Swallow handjob blowjob mouthfuck mouth full of cum natali fiction

Swallow handjob blowjob mouthfuck mouth full of cum natali fiction
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It all started when I was 16. My parents where going out of town for the week and I was going to have the house to myself. My parent's always worried when they went away so they wanted my two cousins who were sisters to come up for supper one night.

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I always enjoyed having my cousins come to visit because they always wore the slutiest most revealing outfits. There names are Jenn and Ashley. Jenn is 20 with 32C tits with a fit body at the ass to go with it. Ashley is Jenn's older sister by 2 years. She has D tits, a slender body and the most amazing ass you've ever saw.

They both attend university and were both single at the time of this story. It was a Saturday night when they where coming for supper. I can't cook worth shit so I had decided to order some pizza.

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They called to say they were going to be a bit late but to go ahead and order the pizza anyways. After the pizza arrived and I paid the delivery guy I decided I still some time to kill.

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I decided to watch some satellite TV; I was flipping thru the channels when I got to the porno section. I had already watched some earlier in the day and I thought I could squeeze one out before my cousins arrived for supper. It was a decent porno with some school girls taking turns sucking there teacher's cock for better grades.

Mid way through I herd the screen door open at the front of the house. In a panic I turned of the TV and got my pants up just in time for my cousins to walk into the den.


They had brought some wine coolers to share because when I was younger I had asked them if I could try one and ever since they always let me have drink with them. We ate the pizza and drank the wine coolers fairly slowly. During supper they were talking about how hard university was, but I spent most of my time either stating at Jenn's bra-less boobs in her skimpy top or Ashley's hot ass with the pink g-string above her low rider jeans.

After supper I was mesmerized by there reveling cloths as I followed them into the den and didn't notice until it was too late that Jenn was going to turn the TV on. When she did they both gave out a gasp as there was a guy on the TV fucking a girl up the ass. I wasn't quite sure what they were going to do next, there was a very awkward silence in the room until Ashley broke out laughing, and Jenn said "so this is what you do when you are alone".

They seem fine with me having porno on the TV and Ashley suggested that we play a game or something. Jenn had a twinkle in her eye when she said we should play "truth or dare" we all started of with a truth, like what movie have you cried at, what was your most embarrassing moment and shit like that.

When we started doing dares it got very interesting very fast.

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They were harmless at first like Ashley had to stuff 5 crackers in my mouth at once. Then I had to prank call a random number. When I got to dare Jenn I decided to take a risk and said to French Ashley for five minutes, I waited for her to start protesting but instead she jumped on Ashley and went crazy with her tongue. After about 5 minutes she stopped and said was that good enough for you.

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All I could do was nod. By know a had a huge hard on which Ashley noticed almost immediately. Her dare for me was to jack off in front of them. Since almost ever boundary had already been crossed I pulled of my pants and boxers and started pumping my 7" dick. Jenn was next and she wasn't letting Ashley of very easily much to my pleasure, especially when Jenn told Ashley to stop watch me jack of and give me a blow job.

Ashley ordered me to lie back on the couch, which I did immediately.

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Almost all of my fantasies were coming true as my hot 22 year old cousin sucked my long cock down to my balls, she gagged a little as I started to throat fucker but I wasn't about to stop any time soon. After awhile I started to feel my balls start to fill, Ashley realized this and increased the suction while flicking her hot tongue over the head of my dick. I said I was about to cum, in which Jenn said to go ahead and squirt cum all down her sisters throat. With one final push I shot my wad in to Ashley's eager mouth.

Once Ashley sucked every last drop and showed me an empty mouth to prove she swallowed it all, she sat on the couch and just stared at me hungrily. It was now Jenn's turn for a dare and I had a great idea in mind.

I was going to get Jenn to fuck Ashley up the ass with a banana and in her cunt with a cucumber. After I said this Jenn got a look of excitement on her face and Ashley jumped up and ran to the kitchen returning with not a banana and a cucumber but instead 2 huge cucumbers, which she handed to Jenn.

Eagerly she pulled of her jeans and little pink g-string and threw them in my direction. Then she got went on her back with her legs over her shoulders. It was only the second pussy I had ever seen in real life and this one was amazing. It was almost completely shaven with a small strip of blond hair above it. While she waited for Jenn she slowly rubbed her clit with her thumb and had her other 4 fingers fully inserted up her tight cunt. Jenn asked her if she want the cucumber up the ass or in her cunt.

Ashley said what ever I wanted, so I said up the ass first. With this Jenn positioned the cucumber at Ashley's small brown hole and started inserting it slowly, after a minute or two Jenn had it full inserted and moving in and out slowly.

Once Jenn seem satisfied that Ashley was ready she inserted the second cucumber in Ashley's waiting pussy. I was hard from the moment Ashley started moaning from the first cucumber up her ass and once Ashley's first orgasm had slowed she asked if I was ready for another dare. Eagerly I said yes and Ashley said she wanted Jenn to fell something up the ass, but instead of a vegetable she wanted to see my cock up Jenn's hot ass.

After hearing this Jenn quickly removed her short mini skirt with nothing underneath and her skimpy top, which exposed her bra-less 32C tits. I positioned myself behind Jenn who was back at pumping the cucumber in and out of Ashley's two holes. With the head of my dick at her ass I stared to push forwards, I had read that at the begging anal sex was normally hard to get the dick in. but with Jenn's ass it just opened up so willingly that I had no trouble slamming my whole 7" dick up ass.

Ashley was starting on her second orgasm from the Jenn and I was pounding Jenn so hard and fast that she was going to be there real soon.

Ashley started gyrating as she had the hugest orgasm I had ever heard of, not only did she let out a scream that would have woke the dead but she shot the cucumber out of her soaking we pussy as she started squirting her pussy juices all over her sisters face and chest.


This sent Jenn over the edge starting her orgasm causing her to contract her ass which sent my load deep up her ass. We collapsed on the floor exhausted, but Ashley wasn't finished yet, she got down behind Jenn's ass, now filled with my huge load of cum, and started sucking all of my cum out of her sisters ass.

It was starting to get late and they both had to work the next day. So we all decided to take a long shower. We went into the master bedroom, already naked we jumped in the shower and started grinding against each other. I told Jenn and Ashley that I had had my dick in an ass and mouth but no pussy yet, they both agreed that they couldn't let go home without me having at least pussy to fuck before they left.

With all of our bodies soaking wet now I positioned each of them side by side against the shower wall, and then I said I was going to fuck each of them in turn until one of us couldn't take any more. I started of with Ashley, pounding her pussy relentlessly.

She had a mini orgasm after about ten minutes. After that I switched to Jenn and did the same thing to her. This went on for awhile until I started to fell my orgasm building again, I said we could continue this contest later on and that it was time for a blow job contest.


We quickly got out of the shower, dried of quickly and went to the bed. Since Ashley had already given me head Jenn got to suck my dick, but in turn Jenn got sucked by Ashley and I got the pleasure of sucking both Ashley cunt and ass.

After I shot my cum down Jenn's throat, and both Ashley and Jenn had a final orgasm they had to go home. When they were leaving we discussed how much fun we had had all night with our fuck festival, we decided because my parents weren't home for 5 more days that they would come up every night for another round of fucking. To be continued… Depending on the comments there might be more stories of about me and my hot cousins getting fucked in every available hole.