Hot brunette girl with slender body

Hot brunette girl with slender body
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I was at the end of my senior year of my school and I was going to end it with something to remember it with but with what I didn't know. I was still a virgin but I knew a lot about sex because of my two good friends Tony and Pete. They go on yapping about how and what they did with their girlfriends and all.

Tony had come out of a bad relationship and at the moment he was single and very horny. Pete was with a girl but she was not into pre-marital sex and so he was not getting any action either.

We used to meet behind a broken dumpster where no one comes. It is a cover place two sides by woods and one with the dumpster and as it was behind the cafeteria it was guarded by that and no one came to disturb us there. Pete came and sat down on the bench that was there and sighed, "I didn't get any action from Alicia any whatsoever; not even a blow job you know?" "Well it is not all about sex you know Pete… there are other things you two can do you know" I said.

"Like what? Play video games? Come on Tiff you wouldn't know as you have never done it before, I have and I know what I am missing" said Pete. "You know man you can ask someone else to give you a blow job at least" replied Tony. Pete looked at Tony with a stink eye, "Like whom?

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You" "Not me man, Tiff can help. She is a girl if you haven't noticed; she can give you a blow job" I was taken aback to what was said, "What the heck are you talking about Tony?" He looked at me and said, "Come on Tiff it is not like sex just a blow job and also your friend is in trouble, you should help him out" "What do you mean he is in trouble?

And you suppose I will give him a blow job just like that? Are you crazy?" "Well he told me before couldn't tell you everything now but it seems I have to. He has almost a constant erection and for that he is not able to sleep, eat or do anything properly; that is his problem" "Well why doesn't he try masturbating?

That will help" I replied.

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"I tried Tiff; nothing works. Will you please do it?

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Please I beg you" said Pete. This was strange a day ago no one asked me out now two boys are asking for a blowjob, I didn't know what to do. I sat down on the bench and thought about it; no one came to the spot and a fast blow job and I will get out of the place.

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"Okay fine but you cannot tell this to anyone and make it fast" I told them. "Thanks Tiffany" said Pete as he came up and hugged me. "Come on take those pants off so I can get it over with" I replied. Pete stood in front of me and then took off his pants and his underwear which made his dick spring up. I was quite a good dick six and half inches long and quite thick, I thought to myself, "This will be a treat".

Then I took hold of his dick and started to give a hand job, slowly went up and down the shaft feeling the pulsating cock in my soft hands. He had started to moan showing that I was doing it right. After a while I brought his dick near my mouth and gave it a kiss and then started to lick the head of his dick like a lollipop.

It started to get thicker and when it did I put it in my mouth and started to deep throat him to which he started to pump slowly in my mouth. Then Tony started to move near me and he too took off his pants and stood naked in front of me stroking his enormous seven inch dick.


Seeing that I took hold of his dick and started to stroke, after all it was his idea and all. While I was doing that Tony decided that I was wearing too much clothing for the job and started to pull them off.

I obliged and stopped for a while and he took off my shirt and my bra leaving me topless. "That looks much better" said Pete as he bends down and started to kiss on my nipples and suck them which felt great.

Tony comes up to me and put his dick in my mouth and starts to hump me and makes me deep throat him.

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After a while Tony stopped and Pete shoved in his dick now and Tony went busy on my breasts, this continued for the next 10 minutes when both cummed on me. "Well happy now guys can I get my clothes now?" I asked.


"We are not done Tiff, look" said Tony as he pointed to his dick which was getting hard again. "Guys I am tired from all the sucking and humping I cannot give any more blow jobs" I replied.

"You don't have to I know what to do" said Pete while he took my hand and laid me down on the bench and opened my pant button. "What are you doing Pete?" I asked.

"Returning the favor" replied Tony as he pulled off my pants and then Pete took off my underwear and he came up and started to make out with me while Tony went busy on my pussy. He kept on licking and reaching for my g-spot which he did find and then attacked it with is tongue and with his finger. Pete kept on kissing me and feeling up my boobs and rubbing them hard and pulling on my nipples.

He then bent down and started to suck and nibble on my breasts.

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From all the attention my body was going into orgasm and after a while I got it. "Pete she is ready, stand up Tiff" said Tony and I stood up; then he put one of my legs on the bench and aligned himself in front of my pussy while Pete inserted his dick in my vagina and pounded me a bit and then took out and lined himself up behind me at my asshole. "Guys what are you two planning?" I asked. "Well we are gonna fuck you…at the same time; don't worry we know what we are doing" Pete told me then he kissed behind my neck as he slowly pushed in his dick in my tight virgin ass.

It was really a tight fit but slowly he totally got in me, then came Tony's turn and he shoved his big and thick dick in my pussy and they started to fuck me first slowly because they needed to get in rhythm.

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After they got it they started to pound me both in my ass and in my vagina; I was in sex heaven. I felt that my head was gonna blow. "FUCK!

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FUCK! COME ON FUCK ME HARDER!!" and they did. "I am gonna cum soon Tiff" said Pete and he did cum in me and filled up my ass and he then pulled off his rod out of me as Tony sat down on the bench and I was in control and I started to ride him as hard as I can. "I am gonna cum!!" I said, "Me too" replied Tony. We then cummed at the same time and pussy was filled with his cum; I got off him and then Pete pulled me and he made me bend down and he put his dick once more in my pussy and started to fuck me doggy style.

I think he was not done yet but he gave it all he got. Tony cleaned himself and then wore his clothes and sat down watching us two fucking. In that time I cummed four times and this was the last time I cummed along with Pete as he fucked me from behind. After it was done I took his dick in my mouth and licked it clean and then cleaned myself and started to wear my clothes. "Well happy now guys?" I asked them, "Well it will do for now we will talk later Tiff" said Tony and they left me there to get dressed.


To be continued…