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Novia nalgona mamando  cogiendo rico  infiel otra vez deseando verga de su ex
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SETTING- This story is a fantasy that takes place in some other world/realm. You can use whatever floats your boat the most…Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones&hellip.Anything around that time period with the possibility of monsters and such existing. As she fled as quickly as she could threw the forest she could hear the men yelling behind her and crashing through brush close on her heel.

Each of her steps more difficult then her presuers do to her attire. She was with the royal party on a caravan en route to a formal event. The princess looked simply ravishing tonight. Wearing her best white dress falling down to her calves and hugging her body tightly.

A beautiful set of jewelry and her pinned up and perfect.


Of course no formal outfit would be completely with a great set of heels. However at this point the princess is regretting every step as she stumbles and sticks with each step. Her heels often catching in the mud or on roots and vines. In her defense there is no way she could have known her caravan was going to be ambushed by rebel troops. She watched in horror as her guard was cut down and family ripped from inside the carriage.

When they grabbed her arm and pulled her out she managed to wiggle her arm free from their grip and took off running into the woods. "YOU TWO! GET HER!" A voice of one of the men shouted. As she swatted the foliage away from her face she failed to notice the large root sticking out at her feet. Her leg got the massive root and she quickly fell hard on her face.

As the shock from the fall were off she immediately began to push herself up. She barely got off of her knees and then felt one of the men grab a fistful of her perfectly done hair and yanked her head back. She let out a scream as she felt herself whip back. The other man quickly moved in front of her and grabbed her arms. He handcuffed her wrists while the first man held a knife to her throat and a fistful of her hair.

"Thought you could run from us huh bitch?!" He said into her ear. "Pretty thing she is!" Said the other man. "Maybe we could have a little fun with this one before we take her back eh?" The princesses eyes widened as she realized what the man had in mind. The man in front of her nodded his head and began to cram one hand down his pants searching for his little cock while the other hand squeezed her pretty little cheeks together. The princess closed her eyes tightly and just wished she was somewhere else.

Right then a mighty roar was heard. Followed by a loud crash in front of her. She felt the hands on her and the knife at her back disappear almost instantly.

She opened her eyes as one of the men was held over the head of a 10 foot troll. The trolls massive hands firmly on either side of the mans head&hellip.his legs flailing about as the troll let out another powerful roar and crushed the mans head like a large piece of fruit. The Other man sword drawn began charging towards the might troll only covered by a piece of cloth around his waste and some sort of leather armor on his chest.

It looked tattered and poorly crafted. Shackles around his wrists but no chains. Before the man charging could get close to the troll two black haired beasts bursts from the bushes…on all fours they sprinted before springing onto of the man…both wolf like creatures tearing apart his flesh with their razor like teeth pinning him down with their powerful paws armed with even more ferocious claws.

The princess stood there in completely disbelief and horror. She barely managed to make out everything going on before she fainted. As her eyes began to open she quickly realized she was no longer in the wood that she fled her attackers through. She was now in some sort of dark room. The floors made of solid stone. Torches on the walls lit the dark musty room.

An odd odor filled the whole room. It smelled of mildew and mold. She pushed herself up to her knees. As she tried to change her position a little more she felt a tug at her neck and a force stopping her from going any further.

She reached her hands up to her neck to feel a Steel collar. It was attached to a chain. Her eyes followed the chain from her neck to a large throne like chair. Made of stone and tattered rags for a cushion. The bolt the chain was attached to drilled right into the stone of the side of the chair.

Her dress was now torn and frayed. The floor she knelt on cold and damp. Puddles of dark murky water sporadically around the room. Water dripping slowly from the rafters supporting the 20ft ceiling.

In the center of the room she noticed a wooden sawhorse like structure only a couple of feet high. Beyond that the room stood empty and hollow…just one massive wooden door on the far wall. Before she could even finish examining the door it swung open with a loud creak. The massive troll stumbled into the room and flanked by the wolf like creatures resembling more the size of a bear but dog like in shape.

Their mouths closed and their eyes gleamed bright yellow when catching the reflection from the torches&hellip.The troll plopped himself down in the corner with a loud thud. The Giant wolves Sat themselves on their hind legs on either side of the door. Through the massive door a small troll like creature stumbles in.

This one resembling the much larger one…but only standing maybe four feet high. He was short and fat. His skin was a dark green almost blackish color. It seemed shiny in the torch light…mostly just soaked in a slimy like sweat he wore constantly from hauling around his own obese frame. The creature wore a long robe dark in color and made from some leather like material.

It dragged behind him as he grunted and grumbling waddling his way over to the princess. She backed herself up pushing her way backwards as she still knelt on the ground. Her collar and chain leash caught and she was stopped in her tracks with a startling jerk. She had almost forgot that she was still chained to the chair.

The goblin creature made his way right past the princess and climbed up onto the throne and plopped his grotesque and fat ass on top of the throne. As he walked by she couldn't help but smell his foulness.

He then lifted his arm and motioned for someone to enter. In marched an army of ten or so of the goblin like creatures. They were a little smaller then the troll on the throne but they seemed more fit and muscular.

Decked out in some sort of leather armor. They marched over towards the princess and stopped about 10 feet from the throne and assembled in a line. Stamping their heels firmly on the ground as they stopped in place.

None wear armed and stood only just as tall as the fat creature upon the throne. "Do you know why you are here?" Said the fat one.

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The princess still to scared to respond turned towards the creature upon his questioning. Shocked that he could speak she simply and timidly shook her head as her eyes begged for some sort of compassion or mercy. He leaned over the left side of his chair and looked back to where she had crawled herself. He reached his fat little hand down and grabbed the chain. He tugged at it as if trying to bring her closer. The princess held herself firm in place as she felt the small tugs at the leash.

The Fat one then motioned his head in her direction and looked back at his troops lined in front of them. Two of the goblin soldiers quickly stomped over towards the princess and grabbed her by the arms&hellip.standing her up roughly and walking her over in front of the throne and standing her there.

They stood their one at each of her arms holding them firmly in place with their greasy little hands. The Fat goblin king turned around in his throne.

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"You think we don't know who you are?" he said with a little growl in his voice. "You are a very important little thing&hellip.and a fine looking little thing at that.

But I see they have dirtied your dress! I bet it was beautiful…Shame that's its ruined now. I guess there is no need for it then." He motions to the goblins holing her. One of them pulls a rusty knife from his belt and begins to cut away at the dress starting in the back and pulling the knife down. "HEY!" She complains as she tries to free her arms. "Uh Uh little thing, you wouldn't want him to slip with that knife would you?" She calms herself slightly and stares at the king&hellip.After a little bit of tearing the goblin has finally got the dress off.

The princess is standing there in front of the king. A collar and chain leash draped from her neck. The chain leading back to the throne. Clothed in only her heels and jewelry. She headed out today without an undergarment. A decision she is currently regretting. Even her nails perfectly done and painted.

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She stands here a vision for the fat little king. He leans forward in his chair and begins to lick his lips with his slimy fat tongue.


Seeing this the princess turns her head and eyes away in disgust. "That's much better, This is a much better look for you my dear." He adjusts himself in his chair and motions for them to bring the girl closer. The solders at her side force her forward. Only a foot or so from the kings feet. They stop her and hit the back of her knees.

The girl collapses to her knees in front of the king. Her perfect small c cup tits bouncing when she hit the ground. The king begins pulling up the slack of the chain until it finds itself taunt between himself and the kneeling beauty. He gives it a playful little tug and chuckles to himself as the princess lets out a little whimper.

"Are you using me for ransom then?" She says tentatively and timidly. "I plan on using you for a lot more then that girl." Her eyes widen as the king hops forward out of his chair and begins undoing the laces on his pants&hellip.his massive belly pressing firmly into the princesses face.

She leans back and turns her head but the guards holding her keep her firmly In place. She can feel his sticky slimy sweat rubbing on her face. She can smell his pungent odor and begs… "No please!" she whimpers. "No, I WILL do whatever I damn well please actually." He barks at her.

He lets his pants fall to his ankles and hops backwards back up onto his throne. He is so small a creature sitting in such a large throne that it almost resembles a love seat. His legs and feet protruding out towards the princess only hanging a few inches off the edge of the seat.

He fills its width but not its length. As he places himself back on his throne the princess can now see what is in front of him. This disgusting fat little troll sitting upon his throne drool beginning to slip from the corner of his mouth as he licks his lips…Falling down onto his large belly Which finds itself resting just slightly above his gnarly little cock.

Peaking its head from a disgusting matted patch of white hair is a flaccid yet incredibly thick cock. It looks even slimier then the rest of his skin as it glistens in flickering light. The princess rears her head back in disgust&hellip.almost eye level with this fat little trolls disgusting member.

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"Now we can do this the easy way…" The troll tugs gently at the chain…trying to pull it towards him. "Or we can do it the hard way…" He nods his head toward the guard standing over her left brandishing his knife in her face.

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She looks back towards the king. "Please! Let me go!" She pleads. "I might be tempted to do that…If you can do something for me…" He says. "&hellip.and…wh…what's that?" She stammers a little. "Satisfy me." He responds. "You can't be serious?!" She whimpers. "I am very serious. You can start by getting my cock nice and hard for me. It's been a while since I have felt good and stiff." She looks to the guards at either side and looks back at the king. He shoos them away with a gesture.

The guards release her arms and fall back into formation. He now tugs a little more at her chain while using the other hand to rub his bloated stomach. "Come on, don't be shy now." She pauses for a second taking in the image in front of her&hellip.she shudders at the site and begins to tear up slightly at the thought that she not only has to get close to this grotesque little creature but actually attempt to please it if she wants her freedom.

She takes a deep breath and begins to crawl forward. "That's it!' he barks as he yanks a little more violently on the chain. This cause the princess to groan and jerk forward falling into his lap. Face pressed against his knee. The stench seeping from his crotch is so putrid she almost gags&hellip."Whoa whoa&hellip.How about a little foreplay first huh?" He chuckles at his own joke… As she lifts her head her eyes go from being right in front of his thick disgusting little tool just hanging there to his slimy belly and up to his even more repulsive face.

The creature reaches out and grabs her collar and pulls her face close to his causing her to have to climb up onto the throne knees between his legs and hands pressed against his belly in attempt to pull her face away from his. "How about you come here and give me a little kiss," he snarls as he licks his lips with his tongue climbing a few inches out of his mouth before retreating back into the festering hole it came from. The princess turns her head once again in disgust when she can now feel his hot breath against her face when he talks.

She can feel his belly rising and falling heavily now as she squirms to back up&hellip."Make this difficult and you won't have a chance getting what you want!" He commands as he gives her collar a hard shake.

She calms her squirming but continues instinctively pulling her head away and turning it to the side as he pulls her closer and closer to his face. His mouth is now right in her ear. She can actually hear his tongue slithering around in and out of his mouth. The king sticks out his tongue and begins to slowly lap at her cheek and face. She lets out a little cry and wincing each time she feels that slimy piece of hot flesh press against her and glide across her cheek.

The king reaches down with both his grubby little paws and squeezes her tits "Oh yeah! Mmmmm Lets see those pretty eyes!" The princess turns her head as the king fondles her breasts.

Playing with her perfect little pink areoles and erect nipples from the cold. Trails from a few tears running down her cheek and a slimy coat to the left side of her face from his tongue exploring it glisten in the light. She looks up at the king. He holds his face directly in front of hers. "Suck on my tongue." He then slowly sticks his tongue out his mouth extending a couple inches.

Slick and dripping with his saliva falling from it landing on her knees. "Uhhh! I&hellip.I…" Before she can utter anything else he pinches her nipples hard! "OK!

Owww! Ok!" She slowly leans her head forward and begins to part her lips…she can still see his tongue slowly wriggling about as if it was trying to get at her.

The tip of his tongue reaches her lips and she begins to take it into her mouth. The taste is almost as foul as the stench! She can feel the tongue begin to wriggle about in her mouth as if searching for something. Harassing her tongue with each pass. She moans with discomfort as the king and begins sucking slowly.

The king then grabs the back of her head and pulls her toward him. Plunging his tongue deep into her mouth and violating every corner of it. She moans even more now and attempts to free herself as she does her hardest not to bite down or pull away.

The king pulls back pulling his tongue from her mouth…but not before licking the tip of her nose with the tip of his tongue before he puts it back in his mouth.

She begins to spit little bits out of her mouth. Trying to get his taste from her lips. "What's the matter? Not to your liking?

Maybe you want to try something else?" He smirks as he says. Her eyes widen as he releases the grip on her collar and leans back putting his hands over his head protruding his belly and crotch more in her direction. "Well? What are you waiting for?" He looks down at his cock and back at her.

She pulls her hands back and can now see his nasty cock has grown a little in size and in firmness. She slowly climbs down out of the throne and kneels down onto the floor at his feet. She leans forward. Eyes fixated on his fat little cock. It terrifies and repulses her at the same time. She can once again smell the odor from between his fat little legs…She reluctantly reaches forward.

"No No No…With your mouth!" He says. She glances obediently and then places her hands on her knees, His cock laying on a pile of the rags he sits upon. As if a beast waiting to be awaken. She swallows awkwardly and then begins moving her face towards his cock. She can hear some of the soldiers behind her chuckling with approval.

As she gets closer she can see his tool in much greater detail.

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The head is large and mushroom shaped. The veins seemingly throbbing and spidering their way down his shaft. It is fat but not very long. The head a little smaller then the width of a coke can and the shaft only a little smaller still. She timidly sticks her tongue out and flicks the head of his cock with the tip. The Nasty member jerks upon the touch and the fat king lets out a guttural groan.

"Uhhhhh yeah&hellip.nice and slow." She shudders upon hearing the order from the disgusting fool who's legs she finds herself buried between. Mustering her courage and swallowing her pride she places her tongue once again upon his cock and begins to glide it down his shaft.

She can feel it pass over each vein and can taste his foul stench. She whimpers as he groans and begins to tug on her leash again holding a firm grip above her head guiding her with his movements…pulling forward and backward as her tongue slides up and down his shaft. She can feel and see his cock grow even more now&hellip.Its about 5 inches in length and begin to throb.

With each delicate pass of her smooth tongue down his slimy shaft it throbs and raises off the chair. It now stairs her directly in the face.

Exposing the wrinkled hairy balls resting below it. They look swollen and fat. The head of his cock begins to drool with pre-cum…slimy and greenish in color. She can taste it salty and sour each time her tongue passes over his head before she slides it down the side turning her head to allow her to get around it.

"What a good little cock sucker you are! You are a slut aren't you?" He grumbles while staring down at her. "No. I &hellip." He cuts her off by jerking her chain up and pulling her face to up from his cock so her eyes are staring up at him. "You're a slut who loves my cock&hellip.aren't you!" He barks with a more intense look in his eyes. "Yes&hellip.yes sir&hellip." she whimpers.

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"Good! Now lets see what the pretty little mouth can do" He places his hand on top of her head and begins pushing her face towards his throbbing cock angry and pointed right at her, oozing and throbbing with excitement.

He pushes firmly and the head of his cock rams past her lips finding itself inside her mouth. She lets out a moan and braces herself with her hands once again upon his knees. "No Hands!" He yells as he reaches down and slaps her in the face while his cock is still in her mouth.

She whimpers with the strike and puts her hands back down on her knees. He begins guiding her head up and down. The head of his cock probing a little deeper into her mouth each time.

"Suck it you little whore! I don't feel you sucking! If all I wanted was a warm wet hole I'd fuck your pretty little cunt! But I want a goddamn blowjob so start sucking whore!" She begins attempting to suck his cock as its forced in and out of her mouth&hellip."That's a good little slut!

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Show how much you love my nasty cock deep in your mouth!" She does as she is ordered and begins to moan slightly. His cock grows seemingly even more and she can feel it almost filling up her mouth the head so fat she has to widen her jaw or it to pass her teeth into her mouth. This makes the old fart groan even louder and ooze more of his foul pre-cum into her mouth. He begins pushing her deeper and deeper. Her lips being forced further and further down his shaft.

The head of his cock begins to graze and prod at the back of her throat. This causes her to gag and choke…occasionally pulling her mouth off of his cock in attempt to gather air and compose herself.

Tears begin to stream down her cheek from the choking. He allows her this quick breath of air simply because he find pleasure in watching her struggle while he defiles her face. Each time she manages to pull her mouth from his cock a chain of saliva and pre-cum fall from her mouth. Her mouth and lips and cheeks are now a sloppy mess of spit and pre-cum.

Occasionally it pulls out his nasty cock to rub it on her face. Degrading and talking down to her each time he does it. Asking her how much she loves feeling his hot cock pressed on her face. She simply whimpers whatever answer he wants to hear before he grabs hold and fills her mouth with his thick veiny cock again.

She can hear the soldiers behind her begin to chuckle more and make more noise. "They like watching your tight little ass while you worship my dick you little slut! Why don't you stick it up in the air and wiggle it for them while you choke on my fat cock!' She pulls her head back and gasps…"Yes sir" She then raises her ass up and begins seductively rocking it from side to side.

"Yeah&hellip.unnnhhhh That's it whore!' He groans. The princess can't believe what she is doing. Reduced to sucking off a fat old troll and tease his minions. He holds her head even tighter now ramming her head faster and faster towards his crotch…she moans louder from the stress of this vigorous face fucking. Her chain beginning to jingle like a dog collar entering the room.

"That's a good little bitch…You're just a bitch in heat aren't you? Hungry for my load! Unnhhhh Don't worry&hellip.its coming soon…unnhhh" She winces and whimpers. The goblins behind her begin to whistle and shout things like "Good doggy" and "Want a treat?" As they watch as the princess on all fours in front of them perfect little ass and all waving in front of them as she services the fat kings cock with your royal mouth.

"Unnnhh fuck yeah! Just like that little bitch!" The king yanks her head back and holds it firmly in front of his shaft. Before she can react his cock thrusts and lets out a little spurt of his disgusting load which just falls directly onto his shaft and runs down it. She watches in shock eyes wide because she has never seen any man ejaculate. It thrusts one more time and fires a massive burst of his hot load all over the side of her face.

Blast after blast keep firing from his angry throbbing cock. Most of them finding their mark on her delicate little face and even in landing in her hair on top of her head. She is covered by blast after blast.

At least 7 or 8 huge blasts of his nasty green load all over her face. As his cock spurts out the last of its load falling short of its target but still pulsating and erupting.


she begins to cry. Silent tears fall down her cheek once again as she sits there watching his disgusting member spew all over. Feeling his sticky mess begin to ooze down her face. On her nose, cheeks, forehead, her tightly shut mouth. "ohhh fuckkkkk!" The fat king groans&hellip.He releases his hold on her head and allows her to pull away. She pulls her face away and sits back on her knees. "Good girl" he reaches forward and pats her on the head.

"May I go now sir?" She pleads with begging eyes despite the mess dripping down her face. "Not just yet…" he chuckles. A look of concern and fear cross her face. This is the first part of the story&hellip.Do we want to see what else he has in store for her? J I would love to find anyone who is interested in collaborating and illustrating stories for me. This was just a quick rough draft…but if you liked it and would like to make some fun new stories with pictures let me know!