Naughty boys like you have to eat their own cum CEI

Naughty boys like you have to eat their own cum CEI
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Before I begin, I'd like to just lay down some facts. I'm 16, short brown hair. I have a normal body.


Not very muscular, but definitely not fat at all. I do have a nice set of abs in the works though. I think I'm pretty attractive. I've had girlfriends, and I've been told by many girls that I'm cute. But I have more of boyish face than a young adult face.

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I've known I was gay ever since the summer or going into 10th grade. I'm in 11th now. Once again, names are changed for privacy. Everything else is true up until the dashed lines.

So here's my story: I've had crushes on a lot of guys, but never have I felt this way about Danny. My mother met his father at the gym and they've been dating for a few months now. I met Danny one day when my mom brought me over to her new boyfriend's house. Danny walked through the door while we we were all in the kitchen.

When I saw him, I was amazed. His perfect dirty blonde hair waved to the side.

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He probably would fall under the "surfer" look category. He had no facial hair, which I liked. He is half Cuban, which to me made him even more sexy. His brown eyes couldn't get any more beautiful.

He was a tall young man with long arms and broad shoulders.

He had a perfect swimmers body under his tank-top. Although he was skinny, he had fairly sized bicep muscles. He would be a Senior in only a week.

While fireworks were going off in my head, I shook his hand and normally introduced myself. All I wanted to say was, "Damn! You're hot!", but i stayed silent.

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A few weeks passed, I got to know him more. My mother, Danny, his father, and I have gone out to breakfast together, we've gone to the beach, and we've mostly just eaten dinner together at Danny's house. Only about two weeks ago, I went over to their house for dinner with my mom, and Danny and I sat in the Jacuzzi together. But this jacuzzi is small! (Which is a good thing :D) I was melting inside with his hot swimmer body only inches from mine.

The steam just made it even better. Sometimes our knees would touch, which sent tingles over my body. I sound kind of weird, but when someone this hot is touching one of your body parts, it doesn't matter.

I decided that I had nothing to lose by showing off my wet body, so I got out and said I was going to dive in the pool. I was being so stupid because this pool was freezing cold!

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But just the fact that I could possibly entice him to dive in with me so that I could see his hot ass body made it all worth it. I stalled for a few seconds at the edge of the pool. I was legitimately scared to dive into this cold pool, but I did it any way. As I came up to the surface, I noticed that he was climbing up onto the wall that divided the jacuzzi and the pool. He was diving in too! For some reason, I felt so blessed that he followed my lead. I fantasized that he was trying to come on to me, but I obviously knew he wasn't.

We swam around in the pool for a couple minutes. It was so cold that I could barely even think. All I could say was, "It's so cold! It's so cold!" He laughed at me. At least he was having a good time. We jumped back in the jacuzzi quickly and relaxed as our bodies began to heat back up. We joked around a bit and played around with cubes of ice.

We chatted a bit, and then decided to get out and head inside. Danny simply dried his bathing suit off, rubbing every part of his body. I couldn't help but watch him flex his muscles as he rubbed down his ass and thighs. I could have fainted then and there.

Danny went straight to the computer in the living room right next to the bathroom.


I headed towards the bathroom to change into dry clothes, while Danny just stayed in his trunks. I thought it would be sexy if he knew I was stripping down in the room right next to the chair he was sitting on, so I rushed into the bathroom before he left the computer. As I pulled down my trunks, my 3 inch flaccid dick flopped around looking like it was begging for some of Danny's ass.

I had an incredible urge to jack off right then, but I was too excited to get back out and talk with Danny some more.

I put on some loose basketball shorts and a t-shirt. I walked out with my inside-out trunks and placed them by the front door. We were called to the dinner table and had a great time laughing and telling jokes. I couldn't stop thinking of how cute Danny was every time he laughed. He was still shirtless!

---------- So this first half was just the set-up. That all really happened. This is where reality ends, and my wildest dreams begin. ---------- After dinner, we sat down on the couch together in the living room.

We watched TV sitting right next to each other for the rest of the night. We were pretty bored, but my mind kept busy thinking of what I wanted to do to him. It was about 11 o'clock and my mom came into the living room and told me she was ready to go home. I did not want to leave yet! I made a sad expression on my face, and got up slowly in an exhausted fashion and said, "Ugh, I can barely move.

I am SO tired. Can I at least just finish watching this show?" My mom looked at her boyfriend and he gave her a "I don't care" look. She agreed and they both went and sat outside in the backyard. I was happy I got to stay a little while longer with Danny. After a couple more minutes, he looked at the clock and said, "Hey, if you're that tired, you can just crash here." My heart stopped.

I couldn't believe it! He wanted me to stay the night? Well, maybe he didn't even want me to, but he offered!

I almost immediately replied saying YES! He laughed and told me that I just had to ask his dad and my mom. I got up and walked briskly to the backyard. "Hey not-so sleepy head!", my mom said. "Haha. No, I'm still tired. I came out here to ask you guys if I could spend the night.

Danny said I could just crash here if I wanted to." My mom's boyfriend couldn't have cared less. My mom had no problem either. "Sure! Except I have work tomorrow, so you'd have to get a ride home." Right after the "m" sound left my mom's mouth, Danny shouts from the living room, "I can give him a ride home!" I thought I was in heaven. I get to spend the night with my crush, and then he gets to drive me home in the morning. How could this night get any better? I said goodbye to my mom as she walked out the front door.

Danny's dad said he was too tired to stay up one more second and went upstairs to his room. Danny said we should probably head to bed now too since it was the week before school started again. I was all for it since I figured we'd be sleeping in the same bed.

Turns out, we were. We walked upstairs and went in his room. "I'm gonna sleep in my boxer briefs so you can use my pajama pants if you want. Or you could just sleep in your boxers too, I don't care." he said.

Holy crap! I'm gonna be sleeping next to him while he's half naked? There is no way I would pass this opportunity up. "Ok thanks. I'll just sleep in my boxers." I went to the bathroom to get ready for bed while Danny changed in his room.

I came back and noticed he had already climbed under the sheets. I was kind of bummed that I didn't get to see him change, so I thought I would change in front of him. I mean, were both guys, right? I quickly took off my shirt and pulled down my basketball shorts. When I looked up, I saw him look away from me quickly. Was he checking me out?

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Were my sneaky moves working? I grabbed the sheets and threw them back. My plan worked! I saw a nice sized lump snuggled perfectly in his briefs. I hopped on the bed, and pulled the sheets back over us. I got comfortable and laid there, in absolute amazement that things had come to this. We watched tv for a few minutes, just sitting laying there in silence. I was readjusting my hand when I accidentally brushed it against his.

Again, I got a tingling feeling through my body. I was getting horny again. Danny started rubbing at his area under the sheets and I asked him if he was okay. "Ya I'm fine, I just gotta fix my balls 'cuz they're stickin' to my legs." When he said that, my dick got hard instantly. I turned on my side to face him so it wouldn't show through the sheets.

Danny pulled down the sheets and revealed his amazing body, including his heavenly bulge that was popping up in his briefs. I couldn't believe my eyes when he pulled down his briefs right next to me to adjust his perfect ball sack. He had pulled the sheets so far down that he could see my boner popping up under my boxers.

He didn't say anything. I watched in amazement as his dick started to rise while he played around with his sack. His dick looked like it had been 4 inches when he didn't have a hard on.

But now, it was at 7 inches. He looked over at me and said, "It looks like you've got a little something botherin' you down there." All I could do was nod my head. I reached down and pulled down my boxers and started to play with myself. Right in front of him. We both started to masturbate in bed together. Just him and I. We were staring deep into each others eyes.

I could feel him getting closer to me. I tried to wiggle my way over to him too, but I was still in shock. His face was only an inch away from mine. Our lips were so close. I thought to myself, "This is it. This is the moment you've been wishing for to happen. He has gone 90% tonight. I need to at least do something." I went for it. Our mouths opened and our tongues caressed each other as they swirled around in a beautiful dance. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me in close. I embraced his neck as we made out gracefully, and furiously.

I used my feet to pull down his briefs all the way and wrapped my legs over his thighs. I rolled over on top of him, and pulled off my boxers completely. We were now both naked. I was laying on top of him as we made out for 5 minutes straight. I couldn't help it any longer, and I made my way down to his stomach, and then to his neatly trimmed bush.

I licked his head and down his shaft. I placed my hand around his cock and for the first time in my life, I put my mouth around his dick, and started to suck on it slowly.

I bobbed my head up and down on Danny's 7 inch cock. My dick now grew to 6 inches and was harder than ever. Danny moaned with pleasure as I sucked his perfect cock. I never did this before, but that night, I knew what to do. I made a humming sound as I made my way down his shaft again. He tensed up and moaned again. I could sense that he was about to cum. I rubbed his stomach with my left hand while my right hand was moving up and down on his cock, along with my mouth around his head.

He started to moan louder and then it happened. His sweet, hot cum shot into my mouth. I had never tasted cum before, and I was glad my first taste was of his. I swallowed it all, not wasting a drop of this new delicacy I had discovered. He ran his fingers though my hair as I licked my lips with satisfaction. Then things started to heat up. End of Part 1 I know this story kind of led up to nothing, but that's because its a multi-part series.

So hopefully you enjoyed it. Things will get better in part 2. Sorry it's not that good. It's my first sex story, and I've only learned from reading other stories. Tell me what I can improve on and tell me what you liked! Part 2 coming soon!