Twinks with small cocks gay porn movie xxx Ready To Squirt From The

Twinks with small cocks gay porn movie xxx Ready To Squirt From The
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I hate my new stepmother, Lily. If she and my son of a bitch father hadn't had that affair, my real mother wouldn't have been drinking, got into that car, and died. Not long after that, they got married. Go figure.

She a beautiful woman with long blonde hair and a nice hourglass figure, but she's only a slut after my father for his money and he just wants some sex. Now I'm just a soon to be 15-year old boy stuck with the two of them and her 13-year-old daughter, Lucy, who looks like a mini version of her slut mother. Well, after about one month after she moved in, I arrived home from school, and I heard some weird sounds coming from their room, so I looked in their room to see what was going on.

The moment I looked inside, I saw that slut taking it on her back from Johnny Ryder, a business partner and friend of my father. "Oh God, Oh God, fuck that pussy." That whore moans as she takes his dick.

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"Yeah, take my big fat cock, you slut. I bet you love getting fucked by a real cock." I know Johnny and my dad love competing, but not like this.

"Yes, I love being fuck by your big fat cock instead of that tiny dick." I'm shocked. and hard by the site of their fornication, but not surprised. Well, at least for Lily's part. I genuinely thought Johnny was my dad's friend. I guess you can never truly know a person.

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They continue fucking each other for about 5 more minutes, then head down to the kitchen where they have a bite until my dad comes home. We all then have dinner and my dad says he couldn't ask for a better friend than Johnny. Finally john heads home and we all head to bed. Then the next day, friday, as I come home from school, I notice Dustin, our next door neighbor, leaving the my home and the slut waving him good bye. Now I have no proof of what happened, but I'm willing to bet my life that he didn't come over for a cup of tea.

That whore. When I come inside, I ask her what Dustin wanted. "Oh, Dustin just came over for some cup of tea." Yeah, right. She's not fooling me. "How 'bout Johnny?" I ask her with narrow eyes and a deep tone. "He just came over to see your father, silly. You know that." "Then what were you two doing on bed moaning and panting." She stops what she's doing, looks at me, and says, "So you did see that." "Yeah, you doing what you do best, being a slut and a home wrecker." "Home-wrecker?

It's the men who make the solemn choice to cheat on their wives. They're the home-wreckers. I'm just going along for the ride." She thinks she's so smart and innocent. I hate that smug face she has on. A matter of fact, I hate her face period. "I bet your still sad about your mommy's death.

I'm not the one who decided on drinking driving." Who the hell does she think she is? How dare that bitch say that. She's the reason she was drinking in the first period. I have to make this bitch pay. So I pounce on her. "HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT, YOU BITCH! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT SHE DID!" I shout on top of her. "I thought so. You miss you mommy. Too sad." She's notice even fazed that I jumped her, a matter of fact, she looks quite amused by it.

"You're just like him, an emotional momma's boy. I'm willing to bet you have a tiny pencil dick just like my husband, too." "I'll show you what kinda dick I have, you whore." I shout as I take out my cock and tear off her skimpish skirt. Once her skirt is up, I notice she's not wearing any panties and is as wet as an otter.

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What a slut. "Not bad, bigger than your daddy's little thing. That's for sure." She was licking her lips. "Now stick it in me." I ram my thing into her juicy little cunt. Apparently my teenage lust is way stronger than my hatred for that slut. So I just combined the two and started fucking her like I hated her, which I do. She starts moaning like a banshee as I pound her. This slut is enjoying this way too much, and so am I.

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I know I should stop for a variety of reasons, but I can't stop my hips from moving. That is until I cum right in her pussy. "Aww, you came so soon. Hahaha." The bitch says in baby talk. "Don't worry about knocking me up, this is one of my safe days." She try's getting up, but I continue to hold her down as she struggles to get up. "Hey, get the fuck off me, quick shot.

We're done." The moment she said that, I gave her a big slap across the face. "Were done when I say we are. And I'm not quite satisfied just yet." She can feel my cock getting hard inside her again and I could feel her pussy tightening up, especially after that slap to the face. I start pounding her cunt again, but harder this time.

With a face of a bitch in heat, and that's just how she took it, too. Like a bitch. After a few more thrusts, she cums. It looks like her eyes are closed as she says, "Oh God! Oh God! Yes, Yeeessss!!" She's so loud, I'm afraid the neighbors might hear her moaning like a whore from my house.

Well, after she almost passes out, she mutters, "It's been so long since I last came. Oh God, you really are his son." That last part doesn't make much since, but it sounds like I did her a favor. Not my intention. "I didn't do it for you, slut, I'm just really horny and you're my new cum dump, got it? And I'm still not done yet, so just lay down and take it." She lick her lips and smiles at my words as I continue to pound away at her juicy cunt while she wraps her legs around.

I then proceed to rip open her shirt and violently grope those big titties. She just let's out pleasure filled "ow's." I wonder if she's a masochist? Her pussy is so tight and wet, I release another load of cum. I then take out my cum and juice cover cover, tell her to clean, and put it in there.

Her mouth is truly something else, not to mention her tongue. She definitely has experience in this department. The suction is so strong, I wouldn't be surprised if my cock cums right off. I feel like I am about to cum again.

So I take my cock out and aim right for her face. After I cum on her face, we hear the door open and her Lucy walk in. Lucy goes to middle school, which let's their student out later. We must have lost track of time or just didn't care. Lily grabs me and rushes up stairs into her room where she proceeds to change out of her torn clothes into another dress. "That child sure can show up. Any earlier, and you couldn't have finished." Lily says with cum on her face. "Yeah, any earlier and she would've seen the real you." I say with a stern face.

"What can I say? I am, who I am." Now she's fixing her hair.


"You sure can fix yourself up very quickly." "Thanks, it does come in handy, every down and then." With her finger, she wipes the cum off her face with her finger and her begins to suck on that like she has something really tasty in her mouth. "Mmmh, sometime I need it if certain people show up when they're not supposed to." The image of my mother pops into my head. I then grab the collar of her shirt and as I'm about to give that slut a piece of my mind, we hear Lucy shout something about the mess we made down stairs.

I loosen my grip and we head down stair and make up some lie about dropping some chemicals or something, she did all the talking. I guess she has a lot of experience lying about the messes she helps cause. Then she forces Lucy to clean up the mess, because the cleaning lady doesn't come today.

I do feel sorry for that girl, she so shy and submissive and, yet, she has that manipulative mother of her. It wouldn't surprise me if that slut made her do all the house work before moving here. I know she never did the cooking, Lucy's culinary skills are proof of that. Later, my dad comes home and we all had dinner. that Lucy made and talked about our day.

Lucy didn't have much to say, I passed, pops was talking about a new female employee, whom he has a lot of hopes for. Gee, I wonder what that means? And the bitch was talking about Dustin's coming over for. tea, a very altered version of our little talk, and some other crap. She did 95% of the talking. Then I went up stairs and did my home work and went to bed.

Nothing very interesting.


Though I did think about me raping her as I dozed off to sleep. Well, guess I shouldn't call it rape. The next morning, I go down stares and see my mother sitting on the bench outside our house. I rush outside and to see if it's really her. I touch and feel her, not in a sexual way, just to make sure it was really her and not my mind playing tricks on me.

"Stop that, it's really me." "B-But how? Where were you this entire time?" I say both excitedly and a little bit confused. "That's not important." She stands up and begins to walk inside. "So how was Lily. Good, right?" "What? Why are you talking about that bitch. Besides, I did all the work." "Even that blowjob?" "H-How do you know about that?" My face turned bright red and we head up stairs.

"Again not important. But you want to dominate her and make her your sex slave, don't you?" She says with a big smile on her face. "I just wanted to avenge you." "I don't think that was the kinda punishment to avenge someone." We arrive outside her old room, where we hear moans coming out of it. "Well, either way it won't be an easy task." "What do you mean?" Mom open door and I'm shocked to see the bedroom pack full of men of different races, builds, and attractiveness, gang banging Lily.

There has to be atleast 15 men in there. Lily is on top of some who's fucking her ass, as she gives two hand jobs, two foot jobs, a blow job, and takes two dicks in he cunt at the same time. A few guys are laying on the floor exhausted and the rest are stroking their dicks.

Waiting for their turn, I guess. "She's not the kind of woman to be satisfied very easily, as you can see.

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But you made her cum. That's quite a feet, especially on your first time." She then reaches to my pants and begins to take of my pants. "She hasn't changed a bit. But she's just like any woman, looking for a certain man. A man that can satisfy and dominate her and by himself. And in a way she'll never get tired of. Then she'll be his willing sex slave, but that man has yet to appear and want it.

Until now." I'm left speech less as she strokes my cock. "But if you want that, you need more than sheer sexual prowess. You must dominate someone very close to her. But in the mean time, don't let her be unsatisfied." Mom, then takes my cock whole in her mouth and starts deepthroating it.

I begin to tell her "Mom, please stop, Mom!", but she just calls me a momma's boy and. to wake up? I open my eyes and see Lily, deepthroating me. She take my cock out of her mouth and begins to give me a titty fuck. "Finally, you wake up." "What the hell are you doing?" "Titty fuck." "I mean why?" "I was horny so I crawled into your bed. Your cock was pretty hard and yummy, so I decided on having a little taste. Also, I measured it for you, an impressive 8.3 inches and 5.1 garth." "You slut." "You know it.

And today's saturday, so no school and Peter's at work and Lucy are out somewhere. So we have the entire house to ourselfs." I eventually cum, then she gets on top of me for cowgirl style and ride my cock. I begin thinking about that dream. Mom, told me to dominate her and I needed dominate someone close to her. Didn't make too much since, but I probably shouldn't put too much thought into it.

After all, it was just a dream and I want revenge, but she'd enjoy that. Though I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea to have some kinda leash on her so she doesn't ruin someone elses family. Plus, all the sex I can handle. But that dominate someone close to her is stuck in my head until I think about Lucy.