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"Tiffany" By Blueheatt __It took about a year to break through to the core of my girlfriend Tiffany's resistance to her deep dark secret urge&hellip.but,…when it was released, a new world opened up for both of us. It was the most fun and exciting journey I had ever had. Picture a average young couple with a great sex life, but inside the girl was a growing urge that wanted to surface. I got little signals that some urge inside her was wanting to come out. It was an exciting challenge to release what ever it was.

My first hints told me it was sexual. She was a person who was unaware of her own body language. When we watched TV, or watching a porn vid she really telegraphed her emotions. She would kind of go into a trace shutting out all the world around her. There was one TV show and she liked this one girl.

Tiff would put her hands between her legs and squeeze her legs on them unconsciously. This told me the girl on TV was sexually exciting her. I didn't talk about it but took note of it. I let her talk and she let it out that she liked the girl dress, or hair and on and on, not realizing she was really telling me she was aroused by this girl.

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Next was porn videos. He body language was even stronger as she commented on the some girls figure and nice tits. I wondered where this got started and what was it that made her react this way.

There had to be a hidden urge in her mind somewhere. Certain women were turning her on and I wanted to find out all about that. Did she have a girl on girl experience?…and was she suppressing it?…afraid she might get branded a lesbian?&hellip.I pressed just a little about her feelings about a past co-worker named Grace she liked to talk about.

All I got at first was typical girl buddies stuff&hellip.but one night I got a peek into her mind about this girl. It seem they got drunk after work one time.

She said she passed out and spent the night at the girls house. End of story?&hellip.not quite.

The next time she talked about it, the story went further. I seems they both ended up fully clothed in the girls bed and both passed out. The next time she told the story, her fear barrier came up and all she said was she didn't know Grace was a lesbian and during the night she felt Tiff's tits and removed her panties.

I had no shock reaction and played it down as being drunk, shit happens, no big deal. This eased her guilt feelings and she slowly began to talk further that night in bed. There were her hands again, between her legs and legs squeezing them. She went into a long thing assuring me she was not a lesbian, but she was just being taken advantage of by this girl Grace while she was drunk. Again I had no reaction but 'It happens all the time when girls get drunk'.type reaction.

She got more at ease talking about 'that' night. She was very close to telling what all 'really' happened that night. I began to feel her tits and pussy and said how I couldn't blame the girl as she had a very sexy body. I said: "you sure make me horny, I guess you made Grace horny too." As I kept up getting her sexually excited the fine details of 'that night' started to come out. She started talking about 'letting' the girl play with her by being to drunk to resist. No guilt feelings in that.

She said she 'kinda' remembers the girl raising her skirt and taking her panties off…the girl spread Tiff's legs open and&hellip.started kissing her 'down there'&hellip.and it kinda tingled…and a&hellip.the girls tongue made her jump a little…but that she doesn't remember after that&hellip. I thought, she knows exactly what happened but I'm not going to act shocked about any of the story to get her to tell whole story.

The key seemed to be to get her all hot and horny and she would open up and talk about that story.


I wanted to get to the core when some event happened to give her some kind of hidden suppressed 'urge'. The urge was opening her desire to have sex with a woman I felt. One night as we were in our dark bedroom, I felt her nice tits, rubbed her pussy, fingered her wet clit and got her really sexually excited.

Her hips squirmed as I put my fingers in her pussy and massaged her G spot.

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Something triggered her thoughts and for the first time&hellip. She started feeling her own tits. With her eyes closed, she had a look on her face of a girl get who's being sexually naughty.

As I continued to play with her pussy and her with her tits. I think that's when the memories must have come forward about her girlfriend. She must have finally felt safe in talking about growing up with her best girlfriend…Ann. She smiled, leaned back on the pillow and looked into space.

She slowly began to talk… She said they were both at the sexual curious stage during a sleep-over. Tiffany and Ann started talking about this thing call sex. The lay in bed in small nighties and no bras, just panties. They had already gotten small tits and decided to compare them with each other.

The room was dimly lit. As they talked they looked at each others tits. Ann was the one who triggered them both when she want to feel Tiff's tits. That was the first time Tiff got sexually excited…in fact they both did. They both got under the covers and faced each other and Ann reached out and felt Tiff's young tits. More excitement came to both of them. Tiff swallowed hard and put her hands on Ann's tits. Now we had a mutual feeling of each others tits, and a mutual sexual charge came up in their bodies.

Their young hearts speeded up along with their breathing. This was fun and exciting so they kept it up. Now Ann got bold and got her mouth close to Tiff's tits. She lifted up Tiffs top up over her tits and now felt her tits bare skin.

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Ann continued and then put her lips on Tiff's nipple and sucked and licked them. Their sexual thrill was going higher and higher. It was experiment time for them both. Now I was getting to the core event that gave Tiff her hidden urge&hellip.the more she talked about it the hotter she got.

I had fingers in her very wet pussy and she reached down and placed them under her clit as she talked. She took my first finger and guided it to a spot under her clit and rubbed my finger around it, but not right on the center of the spot.

She continued talking as she was panting with excitement. The young girls started rubbing their pussys. Both rubbed their clits as the thrills got more intense. Ann opened her legs up as Tiff rubbed her clit…but&hellip.when Tiff opened her legs, and Ann rubbed her pussy just below her clit, Tiff had a huge pleasure jolt and multiple orgasms instantly as her hips bounced and twisted.

It seems Tiff's 'G' spot was outside and not inside her pussy, probably a birth defect. When she recovered from the ultra high, she got on top of Ann and they rubbed their pussys together.

Tiff got another only bigger multiple orgasm jolt. It shocked young Tiff into thinking she might be a lesbian or something weird. They never did that again. Her hidden secret urge was: To rub her pussy on another woman's pussy and rub that spot. Her own finger or a mans didn't have the right stimulation to reach that ultra high she got that one time. She never got with another girl to try and get that ultra high&hellip.

until she got drunk and that girl rubbed her pussy on Tiff's 'cum button', she called it.


This is when fate stepped in and the fun began. ___I was walking in the mall and spotted an old high school buddy Jeff. We stopped to talk for a while. This beautiful girl came up and stood beside him. She instantly smiled at me and kept smiling as her eyes had locked on me. (she knew me, but I didn't know her.) Jeff introduced us: "Oh, this is my sister Ann." She smiled real big and said: "Isn't your girlfriend Tiffany Morgan?" I replied "Yes".

She said she was an old friend of Tiff's. So, was this the Ann that Tiff grew up with and had her urge start with, and discovered her 'cum button'? We talked a little and exchanged phone numbers and addresses. That night ask Tiff about 'Ann'. I described her as the girl I met in the mall today. She gulped and started staring into space. I just knew is was the same 'Ann' girl she had grown up with.

This instantly boosted her urge to get that ultra high feeling in her pussy…only this time she didn't fear being labeled a lesbian because I knew the whole story. I whispered in Tiff's ear: (…"why don't you call Ann and invite her over?") I watched the shivers run up her body…then a long pause&hellip.then smile and say: "…oh my god…you know&hellip.I think I will, and I know she'll come over.

I need to talk to her alone first, do you mind?" I said I didn't mind and Tiff went in the bedroom, shut the door and called Ann. She came out about 20 minutes later with a pink face. She was out of breath.

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Apparently her and Ann had a very stimulating conversation. She looked into space with a slight smile and said: "Ann will be over tonight." That night Ann came over alone. I said: "You girls probably have a lot to talk about, I'll go in the den and watch TV while you guys talk." I went in the den and closed the door. After a while I heard noises in our bedroom……when I peaked in I saw my wife laying the bed and Ann laying on top of her.

Both had their skirts around their waist&hellip.no panties. They had planned this out.

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The wife was on the bottom, she had Ann's hair buy the handful&hellip.eyes closed…a smile on her face&hellip.her legs across her back&hellip.and slo-humping her face. Ann had her hand on Tiff's tummy&hellip.all I could hear was: "mmmmmmm --mmmmmmmm!--mmmmmm!!!!!&hellip.ohhhhhhh&hellip." I closed the door…&hellip.