South indian aunty desuced desi

South indian aunty desuced desi
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Guys Love Big Tits By Adrian Bauman Introduction We may as well admit it. We guys love big tits.

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I don't know the exact reason why. I suspect Freud would say it has something to do with our mothers. Others would say it's due to our society becoming so sexualized with advertisements selling sex and women being objectified. All I know is that I am extremely fascinated with women's breasts. Most guys are. Any time we get a chance to glance at a women's chest we take it.

Especially if there is cleavage involved. I think it is partly the challenge to take the opportunity to admire another woman's breasts with the risk of getting caught. Getting caught could be from the girl you are ogling to your girl catching you or another woman watching you watching another girl to a guy catching you sneaking a look. Some guys don't care if they get caught. Some try very hard not to get caught. I'm in the former camp. I try my darnedest not to get caught.

Sometimes that's nearly impossible, but if you never try you'll fail one hundred percent of the time, right? So where was I? Oh yes, I was saying something about loving women's breasts.

I like them big enough that they don't entirely fit in my hands or mouth. I enjoy when they are like bags of Jell-O that I can smush with my hands. Like water balloons that are attached to a girl's chest that turn both me and her on.

I loving sucking on them especially when a girl moans as I suck them. This is a story about that…and more… Chapter 1 My wife DeAnn has a friend, Sharon (get it Share ing?… oh never mind…) anyway so she has this friend. Sharon isn't the most beautiful girl on the planet but she is by no means an ugly duckling either. She's pretty average in fact but the thing about Sharon is, well, she has tig ole biddies.

Sharon is a very conservative dresser and doesn't wear things that are tight fitting but her breasts are so big that her shirts can't help but complement her huge tits.

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Because Sharon is a conservative dresser when it comes to clothing and doesn't wear anything low cut, the few times I've managed to sneak a peek is when we have been next to each other and when she was slightly bent forward and I was standing near her and managed to stare down her shirt as gravity pulled it and her wonderful mounds of female chest were held by her bra. Sharon is around twenty some years old, with a slight Hispanic heritage and dark curly hair.

At about 5 foot four she's around a hundred twentyish pounds she's not fat but not skinny either. I think that's part of the attraction is that she's not a supermodel but an average good looking gal but with nice huge tits.

I suppose I've always wanted to see her boobs but as I'm married to a wonderful gal and don't want to jeopardize that I've been relegated to fantasizing about seeing her magnificent juggs.

Sharon was staying the night at our house around the holidays because she lived in the Springs area which on a normal night is about a two hour drive from our home in the north Denver 'burbs. This was not a normal night because a winter storm had moved in and we got over two and a half feet of snow. Chapter 2 Sharon and DeAnn had spent the day shopping together and hanging out while I hung with my buddy helping getting his truck back in working condition.

We met at the local Saltgrass steakhouse and because of the snow and everything it was nearly empty. We sat at the wood table in the restaurant and ordered some steaks. There was music playing softly as we talked about what we did while we consumed our food. Sharon was wearing a blue shirt that seemed to stretch across her chest as though her boobs wanted to pop through it and I couldn't help glancing at her breasts at every opportunity.

My wife noticed and when Sharon went to the ladies room grabbed at my crotch and commented to me "you like her boobs do you?" as she squeezed my cock through my pants giving me a raging hard on. DeAnn has great tits, they are not small at all and I love to play with them but if we are being honest, well, Sharon's are fucking huge in comparison and DeAnn knows I love big tits. "Maybe she'll show them to you later on, you pervert!" she whispered in my ear as she rubbed her hand against my dick under the table where no one could see.

We teased each other all the time about things like that and ever since we had participated in our first threesome we had become even more open about topics like that. But since Sharon was DeAnn's good friend the chances of that happening were slim to none. Chapter 3 When we all got home DeAnn and I headed upstairs to change while Sharon went to the downstairs guest bedroom. I had put on my pajama pants and t-shirt when DeAnn handed me a pile of blankets and told me to give them to Sharon so she wouldn't get cold.

I grabbed the pile of blankets and went down the stairs I was at the bottom of the stairs when I heard a shriek and Sharon came bursting through the door out of her room and straight at me. I had a big bundle of blankets and it was either get run over or drop the blankets.

I dropped the blankets. It was as if time went into slow motion. Here came Sharon right at me.


All she had on was her white bra and matcing pretty lacy panties and her massive tits were bouncing around right in front of me and coming closer. My dick went into a state of Def Con three as Sharon ran towards me. I suppose I should have been super concerned, after all she WAS screaming; it could have been a burglar. I've always been fairly level headed and the odds that it was not an armed intruder were fairly low and within nanoseconds my mind focused on what was truly important and my other head took over.

The huge tits about to bounce out of the bra were heading my way and I was staring straight at them. Sharon's areola came into view as her left breast lifted up out of the bra as her breasts bounced up and down and Sharon came rushing closer and closer. I braced myself as Sharon jumped into my arms shrieking about a spider! I felt her boobs pressing against my chest as she threw her arms around me and I spun around from the momentum and lost my balance as she continued to hug me fiercely while panting nearly out of breath from adrenaline and the rush of her brief sprint.

Her chest was heaving and it was all I could concentrate on as I simultaneously tried to stare and feel them at the same time. They were awesome. Her mounds of female flesh were alive as her lungs filled and caused her chest to swell outward and back. These huge tits were right in front of me and I was enjoying every single moment.

Sharon suddenly realized what I was looking at. She started to get off of me and when she did she slid back and into my rock hard dick. My little soldier was standing at attention and it slid right between her legs and touched her panties right where her pussy was.

She froze as she felt my dick through my pj's pressing against the fabric next to her womanhood. It was one of those frozen moments in time where neither of us knew what to do next. It was clear that I was enjoying this from how my dick was sticking straight up. The bulge in my pajamas was unmistakable and we stared into each others eyes.

Her eyes were a light brown with little flecks of gold in them. Her cheeks were flushed and her mouth looked so kissable. So I rolled on top of her and placed my left hand behind her curly hair on the back of her head and drew her to me as I pursed my lips.

Her pink lips jutted forward to meet mine as my right hand went to her left hip and caressed her body as it traced her curves up towards her left breast. I groped her massive tit through her bra as I kissed her deeply and passionately and her wet tongue drove deep into my mouth. I sucked on her wet tongue and lightly bit on her lower lip as we kissed.

My hand was going up and down over her bra feeling her huge tit through the silky cloth as her left hand went behind my head and pressed my lips even tighter against hers as her right hand went behind my ass and she grabbed my butt tight. The kiss went on for a while as I sucked at her tongue while it was in my mouth and she sucked back pulling me close to her. The scary spider was forgotten as my right hand went down from the little finger under the cloth of her left bra cup and I slid underneath the bra and cupped her breast.

Her hand pulled at my butt and my cock pressed hard against her now wet slit. We felt each other up and down and she rolled on the ground so she was on top and her hand moved from my ass and around my waist until it was at the front of my pj's and right where my penis was at. She fumbled at the cloth and grabbed hold of my love stick through the material as I stopped kissing her and kissed her ginormous left boob, which my hand had liberated from her lacy white bra.

I sucked at her nipple like a baby getting milk while she firmly groped my dick. We did this for a few minutes and then I brought my other hand to her other breast and began to squeeze her other breast. Her breathing became even more labored as I continued to suck on her tit.

Sharon's hand slid up and then back down, now underneath my pajama pants and her small hands encircled my throbbing member. Her hands were slightly cool compared to the hotness of my hot blooded cock. My cock was hard and Sharon pulled up towards the head of my dick from the base where she had begun.

I sucked gently and clamped my lips around as much of her wonderous breast as I could possibly take in my mouth. My pajama slid down as she slid her hand back down and then up my shaft again.

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My dick was pulsing as it filled with blood as we continued in this manner for a few more minutes. I rolled with her again and she was on top as my hands undid the clasp behind her back and her breasts hung free from her bra.

What a wonderful sight. Like huge melons hanging from a tree ripe to be eaten they hung down toward my mouth and I grabbed and gobbled them with my hands and mouth. My hands went from her back down to her ass and pulled her towards me as I sucked and sucked at her boobs. I pinched a nipple while my tongue played with her other nipple as she grabbed my dick and went up and down with her hand. Her body quivered with excitement as my mouth left her breasts and traveled down her body and towards her belly button.

Past her navel towards her pussy I lapped at her pussy through her panties as her hips ground slowly to an unheard rhythm. Scooting her panties to one side with one hand my lips went to her other lips and sucked gently at her.

She put a hand behind my hand and pulled me ever closer. My other hand continued to fondle her breast.

She gasped in surprise satisfaction as she felt my tongue snake it's way into her juicy pussy. She had a close trim for her pubic hair and my tongue went deeper into her went petals.

She jerked toward me and away as her body responded to the satisfaction my tongue and lips provided. I had shifted my body and now we were in a kind of T. with her feet being the left side and her head being the right side of the T with my head being the line that connected the center as my head was between her legs. Sharon grabbed at my dick and then a most wondrous thought struck her.

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My lips had sucked her breasts and were now sucking on her pussy and her lips were sucking on … nothing. The obvious conclusion her brain reached in her lustful state was that she needed to suck on something. Chapter 4 I've always enjoyed getting head and this was not going to be an exception. My dick was as hard as it had ever been and my lips were busy tickling Sharon between her legs as my tongue probed her pussy and made her tingle.

The bell head of my dick felt a gentle air current and I glanced at Sharon's open mouth as my dick pointed straight at the back of her throat. I stopped sucking and put my middle finger into her soaking wet pussy and stared hoping she would take me in her mouth.

Our eyes met as her mouth stood open and my cock was at the entrance to hole between her lips. She was new to this I realized as she froze. "Can I?" she asked softly almost inaudibly as I managed to groan out, "God, yes please!" and with that her wet lips went from being wide open to being wrapped around the head of my dick.


I thrust slowly forward, my cock gliding further and further into her maw. Her jaw opened up even more as I slid further into her mouth. I loved watching my dick slowly disappear further and deeper into her throat. I was in ecstasy and so was she, as my middle finger poked into her pussy and I added my index finger as I slowly drew my dick back and she now sucked at my dick like it was a straw full of her favorite Starbucks coffee.

I pulled my dick out of her mouth with a slight "pop" noise. She immediately opened her mouth and I slowly eased my dick forward again into her spit and watched my dick go far into her mouth. Her lips went further and further down my shaft I adjusted my position and now Sharon was lying on her back with my head near her crotch as I watched her mouth go down on me while my fingers played with her kitty cat deep inside, swirling around arousing her and pleasuring her.

Immense pleasure went through my nerve ending from her Sharon's wanting mouth continued to suck at my dick and I felt my loins tighten as I watched my dick go in and out of her mouth like an oil pump. I thrust my dick forward and hit the back of her throat. That made her gag slightly but she didn't pull away. The back of her head against the floor I thrust forward even more.

My ball sack was on her nose and my dick was in her throat as my dick hit her tonsils. It was a glorious sight. Her mouth full of my dick as my fingers thrust in and out of her hot pussy. Her body writhing with pleasure and my rod right down her throat causing her to gag made me cum. This was her first time sucking dick so she had no idea what to expect. My balls tightened.

Cum shot through tubes to my dick. Then shot out into my shaft and pulsed. Then out to freedom into Sharon's mouth. Well, more like her throat to be honest. I came like a prisoner not having had sex in over a year and dumped a ton of cum right into her throat. Her eyes went wide as my cum spilled out. I didn't pull back. She hesitated then did the logical thing. She swallowed. What a good little slut, I thought. I left my dick in her mouth and she sucked the remaining cum out and swallowed that too.

I was thrilled! What a fantastic little bitch this one was. She was going to be a wonderful hot whore. Chapter 5 I put my other hand behind her ass and pushed my other middle finger against her tight hole and she resisted.

No matter. My fingers were pushing away at her pussy and my dick still in her mouth I thrust my finger against her butt hole and forced my way in her shit hole. She froze again in panic and I pushed my finger in farther in her colon. She tried to say "no" but it wasn't just her mouth full of my rod but her throat was full of my dick too, and it came out as "nuggghhhh".

I paid no attention because I was thinking now with my other head and had her head pinned against the carpet between my legs while my dick occupied her mouth. I pushed and pulled my fingers and let them come completely out of her ass. I then put them at the exit hole (perhaps I should call it her entrance hole?) and forced my finger past her anal ring and intruded inside her butt again as my fingers hit her g spot and caused her to gasp for breath.

Surprisingly my dick had not gone soft and Sharon continued to do the only thing she could do. Suck on my massive meat member. I got hard again and pulled out of her mouth. She managed to gasp, "god this feels so wrong but so good" to which I nodded and told her, "get on all fours like a little dog!" Complying she got on all fours.

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I admired the view for a moment. Her huge tits swaying slightly as they hung down from her chest towards the pull of gravity and I got behind her and lined my dick up towards her ass hole. I don't think she was ready or realizing what was about to happen because she said, "I'm still a virgin." her body shook and shivered as her pussy quivered in anticipation.

Only things was, my goal wasn't her vagina. Chapter 6 I whispered you'll keep your virginity a little longer baby as I pushed my dick forward and watched it press up against her sphincter.

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I then glanced at a mirror inside a cabinet that had nothing in it and watched with bemusement as her eyes widened in realization. Her mouth opened in surprise and her eyebrows went up as I slowly but firmly forced my way forward while my hands grasped her hips and pulled her towards me.

She and I looked at each other in the eye from the mirror in the cabinet and she saw the look of determination and gave in.

In and forward my dick went. Her rear hole was super tight around my dick and she groaned out a low throated "oooooooooooooooooohhhh!" as I thrust past her constricting muscle and forced my way into her butt.

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Sharon didn't know what to do so I pulled back and went forward again. Sharon stayed still as my dick went in a bit further. I pulled my dick out and it popped out of her ass and her eyes went all wide again.

I loved shoving my dick past her ass hole and thrust forward again. Another gasp from Sharon. She now craned her neck to her right I pulled her up as I stood. Her hands still on the floor I told her to grab her ankles.

She just stood there for a second and I repeated, "grab your ankles you little bitch!" Finally she came out of her stupor and did as I commanded. I thrust forward and enjoyed the tightness of her ass. I could see her huge tits swinging in the air and it made me go crazy in my lustful state.

I pulled my dick out of her ass again. Sharon gasped as my cock popped out and I went to thrust it forward, she softly tried to say "no" but what came out was "nuuuuuuuuuhh!" I told her, "keep your mouth shut unless you are sucking me you dumb cunt!" Sharon was raised up in a ultra conservative family so this must have fried her brain circuitry as all she could do was .

. nod in consent. Harder and deeper I thrust into her ass. Her butt cheeks tightned around my super hard penis as I enjoyed pounding away, while she grabbed her ankles and held on. My balls ached and I felt them clench up. Back and out of her ass I popped then in one massive thrust I shoved my dick all the way forward and Sharon went, "unngghhh" and I came in her bowels and filled her poop chute with a load of hot white cum.

"God that's hot!" she said as her ass began to fill up with my cum as it squirted into her ass. I grunted as my balls drained into her tight butt.

Her body quivered and her boobs shook as they hung down while I admired the view. "I need you!" she whispered fiercely.

I understood what she said but a devious thought hit me. "You'll have what you need in a minute you little ho." but you'll need to clean me off first. Chapter 7 I didn't think she would go for it but to my astonishment she just said "what?" I said, "you need to clean me off!

Open your mouth." She obeyed and I took my dick which had just been in her filthy ass and put it in front of her face. She sniffed and smelled my dick but kept her mouth open as I moved closer to her mouth. In her mouth I went and before she could resist I pulled her head towards me and my dick went in her throat and she sucked me clean. You are a filthy slut I said as I grabbed my camera phone. This was the first time I had thought about it since my other head had taken over and I pulled it out of my pajama pant's (yes my pajama pants really do have pockets) and put it into video mode and pressed record.

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Sharon heard the phone do it's beep and looked up. My dick was halfway in her mouth and going forward again she pulled back and tried to stop. I simply said … "Facebook" she shook slightly and I knew she was mine now. "Get back to sucking dick you dumb big titted whore." She didn't say anything. She just opened her mouth and let my cock jam into her cheek as I continued to video.

When I pulled out of her mouth she begged me, "please don't post this to Facebook." I said, "we'll see". Then the doorbell rang upstairs… To be continued.