Hot girlfriend fucked by big cock hardcore POV

Hot girlfriend fucked by big cock hardcore POV
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My name is Jenna, i have 32b and a shaven pussy. my auburn hair is down to my ass and i have black eye's. I'm hot for my dad, and it's only us living in the house, since my brother moved away and my om became a stripper when i was five.

my dad's name is jhon, but i called him daddy all the time. when i saw a sneak peak at his dick, i estimated it to bo about nine inches. i gathered clouthes to take a shower, when it was running, i heard a creek at the door, i pretended not to notice as i undressed as sexialy as i could. 'my dad's watching!' i thought to my self as i latered uo my pussy.

when i got out, he was gone.

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going int my room, i made sure to see if my dad was looking, he was. i walked past his door, naked. I woke up when i was done dreaming about my dad. i had been wearind a white, cotten dress and he had been wearing just jeans. he had taken my to the beach, where we rolled into the water as he pmped me full of his hot, sicky cum, my pussy ached to be rubbed, but i did't give in.

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the hot summer air was stuffy around me as i walked up to my dads room. i could hear a porno, my faveorit one with the teenage daughter and hot dad, and him moaning as he stroked his nine inch cock.

I quitly opened the door and snuck up behind him.kneeling down, I gently reached foreward and started to suck on him.

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he opened his eyes and gasped aloud. he started to moan, but then seemed to relize something. "Jenna, your my daughter," he said in a agonized voice as he realized he couln't do this to me.

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"daddy, i love you," i told him as i continued my blow job, his cock had more precum then my ex boyfriends. i messaged his balls as i sucked on the glorious friend i had now gotten to formally meet, in response he just moaned again.

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he continued to moan as i licked the sensitive part under him. when i took it out of my mouth he lifted me onto the bed.he looked at my thin tank top and started to stroke by tits, i wasn't wearing a bra, so i could feel the warmth of his hands through my shirt.

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"Oh, Daaaddy,"i moaned when he took my shirt off and started to suck on my hard nipples. he led my hand down to his fat cock, i startd to stroke and pre-cum came onto my hand, every once in a while i would lick it off of my hands and moan as he sucked on one tit to the other.

they fekt so good, i just wanted to give him as much pleasure as he was giving me. He led his hand down to my wet spot, stroking it through my white panties, each time his hand hovered around the spot, i would moan loud and let a tremer run through my body. my panties felt like they were being pulled off, so i lifted my thighs and felt a warm, wet tongue stroke in and out of my pussy, i had given a few blowjobs to my boyfriend, but had never let him near my pussy, wanting to save my virginity for my dad.

orgasi cummed all over his fingers as soon as he entered me. he played fo a little while.tremers ran through my hot body, then he let his tongue have short licks, then long ones. i moaned in protest as he stopped then i felt his cock strocking was the best thing i had felt in a long time. then i felt him push it in little by little. it hurt like hell, but felt like heaven at the smae time, my moans continued, as did his. he started to pump slowly, then got really fast and i started to moan louder as he got faster.

"Deeper.deeper.HAREDER.HARDER!" i yelled. he took my requestes and started to pump harder and faster.

"your so tight baby," he moaned. " fuck me harder daaddy!!!" i yelled again.he finally got tired and scooped me up in his arms as he lay down, his nine incher still in me deep. i got up top and started to pump my self as hard and deep as i could. he moaned and i felt jets of his cum in my mouth. i took myself off and ate the last drops of his cum, i was sweet and warm, i atamatically wanted more of it when it was all gone. we sleep in each others naked arms untill the morning, when i woke up i leaned down and started to give him a blow job worthy of the greek gods.

he started to moan and pump him self up and down in my mouth. when i took it out i grabbed his hand and brought him into the bathroom to take a shower with my.

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i turned the water on and got in. he fallowed and started to rub my ass as i lathered myself and him up. i stood in his arms for a while. then he pushed me away and inserted him self, unlike last night, i got cumshotes as soon as he pumped. it felt so good to have him inside of me at long last. i knew that this would not be the last time i had sex with my father.

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and i would later have my first threesome with my brother and his girlfriend. but that a whole nother story to tell. in fact, my first lesbian experiance wasn't far after that. it involves a lot of cum, dildoes, and my pussy getting fucked by the staircase thing.


that was my fist ever sex story, along with the first story i'v publised. i hope you like it and want me to write more. sorry if the spelling is bad, my compuer did some wierd stuff so i noe dont hace word.