Amateur hot fuck and cum in mouth

Amateur hot fuck and cum in mouth
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Striking Gold. by Zvogel For my last birthday Maggie surprised me by telling me she will fulfil one of my fantasies, she's arranged a for a portfolio of studio photos of her, you know the usual type, given a makeover, dressed in a sexy dress and posed in provocative poses.


As it 's my birthday treat, if she has the bottle, some topless pics as well, I dropped her off at the studio. "Pick you up in an hour, enjoy your self, Love you ." I say. She smiles back at me and blows a kiss. The first 20 minutes or so they took quite glamorous pics of her in her dress and then 'solid' underwearthe next 15 minutes she posed in a lacy see-through bra and knickers, she responded well to their words of encouragement and soon posed in her white fine lace loose top and French knickers.

The guys liked posing her with her shoulders back to thrust her breasts tight against their covering, she felt excited but also bashful, which kept her nipples soft. "Pinch your nipples ducks, lets have them sticking out. I'm sure hubby would like to see them like that." Anthony said.

They took photos as she timidly caressed her nipples and pleasurably stiffened them. When she finished she saw they were terribly noticeable as she looked down. The guys whispered to each other and smiled.

They get her to pose bent over so they could see down her top that hung away from her breasts so her nipples are shown off. Maggie felt uncomfortable as the guys gave her scantily covered body the once-over as they posed her. Although she wants to pose topless she feels hesitant, She feels the situation was getting out of hand, so she decides to wear sexy but non-transparent clothing to cool things off a bit. Maggie selected a pair of black, gusseted knickers and a tight red basque with no bra cups or straps but a low squared off top similar to Elizabethan court dresses.

Her breasts are half flattened causing the top half to sexily balloon over the top. She could see they were disappointed that this top was opaque and hid her nipples. They posed her many ways, hoping her breasts would free themselves from the top, they didn't.

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Maggie misses the excitement of being semi-naked in front of the guys. Maggie really enjoyed posing in the see-through bra and pants and then bending over with the top that fell away from her breasts that teased them. Whispering, Tim the photographer, tells Anthony to rearrange her top so a bit of nipple could be seen.

Maggie overhears him and feels excited she expects Anthony to pull her basque down a bit to uncover a little of her nipple outer, but she freezes in shock as he stands behind her and slides his hand down the tight front of the basque to the underside of her bosom and forces it upwards to half expose first her left nipple then the right.

Although she was very embarrassed by this rude touching of her breasts, she is too shocked and excited to object. "No worries ducks, we do this all the time." Tim reassures her. She just flushes up as Anthony manhandles her breasts several times to change the amount of nipple showing until they have good photos of her freed nipples.


The shutter sound is turned off so Maggie has no idea Tim has now got many shots of Anthony's hands manipulating her breasts He can see from her face she is enjoying being handled and gets bolder. Anthony tells her to strip off her basque, she feels intimidated, but hot and bothered, after some reluctance she stands, turns her back and Anthony unclips the hooks, Maggie faces them and after supporting the front of the basque with her arms she reluctantly lets her covering drop to the floor, she still keeps her arms covering her breasts.

Tim shots off more pics as Mags poses many times but always with at least one arm covering most of her bosom. She saw the swelling in their pants and enjoys the effect she's having on them. She teases them by sometimes holding her breasts with her fingers slightly parted to show glimpses of her excited nipples. "Ok Maggie move your arms out of the way, let's get some shots of those gorgeous tits." "I can't, I'm too self-conscious." She uses this as an excuse, she knows that if exposes herself to them she might get so turned on she would submit herself to any of their demands.

"If you don't show off them tits I'll get Anthony to help you." Shit, she thinks that would be soooo seexxy! "I'd love to, but I just can't move my arms." Anthony says "Look if the lady isn't ready then she's not ready." "Shit Anthony, here's the camera I'll give her a hand, times moving on." He goes behind her and reaching around seizes her wrists and, while she struggles and apparently bitterly complains, pulls her arms off her breasts, Anthony photographs Maggie as Tim first pulls her arms above her head.

She feels an interesting blend of excitement and humiliation. Anthony photographs as she tries to turn away from the camera and release herself from this humiliating situation. Maggie thrashes about "Please don't, let me cover my self." but she finds to her horror she is enjoying being exposed like.

"Not yet." Anthony laughs "Tim, get some more poses." Maggie struggles as Tim puts her arms behind her back and while gripping her through her elbows with one arm he takes hold of her right breast and starts squeezing, her struggles stop as she begins to respond, her objections cease.

Her tits redden up and her nipples inflate searching for attention, Anthony realises she is aroused and approaches her giving her nipples the interest they want by pinching and wringing them; this whole process he photographs. The opportunity to suck on her tits and her wonderful big brown nipples was a little too enticing, so his head goes down on her left breast as Tim roughly gropes the right one.

She makes token protests to save face, but having both guys ill-treating her breasts is thrilling, she starts shuddering and taking short but deep breaths. She felt weak in the legs and starts drooping. Anthony brakes off playing with her.

They take her to the nearest wall, she leans back against it she holds her hands above her head to demonstrate her submission to them. Anthony takes pics of her naked, smarting bosom.

"Damn you." she smiles.

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They both join her to gnaw and squeeze her breasts and nipples, she resumes her shuddering. Anthony forces her thighs apart with his knee and rubs her mound with his leg. Due to her moaning Maggie didn't hear Anthony tell Tim to video them. Tim leaves them to it, to allow Tim time to get setup Anthony slows up bringing Maggie off. "Shit, don't stop!" she yells. "Loose your pants then." Anthony suggests Shaken, Maggie asks.

"What!" Anthony slides his thumbs in the knicker's waist band, no response from her.

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He forces them down as far as they can go, his thigh stops the descent of her only clothing, still no objection, her pussy is almost exposed to the video camera. Anthony slides her knickers to her feet, Maggie steps out of them and places her feet a couple of feet apart offering a clear view of her pussy, her mound had been shaved bald this morning.

She still has her arms above her head so the overall effect was mind-blowing. Kneeling in front of Maggie, Anthony concentrates his caresses on her engorged clit, when she starts biting her lip he repeatedly sticks three fingers of his other hand in her pussy to stimulate her. She cums loudly and jerks her whole body, her bosom bounces delightfully. Tim checks the video is filming her depravity. Pushing Anthony's hands away from her now soaking wet pussy she crumples to the floor, after a few groans of contentment she smiles up at them.

She now looks a real mess, somewhat different to the impeccably turned out young lady of an hour ago. Her hair is wet with sweat, it clings to her head. Her whole body and face is speckled with small beads of sweat, her breasts are discoloured by redness and bruising. Anthony photographs her molested, naked body.

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Tim puts the video camera on a tripod and sets it to face the wall at 45 degrees. "Let's get her to her feet facing the wall" Tim says leering at her. They each put a hand under an arm-pit and pull her to her unsteady feet, she's turned towards the wall and stands her 2 feet from the wall, her hands are guided to the wall and her legs are kicked 3 feet apart so she assumes the search position.

She remembers a fantasy, being forced into this search position down a derelict alleyway by her brother in law, groped, aggressively molested and stripped by him in front of half a dozen of his drunken army buddies before he turns them loose on her. She looks superb in this position her body is well toned with good muscle definition, her back is very sexy. She begins breathing deeply, the humiliation of being treated so badly exhilarates her; she is recklessly wishing they would take advantage of her sexually again.

She feels Tim tenderly cupping her left breast. Anthony places the digital camcorder on the floor looking upwards, viewing her ass and pussy. Maggie is aware of one of them kneeling behind her between her feet, their breath on her ass. Fingers part her ass-crack, she feels a tongue licking her asshole, that's new she thought, no-one's done that before.

Then the tongue worms it's way inside it, she goes up on her tiptoes, the long tongue expertly thrills her, she judders in anticipation.

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While Tim plays with her ass, Anthony takes a basting brush and gently brushes her breasts and nipples. The contrast with the previous misuse thrills her. Maggie whispers in a horny voice. "Mmm, that's nice, finger me,, please bring me off." She feels Tim's thumb enter her pussy and find her G-spot while his fingers caresses her bare pubic bone area. She feels full of lust. Her clit is excited by the edge of his hand.

Almost inaudibly she says "You'd better……………phone Zeb……&hellip. tell him you've only just got me to……&hellip.

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Oh, shit…… pose in my underwear………&hellip.Fuck, fuck, FUCK!!. You'll need another hour to get me topless." Tim expertly keeps her on simmer while Anthony goes to the office to phone. He comes back, "I told him your not cooperating, you've not got your blouse of yet, we need a couple more hours." She turns her head and smiles at him, "You are awful…" "He reckons a couple of double whiskies and a bit of subtle tit groping will loosen you up enough." "The rotten bastard.", she jokes.

" Where's the whiskey? It takes 3 double to get me realy submissive." Tim whispers to Anthony "I think we've struck Gold!!!", and fetches the whiskey. Maggie thinks, "Another of Zeb's fantasies is me being a slut, I wonder???"