Nubile Filme Das Loft

Nubile Filme Das Loft
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Cici was in love. They were both naked, and she was leaning across his lap necking, and kissing. He had his hand on her cock, playing with her balls, and masturbating him gently. She could feel his erection against her back. They had meeting nightly for a week now, and for once Cici felt it wasn't just sex or a strange impulse, this was someone to love.

He was perfectly masculine, slightly balding and well hung.

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The latter being very important to Cici. "Let me do you tonight Arnie." Cici whispered in his ear. "Let me fuck you, I really want to get inside you." "I don't know Cici, I never done that before." Replied Arnie as he kissed her again. "Gee, you have stuck it in me enough, turn about is fair play.

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Besides whats the difference you have no problem going down and me, sucking me off, its no big deal, let me do you. Lie down on the couch and I'll take you from behind the first time, that will be real easy on you." "Maybe later." Replied Arnie.

Cici kissed him, and moved so she could get her hand down below his balls, and insinuated a finger into the area she wanted to investigate.

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She broke the kiss and as she fingered him whispered: "Let me do it to you, your first time I'll make it really special for you. You want me to fuck you don't be shy, lie down and let me put it in you, you want it." "Next time, okay?" Said Arnie. "Oh pooh." Said a disgusted Cici. "Well if you won't let me fuck you, at least eat me." She got up on the couch and fed Arnie her cock.

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"Get it all nice and wet Arnie, I have got to penetrate something tonight." Arnie was making love to her cock with a great deal of ardor. "I just think you are being shy Arnie, you really do want to take it, don't you?' "Mmmm." Was the best he could do with her cock in his mouth. "Lie down now and let me do it to you." Cici moved him onto his back full reclining, not letting her cock out his mouth.

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"See I am fucking you mouth, you've got me all nice and slick, let me slip it up your ass and fuck you big boy." "Hmmm." Again it's hard to talk and suck at the same time.

"Come on Arnie, show me you love me it going to happen, let it happen tonight, roll over and spread your cheeks, I'll make you mine." Said Cici urgently. Arnie couldn't resist the pleading so he obliged and rolled over.


"Oh Arnie you have made me the happiest girl in the world. Now lover don't be afraid I'll take my time and do you right. This should be very special for you and first time you get fucked from behind." Cici positioned her self behind Arnie, placed her cock at his rectum opening and began to push. "Push back Arnie and I'll slip right, oh yes, oh yes, I'm in." Cici laid completely down on Arnies' back, and bit his neck, causing goose bumps to rise.

"Oh lover you are so tight, now for the fun." Cici rode him hard, deep and continuous. Finally: "Hold still lover here I come." She pounded a load of cum up Arnie's ass, than lay still. "Oh you were good Arnie, now do me." He rolled onto his back, still sporting a full erection.

"See I knew you would like, otherwise you wouldn't be hard." Cici mounted the erection facing Arnie.

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"Cici I love to fuck you like this, it is just so wonderful to see you bouncing up and down on my cock, your cock jumping up and down. Bring it to me let me suck you." Cici slid forward and once again put her cock in Arnie's.

mouth. He sucked her hard and again then she came this time in his mouth, she reached behind her and jerked him off.

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"Arnie, its been wonderful this evening. I didn't wear in protection so I hope you don't get pregnant. But if you do, I'll marry you.