts harder, he kept sucking and slowly took off my underwear. He was fingering me and kissing my tits at the same time. He moved his tongue down my body until it landed on my clit. He rubbed my freshly shaved (and now wet) pussy. He slid his finger deeper and deeper into my vagina. "Oh, baby! Farther!" I pleaded.

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"There's only one way to go farther." He climbed up my body and teased my little pussy with his monster cock. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Yes. More." I moaned.He slid the tip of his penis inside me. "Stop!" I commanded. "Does it hurt, baby?" "I just want to lay here with you inside me for a few minutes." He put his whole penis inside me, my pussy pressed against his balls.

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He lay down on top of me. Slowly thrusting up and down.

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I moaned, I wanted to have more so I said, "Fast." He sat up and moved faster. "My vagina hurts, let me be on top for a little bit." We reversed places and I sat on his dick, my back facing him. I bounced and he humped harder. Later, we went to doggy style and it was much more comfortable. I could feel his big dick inside me, his cum shot out inside me, into my uterus.

It felt so good. We stopped and decided to lay in my bed together. We just kissed and it felt very good to be with my boyfriend, knowing that we've shared our bodies, entered each other, and made love. "How do you feel?" Brandon asked eagerly. "I feel sexy, loved. And sweaty!" I giggled. He laughed and said, "That was great.


You're the best lover I've ever had!" "Well, I hope so! I'm your first, aren't I?" I am starting to get a bit suspicious. "Of course, baby! Who else would I have had sex with?


I've been your boyfriend since 8th grade. 8th grade! You are the most beautiful girl in the entire world, why would I even think about touching another girl?" He was blabbing on.

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Fucking liar. "Listen, tell me the truth I won't be mad." I lied. "Well. During Summer break I may have hooked up with a girl." "You fucking dick!" I yelled. "Let's just have angry sex and break up." "Maybe that's all we can do, cheater!" I laid on my back, and he jumped on me and was even faster, stronger, and sexier than before. We both liked this much better. I moaned and that set him off, a load of semen burst out of his dick and drained out my vagina.

He put his dick in my other hole and did the same. He went back and forth until all the energy is drained from us. He may be a fugly cheater, but he sure can fuck a girl when he has the guts for it. Now all I want to know is, who was this girl that he used to cheat on me? -TO BE CONTINUED- (if I get enough likes for part 2)