Newcomer lesbian chicks get their spread vaginas licked and nailed

Newcomer lesbian chicks get their spread vaginas licked and nailed
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Jane woke up excited!! She couldn't believe it was finally de day of the concert! She was a fan of "The Wonders Rock Band" since she was a teenager, what means 5 years ago, as she just turned 21, but for her it was like since she was born. Jane had everything planned for the concert, she convinced Mark, her gay friend to go with her as security.

Lonely girls on hard rock concerts are easy preys and Mark was 6,2" and 198lb enough to keep her secure lol. She also had planned the clothes, a jeans shorts as skirts are not a good idea on concerts and a tank top so she would be comfortable and ready to deal with the heat of a crowded place.

She looked at the mirror and couldn't help herself but smile, she was 5,2" and 110lb and her shorts made her butt look really amazing, she had medium natural boobs, so the tank top was holding them firmly but giving a good view of her cleavage. "Yesss sexy but not slutty!!" she said approvingly. Her phone took her attention, it was Mark. "Jane I'm so sorry!" he said just as she answered it. "OMG! What happened?" Jane asked. "My parents had to fly to my grandmother house to help her as she broke her leg!

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And now I have to stay at home to babysit my small sister." He said. "I can't believe Mark! Can't they hire a babysitter?

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The concert is today! You must come with me!" She said annoyed. "It was an emergency Jane! They had no time and just after they left that I remembered it was today" He said. "I can't believe!! Its ok Mark&hellip. thanks for your help!!" She said with an angry voice and slammed the phone at Marks "face".

For one moment Jane stopped looking at the mirror&hellip.

"And now? There is no time to find someone to go with me!" Jane was particularly angry as usually all the men did everything she wanted and now she had no time to use her tricks with some guy as the show was today.

"I will not miss this show! If he can't go, his problem! I will go alone!" She said with a decided voice --x--x-- x— John was not sure it was a good idea, they could get in serious trouble. "Jorge, that is the craziest idea I ever heard! Fuck a girl during a concert is crazy but fuck a random girl that obviously is not willing to be fucked by 8 guys is the craziest!" said John Jorge explained in detail but still Jorge thought they could end in jail because of that.

Jorge idea was that they were eight tall and strong guys from the Rugby Team, all of them were at least 6,2" and 198lb, so they would find a small girl alone in the concert, three would go in front of her, one at each side and three behind her, so she would "disappear" for everyone else in the crowd and as they were strong and used to make the barrier to avoid the other rugby team pass, avoid a small girl get free would be easy.

As soon as she was there she would have no choice but to do what they wanted. John, still afraid of the consequences was still arguing "OK Jorge, great, and after the show she calls the police and we will turn into the rugby team of the prison!" Jorge smiled and said "Don't worry John, I searched and found that the GHB, if used with a syringe will make the victim forget everything that happened during the last few hours, and after it she will get so horny that she will want to fuck every guy around.

After we finish having fun with her I will inject it, and we leave, she will start searching someone to fuck and will never remember about us" John couldn't deny that the idea gave him a hard on and the other members of the team were also excited about the idea of fucking a random girl and leaving her naked and horny.

--x--x-- x— Antonio was a loser, he was short, 5,3" and his 212lb with a beer belly didn't cause a good reaction to girls. Besides that he was unemployed. He thought it was a lucky moment to find the ticket for the show, he smiled while remembering that "find" was grabbing a guy wallet while he was not looking and discovering the ticket inside it. He didn't know the band but as it was free, and he had nowhere to go, it was fine.

Antonio arrived before the gates were open, but he didn't want to be at the front line, he didn't want to have people pushing and pulling him or groping his ass, so when they opened the gates he just entered slowly searching for a spot with a good frontal view and sort of away from the area that would get crowded. --x--x-- x— Jorge, John and his friends arrived when the place was already starting to get crowded, but still with full day light.

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After a quick look around, he told the others that they would wait close to the entrance, so it would be easier to check for a girl arriving alone and follow her. --x--x-- x— Jane was in a hurry, as she had to come alone she had to use the subway and walk some miles as she didn't have a car and was not going to pay an expensive cab. "Where are the guys to spoil me when I need them lol" she thought to herself. She arrived at the gates when it was starting to fall the night, but still with plenty of natural light.

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"Damm!! Look at that crowd! I will not be able to see anything with my height!" She thought and started to search a spot that at least would have a frontal and decent view.

When she found a spot to stay she looked around to see the ones close to her and saw only weird people, almost only guys and some couples and she was the only girl alone as far as she could search. She crossed eyes with Antonio, who was smiling to her, she turned back to the front with a disgusting look.

"OK Jane, in a few the show starts, and it will be a blast" She thought to herself. Antonio saw that cute girl looking lost, searching someone and couldn't help himself but stare at those gorgeous legs and round butt.

When she crossed eyes with him he smiled and saw her disgusting look towards him. "Snob cunt!" He thought, trying to avoid agree with her.

Show started, and Jane was having a hard time to see the stage but was managing to do it between heads. "I love you!" She screamed to the vocalist, as if it was possible for anyone to hear her. She could feel some guys grope her ass from time to time, but we can't avoid that at a concert, so she just ignored it. Antonio was having a good time, the music was good, and he managed to stay behind the snob cunt so, no matter if she was snob, she had great butt and legs and the occasional contacts with her skin was more than he was used to achieve with girls.

It was already dark, so no one would notice that he was doing it on purpose. The third tune had just started when a guy came making it way to Jane, she noticed the tall and strong guy force his way from her left side and stop in front of her, followed by two others that obviously were friends, all strong and tall.

Jane loved strong guys, but not in front of her at a concert! If she knew them she would ask to get on their shoulders and have a free view, as she thought she would do with Mark, but there was no way she would ask strangers raise her and keep their heads between her legs. Besides that, she was afraid to get tossed into a crowdsurf.

A girl crowdsurfing means lots of groping and touching. She decided to move to one of the sides, so she would get back some vision of the stage, but she noticed that she was quite packed and could barely move, there was new guys at both sides and someone was not being discrete groping her ass. --x--x-- x— Antonio couldn't believe when three guys made their way between him and the snob girl that he was occasionally groping.

He wanted to argue that it was his place, but they were tall, strong and they were three. "Never enter a fight you know you will lose" Antonio thought, using the sentence he usually used to justify all the times he noticed he was a loser. As he couldn't see anything at that position he moved a bit to the side and forgot about the girl. --x--x-- x— Jane decided to stop the groping, as the guy was really grabbing her butt with his hands, so she moved both hands to her back to slap the intruder hands.

To her surprise what happened was that the guy behind her started to hold her arms behind her. She could feel his hands holding her wrists, in fact there were two guys one holding each wrist!

In horror she tried to turn around, but they were holding her, she could only manage to look at her arms, in time to see a third guy using duct tape to tie her wrists to her arms, making her arms get crossed and tied to her back. She looked up to the guy with duct tape and was about to shout to him when he applied a piece of duct tape to her mouth! With her eyes wide open she looked around for help and noticed there were three guys in front of her, three behind her and one by each side and all of them looking like they were together.

Jorge, that was behind Jane hugged her from behind tight to make her keep still and spoke close to her ear "I hope you have a dream to have sex during a concert, because you will realize it today lol" Still holding her with one arm Jorge drove his free hand to Jane shorts buttons and started to open them, slowly so he could feel her useless efforts to get free.

Jane felt his hand going slowly to her shorts and started to try to kick the bastard holding her, she also tried to scream but with the duct tape no sound came from her. She felt the buttons start to get undone and her shorts getting lose, she couldn't believe she was being stripped in the middle of a huge crowd and no one was trying to help her. Jorge was slowly making Jane shorts go down, revealing her white cotton panties and he was being careful to keep her panties on its place as he wanted to make her feel every little piece of clothes that she was losing.

He could feel her kicks, but they were nothing compared to the Rugby games. He inserted his hand inside her shorts feeling her butt and moving it down her legs until it reach a point where he could use his foot to make it way down to the floor, then he raised Jane in the air, forcing her to step out of her shorts.

Jorge spoke to John at his left and Andrew at his right to grab her shorts and take of her shoes and place inside the bag they brought, as her clothes would be their souvenir. He spoke close to Jane ear, to make sure she could listen him.

Jane felt the chill in her spine when she heard Jorge. "Are they crazy? I can't believe they consider leaving me naked!" and she felt both guys holding her feet and taking of her tennis. Now John, Jorge and Andrew proceeded like a team, Jorge was holding Jane while John and Andrew used small scissors to cut the sides of her panties, taking it of and placing it inside the bag, next was her tank top, first they cut the strings than between her boobs. In one minute she was sharp naked, with her hands tied to her back and surrounded by 3.000 people, most of them horny guys.

Jane felt the bite of the syringe at her butt but didn't focus on it as she was trying to get free, not noticing the drug going inside her body. Jane was trying to scream but the duct tape made it impossible and even if she could scream, no one would listen, she was hidden, in the dark and with the sound of Hard Rock covering the fans screams.

She felt John and Andrew playing with her boobs pinching her nipples and now without her tennis her kicks were being ridiculous. Jorge was with a great smile, his plan was going well, time for the fun he thought, opening his zipper letting his already hard cock out. He was not big, just 5" but she was not prepared, and he was not going to do any foreplay. Jorge lifted Jane, so her feet didn't touch the floor and positioned his cock between her pussy lips lowering her on it.

Jane was trying to reach the floor, trying to avoid the intruder but she was defenseless and felt the head opening her pussy lips. "Aii its ripping me in two!" she thought, and felt it slowly going inside her dry pussy.

Jorge released Jane body, making her weight force her way down his cock. Jane finally was able to touch the floor with her tiptoes but already feeling that cock deep inside her. Jorge used her arms tied to her back to keep her in place and stared fucking her furiously, in less than 5 minutes he was ready to cum, so he spoke close to her ear again.


"Let me help you get wet for the other guys … hope you are not on birth control so we can give you a baby gift lol" Jane was in disbelief, she never let guys cum inside her and she was not on birth control as she was not with a boyfriend! Just at that moment she felt he starting to cum inside her, and there was a lot of cum!

After Cumming Jorge used one hand to close Jane nose, avoiding her to breath as her mouth was duct taped, the other hand he placed under her pussy, so when he took of his cock he collected the cum dripping from her pussy.

Jane didn't expect to have her nose closed and was getting desperate to breath! She felt his wet hand at her nose but when he released the other hand all she could do was inspire air … and his cum. She inspired with such force that the cum got to her tongue. Satisfied, Jorge moved Jane body to John who was already with his cock out. He used his hand to make his cock go inside Jane cum lubricated pussy than started playing with her clit while fucking her.

Jane was still trying to get her breath again, tasting and smelling cum when John entered her. She felt angry that he was playing with her clit.

"No way that I will get excited with this bastard playing with me!" she thought. John was 6" but he was gentler, her pussy was not dry now as it was cum filled and John was really good at clit playing so her body started to betray her. Jane started to feel her nipples get hard and her wetness mix with the cum. "I will not cum, I will not let him have that from me!" she thought, trying to avoid the feeling from his cock and his hand, but it was getting hard to control it.

John spoke at Jane ear, "I will not cum before you cum for me baby" and he started to kiss her neck. Jane neck was sensible and that with the clit play and pussy fuck was too much for her and she lost control, starting to cum immediately! John heard the moan against the duct tape and felt the pussy contractions and started to fuck her faster and released his load inside her pussy! John got out of Jane pussy and his cum started to flow down her trembled legs.

Jorge grabbed Jane by her arm and moved her to Andrew, also know as big Andrew, and not because of his height lol. Andrew had an enormous 8" cock, and it was not only long, it was large! Jane was not fighting back anymore, she wanted that to end fast, and she felt dirty for having an orgasm, so she just waited for Andrew to enter her dripping pussy but when she felt how large it was she got frightened it would hip her, Andrew was holding her by her boobs and was going inside her… inside her…inside her "Damm what's the size of that thing" she thought, standing at her tip toes to make it go a bit out, but it only made it look sexy, with her body being illuminated by the lights from the stage, so John decided to take some photos of her being fucked.

It would be great to masturbate in her honor in other days. Andrew was having a good time, it was funny to see her jump every time he reached deep inside her and being on her tip toes made her butt look even more sexy. Than he had an idea. Speaking loud so everyone could listen, specially Jane, Andrew said "guys! You left this pussy sloppy, I need my cock somewhere tighter lol" Jane thought "What does this asshole think, he is almost hipping me, how can he say its sloppy?" and she felt him going outside her pussy and pointing to her ass!

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Jane never let any boy fuck her ass, she thought it was humiliating and she knew her hole was tiny, it was impossible to have such a cock inside her ass! Jane tried to step forward to run from the cock, but Andrew was holding her, he positioned his cock and started to force it way inside her. "Damm she is so tight I can't make my way inside her!" Andrew exclaimed. "Use her weight lol, lift her and she will do the work for you lmao" Jorge said laughing.

In fact, it was a good idea, so Andrew lifted Jane with one hand, holding between her legs to lift and position her, starting to move her down his cock. Jane was trying to hold her balance as her feet were out of the floor, and his hand was holding at her pussy and clit, so every move was causing her clit to send her the wrong signals, making her feel another orgasm getting closer.

That was too much information for her to concentrate and keep that cock outside her ass. Her ass hole started to give up, slowly opening letting Andrew cock head get inside her. The pain was incredible, she never imagined there was a cock of that size and she still couldn't touch the floor, so she was being impaled and could do nothing. Finally, the cock head made all its way inside her ass, Andrew exclaimed "It's inside!" and released her body. As Jane friend Mark uses to say, a cock has no shoulders, if the head is inside, everything will go inside!

So, Jane weight worked against her and she was impaled as fast as her body could reach the floor! This time Jane screamed, no matter she was with her mouth duct taped, her scream was so loud that they could listen it from her inside! It entered so fast that even caused a bit of blood to run from her ass hole. Andrew was now in Heaven, he never felt something so tight at his cock, in fact without Jorge trick he probably wouldn't manage to go inside, and now her ass hole was blinking around his cock what was amazing!

He wanted her on tiptoes, so he used two fingers to hold her clit and pull it up while he ordered Jane to go on tiptoes.

Jane didn't want to obey, but she had to do, or he would keep pulling her clit up, so she got to her tiptoes to release the pressure over her clit. Now she was in the position he wanted, on tiptoes her butt was on full display and the vision of his cock disappearing inside her was amazing.

With two fingers holding her clit she was on his control, and he could use his other hand at her arms, controlling the speed. He was on full speed already lol. Jane never felt so much pain, she could feel her ass bleeding and Andrew was making its full way inside and outside, causing much friction, besides its size!

For the other hand him holding her clit was driving her mad, her clit was extremely sensible, and she wouldn't manage to hold another orgasm if he keeps doing that. After a few minutes Andrew was ready to cum but he wanted to make it special and have her scream again, so he released her arm and got a firm hold on her left nipple, in a way that if she steps forward he would pull her using her nipple and clit.

Andrew took his cock from her ass, waited some seconds to let it start closing and did all the way inside in one move!

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As Andrew expected with the pressure on her ass, Jane made a step forward, but the sharp pain at her clit and nipple made her step back making her impale herself! Her scream was a mix of scream and cry and made Andrew start to cum instantaneously inside her ass, and it was a flood. Jane couldn't explain but the sensation of the cum filling her ass was bringing her to the edge and then Andrew started to rub her clit and it was too much "ohhhhhhh" Jane moaned as she got the most intense orgasm she ever had with all her body trembling.

"Did you film that?" Jorge asked John. "Yes lol!" answered John. Jane looked at John and could see him still pointing his cellphone to her trembling body that still had Andrew monster cock attached to her butt.

Andrew turned Jane body, so her butt was in full display to John cellphone cam and using both hands to keep Jane butt cheeks open he took his cock from her ass. With him holding her ass open she couldn't avoid the humiliation of letting his cum go out, dripping down her legs. As the three guys from the back were done they needed to change formation, besides that Adam and Victor wanted to fuck her at the same time so they made a circle to keep her hidden.

Both guys had cocks around 6" and they were large ones, so it would be tight to double fuck her, but they were not worried about it. Adam positioned in front of Jane and grabbed her legs while Victor raised her by her arms, making her legs go around Adam body. It was easy for Adam to enter Jane sloppy pussy but than Victor positioned to enter Jane sore ass. After two orgasms Jane was a mix of relaxed and out of forces to fight so she didn't try to avoid Adam go inside her but when Victor started to penetrate her sore ass all the pain made her aware again.

The double penetration and the position of her legs made her ass even tighter. Jane tried to lower her legs, but Adam was holding them in place and Victor was keeping her in position holding her arms so again she could do nothing, not even beg him to stop as her mouth was duct taped. She could only feel her ass opening, trying to relax and accept the intruder.

As Victor cock started to enter her ass, she could feel it starting to bleed again, and the ironic fact was that it would help to lubricate her sore ass. Jorge looked at his watch, he was starting to get upset about the time, they were already 50 minutes with her and he was not sure if the drug would make her forget more than one hour before the injection, so they had to hurry up.

He decided to already inject it so he asked them to stay still and injected it at Jane arm. Jane was alarmed to see the drug being injected but she was between the two guys and had no way to escape. Jorge smiled and said. "In some minutes you will get so horny that you will want to fuck all the guys here lol, pity that you will not remember anything". Jorge instructed Adam and Victor to finish fast and the remaining 3 to already get prepared as he didn't want to risk anything.

Adam and Victor started to fuck her in a rough and fast way and Jane was having a hard time to deal with the pain, but something strange started to happen, she started to feel a heat of pleasure.

She couldn't believe, but she was loving to have both fucking her at the same time and when they started to cum inside her she came as well. They unplugged from Jane and placed her on her knees, with cum dripping from her pussy and ass, making a small pool on the ground, under her.

Steve was ready to cum so when they left Jane on the floor he removed the duct tape from her mouth and replaced it with his 6" cock. To his surprise she didn't try to avoid it and was in fact sucking it good! Jane mind was not working fine, she could feel hot cum dripping from her and at that moment all she could think was that she wanted more.


She was sucking that cock and wanted another at her pussy. Just when she thought that she started to feel the cum starting to flow inside her mouth and she made the best she could to swallow it all. The last two guys didn't wait her to end Steve cock and started to cum one by each side of her, hitting her eyes, nose, forehead and hair. After they finished they used her hair to clean the last drops of cum from their cocks.

John took some more photos of Jane, on her knees, a pool of cum under her and cum dripping from her mouth, face and hair, she was the definition of a mess. Jorge called the team to make the move out, in different directions and exits like they planned before. Antonio couldn't understand what happened when he saw the group of guys starting to walk fast each to one different direction till he saw Jane on her knees, naked, with arms tied to her back and with cum all around her.

He reached Jane, helping her to stand up and started to untie her hands. "What happened?" Antonio asked "Please fuck me!" Jane replied. She could not think, all she wanted was sex. Antonio couldn't understand what she said and finished to untie her asking "Are you ok?" Jane didn't answer, she just dropped into her knees in front of him, pulled his shorts down and started to suck his flaccid cock.

In one-minute Antonio was already in Heaven, a sexy girl sucking him! Now he didn't want to know what happened to her, he just wanted her to finish him! Some guys noticed Jane naked and screamed! "A naked girl! Make her crowdsurf for everyone to enjoy!" and dragged her by arms and legs over their heads. Antonio stood there, with his shorts down and an insane hard on while he saw the girl that wanted to blow him being felt up by hundred of guys and disappearing towards the stage.

"Antonio, you are a looser!" he thought to himself. Jane was having a great time!

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She could feel hands on her breasts, butt, inside her ass and pussy, caressing her legs and she felt horny like she never felt before. So much stimulation was more than she could handle, and she had another orgasm, on top of a crowd with music, feeling the night wind at her body and hands all over her, she moaned so hard that it was almost a scream and she passed out.

The stage security saw the naked girl crowdsurfing and rescued her. Michael held her while Paul wrapped a towel covering her. Going inside the office with her the two guards looked in disbelief. "Paul this girl had some crazy sex and she is completely stoned!

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What will we do with her?" I don't know Michael, but if we leave her here, we may end with some problems with police. When a stoned girl wakes up, she can blame the first one she sees." Said Paul. "What should we do?" asked Michael. "Let's hide her between the trash containers outside, when she wakes up she will have no one to blame and will have no idea about who left her there.

She looks like trash anyway, lol" said Paul. They sneak moved her to the back and arranged two containers in a way that people could not see her, covering her with some trash bags. Paul removed the towel and Michael asked, "we will leave her naked?" "Of course, she can't wake up with our towel or something that shows she was at our office" said Paul while the two walked back leaving Jane naked, passed out, cummed and trashed. --x--x-- x— On their way back home the eight guys were laughing and speaking about the fun they had with Jane while John was examining her clothes, that they took as souvenirs.

He was with her shorts and on its pockets, there was her cellphone and a card for emergencies, with her full name, address, phone number and email. John, I think we will need the photos that you took&hellip. Some interesting ideas are crossing my mind lol. I think today was not the last time "Jane Sweetwater" entertained us.