Worshipped my cock and love my cum

Worshipped my cock and love my cum
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My Daughter's Phone (Part 8) My head was spinning all day. I had just made my daughter squirt, I had pissed on her, I had made her gag, and piss because of it, with my cock. On my kitchen floor and in the bathroom. I had used her like a whore. Which she told me she wanted me too.

I had so many confused feeling going through my head. I had got to satisfy some of my deepest fantasies and kinks. I got one of the best blow jobs in my life, and I had made a teenager squirt like I had never thought possible. BUT it was my own daughter that I did all this too.

Was I prepared for the stress this had the possibility of bringing to our lives? Why did I do this? And she had wanted to suck my dick before I left for work this afternoon. After she had showered and possibly cleared her head. This hopefully meant she was OK with everything that had happened this afternoon. Oh fuck I am getting hard while I think about this while I drive to work, so I must be thinking it is OK too. .FUCK. I had expected my phone to go crazy while Kelly confesses to her friends, but thankfully I heard nothing.

I saw where Mr. Trainer had sent her a few messages today. She is now calling him by his first name AND he lives near Aaron, Mr. Mint. Amy was terrified that Kelly was upset that she had done something with her dog. I was really looking forward to hearing about that. I am a twisted man, I tell myself as I finish up my lunch. "Hey Kevin where's your sidekick today?" Frenchie asks. "His wife needed him tonight." I reply with a laugh. "Sounds good for him" Frenchie responds as we now both laugh.

We head back to our stations and I look in on my box as I pass. There is an envelope in there so I stop and open it. It's from Mr. Mint via Andrea. Kevin: Please let Kelly know she can start as soon as she finishes her exams.

I know she has a week and a half of exams so if she can report to me on the 18th at 8:00 AM. Andrea O'Rourke's last day is on the 11th so she will have a weeks worth of paperwork to catch up on. From our meeting I am sure she will be willing to work some overtime to get caught up and up to speed. Thanks for bringing her in.

Aaron Mint Excellent. Good for her, I am thinking as I put the note back in the envelope and head to my station. Just in time as the first job rolls up. At my last break I text Kelly and tell her the good news. My phone rings "Oh daddy really", Kelly asks. "Yes sweety. Mr Mint is even willing to let you finish your exams before you start.

You will just have to catch up when you start on the 18th I switch shifts for the start of that week so I can drive you into work for your first two weeks." "Oh Daddy that's amazing. I went over to study with Amy today for a bit. I think we have a good grasp of our math." "That's good to hear Kelly" I mumble, as I think of her studying with Amy.

Maybe naked! "I've got to get back to work now though.

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Ummnnn did you tell her anything about what happened today? I stammered. "NO Daddy I won't tell anyone about our day.ever. But if you want to wake me up tonight when you get home." she tells me in a soft voice. Damn I love her voice when she talks like that. I can feel the precum at the tip of my cock as I say, "Maybe I will take you up on that offer sweety.

You can sleep in my bed if tonight if you want" "I have put your clean, dry sheets back on your bed so I might" she replies I hear the line restarting so I say goodnight to my daughter and return to my post. The rest of the night carries on like most nights. Talking and laughing with the fork lift drivers, and having a general fun work day. Nights are a great shift.

Not as many bosses running around and most people are smiling. Until the shift gets to it's seventh hour and then we start feeling tired. Which is OK because the majority of the work is done so we can turn it down a bit. Finally the line grinds to a halt and the shift ends.

Early again because we have met our quota. Some head to the cafeteria but I just head to the change room. I want to get home and see if Kelly is in my bed! I shower and change into my shorts and wish all my shift buds a great night. As I walk past the cafeteria I see Lori as she exits and heads to the woman's change room.

I have been watching her for a few weeks now. She has recently split from her boyfriend and gives me a look and a cute smile.

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"My son is borrowing my car for the night on Wednesday Kevin. Do you think you could give me a ride home that night? She questions. "I could and I will Lori" I respond with a grin "Why don't I give you my number so you can remind me" "That sounds perfect" she purred I take a piece of note paper from the side of the 'notice board' and jot my number down for here. As I pass it to her I feel her fingers and there is a small charge sent between us. It is not a shock but rather an energy flow.

We both smile as I tell her 'not to lose it.' "I'll keep it right here till I can transfer it to my phone" she tells me as she slips it inside of her shirt and under her bra. I just smile and as she turns to walk away my eyes are drawn to her butt. She is wearing a tighter version of a pair of track pants. MMNNNNN. She turns around and catching me staring at her ass smiles and tells me to enjoy the heat. Smiling back I tell her, "I am" She laughs and disappears into the ladies locker room.

My mind is all over the place as I drive home. Wondering if there is a possibility with Lori. If Kelly is sleeping in my bed when I get home. One thing I am not wondering though is why my cock won't soften.

Pulling into the driveway I see that all the lights are off and the house is at rest. I open the door and head to the fridge for a beer. Then I walk over to the computer. I see Kelly's math books are open on the table and hope she has been studying. I sit down at the couch and look at a few of the open pages. She has indeed been studying. The pages are full of review questions and answers as well as some illustrations.

She is not an artist but I get the jest of it. A few are of spurting cocks, and there is a rather detailed one of a squirting pussy entitled Amy's mess. My cock starts to twitch so I walk to the computer with my beer in hand. There is a note on the keyboard instructing me to look at the video on my screen.

Also that my sheets are dried and replaced on my bed. Kelly actually did what she said. Good girl I'm thinking along with one less thing to do before bed. I refresh the screen and see this girl sleeping. She is wearing her pajamas and lying on her side. The nightlight beside the bed is aglow and I watch as a shadow approaches.

The lighting is perfect yet dim as I see this cock sticking out from a form. The girl lying in the bed turns towards the middle of the bed as the, what I now see is an older man, gets next to the sleeping girl. He takes a handful of her hair and wraps it around his cock. And starts stroking his cock into a handful of her hair.

I pull out my chair from the desk and sit down. As I put my beer on the desk I wonder, albeit briefly, how easily it is for kids to find porn on the computer these days. Yet girls are still getting knocked up as teenagers.

Concentrating on the video in front of me I watch as this guy's pre cum oozes from his cock into the sleeping girls hair. He takes his cock out of her hair and wipes it on her face leaving a trail of pre cum on her cheek. I watch to the end of the clip and see this guy cum while her hair is wrapped around his cock. You can't really see how much her cums until he pulls his cock out of her hair and then lets go of the handful of her hair.

As he lays her dark hair on her cheek you can see that he has cum a lot. He leans forward and runs his fingers through her hair that is on her cheek. Causing his cum to drip to the corner of her open mouth. As the camera focuses on the cum dripping into her mouth you see his form slip out the window. Holy fuck is this what my daughter thinks about before she falls asleep? I will rest peace fully after I stroke my cock and watch this video again tonight. As I take another mouthful of beer I think I should go in and check on my sleeping daughter and see if she needs anything.

I stop in the bathroom and have a pee and then while remembering what happened in the shower today and ended up on my bed. I open Kelly's door and I am a little pissed off when I see her bed is empty. 'Dammit Kelly' I am saying to myself, 'I told you not to go out tonight because you were going to school tomorrow!' I walk into my room and just before I flick the light on I see a lump under my comforter.

I see from the glow of my clock radio that she has been sleeping for awhile because the ice cubes that she always puts in her water glass before bed have melted.

The candles on my dresser are burning down as well so I figure she lit them so she could sleep in my, strange to her, bed. This also causes a glow on her form. I look again and see that her hair is brushed back from her face.


Almost like she brushed her hair after she laid down. I walk to my dresser and start to get undressed.

I open the top drawer to get out a clean pair of track pants and my eyes are attracted to an object on the floor. It is her hairbrush. Almost like she brushed her hair against the pillow and then threw her brush onto the floor so she didn't mess her hair up.

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'She did brush her hair like that after she laid her head on the pillow' My mind immediately goes back to the video she had left open on my computer. 'Did she want me to cum on her hair while she was asleep?' I've seen sleep creep videos that guys have passed around at work but have never thought about it.until now.' I take my pants and underwear off. Slipping into a pair of trackpants only and return to the living room to watch some more of that video before bed.

I scroll down to the bottom of the page and find that there are quite a few videos of hairjobs. Some with the women awake, some sleeping. A wide variety of ages too. I watch a few more sleeping vids and then yawning I decide to brush my teeth and go to bed. With the taste of crest in my mouth I walk into my room.

My Princess is still sleeping, and I can't resist walking over and smelling her hair. She must have washed and dried it just before laying down because it smells like the trick her Mom taught her. Spray your hair with your favourite perfume and then comb it. Her favourite perfume just happens to be mine too 'Viva La Juicy' by Juicy Couture.

The scents of sandalwood, vanilla, and caramel fill my nose as I put my face deep into her smooth hair. Thinking back to the movies I have just seen I feel my cock harden as I watch my daughter sleep. 'Should I? Does she really want me too? Does she expect me too? Do I dare keep up with this experimentation?' I am wondering this to myself when I look down and find my hand wrapped in her long, beautiful hair around my cock.

The feeling is out of this world. Her soft, smooth hair feels like a mouth as I start to stroke my cock into it.

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I can see the head of my cock and the precum leaking from it. Thinking back to the movie she was watching earlier. I let go of her hair and stroke my cock over her face. The precum from my penis drips onto her cheek. She doesn't move, or even flinch. I am still not sure how far I am going to go with this, but I can't stop right now.

I take a handful of her hair back into my left hand and resume stroking my hard cock. I am loving this as I look down on her and see the pre I have left on her face. I am going to cum soon but I'm not sure where to leave my load. In her hair or on her cheek? I decide on both just as my first shot shoots into her hair. The feeling is incredible, and I moan aloud. The head of my dick protrudes from her hair just in time for my second spurt to land just above her ear in her hair.

The third spurt is aimed at my baby girls cheek and although it is not huge it leaves a white streak down the side of her sleeping face. Finishing up I squeeze the remaining drips towards her nose and mouth. I don't squeeze her cum covered hair into her mouth.

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I do place it carefully back onto the pillow behind her head. I lean forward to kiss her cheek. Not thinking about where my cum is and get some on my lips. I don't wipe it off with my hand but lick my lips with my tongue.


Tasting my own cum for the first time in probably ten years. It tastes like it always has. Creamy, and not bitter like I had heard that a smoker's cum is like. I am wondering how Kelly will feel about this in the morning.

How do I explain this? With a picture of course, I tell myself. I step away from the bed and get my phone. Not wanting the flash to wake her up I turn on the hall light and turn my flash off. I take a handful of pictures of her hair with my fresh cum dripping throughout. A picture of her face from the side with my now clear shot of drying sperm on it.

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I look back at the pictures and decide a picture of a handful of her hair wrapped around my cock is warranted too. In case Kelly wants to see what it looked like.

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My hardening cock is more than ready for the second round as I wrap it, again, in her creamy hair. I begin to stroke again so my cock is in perfect form for the picture when Kelly rolls onto her back and says, through closed eyes in her dream world, "Thank you Daddy" she mutters. I quickly snap of two more pictures and let her, cum-hardening, hair go. I arrange it beside her and step away.

Walking to the hallway light switch I flip it off. Then I walk back into my bedroom and before blowing out the candles I send the pictures to Kelly in a text. No note. Just the pictures, and then I remove my shirt and get into bed. After a few minutes I am about to fall asleep when I feel Kelly start to stir.

I don't move away when I feel her nestle up to me and lay her head on my chest. My right hand is covered with her crunchy hair as I fall asleep with a smile on my face!