Some harlots are slapping and kicking balls of their men

Some harlots are slapping and kicking balls of their men
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She Just Came Walking By By Blueheatt ……She slowly walked down the sidewalk, hands behind her, looking down, lost in thought. I sat on my porch in a deck chair, feet up, hands behind my head.

She looked bored to death. She was young, super cute face and plump with long blondish hair, wavy, tied back into a long pony tail. She had on a long print dress, that buttoned all the way up the front. A low cut top with nice full boobs, and no bra, nipples sticking out firm. I said to her that she looked bored. She stopped and smiled and said yes, that she was a live in baby sitter and the people were gone out of town for 2 weeks and she had nothing to do much. I invited her to sit next to me and talk.


I said my name was Brad, she said her name was Kris. I said I too was bored and was looking for something to do that was exciting. I invited her to sit with me. We talked for a long time and got around to boyfriends and girlfriends. She told me her last boyfriend moved away and she missed the sex.

I said I too missed the sex I had with my ex girlfriend. Soon I invited her in for a cool drink. We stood as I handed her the drink, and put my arm around her and told her how cute I though she was. Really?, she said. Yes I said, I love your cute face, hot looking hair and body. She set the drink down and hugged me hard and said she needed to hear that so much!. We held each other and I kissed her forehead softly. She had her head on my chest and whispered if she could have a kiss.


We kissed and held it and held it, neither wanting to let go. She pulled me tight to her and pushed her vagina in tight to my hardon.

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I started feeling her back and hips as she did mine. I loved the feel of her nice big tits pressing into me. I said lets go in the bedroom away from any windows. I took her by the hand and laid her on the bed and we continued to feel each other, only now she fondled my hardon and I went for her sweet boobs, and unbuttoned her dress. She was 18, I was 25. She was on the pill and everything was a green light. We got into hot kissing and feeling us up, then she whispered out of breath, "I loved to be licked".

I whispered back "So do I". I turned to a 69 position as she took off her dress, panties and shoes. She had the sweetest little bush, her pussy all ready so pink and wet.

She undid my pants and pulled them off. We lay sideways now and she said: "Oh wow!" she said as she felt my 8 3/4" hardon staring her in the face. I had never found a girl that I could put my dick in all the way.

I always hit their cervix and caused them to wince, with a little pain. The way her pussy was nice and deep, I wondered if I could bury my dick in her all the way and cum like I had always wanted to.

I lifted one of her legs and started in on her sweet pussy, licking completely up and down her slit. She had a beautiful bush, soft and now wet. I loved her meaty legs, so hot on the sides of my face. She gasped, jumped and moaned. She went crazy whenever I licked her little deep clit. Moaning and saying, "Oh yes!!, right there!" She licked me up and down and tried to take as much of me in her mouth as she could.

She kept working until she finally got almost all of me in her mouth. I now had her clit in my lips and she bucked and moaned long each time I sucked on it. I started with one finger in her vagina, and worked up to three as she moaned and squirmed. I reached deep in her pussy with my long fingers and found her 'G' spot and massaged it fast. She moaned loud! Her hips pushed to me and she shuttered, moaned and shook as she squeezed her pussy on my fingers and orgasmed.

She kept moaning and gasping for air. I didn't let up as she began again only moaning real loud again, then she drove my hardon deep in her mouth and picked up speed.

She grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled me into her as hard as she could and fast. My balls felt like they were getting ready to explode. I couldn't hold back any more and sucked hard on her clit. She screamed with me in her mouth as I exploded a massive first shot of cum in her mouth. I kept pumping as she drove my dick into her throat ,with my butt cheeks in her hands.

She began to moan loud and steady as she began to squirt out her pussy, thrusting her clit on my tongue, and humping my fingers on her 'G' spot, shaking and trembling the whole time. We both moaned with pleasure. We both passed out for a bit, My cum all over her face, lips and running out the sides of her mouth. I had her juices all over me, my face, neck and I was in heaven. I licked everything on and around her slit.

She swallowed all she could and licked all the cum she could around my dick. We were panting and moaning for a long time.

Finally she moaned, " Oh god, put it in me, now" Amazinglymy dick started to get hard again as I managed to pull my self on top of her. I lifted her warm meaty legs up and she grabbed my hardon and rubbed it on her clit and moaned some more. I slowly entered her, pushing her legs way back so my hard on massaged her 'G' spot. Her pussy was so hot on my dick.


I slow thrusted her as she moaned. Oh god, oh god, fuck me hard and deep, hard and deep!, over and over again. I felt a huge cum on its way. I was able to put my hardon all the way in tight, just barely touching bottom, it was pubes to pubes as I looked down. She dug her heels into my butt cheeks and thrust her hips up to meet with my every stroke. She squirted as I speeded up my thrusts.

I knew quickly I would explode another mega cum, so to muffle her impending scream, I kissed her hard, sinking my tongue deep in her mouth as I grabbed her huge nipples in each hand. As we screamed in each others mouths, a huge burst of cum rocketed out of my hard on. I couldn't count the times I pumped my cum in her. I felt it fill her hot vagina and squirt out the sides as I thrust it home.

She locked up, she squeezed down on my dick, over and over, trembling with her vagina as high as she could lift it as she squirted her juices again. We screamed in our mouths and tears ran down her face, bucking, trembling, shaking and grinding our cums together, her legs now locked around me twitching. I don't remember falling asleep, but as I awoke groggy, it was dark outside. I looked at her all snuggled up to me naked, she had the content look of all time.

I thought, I cannot wake that content look, I just can't. Then I decided to fuck her awake. I slowly rolled her over. Her beautiful hair all strung out on the pillow. I opened up her legs and eased her legs up at her knees. She continued to sleep. She had such a sensitive clit, so I figured I would just slowly put my dick in her.

I eased it in a little at a time, until it was in.

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It was tight and warm. She moaned slightly. I looked at her. She had a smile on her face, and then slowly put her arms around my neck.

She whispered ".I was just having a wonderful dream about you, mmmm." I asked what was the dream? She said she dreamed I was in her and it felt so good, and now the dream came true. I kissed her and she started in moving and squirming, and squeezing my dick with her pussy. She said I was the first guy to ever make her squirt. We fucked all day, until we both got spent and sore. After a nap, I woke up. I smacked her on her sweet butt, and sent her home to rest and clean up.

I said, you just walk by anytime Kris, she said…"Oh I will!". I watched her walk funny away. I said to myself, "Damn, that was the best pussy I've ever had, I love plump girls!, and she just came walking by." ---------------------------------------------------------------- Now this is her version of the event.

I had seen him drive by lots of times, his car had a certain rumble to it. I noticed he looked cute, with sandy blond hair. I one day peeked out and saw he lived just two houses away. I got a plan. I would take off my bra, put on my long tight dress and just walk by his house. Maybe I could strike up a conversation with him or something. I slowly walked by his porch. Oh, there he was, I just walked by looking dejected, but snuck a glance at him.

He was tall and sexy looking, sitting there on the porch watching me. He spoke to me! I started my little sad story. Now I was sitting by him and talking to him. He looked so cool. I kinda acted like I had a dry throat. He's inviting me in for a drink, it worked.

He's coming on to me! I want to kiss him so bad. I just reached out and hugged him, I asked for a kiss, wow, I got a hot one! I felt a big boner pressed against my pussy.

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I wanted more of that. He's taking me into the bedroom. Just what I wanted. He must like plump girls, I'll show him plump girls are hot. He laid me down as we kissed and felt each other, He kisses so hot, I'm breathing so fast. My clit is kinda sore from playing with it a lot, I want to feel a real man's tongue on it. Maybe I'll suggest it.

He's going for it, I'll undress for him, and take off his pants too. He wants to go 69, and so do I, OH MY GOD, what a dick he has, it must be at least 8 or 9 inches, and nice and thick. I wonder how far I can take in my mouth.

I'm trying so I can please him. I love the challenge, and I'm determined to do it. His tongue on my pussy is making me so hot, it feels nice and he can reach my clit, he's so gentle, but then&hellip. Oh dam, I can hardly take his sucking on my clit. I feel like I have to pee! OH SHIT. I'm gonna cum so hardhe's sucking on my clit, I can't take it! I'm gonna squirt!

OH my God!!! I've never did that before! He's got his fingers in me and right on my G spot. My body is responding by itself!, humping his face! I've got almost all of him in my throat now, and I'm gonna make him cum. I'm pumping my head on his dick, I want to taste his cum! I'm going to orgasm so hard when he cums in my mouth!

I'm Cuming I'm CUMING OH GOD! I'm squirting again!, and there it is! his first load of cum, Oh God it's so hot! More, more and more. I love to feel his cum sliding down my throat! I want to swallow all of it!

Oh my god oh my god oh my god, my pussy is squeezing down on his fingers so tight by itself! I'm screaming with his dick in my mouth and loving it! It felt so good to squirt when he licked me. OH, I can't take his tongue on my clit now, it is to sensitive!!!!

I love licking cum off his dick, I'll get it all. I want his dick in my pussy, now! I'll beg him, to put it in my pussy now, please do it now! He's turning and pushing my legs back so tight. I put my hand on his hot dick, and rubbed it a little on my pulsating clit. I love to hold it and guide it in me. OH Jezzzzz, it feels so damn good! He's, oh god, touching my cervix. OH Damn! He's gonna make me squirt again!

His dick is massaging my G spot, I'm gonna scream! He's going faster and now kissing me while be both moan loud! Oh here it comes, I can't stand it, I have to scream in his mouth. I'm going crazy, I just want to sink my fingernails in his skin and pull my pussy to him as hard as I can! He fucking so fast now, I…I&hellip.I'M SQUIRTING…OH GOD.

My body is locking up. I'm pushing my pussy into him and holding it there!

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I feel him shoot hot cum in me, again and again, as I'm shaking. I'M CUMMING!!! OH, GODDDD Oh oh oh oh god. I'm getting weak.

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I moaned and told him had never squirted like that EVER! We rested a long time and then we wanted more. We fucked till we got so sore, my poor clit was throbbing so bad. I woke up later with him giving me a sharp spat on my butt, Oooooo that tingled!

I needed rest, but was already planning coming over tomorrow. He just found him a plump girl he won't ever forget. who just came walking by.