Startling oriental Kokomi Naruse adores making out with man

Startling oriental Kokomi Naruse adores making out with man
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I really would love to hear any comments you may have about my stories, it would make them so much more worthwhile to write. Jeff and John walked slowly back to their cars along the narrow footpath that meandered its way through the trees and shrubbery of the cliff top cruising area chatting about the afternoons events and the unexpected evening that they were to share with each other.


Opportunities like this seldom came Jeff's way and he was determined to make the most of it. Kathy had stayed with her friend on several previous occasions, but it had always been at times when it was inconvenient for John and nothing had ever come of it. They were recalling their afternoon encounter when, about fifty paces ahead of them, the two guys they had met in the bushes appeared from a side path. "Would make a hell of an evening if those two could join us" Jeff had to agree, "Do you think I should invite them John?" It was a no brainer; worst thing they could do was refuse, so they quickened their pace and were right behind them as they crossed the main road and entered the car park.

"Hey guys" John said, "Really enjoyed this afternoon" "Yeah us too" replied the older of the couple. "We were wondering if you would like to join us this evening for a bit more fun." Jeff winked as he asked them.

They debated the possibilities as John introduced himself and Jeff. "I really am sorry, I can't possibly get away from the missus tonight, but I think Chris is up for it" "Are you sure Richard?" The younger guy looked quizzically into his partners eyes, "are you sure you don't mind?" "Hell no, so long as you tell me all about it, I really want you to go." Chris turned towards Jeff and smiled, "I have to go home for dinner but I can probably meet you around 8pm, if that's ok with you?" They went to their cars where Jeff gave Chris his address and exchanged phone numbers and then parted company.

"Looks like we could be in for quite a night Jeff, Chris is one helluva hot guy." "Yeah and he's got one helluva nice cock too" They got into their cars and John followed Jeff out of the car park……&hellip. Lenny and Leon had been watching the four girls enjoying their 69's, feeding greedily on the cum that had been deposited in their holes and had been amused at the sight of Kathy struggling under the weight of July, but now they were concerned.

Kathy had stopped moving. Without saying a word they looked at each other and then simultaneously jumped up grabbing July under her arms and pulled her up from the motionless form beneath her. Leon covered Kathy's lips with his and nipping her nostrils blew into her mouth. Kathy coughed as Leon lifted his head from her, and then she spluttered; a mixture of cum and phlegm rising from her throat to spill out between her lips and dribble down the side of her pale face.

Leon lifted her into a sitting position as Lenny took hold of her hands. "What's the matter whore… bit off more then you can chew?" Kathy opened her eyes, gradually focusing on Lenny's shiny white teeth as he mocked her, and then turning to see the concerned look on July's face, she spoke in a soft whisper, "Fuck that was really weird" Lenny laughed and July smiled, "Did I piss myself?" July licked her lips "You sure as hell gave me a mouthful of something tasty" Kathy looked all around her; she was the centre of everyone's attention.

She pushed herself up onto her haunches then wiped her hands over her face and then down to her tits onto her belly and down to her crotch and lifted herself up onto her feet, still feeling slightly unsteady and a little bit groggy she announced, "Hey you guys, I thought we were having a party?" Everyone laughed, a few even applauded and Lenny took Kathy's hand and pulled her to the drinks table as the orgy started once more……… Jeff opened the front door as John walked up the driveway carrying his briefcase.

Jeff closed the front door and they embraced in the hallway, holding each others arse cheeks as their tongues swirled inside their mouths.

Jeff pulled away, "it's almost 7 pm, we have time for a drink and a sandwich before Chris gets here if you're hungry" John gave Jeff's cock a squeeze through his shorts, "Oh yes Jeff, I am really hungry" They went through to the living room, stripping naked before Jeff went into the kitchen and got a couple of beers out of the fridge.

John followed him and rubbed his finger in his bum crack as he started to prepare some sandwiches. "I've got some porn vids on disc if you want to watch some, they're on the bookcase, the one with GPV Invoices written on the spine is good" "GPV?" "Yeah, gay porn video, not very inventive I know but it keeps Kathy from finding them" John found it easily and loaded it into the player and sat on the sofa, his cock quite stiff in his hand as the opening scenes began to play.

"Would you like a glass for your beer?" "Thanks mate, but out of the can is just fine" Jeff came in with the beers and a tray of sandwiches placing them on the coffee table in front of John and then sat with him removing John's hand from his cock and briefly replacing it with his mouth. He sucked him for a few seconds and then pulled away. "Better save as much as we can for later, help yourself to food" They tucked into the snacks and enjoyed the movie having another tin of beer before deciding they should freshen themselves up for their guest.

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Jeff took John to the foot of the stairs and directed him to the bathroom, admiring the view as he ascended, before taking the used plates to the kitchen. Jeff's phone buzzed be there in 5 mins xx Chris. He quickly washed the dishes then went upstairs to get his bathrobe. John was sitting on the edge of the bath using the shower hose to clean himself out, "Chris is on his way, I'll have to sort myself out after he gets here" Five minutes seemed to pass quite slowly, but finally the doorbell rang and Jeff invited Chris in.

"So pleased you could make it" Jeff opened his bathrobe as he greeted him. Chris stared at his erection, "looks like you are all ready" "John is up in the bathroom, and I need to freshen myself up too" They moved through to the living room where Chris started to undress.

"Um…&hellip.I could use the bathroom myself Jeff" Chris was naked and his huge cock stood proud and erect from his tight shaved scrotum. Jeff disrobed and invited Chris to follow him. He had only reached the forth stair when he felt Chris's hands on his hips, pulling him to a stand still before running his wet tongue down his arse crack.

Jeff bent forward and Chris eagerly accepted it as an invitation to part his cheeks and probe his anus.

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Jeff closed his eyes as the long tongue found its way to places no other tongue had reached before, his pre-ejaculate fluid issuing from the eye of his rigid shaft and finding the finger ready to transport it to his waiting mouth. He sucked at his finger as the tongue darted in and out of his back passage. "Starting without me?" came the voice from the top of the stairs.

They jumped to attention like two naughty schoolboys caught with their pants down behind the bike sheds. "Sorry John" and by way of apology, upon reaching the top of the stairs, Jeff took John's cock into his mouth and gave him a brief, but very hard, suck.

Chris squeezed his way past them, "Excuse me, but I really need to pee" He made his way into the bathroom and sat on the toilet shuffling back on the seat to afford him enough room to push his still rigid penis down into the bowl.

Jeff and John looked on in amazement as they listened to the flow of piss coming from his stiff member and moved closer as he stretched out his hands to take hold of their cocks.

Chris leaned forward taking each of them in turn into his youthful but experienced mouth and, when the stream of pee slowed to a trickle and then stopped, took hold of his cock and began wanking.

He sat up and looked at the two older men, "what would you like to do then guys?" Jeff had to admit that after the two beers he was in need of relieving himself but was surprised, if not mildly shocked, by Chris's reply. "I'd love you to do it on me" "What…&…&hellip.fuck…& want me to piss on you?" His steel blue eyes sparkled as he smiled at Jeff. "On me, in me, whatever you like" He opened his mouth and licked his lips before blowing a kiss.

"Are you sure&hellip. I mean……&hellip.Jesus………" "Maybe I should get into the bath" he said as he lifted himself off the toilet and started to climb in.

John and Jeff were both momentarily speechless as the slim, blonde haired, blue eyed boy sat on his haunches in the bath, ready to enjoy a golden shower. To Jeff's surprise it was John that made the first move. His cock was just semi hard and pointing between Chris's legs when he started to go. Chris opened his legs as John directed the now steady stream onto his balls and up the length of his knob.

Chris caught some in his cupped hands and massaged it over his muscular belly and chest, and then licked his hands. Jeff was trying desperately hard to force himself to pee, but he was finding it so difficult with his erection.


He pushed and pushed, and then he farted. Chris had a broad, gleaming smile on his face as he looked towards the slightly red faced and embarrassed farter.

Jeff's embarrassment caused his dick to soften slightly and allowed his pee to start flowing. Aiming firstly at Chris's belly he stepped forward to straddle the edge of the bath to get closer to his target. Chris leaned forward too, Jeff's stream hitting him full in the face before he opened his mouth to drink the piddle. The two cocks were now both directed at Chris's mouth and he loved it. Furiously wanking his beautiful 9 inches as he greedily lapped and swallowed his liquid treat.

John's flow stopped so Chris devoted his attention to Jeff and took him, still peeing, into his mouth, swallowing every last drop. Jeff was amazed with himself. He had never ever thought about doing anything like this before, but he was thrilled by it.

His curiosity was running wild. He bent towards the now piss drenched face of the boy in the bath and licked it. It was not unpleasant. He licked again.

It was quite bland; And again; It was a little salty; And again; It was quite nice. He got into the bath and Chris stood up and put his arms around him as he kissed, licked and sucked at firstly his wet face and mouth, and then slowly dropping, his tongue lapped at his nipples and traced a line across his belly down to his genitalia…&hellip. Lenny opened a bottle of beer as Kathy helped herself to a tonic water and lime, "Are you feeling better slut?" Kathy was still feeling a little queasy but she dropped to her knees taking Lenny's soft but still enormous cock in her hand, and after giving it a long and passionate suck, said, "I'm feeling just great Lenny" Lenny grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her up on her feet, and then pushing his lips hard against hers, tongue fucked her mouth and slapped her arse.

"Wait here until I call for you slut" She obediently sat down and waited while Lenny went off. He disappeared upstairs for a few minutes and then came back carrying a large hold-all. Placing the bag in the middle of the room, he opened it and took out four long heavy chains which he attached to hooks on a beam on the ceiling.

He then got out a black leather sling and hooked it onto the chains before calling out to Kathy to join him. Kathy stood, drained the rest of her tonic and lime, took a deep breath, and hurried across the room.

Lenny pushed her so the sling was behind her and then walked around and hooked his hands under her arms and pulled her back onto it. She was supported from her neck to the small of her back, her backside and head left hanging over each end. Lenny strapped her wrists and ankles to the chains leaving Kathy's holes perfectly exposed for use and then laid out a plastic sheet beneath her.

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He then took a riding crop and began teasing her with it, circling her nipples, poking at her arse and her clit, swishing it hard down from a great height but stopping just before lightly tapping all over her exposed body, and then letting her feel the full force of it across her bum.

Everyone in the room began to gather round, the guys being encouraged to re-gain their erections by the other three girls. July stood for a moment at Kathy's head and then whispered to her, "You lucky fuck, you're dirty bitch ass is gonna get them all!" Kathy's head was in a confused state of emotion; she was excited, she was scared, she had that feeling in her stomach that told her something nasty was about to happen and she had that feeling in her cunt that told her she was going to love it.

Suddenly, Lenny's half hard cock was being pushed into her mouth as he continued to slap at her clit with the riding crop. She sucked at it vigorously and then felt a much harder cock being pushed into her moist cunt The sling started to swing slowly back and forth…………&hellip.

Jeff had discovered a new found fetish; at least he assumed it must be a fetish because it was so extraordinary, it was certainly some sort of perversion. He made a mental note to Google it. Anyway, whatever it was, he was enjoying it and if that made him some sort of pervert, then so be it!


He was so engrossed in cleaning the pee from Chris's body that he had a momentary loss of perception. He licked up his magnificent shaft then came down, mouth open, until his swollen dome had penetrated his throat as far as he could allow it to go, then, rising back up; he let it go with a plop and turned, slightly embarrassed, towards John and then looked up at Chris. There was a silence, and then Jeff said, "well that was rather nice………& fact…………………it was very nice indeed" They all laughed and Chris sat back on his haunches, picked up the shower hose, the head still being disconnected, and reached up to turn on the tap.

He hosed himself down with the warm water letting it flow over his face and hair and every other part that had previously been showered with pee and then Jeff asked, "After you Chris, I need a bit of a clean out too" "Clean out?" "Well…&…you know………um…&hellip.ready for fucking" "Want me to do it for you?" "Oh oh&hellip.oh…&hellip.ah, what it for me& mean&hellip." "Yes, give you an enema, that is what you want isn't it?" "Yes, I mean…oh fuck yes……&hellip.yes please……&hellip.oh fuck…&hellip.that would be lovely" "Turn around then" Jeff turned his back to Chris and bent slightly, allowing him to feed the hose into his anus as he crouched behind him.

John was so turned on that he was just squeezing his cock as hard as he could. If he had stroked it he was positive he would be shooting his load immediately. Jeff's breathing quickened as the warm water flooded into his bowels; it was a feeling he had enjoyed many times before but this time it was so much better, so much more exciting, it being performed by this handsome young stud that had appeared in his life.

His stomach started to ache, he started to moan gently, Chris knew the signs, and he timed it to perfection and withdrew the hose as Jeff evacuated his arse in a torrent of warm, lightly stained liquid all over Chris's freshly rinsed frame. John could control himself no longer; he wanked for all he was worth; Chris noticed just in time and, his elbows resting on the edge of the bath, took the exploding cock into his mouth letting the sperm shoot deep in his throat.

Fuck this boy can suck thought John as his fifth and final spurt left him and the intense ticklishness in his bell end started to make him giggle like a girl and plead with Chris to stop.

Chris tortured him for a few more seconds that seemed like ages to John and then finally released him from his pee hole probing tongue and continued with his enema duty. He filled Jeff three more times before the evacuation was clear and then, after cleaning himself, replaced the shower head so that he and Jeff could wash off.

The party was literally in full swing as Kathy was pounded in all holes by everyone. She had guys and girls sucking and biting at her tits, numerous cocks enjoying the moistness of her cunt and arse, and an occasional sting as the riding crop swished down onto her tits and buttocks. Kathy had never been in a sling before but it was quite the most amazing experience she had ever encountered; it was so easy; it was automatic fucking as it swung too and fro as the cocks drove into her.

Her cunt was so wet and her arsehole felt gooey from the two guys that had already spunked there. Her face was dripping cum too; she had managed to blow her nostrils free of spunk but the sperm running into her eyes was forcing her to blink rapidly to clear it, something that she found quite irritating, but she accepted it as part of her duty as a filthy fucking cumslut.

Benny's cock was in her mouth, he had already made her tongue his arsehole out before fucking her face and now he was starting to cum. Carter was deep in her arse pounding for all he was worth forcing Benny's cock hard into her throat with every thrust.

This sling is the best sex toy ever, Kathy thought to herself as she swallowed and spluttered on Benny's thick load. It must have been at least an hour before all twenty four guys had had their way with her and she was being cleaned up by the hungry mouths of the other three girls (and a couple of the guys) and she loved sharing the cum with them after they had sucked it out of her holes.

Lenny came back over and freed her wrists and ankles then laid her on the plastic sheet on the floor. He then dismantled the sling and packed it into the hold-all. Kathy knew exactly what to expect and was not surprised when the first splash of piss hit her face. It seemed as if everyone was in need of emptying their bladders on her. Even July took her turn, although, thankfully, she didn't smother her as she had before. Once more she was left cum filled and soaked with pee and feeling proud of herself as a white trash whore……&hellip.

Jeff, John and Chris had come down from the bathroom and were sitting on the sofa watching the gay porn vid.

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Chris and Jeff still had erections but Johns cock was at half mast, although not completely soft, thanks to the little blue pill he had taken earlier. Jeff curled his hand around Chris's stiff shaft, "You are one hell of a horny guy Chris, I have never done anything like what we just did in the bathroom before" Chris spread out his arms and took hold of the cocks on either side of him, "Yeah and you loved it too, didn't you?" John admitted that it was one of the horniest things he had ever seen while Jeff kissed Chris on the lips and asked, "Will you fuck me?" "Oh fuck yes; I want to fuck both of you" Jeff moved onto the floor between John's legs, taking his dick into his mouth as Chris positioned himself behind him and pushed his cock against his anus.

Quite the best part of anal sex for Jeff was the initial opening of his hole to accommodate the head of the penis. It was a feeling that inspired him to take on an unusually submissive and almost sluttish attitude and he was about to enjoy the biggest cock he had ever experienced.

He sucked hard on John's recovering dick as Chris very slowly and considerately entered his man slut hole. He was surprised at his ability to take such a monster when he felt Chris's balls rub against his own.

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Chris slowly withdrew almost his full length before plunging back in with added vigour to his balls deep position which encouraged Jeff to suck even more vigorously on Johns progressively hardening prick. A steady rhythm started to develop as Jeff reached beneath him to jerk himself. His prostate was being massaged as never before and his body started to react as he approached that wonderful sensation that only an anal orgasm can provide.

His hand was now working so quickly on his cock as his arse contracted and released over and over on the massive organ inside it. He pulled his mouth from John's now fully erect cock and announced, "OH FUCK, I'm gonna cummmmmm" There was a tangle of bodies as Chris withdrew his cock and spun around, forcing his head between Jeff's legs to enjoy his milk white offering, and John departed the sofa and straddled Chris's stomach before lowering his arse onto his cock and planting his tongue firmly into his mates gaping shitter.

Chris was in his element as Jeff's thick fluid filled his mouth and John's hot arse enveloped his cock. He didn't even move as John bounced up and down on him, bringing him to the almost volcanic eruption that he enjoyed so much, and sent spurt after spurt of his youthful seed into the grateful passage above him.

Jeff stood up as Chris's lips left his spent dick and moved to the side as the others arranged themselves in a sixty nine. As John pushed his stiffness into Chris's hungry mouth and tasted his arse juice on his cum soaked cock Jeff pulled John's cheeks apart and fed on his cum filled hole, sucking at the jizz that farted into his mouth. John had been unsure if he would be able to cum again and was surprised when the expert lips around his cock had him spurting once again.

Their heavy breathing finally slowed and their passions gradually diminished before they all stood up and hugged each other. "Can I ask Chris? Are you gay?" Chris seemed shocked when he answered, "No Jeff, I just absolutely love sex"………………&hellip. To be continued