Two hot dudes enjoy a bareback anal after a wild sixty nine

Two hot dudes enjoy a bareback anal after a wild sixty nine
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She was barely over seventeen and had only been hired because she was the friend of daughter of the family who owned the gas station.

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Her first couple of weeks had gone by smoothly as she worked the evening shift, her parents weren't very happy that she worked it alone but if she ever wanted to get out on her own she needed to get a job and get started on becoming independent.

He had come in her second day working there and couldn't get her out of his mind, he felt like a dirty old man the way he always seemed to think about her and none of his thoughts were ever clean when it came to her.

He wanted to see that young girl with out her form fitting uniform on, her red hair let loose from the tight pony tail she always had it in whenever he came into the store.

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He would always take any extra time he had to to just be able to not have to be rushed through his transaction when it came to be his turn with her at the counter. Tonight when he walked into the store he saw her leaning over the counter seeming to be really focused on the news paper in front of her.

Being the only customer in the store he took a moment to just watch her his eyes wandering over her body taking in every inch of every curve. He had to shift his stance just a bit as he felt his cock starting to harden when he noticed that her shirt was unbuttoned just enough to give him a glimpse of her cleavage the roundness of each breast tormenting him as they rose an fell with each breath she took.

Not wanting to be caught for being the perv. he was he took one last glance over her young body and made his way to the counter, slowing just enough to shift his hard on to one side so it would be less noticeable. "You concentrate any harder on the paper girly I expect it to start on fire." He chuckled causing her to jump a little and pulling her from classifieds she was browsing through. "Oh, sorry Sir didn't see you there." She mumbled her cheeks reddening slightly as she quickly shoved the news paper aside, but not before he got a chance to see what she was looking at apartments for rent in the area.

"How can I help you?" She smiled trying to brush off her embarrassment from being caught of guard by him.

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She was a little less embarrassed that it was a regular that had caught her off guard not a random customer, but she was still embarrassed that he had been able to sneak up on her like that. "Just need some gas today." He said reaching in his pocket for his cash "I see ya are looking for an apartment.

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I rent some and for cheap if your interested." He smiled taking a minute to re-adjust himself as he dug the money out. "Yea." she sighed glancing over at the paper "I just can't afford anything over four hundred fifty dollars a month with out getting a roommate and I would like to avoid that if possible, but no one is renting for that cheep." "I see." he said taking a moment to think, he could offer her a place for that much but he would be taking two hundred dollar loss on the aparment, but if he could get her to move into one of his apartments he could see her more so he hoped he could get her to go for it.

Hell maybe he could even get away with installing some little cameras for his own little peep show whenever he liked.

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The though of being able to watch her whenever he wanted was making his hard on grow a little painful, he needed to get going soon so he could take care of the discomfort it was causing him so he figured he would get the offer on the table and just let her think it over if he had too. "I could rent you one for that, I have a little one bedroom place that just opened up if your interested?" He said shifting his weight a little.

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"Really?!" she said perking up a bit "That would be awesome!" She said bouncing on the balls of her feet a little. She was oblivious to the affect her bouncing was having on him, he was being mesmerized by the soft bounce of her tits, she could have possibly gotten him to go lower if she only knew how much he wanted her.

It was starting to become too much for him to handle he had to get out of there before he gave into the urge to bend her over the counter right there and fuck her silly.

"Yea, but I have to get going now" he said pulling his wallet out and holding a business card out for her, he really needed to relieve the discomfort he was feeling as his hard on pressed against his leg. "Give me a call whenever you have the chance and we can discuss getting you moved in" He smiled as she took the card. He was gonna have to pass on getting the gas he had originally planned on getting when he came in today he need to get out of there quickly, so before she even had a chance to remind him of it he turned and headed toward the door.

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"Thanks Mister!" She yelled looking at the card, she was too excited about the thought of getting her own place to even remember he hadn't purchased anything so it worked out in his favor.

She was already planning out all of the things she was going to need for the place, and what she was going to do first once she had moved in. Once back in his truck he drove a few blocks away and parked in a secluded part of a park,he really needed to get rid of his hard on before going home he didn't want to have to explain it to his wife.


Unzipping his pants he leaned back in the seat and pulled his cock out, closing his eyes he started to think about the girl from the gas station. As he stroked his cock he pictured that young girl standing in front of him slowly stripping down her hand running down the curves of her body, her perky tits bouncing as she pulled off her work shirt.

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He pictured her hopping up on the counter and spreading her legs wide beckoning him to come to her, her fingers spreading the lips of that pussy revealing a wet eager hole just begging to be filled. He could almost feel himself pushing into her tight pussy as he stroked his cock bringing himself closer to climax. His whole body tensing as he pictured her pulling him to her their mouths meeting in a passionate kiss as the cameras overhead watched them fuck right there in the store.

He finally pushed himself over the edge with the thought of her moaning and bucking her hips against his, her tits bouncing in light circles as she rode his cock her pussy dripping its juices all over the counter under them.

Panting slightly he reached over and grabbed a handful of napkins from the glove box and started to clean himself up visions of the things he might get to see if he were to get her moved into that apartment swimming through his mind exciting him again Damn he was becoming a dirty old man he chuckled to himself as he started the truck up and drove home.

Too be continued.