Briana Banks Cum and Squirt Compilation

Briana Banks Cum and Squirt Compilation
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PLAYTIME: CHAP. IV -- THOUGHTS Mary I'm shocked silly! Is this a dream?

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We've totally changed our sex life, and he's happy with it, too. Fuck me! yeah, I said it out loud now! I'm wierded out, but I like it.


I can't believe John and I got ourselves in a thirty-year rut. A sex rut! I still remember when I was sixteen and using my hairbrush. I wanted to have sex with anything&hellip.but nice girls didn't do "that". Now, it looks like I can "have sex' with James anytime I want! Or even with Kelly! God, another woman!

Well, it's not going to be the "old" way anymore. My dream last night watching John and Kelly do it I woke up feeling good… refreshed… like I'd just been having sex with him, too.

This can't be bad. We should have taped all of this. Sex with another man was just too crazy, but I LOVED it! And I loved it even better because John was there and watching.

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And then I had him join in, too, and HE DID! Wow, that was so cool to get James' hard-on in my mouth, and make him come. Never ever before in our married life have I even thought of having sex with another man, and now I've stripped naked before another guy a younger man and done everything with him, while my husband watched us!

I must be a slut now. My head is swimming on what I did with Kelly. I never would have planned THAT. I couldn't believe it later when John told me she tasted like butterscotch. And there isn't ANYTHING that compares with getting it in both places at the same time.

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Filled up to the brim! I loved it when James and John both came in me together. Whew baby! One way or another, that's gonna happen again.

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And again! So where do we go from here? JOHN Okay, I admit it -- I thought our REAL sex life was just about over, and then she springs THIS! Well, wherever it all came from, I'm looking forward to the next act. They say "Anticipation" is almost as good as the "Participation", and I certainly agree!

I was blown away when she asked me to slide into her ass while James was fucking her. Holy cripes James fucked my wife! And I watched! I can't believe I just thought that…and watched it happen! I wasn't sure she was actually gonna go through with it when I saw her teasing him with boob shots, but when she ordered James and me to take off our pants and beat off in front of her, boy!

And that thing she did with her panties after she got naked in front of him what a tricky little sexpot! She turned me on again. I've never seen that before. I've never done things like that before. Another guy in the room! And she never did wow! I guess you have to get over that part if you're gonna agree to let your wife screw somebody else.

But then, the upside is watching it, just like she said, your wife starring in a porno movie, just inches away from you! And I get her all the rest of the time, with these new tricks! And, I got a new Toy, too! That Kelly is a wet dream come to life. I hope we can do this again I can't believe how hot Kelly was…and Mary and I repeated everything Kelly and I did, too. When she put her arms around Mary and felt her boobs, I know Mary was shocked, me, too.

I couldn't believe my eyes when she was leaning over and I could see Mary kissing her behind! I guess she really WAS ready to experiment. Kelly sure knew how to tease, too. And she said something about wearing her nipple ring if the Queen ever invites her back…I think she will, the way they were kissing while I was taking off my pants god, I was ready to shoot my load off right then. I gotta admit I was really turned on when they were sucking each other's tongues.

I wanta see that again. So where do we go from here? JAMES Holy crap, I am SUCH a Lucky Guy! John's wife was so sexy in that blue dress at the party, when we got shoved in the closet, and then later, what a party she had on ME ! I never would have thought she was kinky, that they were so kinky.


Sex with her right in the same room while John watched, that was something I had to get used to real quick! She did things to me I've never had done before. It was fabulous. I want to do it again. I hope they invite me back. So where do we go from here? KELLY I still can't believe I did all that! I never thought John and Mary were secretly so freaky! Damn, I've admired her like, forever, at work. She dresses so nice, always is on the ball, and everybody respects her. And she's so straight, everybody knows that.

Gosh, I never thought I'd be screwing a guy whose wife is in the same bedroom, let alone a straight friend of mine like Mary!

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God, I've always looked up to her. And then she even bends me over and kisses my ass, feels me up! I guess that's what drove me a little crazy with her. Those two are something else.

That's too funny that they said I was John's "toy" -- I can live with that, it was fun. For being in her fifties, Mary really has a hot bod. And she knows how to use it. And use me, too. And since I was sucking off her husband at the same time, I ain't complainin'. I guess I showed John a few tricks. Mary, too. Ha me, too! It was like watching a fuck-film, when Mary was sitting on the armchair with John and letting him take off her top, then actually sucking her boobs with me sitting right there!

I think that was when I knew they were game for anything, and I might as well be, too. Hell, if a married couple wants to play around, it's not cheating if they're both in on it, is it…and they're your friends?

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I guess it's really not much weirder than living with a chick with a dick. John was really nice, and I wouldn't mind it at all if they asked me to be part of their little game again.

That was fun. When Mary was standing at the bed with John sucking her tits, right in front of me, I thought of a dozen things I wanted to do right then! Should I email Mary and ask if I can be the "toy" again?

God, that was so exciting!

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Where do we go from here?