I cumming in my shirt

I cumming in my shirt
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I'd been nearly three weeks since my last job, bills were piling up, I knew my agent had work, but the bastard liked to keep us hungry and poor, he said it made us keen to work and willing to do what the client wanted.

He's a bastard and he tricked us all into exclusivity contracts. I had made a few dollar working cover shifts at a local coffee house.

I was relived when my phone beeped, I'd set it up so I knew when my agent, Paul, had a job for me. I checked it, as usual nothing nice form him, just and address a time and instructions to wear thigh highs, heals and a choker.

Hair lose. One hundred dollars, my fee for the day, less, of course, his twenty five percent. Still a job's a job and I was pleased. I'd have to be careful tonight, I'd arranged to go out with a girlfriend, she'd got someone she wanted me to meet.

The following morning I made my way to the shoot. I had to take a cab, it cost me another twenty five dollars, I had all my clothes in a bag and just wore sweats, nothing underneath, I didn't want any marks on my skin. I met the photographer there an he showed me to a small damp stinky room which was my changing room. I soon had my outfit and make up sorted. I made my way back to the set. I could see there were three other photographers there set up too.

The guy I'd met at the door beckoned me over and stood me in the lights he looked me up and down as I stood there with my arms by my sides. It was cold on set and I could feel my nipples harden in the cool air. The other three came forward and checked me out. I like being the centre of attention. "Ok, well, she'll have to do, shall we get started?" Said the main guy, who hadn't even bothered to introduced himself. With that they retreated to the other side of the cameras and he asked me to start to pose for them.

"Just something tame to start with." He suggested. So I started by putting my hands over my pussy and pushing my boobs together turning slightly and arching my back a bit, pushing my ample chest (34D's I know you'd want to know.) out. I turned side on arching my back and lifting my hair up in my hands then I stood with my back to them pushing my ass back for them, I slowly bent over at the waist knowing my pussy would slowly come into view as I bent forward, I'm pretty flexible so I was soon bent over completely holding both ankles as they merrily snapped away.

I stood back up and turned to face them, cupping both breasts and offering them up to the photographers. I squatted down and spread my legs wide, I hoped my pussy looked nice for them, one of the other jobs they said I had a nasty looking cunt and Paul wouldn't pay me for the job.

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"Spread your lips." One of them called, and obligingly I spread my lips with my fingers. "Pinch your nipple." I did as commanded. "Spread your lips with both hands." I did as they wished pulling the delicate lips as far apart as was comfortable. "On your hands and knees, lets see that ass." I rolled onto my hands and knees spreading my legs to give them a good view of my pussy, I was enjoying the job and starting to get a little aroused as I displayed myself for the men.

I looked back at them, dimly visible behind the bright lights. I reached for my ass cheek and pulled myself slightly apart for them, the cameras clicked. "Face on the floor, and spread your cunt." Came the curt order.

I lowered my face to the floor and reached back between my legs to spread my pussy for them again. I could hear the cameras click and I could feel the moisture on my fingers as I held myself open.

"Spread your ass cheeks." Again I complied, enjoying the way my body was being displayed and enjoying being the centre of attention. "Finger yourself." They said and I slipped a finger into my hole, I wasn't surprised to find I was very wet in there. "Another finger." Someone called and I added a second finger easily.

"Spread, I want to see inside." I opened my fingers knowing I was letting them see right up inside me. One of them came close and start taking close up photo's of my pussy. After a few frames he retreated and I could hear them mention how wet I was. "On your back spread your legs and hold your cunt open." Came the terse order.

I rolled over again and lay back on the cold floor. I spread my pussy with one hand and made sure my little hole was opened up for them. I was starting to enjoy the shoot and thought that Paul had done me a bit of a favour, I do like to be talked to roughly. "Ok, hold your cunt open with two fingers." I slid my fingers into my increasingly wet hole and pulled myself apart. "I want you to get three fingers up yourself." Given how wet I was I could easily get three inside of myself. I was feeling quite horny as the cameras clicked.

"Right use that on yourself." Something hit my pussy and when I looked it was a medium sized dildo of some kind. I picked it up and checked it out.

"Is this thing clean?" I asked hesitantly. "For fuck sake, just stick up your cunt!" One of them shouted. I flinched involuntarily, then submissively without further protest I lay back and pushed the dildo into my wet pussy.

It felt so good to be finally stretching my pussy a bit. I gently fucked myself with it for a bit. "Ok, Grab an ankle and spread your legs wide." I started to slide the dido out of my pussy before taking up the new pose. "No, did I say anything about taking the dildo out?" "No." I admitted in a small voice. "Then leave the fucking thing where it is till I tell you other wise!" I lay there spread as wide as I could with the dildo buried in my pussy, I was almost angry as I could feel the heat in my pussy building.

"Ok right relax and fuck your ass with it." I slid the dildo out of my pussy and lay slightly on my side, drawing a knee up I knew this would make it easy for me to get the dildo in my ass as they wanted, I pushed the tip against my asshole.

"Have you got any lube?" I asked timidly. "This is getting fucking stupid. Ok shit, right, can you have a look see what we've got." I could just make out one of them getting up and going over to the sink they had in the corner, he searched around for a few moments before returning and throwing a tub of margarine at me, it hit me in the chest before I could catch it.

I took the lid off and took a hand full I rubbed the margarine into the shaft of the dildo then I rubbed some more into my asshole the grease making my hole slippery and could easily slip a finger inside to push the margarine deeper into me.

I pulled my finger out and the dildo slid into my asshole quite easily. "Happy now? Right same as before grab your ankles." This time I left the dildo in my asshole as they took picture after picture. "Ok Guys, your up." Keeping the same pose I looked round to see who he was talking to, to my surprise two big, naked black guys walked onto the set both with huge angry looking erections. "Stacey, this is Tyrone and Darnell." I lay there with the margarine covered dildo in my ass and my wet pussy wide open on show.

I hadn't expected to be working with other people, especially not to big hung black guys. "Well say hello then." Someone prompted. "Hello." I whispered still holding my legs apart. Neither Tyrone or Darnell said anything they just dropped to their knees and one of them, I never worked out who was who, pulled the dildo out of my ass, the other one just started to play with my nipple, I could hear the cameras click away in the back ground.

One of them looked over to the photographers.

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"We get five hundred each, right?" He asked in a deep voice, I couldn't believe it they were getting paid more than me! "Yeah, that's right." Replied one of the photographers. I couldn't take my eyes off them as their hands roamed over my pale white body, fingers slipping into my wet pussy and greasy asshole, one of them grabbed my hair and a huge dick was pushed into my mouth, almost instantly I started chocking on the huge thing as he simply forced it down my throat.

The other guy pushed two fingers into my wet pussy and started to finger fuck me roughly. "Excellent, try to make her eyes water, and stick another finger in her cunt." The photographer ordered and the dick was brutally pushed down my throat and my eyes did start to water as I began to choke, another finger was brutally rammed into my pussy, I could feel my body respond as these two men started to abuse my body. "'er cunt is soaking." Said the one with the fingers in me, I felt the guy who was in my mouth reach down and stick his own fingers deep in my soaked slot.


I heard him chuckle softly. "Get another finger in her!" Called one of the photographers. The guy choking me on his dick shoved another finger up me.

I was starting to get seriously horny laying there a dick deep in my throat and five big fat fingers jammed in my pussy. I started to cum, I didn't want to I just couldn't help it, I just sat there choking on a cock with five big fat fingers sawing into my little pussy. They pulled out of me completely and I lay there suddenly feeling so empty, I looked round and they guy who'd been fingering me was kneeing there so I rolled over too him and sucked greedily on his cock as he stroked my hair.

"Fucking hell! Not like that you dumb bitch! We can't see anything." I had forgotten that all they could see was my ass from where they were not me sucking his cock, they guy pushed me roughly off his dick and stood up as I managed to pull my self to a kneeling position.

"Better, now fuck her face again!" Before I could do anything the guy shoved his dick deep into my mouth. I sucked hard hoping I was doing a good job. The other guy grabbed my hand and wrapped it round his dick, my hand could barely close round it. I began stroking down the length of it, I couldn't believe how long it was, I started to think what it would be like when they fucked me. "Spread your legs" I shuffled my knees apart so my wet pussy was on show.

One of the photographers got up and come onto the set holding a bigger dildo with a suction cup on the bottom, he stuck it to the floor between my legs. The tip was just above my slit. I knelt there looking at him, the dick still deep in my mouth and my hand wrapped round the other guys huge piece of meat. "What? Do you need a fucking written invitation?" When I still didn't move he rolled his eyes in exasperation.

"Get on the fucking dildo you dumb bitch!" Somehow I managed to straddle the dildo and slide it deep into my pussy. "Fucking hell where did we get this retarded slut?" I heard him ask as he walked back to the camera.

They made me slide up and down on the dildo as I sucked the guys off I kept having to change who I was sucking and who was getting a hand job, both their dicks were huge and both were slippery with my saliva. "Great work guys, ok, one of you on your back, get her on that dick and the other behind her and she can suck you off." I did as I was told and straddled him taking that big cock deep in my pussy, it was wonderful finally having a proper dick inside me instead of a dildo or some fingers.

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I lent back and the other guy slipped his dick into my mouth. I looked at the camera wondering what sort of mess I looked like, my cunt full of black dick, my mouth stretched round another big thick cock and my mascara running down my face. The guy underneath me picked me up and just used my pussy to stroke his dick, the guy I was blowing wrapped his big hand round my throat and started to choke me.

I started to cum again fiercely as they used my body, I could hear the cameras clicking as they shot more pictures of this brutal treatment I was receiving. "Fuck, that dumb slut just came again!" Someone said. I could hear several people laughing.

"D'ya like black cock?" Said the guy fucking my face. I just stared up at him and sucked harder, nodding my head slightly, he pulled out of my mouth and slapped my face with his dick. Everyone thought it was hilarious as he slapped me around. "Jus' a dumb white whore." Said they guy who was fucking me. "Right guys, can you get her on her hands and knees fill her mouth and ass." The guys dropped me onto the floor and started to pull me into position.

"Do we have to do anal?" I asked, everyone froze and stared at me. "What?" Demanded a voice form behind the lights. "My ass is a bit sore and so I was kinda hoping." I trailed off. "For fuck sake, I'm calling your agent!" The man shouted. "Please, no, Ok, I'll do it, just please be gentle" I begged, I knew Paul would be furious, I could dimly make out the guy on the phone.

He was making wild gestures, I just knelt there waiting to see what would happen. The guy came over and held out the phone. He'd flicked it on speaker. "Can you hear me Stacey?" He asked. "Yes Paul." I replied. "Stacey, what the fuck is going on? I've been told you just refused to do anal?" "I'm sorry Paul, I just asked, honest, it's just my ass is a little sore and I was kinda." "Stacey, why the fuck is your ass sore, I told you you had a shoot?

What the fuck have you been doing?" He screamed down the phone. "I kinda had sex with a few guys at a party." The 'date' I'd gone on last night with my girlfriend went a bit wrong and I'd ended up taking every guy on and they'd all insisted on me doing ass to mouth.

"How many guys did you fuck last night?" Paul bawled at me. I could feel the tears run down my face, if I was lucky Paul wouldn't pay me for this job, but if I was unlucky&hellip. "Five guys." I admitted. "For fucks sake, what kind of a dumb slut are you?" Paul asked in a normal voice. "No don't even try to answer that.

I don't fucking care." I just knelt there on the floor feeling so stupid for getting myself into this situation. "Ok this is what your going to do, first you won't get paid for this job, secondly you will do every guy there and anyone else they decide to call or drag of the street and you'll give them everything. Finally when you've finished you will get your sorry ass over here and I will personally teach you a lesson for fucking five guys the night before a fucking photo shoot.

Do you hear me you dumb good for nothing slut?" "Yes Paul" I whimpered as the tears fell, I was in trouble now. The guy spoke a few more words with Paul then hung up. "Ok, now that's sorted, fuck her ass." He commanded and before I could do anything one of the guys spat on my asshole and then just forced his dick into me, the cameras clicked as I screamed.

"Pull her hair." The tears came hot and fast as the guy fucked my ass, he grabbed a good handful of my long brown hair and yanked cruelly. I arched backwards and he jammed his big dick further into me.

I screamed again. "Fuck her mouth." Someone said and the other guy shoved his dick brutally down my throat cutting of my air completely. I started to black out as they abused me. The world went black as they pounded me unremittingly. I woke up as someone came in my face the thick strands of cum getting in my eye and across my nose, then the dick was stuffed into my slack open mouth, someone was balls deep in my ass and fucking me hard, I think someone had cum in me as I was all wet.

I tired to lick the dick in my mouth as it got softer. "Hey she's awake!" Someone called out.

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I managed to look round, the two black guys were gone and two young white guys were there with me, one was still in my ass fucking me and the other had obviously just cum all over my face. I started to push back on the guy in my ass, he liked it and started slapping each ass cheek in turn as he shouted "Ye haw" I could hear more cameras clicking and then the guy in my ass pulled out suddenly and I could feel him cum on my back and ass.

He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me round and shoved his dick in my mouth. "Clean that, you slut!" He shouted as I sucked him clean, I could feel cum running out of my ass as I sucked as well as I could, finally he pulled me off his cock, spat in my face and shoved me roughly to the floor.

The guys both got up, hi fived each other and walked out leaving me sprawled on the floor. I looked round to see the three photographers walk onto the set.

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Without a word they started to take off their clothes, all of them had nice normal cocks, I hopped they wouldn't be too rough with me. I wiped my face with my hand and started to crawl over to them.

I could feel more cum trickling out of my ass as I crawled over to where they waited. I looked and my thigh highs they were all laddered and ruined, I had bruises on my tits, I guess someone had slapped them while I was unconscious, I knelt up and took the first guy in my mouth I reached out and grabbed both the other guys cocks and started jerking them off.

The guy I was blowing stepped back and so I swivel and took another guy into my mouth, the first guy came round and knelt behind me. His hands on my ass. "Fuck you should see the mess! This whore's ass is a fucking state!" He laughed. "Get on your face and knees, spread them ass cheeks." Said one of them, I complied showing them my ruined asshole, I was still quite open and I could feel all the cum all over my pussy and ass as the men stood there and laughed at me.

It wasn't fair, all this abuse and somehow it was making me feel horny again. I started to cry, then one of them pushed his toe in my asshole as I lay there spread, I knew better than to make any noise, he slid the toe out of my ass and I was presented with his foot, I could see cum on his toe, I knew what was expected and I sucked the toe into my mouth cleaning off at least two guys cum.

Hands gripped my hips firmly and someone shoved his dick deep into my pussy and started to pound me hard and relentlessly. "Man this is one dumb bitch!" Said the guy fucking me shoving his dick deep into my bruised cunt. One of the guys knelt in front of me and I sucked his dick into my waiting mouth, ignoring how sore my jaw was. "Yeah the stupid bitch doesn't even try to fight back, but she does suck cock pretty well." He said.

The third guy put my hand round his dick and I started jerking him off. "When I booked her Paul said she'd do anything with any one." The all laughed at me, my tears ran hot down my cheeks. My body betrayed me and my pussy started to spasm around the dick being shoved viciously into me.

"Shove your thumb up her ass." One of them suggested. "No fucking way! I ain't sticking anything in there, I'd need a safety rope to stop myself falling in!" They all howled with laughter at that one. I couldn't help myself, despite my tears I carried on cumming hard.

I tried so hard to keep sucking and jerking the guys, but I was coming so hard I couldn't. His dick slipped out of my mouth and my hand dropped of the other guys cock. "Fucking hell, she's cuming!" One of them laughingly said. The guy fucking me carried on ploughing me hard till I felt his cock twitch and he dumped his cum into my body.

He pulled out leaving my pussy twitching and yearning to be filled again. "Man, did you just cum in her?" Asked the guy I'd been blowing. "Yeah, sorry dude." He replied. The guy I'd been blowing yanked me up by the hair.

"Why did you let him cum in your pussy?" He demanded "I'm sorry, I,I didn't know." I stammered, why was I apologizing, and why was I desperate for someone to fuck me? "Do you think I want sloppy seconds?" He yelled, still holding me up by my hair.

He grabbed hold of my nipple and pinched it hard, really hard, I yelled in pain, I could feel the cum drip out of me lubricated by more of my juices. It just wasn't fair, it shouldn't make me horny, but it always did when people used me like this. "Get over there and clean your cunt out for me!" He hissed dragging me up by the hair I stagger to my feet and he pushed me over to the hose hanging on the wall.

I stumbled over to the hose wiping the tears from my eyes. Cum dribbled out of my pussy and down my thighs. I tried to turn the hose on, it was so tight I couldn't get the tap to turn. "Can somebody help me?" I asked timidly.

One of them sighed deeply and walked over he took the end of the hose from my hand and turned the tap, water sprayed out of the end and splashed him. "Fuck sake, look what you've done!" He yelled and he slapped my tit with his free hand. He shoved the hose at me the ice cold water splashing all over my body making me shiver. "I, I'm sorry." I stammered rubbing my sore breast. "Now hurry up and get cleaned up, we ain't finished with you!" He shouted.

Reaching down I spread my lips and pushed the tip of the hose into my hole, the ice cold water made me gasp. I looked up the guy watching me grinned cruelly. "Make sure it's nice and clean." He said. I pushed the tip of the hose into my cunt, it was hard and sharp, it hurt as I pushed it in, I tired to open myself up more but it still hurt. I started to cry again.


The guy grabbed my wrist and shoved it deeper making me cry out in pain. "Want you all clean for me." He hissed. I nodded as the water ran out of my pussy. I puled the hose out and shut off the tap. I waked back to the set, the cold water running down my thighs, I shivered freezing cold, my nipples were so hard.

I stood in front of the men, the lights warming me slightly. "You've been a huge disappointment." Said the guy who'd just fucked me. I didn't even dare look at him. "I'm sorry." I murmured. "Well, get on your back." I lay on the cold floor again, my body trembling form the cold. The man got down on top of me. He stroked his dick up and down my slit.

My pussy was warming up. I was sore, but I wanted him to fuck me, I'm such a fucking mess. He shoved forward hard, burying himself in me completely in one stroke. It felt like he shoved a red hot poker in my bruised cunt. My back arched and I clenched my teeth as the pain ripped thought me. My pussy was molten, I could hardly believe it, once again my body was revealing my deep dark desires to be totally used and abused. His thrusts were brutal, he knew he was hurting me and he didn't care.

He just fucked me harder. The pain was taking me higher and higher. I was so ashamed. The other two men stood talking quietly as their friend raped me on the floor.

I blinked away my tears to look at the face of the man above me, animal passion writ on his face, I wrapped my legs round his waist holding him closer, he pushed into me harder. I reached round him drawing him close he's giving me everything I want and need, I tried to kiss him, my mouth searching for his.

He put his hand over my face and pushes my head away from him. "I don't want to kiss you, you're nothing but a wet hole." He says shoving into me roughly. The other guys laugh. I lay back as he enjoys my hole, I can't help it the tears slide out of the corner of my eyes, He starts to shove harder and deeper, he's close, so am I. I start to tremble as my pussy floods even more, I close my eyes hearing the laughter of the men who've used me so badly, the way I need to be used, the way I should be used.

His dick twitched deep in my cunt, his cum feels hot and thick as he sprays everything up inside of me. He rests for a few seconds, then with a final cruel twist of my nipple he stands up.

I lay there on the floor legs spread wide as his cum slides out of my pussy. The third guy kneels between my legs he looks for a moment at my cummy pussy before shrugging and starting to wipe the tip of his dick over my slit, I gasp as the head brushed over my clit, I'm so embarrassed that I'm so horny.

He laughs then pushed into me again, the sixth guy today to use my body. The cum and my juices mean it doesn't hurt so bad, but it still hurts I've been fucked so hard, I shudder to think what Paul is going to do to me when I get to his office. The guy burries himself into me. Fucking me hard. I lay there letting him do exactly what he wants. He pushes himself up and slaps my tit hard.

I arch my back. "Like that do you Puta?" He asks. "No" I lie, pushing my tits up at him, he smiles evilly and slaps the other one, hard as he can making my moan. "You like having everyone fuck you?" He asks. "No." I lie again. This time he slaps my face, not too hard, just enough to make my face sting.

"Do you like having everyone fuck you?" He asks slowly. "Yes." I whisper. He rewards me with another slap then he pounds me hard, I'm gasping and moaning as he fucks me and as he starts to cum a huge orgasm washes over me. I'm sure I nearly back out. I lay on the floor, cold and shivering as he stands up, I watch them dress, none of them look at me or say anything.

"Hey slut!" one of them yells. I look over at him, the others laugh. "She knows what she is. Come here slut!" I drag myself off the floor and over to them. "There should be a homeless guy out in the alley, go and get him so we can take some more photos." He says like he just ordered a soda. I stand and stare at him. "Want me to call Paul?" He asks. I shake my head quickly and run to the door.

Sticking my head out I look down the ally, sure enough there's a few boxes and it looks like there's someone in it. I walk out into the ally. I shake my hair back and try to smile. Inside I'm hoping the guy will be dead, what sort of a fuck up am I I wonder as I walk towards him, my high heals clicking on the floor. The guy looks up out of his box his jaw drops.

I'm not surprised, I must look such a state, six guys have just fucked me, I can feel cum drying on my face and body, my mascara is streaked down my cheeks, and more cum is sliding down my things as it drips out of my holes. I crouch down next to him, the smell is something else, booze, cigarettes urine and god knows what else. "Um, could you come with me please?" I ask. "What happened to you?" "Um, we're shooting some porn, please come with me." I say.

"What you want from me?" He asks. "The guys want to take photo's of you fucking me." I say, no point beating about the bush. "Er, well." He hesitates. "I'll give you twenty dollars." I say choking back tears. He grins. He reaches for my hand and we walk back to the studio. The photographers laugh as we walk in hand in hand. "You guys been making porn on here?" Asks the tramp.

"Sure have." Replies one of the photographers. "She promised me twenty." He says "Go get the man his money!" Yells one of the photographers. I scurry off and get my last twenty from my purse. I hand it over to the tramp, he checks it carefully before tucking it onto tome hidden recess in his coat. "What you want me to do?" He asks the photographers. "Just fuck her anyway you like." The tramp laughs out loud, he grabs me and shoves me to my knees. I know what he wants I fumble for the fly in his trousers, he's got two pairs on but I fight my way down and get his dick out, the smell is appalling, I nearly gag on the stench.

"Thass it lil' girl suck on my ol' dick." He says stroking my hair. I can hear the cameras click. I swallow hard and lean forward to take him into my mouth. It's revolting, I gag slightly as I suck, trying to suck the filth off him so it doesn't taste so bad. More tears come, some form the shame, most from the fact I'm living out one of my most depraved fantasies.

"Lick up and down his cock." One of the photographers calls. I change running my tongue up and down his hard shaft, he continues to stroke my hair as I service him, it's every bit as degrading as I hoped, my pussy's starting to leak again.

"Wipe your cock all over her face." The tramp pulls out of my mouth and starts to wipe the dirty head of his dick all over my face. I'm moaning with pleasure, I can't help but start to play with my nipples and pussy as he humiliates me. "Good, could you get on your back and let her ride you please?" Someone asks.

The tramp laughs and lays down on the floor his cock pointing up at the ceiling. I move to straddle him his filthy hands go round my waist and he lifts me easily over him.

I grip his dick and guide it into my sore wet cunt. More cum seeps out of me as I bob up and down on his dick, they take close up's of my cunt, split wide open by the tramps dirty cock. I bounce harder and harder on him, willing him to cum. I can feel him tensing underneath me as I fuck him.


"Remember we want to see you cum." Says one of the photographers. The tramp pushes up into my cunt, as I slide down, I know the signs, he's close, I pick myself up and then sit back down, his dick between my spread pussy lips, I stroke him twice and he starts to spurt, I lean back and his cum lands on my tits and belly. He softens slightly and I rub the tip of his dick over my sensitive clit and my own orgasm starts I moan and gasp as this depraved scene in captured in HD. The tramp pushes me off and I kneel on hands and knees breathing hard as my orgasm fades.

"Fuck, you got problems slut." He says as he smacks my ass hard. He stands up and walks out the door. His cum drips off my body. "Ok that's it for today. You'd better get over to Paul's" Says one of the photographers. How the hell was I going to do that, I only had about five dollars in change, the bus was going to take for ever! "Can I have shower somewhere?" I asked hopefully. Paul would be cross if I turned up at his office as I was. "Use the hose." One of the replied.

Meekly I made my way over to the hose, luckily I was able to turn it on and I hosed myself off, the cold water was bighting.

I grabbed my few clothes and ran out as fast as I could, I knew the clock was ticking and Paul wasn't known for his patience.