Skinny anal big amateur and kitty jane threesome Make Me Squirt For

Skinny anal big amateur and kitty jane threesome Make Me Squirt For
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Her name was Amanda, and she was a good girl. She went to church every Sunday and did everything a good girl was supposed to do. She was the most beautiful girl in the world.

She was part Japanese, part white, with tanned skin. Her skin was as smooth and soft as silk and her eyes looked dreamy. I am her neighbor. I will tell you all about my story. I've had a crush on her ever since i moved in next to her. The first time I laid eyes on her she was wearing a pair of short soccer shorts and a tanktop. She smiled and said: "Hi, I'm Amanda. We live next door to you. If you want, you can come over anytime to play some games or whatever." I shook her hand.

"Hi," I said, "I'm Marshall." I wanted to grab her right there, and use her body. She had nice legs, a rather nice ass, but her tits were a bit small. That, however, just made her all the more cute to me. She told me she was a good Christian girl who was a virgin and had a boyfriend.

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Her voice sounded like music to my ears, so beautiful. This girl was perfect. For nights and nights all I did was sit up at night masturbating to fantasies of Amanda. I would fantasize about raping her, torturing her, and making her beg for mercy. I loved it. My fantasies always involved some sick form of sex. Then one night I couldn't take it. I crept out of my window late at night and waited outside of hers. She had just finished taking a shower. I could see her because her lights were on.

She had a towel wrapped around her and was blow drying her hair. I smiled. The next night I did the same. I watched. For the next week that's what I did every night. I dared not do anytrhing else because her parents were always home. Then one night when i was waiting outside I heard some words. The window had been left open.


"Amanda dear," I heard her dad say. "Yes?" she responded. "Your mom and I will be going to Chicago for the next week on a business trip. Do you think you can handle it here all by yourself?" he asked. "Sure," Amanda said, "When are you leaving?" "Tomorrow," her dad replied.

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I smiled. Tomorrow! Tomorrow was the night! I smiled in a sick manner. I would have it my way with Amanda's cute ass tomorrow night for an entire week and no one was going to stop me. Of course, before I began this mission, I needed a few supplies so the next day I went to the local Wal-Mart and bought everything i needed. I put all my materials into a big bag and waited outside of her window that night.

That night she got in the shower as usual. I took a knife out of the bag and cut through the screen to the window. I snuck into the house. That was rather simple. I slowly opened the door to the bathroom. I could hear her singing in the shower. Her beautiful voice made my cock grow harder.

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It began throbbing. I took the towel from where it was hanging and walked out of the bathroom. I tossed the towel away and waited by the bathroom door patiently. Soon the water stopped running.

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"That's funny," I heard her sexy voice say, "I could've sworn I grabbed my towel before I went into the shower." I couldn't take it anymore. I pushed open the bathroom door and grabbed her, pulling her naked body close to me. She let out a scream. Her scream only turned me on more. "I am your towel Amanda! I'll wrap you up baby!" I pulled her close to me and she struggled and screamed. I slapped her across the face and she fell to the ground. I picked her up and pulled her close to me.

I turned her around so that her back was towards her and, using my right arm, hugged her close to me. My left arm put the knife to her throat.

She instalty became silent. "Hush baby," I said, "If I hear another peep outta you that I don't want to hear Amanda, I will kill you, understand?" She nodded. My right hand felt across her smooth flesh in her inner thigh.

I saw her close her eyes and sob a little.

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I smiled and licked the side of her beautiful face. "Good girl," I said, "I'm going to have some fun with you Amanda." My hand grabbed onto her vagina, caressing it and gribbing it. "Marshall, please don't, I'm a virgin," she cried. Her eyes were still closed. I nibbled on her ear a little, then licked her cheek again. She was delicious! I smiled and reached into my bag of supplies again. This time I took out some rope. I pinned her arms behind her back and tied them there tightly so she wouldn't be able to block anything I was going to do to her beautiful body.

"Amanda, I've been dreaming about this forever," i whispered. I bent her over the kitchen sink so her ass was showing towards me. She moaned: "Marshall, please. I'm not a bad girl. I don't want you to do this to me. I'm begging you." "Didn't I say I didn't wanna hear a peep from you unless I asked you?" I asked. She nodded. I took out a paddle from my bag.

A look of shock spread across her face. "Marshall, don't please! Don't!" she yelped. Spank! The paddle slapped the butt cheeks. Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! She screamed in pain after each spank.

Her nice ass cheeks jiggled a little after every hit, making me all the more horny. Spank! She cried out. Spank! Her smooth flesh wiggled a little. Spank! she cried: "Marshall, stop!" I spanked her again. She cried out in pain. I saw tears running down her face. I smiled sadistically. I licked the tears from her beautiful face: "Do you want me to stop baby?" She sobbed and nodded. I could see she was having a hard time. She wanted to wipe the tears from her face but couldnt because I had tied her arms.

"Amanda," I whispered, "I don't care what you want." Spank! She cried out again. "For a while I've been watching you, masterbating to fantasies of you, and now I get to live those fantasies," I snickered. Spank! Her ass looked so beautiful every time I spanked it and it wiggled around. Spank! Spank!

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Spank! Cries after cries she begged for me to stop. Finally, I gave it one last spank. Spank! I threw the paddle to the ground and smiled. I turned her over and smiled. Her tits were small, but I bet they were still fun to play with. I grabbed one and twisted it as hard as I could. She yelped in pain and I twisted it more. I could feel my dick getting hard in my pants. Her screams made me horny. "Baby, you are sexy!" I said.


I let go of the nipple and slapped it. She screamed. I smiled. I was going to have a fun time. I knew I was. She was so helpless. She had no idea what I was going to do next and she was at my mercy. That's how I liked it. I went down and began licking around her nipple. Her flesh was tasty. I really liked it. Then, I bit down on her nipple hard. She screamed yet again in pain, this time louder and more sexy than other time before.

I could tell he was in massive pain. i twisted the tit with my teeth as she cried out: "No Marshall! Stop! Please! Ouch!". I yanked it and smiled. I let go of my grip with my teeth and she let out a sigh of relief. "Marshall, why are you doing this to me?" she asked, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Shut up!" I said, slapping her face harshly. I smiled at my artwork. I had chewed her breast so hard blood was trickling from it. I licked up some of the blood.

"Now you know what I am capable ofl doing," I said, "So I don't wanna hear anything except what I ask okay?" She nodded, still sobbing. I reached into my bag and grabbed a big kitchen knife with a sharp point. She gasped, but didn't say anything. I smiled. "Amanda, do you trust me?" i asked. I pulled her up so her back was towards me and my crotch was pushed up against her ass. She felt so warm and inviting. I put the dull end of the knife to her throat and ran it across: "Remember, if you answer wrong, I'll hurt you.

Do you trust me?" "Yes," she gulped. She was still crying. I licked the tears from her cheek. "More than your Daddy?" I asked with a smile. She nodded.

I laugh: "More than Mommy?" She nodded. I smiled. I knew she was a nice Christian girl so I decided to test her: "More than God?" She hesitated. "I ask you baby!" I said, turning the knife to the sharp side, "More than God?!" Her lips quivered. She didn't want to say it, but she didn't want to die. I loved this! She was scared.

I was so turned on by this: "Answer me Amanda!" She sobbed: "Yes! More than God." "Good girl," I said, she burst into tears and weeped. I smiled: "Now you're going to Hell Amanda, but at least I still love you." i slid the knife down so it was at her stomach. She quivered. "If you trust me so much baby," I said, "close your eyes." She hesitated, and then closed them.

Her lips were still quivering. "Do you trust me enough?" I asked. She nodded. I smiled: "Do you think I'm going to stab you?" She shook her head. I laughed: "Wrong." Her eyes popped open right as the knife plunged into her belly. Blood squirted out. I made sure to stab her in a spot that wouldn't kill her, but put her in severe pain. "Oh Amanda, does it hurt?" I asked. She screamed. I stabbed her again, and once again she cried out in pain, turning me on more.

I felt the bulge forming my my jeans. I couldn't take it, I threw her sexy ass to the ground and pulled down my jeans. "No!" she screamed, "I'm a virgin!" "Not for long!" I laughed. I stuck my dick into ur nice tight pussy. I felt it literally rip as my fat dick sunk into it. It was so damn tight on my fat cock and it felt good. "Marshall!" she cried, "Stop raping me!

Stop it!" My dick forced into her faster, throbbing. I felt her pussy tighten around my penis. She screamed for help, but it was no use. Her pussy was so damn tight it was beginning to bleed from the destruction my dick was causing. I felt her pussy hole ripping.

"Damn!" I said, "You weren't kidding about being a virgin! You are tight!" I smiled. She cried, unable to stop me, she let me have my way with her sexy struggling body. I finally was done with her pussy. I smiled as she sobbed about her loss of virginity. I nodded. I felt superior. I was superior!

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She was a tool for me! a sex tool! "Turn over baby!" I said, turning her beautiful body over, "Your asshole is going to suffer a similar fate!" I smiled, plunging my dick into ur tight little asshole. It was even tighter than her fucking pussy was. "Ouch! No!

Ouch!" She screamed as she felt the trobbing dick puncure and rip open her backside. She screamed in pain again, but, once again, it was no use for her. Her wass was bleeding and there was nothing she could do but take the dick in her ass and struggle a bunch. Her struggling, of course, just turned me on more, and I began pumping harder and harder into her.

She begged for me to stop. I finally gave it one last pump, and let her sexy ass go. I had finished my job. "Okay Amanda," I said, "I am done with you. Don't tell anyone about this Amanda, or I will kill you, understand?" She nodded.

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I smiled: "Good girl." I stroked her hair back, and she sobbed in knowing that she had turned her back on God, been stabbed, and was robbed of her virginity. I knew how she felt, and I felt turned on from her pain. I got up and turned to walk away.

Blood was on the floor from my perverted stabbing and she was still lying there, sobbing. I turned and looked at her. She was so sexy, lying there, sobbing and in pain. It was a shame to leave her there. My work had to be done. I licked my lips. I wasn't finished. I realized that I was pretty hungry, and I remember how tasty her flesh had been when I had licked her. I went back and picked her body up, throwing her over my shoulder.

She screamed: "No! What are you doing now?! You got what you wanted! What do you want from me! No!" I brought her to the dining room and threw her onto the table.

Seizing some more riope, I tied her down to the table top. She was crying and screaming and kicking, but I tied her down. "I want dinner!" I said. I took out the knife and shoved it into her pussy. She screamed in agony and pain. I began to eat her flesh.

Biting off chunks of her and eating them. Delicious! Yummy! I was eating her alive and she was screaming. She was so tasty! I bit off pieces of her inner thigh and her breasts! Yum! I loved it. She was tasty, and she was all mine! She was my property, MINE! I chuckled at the thought of it. I owned her! I watched her struggle back and forth, scream as I bit into her flesh and tasted the soft delicious flesh! After I was full, she was still strapped down to the table, crying. I smiled.

"I'm going to sleep now Aamnda," I said. Tomorrow is going to be another full fun day of you and me!


---to be continued---