Erotic nympho spreads spread twat and gets deflorated

Erotic nympho spreads spread twat and gets deflorated
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This is my first story. This is an introduction to a series. I will take suggestions. Thanks enjoy :) p.s. if you're looking for just sex and no story, wrong place. My name is Chase Nathan. I am 18 years old. My father left us when I was four. I would do anything for my mother or my 15 year old sister, Abby. "Hey Chase, can I get a ride to the pool?

I'm meeting some friends." Abby asked. My plans for the rest of the day consisted of playing video games and probably spending some quality time with my right hand later on. I told Abby sure and grabbed my keys. "Mom, I'm taking Abby to the pool. I think I'll just stay there so I don't have to go back and pick her up." I said on the way out of the door.

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"Sounds good with me.", replied my mom, who was getting ready to go to work. I couldn't help notice her outfit. She had a tight, low cut shirt that showed off her round tits and her flat stomach. Her pencil skirt hugged her ass. My friends always said my mom was the hottest at our school.

I tried not to notice but sometimes it was hard.

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I tried to calm down my growing erection in my jeans. In the car, my sister had her bikini on that was a size or two to small. It barely covered her boobs she recently developed over the summer.

My eyes wandered down past her toned stomach to the soft mound under her yellow bikini bottoms. My cock was rock hard. When we got to the pool, I told Abby I would be close by if she needed me. I lied down on a pool chair.


When Abby turned around, I watched her tight ass bounce in her little bikini. I was glad I wasn't wearing swim trunks because my cock was so hard it would have pitched a major tent.

I saw Abby and her friends splashing in the pool. Her friends were not nearly as developed as she was. I watched her tan skin glisten in the sun. She had a great body from her years of playing soccer. I tried to look away but her body was to amazing to do that.

In the noise of the pool and the warmth of the sun I dozed off. I woke to Abby shaking my shoulder. Her tits were right in my face and I looked away quickly. "Come on Chase. I'm ready to go." I could immediately tell something was wrong from Abby's voice. "You ok Abby?" I asked. She didn't reply and dragged me back to the car. The car ride back was spent in silence. I tried many times to get her to talk. When we got back home Abby ran up to her room. My mom gave me the "what's wrong with her?" look and I shrugged.

I followed Abby to her room, needing to know what happened. I knocked on her door but went in anyway because I knew her reply would be no. She was lying on her bed, tears stained on her face. "You know you can tell me anything Abby." I assured her, feeling a deep conversation coming on.

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"Have you ever been so in love and attracted to someone, you just assume they feel the same about you? "Well, yes." "There was this guy named Nick. I felt so much and I thought he did to. It turns out he has be fucking my best friend. He told me he would take my virginity as well as his. I feel so stupid for loving him." "Abby, don't let a stupid guy phase you.

You are so beautiful and smart and funny. You deserve the best." I told her truthfully. I hadn't noticed before but Abby and I were sitting so close our faces were almost touching. "Thanks Chase. You know you have always been there for me. I love you." I did something then I didn't have control of. I couldn't help it. I kissed her.

"I love you too Abby." Abby then took over. She pushed me on my back and straddled me. Abby started kissing me harder. Our tongues danced in our mouths.

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I felt her body on me and I started to feel my cock growing. She started to grind her tight ass on my cock.


She grabbed my hands and placed them on her soft cheeks. Her body moved so smoothly. It got me thinking of if she has done this before. "I have wanted this for so long Chase." She sat up and took off her bikini, allowing her perky tits to bounce free. She slid down and unbuttoned by jeans. My cock was so hard now it begged for attention. She pulled it out of my boxers. She gasped a little at its size. My cock was about 9 inches.

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Abby had lust in her eyes. She slowly started stroking me. Her small hands looked amazing on my cock. "Abby, you don't have to do this." "I want to." Then she wrapped her mouth around me and started sucking my cock. The feeling was incredible. I had had my share of blowjobs in my life but for some reason the fact that it was my sister made all the more wild. Her warm mouth going up and down on my prick drove me crazy. She licked the head of my throbbing cock while stroking the rest of it really fast.

"Oh Abby, you're gonna make me cum!" "Cum in my mouth big brother! I want your cum!" I could feel when it was about to happen. "Oh my god I'm cumming!" I let out more than I have before. Five big ropes of hot cum thrusted into her mouth. She didn't miss a drop. "How did you learn how to do that so good?" "It just felt…right I guess." "That was the best head I have ever had Abby but we really can't do this ever again." "Not if I can help it."