One of our horny girls they are waiting for you

One of our horny girls they are waiting for you
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My Stepdaughter (Part 2) In the first part of this story I had sex with my stepdaughter one night when she came home falling down drunk. It started out as just helping her into bed but once I got her clothes off my hormones took over and I started thinking with my other head. (If you know what I mean) Well, long story short, she got pregnant and she thought it was her boyfriend's baby. I can't say for sure that it isn't but she says that they always use protection and I, obviously, didn't.

I told her that whatever she did, her mother and I were behind her 100% and my wife thought I was the most wonderful husband in the world for being so supportive. After this, my sex life with my wife picked up quite a bit so I was feeling guilty on quite a few levels.

She decided to have the baby despite the protestations of her boyfriend and nine months later the family was presented with a beautiful baby girl. We took a vote and decided to call her Megan.

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I say the family because her boyfriend was no longer in the picture. He decided that he wasn't ready to become a father and he moved to Colorado for what he said was a job opportunity. The Girls got quite angry with me for supporting his choice not to "stand up to his obligations" but I explained that no father at all was better than a bad one and they accepted my logic.

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The truth was that he was talking about a paternity test and if everyone found out that the baby wasn't his, the shit would hit the fan. Becca, (My daughter) stayed at home for the first few months after she had the baby so she could recover from her post-partum trauma.

This was OK with me because I got to see my daughter every day and I fell hopelessly in love with her. My wife, once again, thought I was the most wonderful husband in the world and our sex life remained very active. Becca got her figure back very quickly except for her breasts that were almost twice the size of her pre pregnancy ones. I had to hide the erection I got every time she would breast feed in front of me.

I wanted to suck on her tits so badly I could taste it.

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As I told you in the first story, I am a consultant for some aerospace companies so I have as much free time as I want. I ended up babysitting for Megan whenever Becca went out of the house and when she went back to work; we set up a schedule where I would take care of the baby till she got home.

Becca decided to get her own apartment and her mother and I helped out with the rent till she could afford to pay it all herself. She had a friend take care of Megan in the morning and I would take the afternoon shift. This arraignment eliminated the exorbitant child care costs so Becca could get back on her financial feet more quickly.

Every afternoon when Becca got out of work, I was there with Megan. As I told you in the first story, my wife went out of town quite a bit and so I sometimes stayed for dinner which allowed me to be there when Megan went to bed.

Becca and I got very close and I would sometimes stop over the apartment when my wife was out of town for the weekend. One Saturday I stopped by and when Becca opened the door I could tell that she had been crying. "What's wrong" I asked putting my arm around her. "That asshole Scott called this morning and wants to see Megan" She said with a look of hate in her eyes.

"That doesn't seem fair" I said "leaving town for the birth with no support and wanting to just show up any time he wants. What do you want to do?" I asked "I told him to Fuck Off and that he was never to show his face around Megan EVER" She said, getting angrier by the minute.

"Ok, now calm down. Do you have a number to reach him at" I asked. She went over to the kitchen counter, snapped up a small piece of paper and handed it to me.

"Give me a minute" I said taking my cell phone out and moving over to the couch in the living room. After about five minutes I came back and told Becca that I had just talked to my attorney and he would call us back in about an hour.


Becca went about making lunch and about an hour and a half later my cell phone rang. I answered it and listened for a few minutes while Becca was looking on expectantly. When I hung up the phone I took Becca by the hand and moved over to the couch. We sat down and I explained what had just happened. "Ok, the short and the long of it is that you will probably never hear from Scott again. After my attorney explained to him that visitation privileges come along with support responsibilities and what the overall cost of that support would be till Megan reached eighteen years old, Scott agreed to sign over all custody and parental rights to you." Becca smiled and threw her arms around me kissing me hard on the mouth.

The kiss lasted only a second or two but when it ended we were both starring at one another wondering how each other felt about it.

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"You're the best. Why can't all men be like you" She said as she leaned forward and kissed me again.


This kiss was softer and our arms went around each other as we continued the, now very passionate, kiss. I looked over and Megan was fast asleep in the play pen and then looked back at Becca.

I was about to say something about how wrong this was when she put her finger on my lips and kissed me again. Our tongues met and we were soon touching each other like lovers. The kiss ended and she knelt in front of me looking up at me with lust in her eyes.

"We can't do this" I said "Your mouth is saying no but" and she put her hand on my crotch and grabbed my now erect cock through my pants "this is saying something else." As she began rubbing my crotch and unbuckling my pants. A few seconds later she had my pants down around my ankles and my erection was standing only inches from her face. She started to stroke it as she moved up and kissed me on the mouth again.

The kiss ended and without another word she lowered her head and took my cock into her mouth. I leaned back, closed my eyes and allowed her to stroke and suck me for what seemed like hours but was really only a few minutes. During this time she had somehow gotten her pants and panties off and before I knew it she was kneeling on the couch lowering herself onto me.

"Oh my God" I said as she slowly moved my cock in and out of her very wet pussy. I started to move my hips up to meet her and, as I did, she threw her head back and let out a loud moan. I could feel her cum running out of her and onto my balls and eventually the leather couch.

I started pumping faster and said: "I'm going to cum" She quickly got off of me and put her mouth on my cock just as I shot stream after stream of cum. She swallowed most of it and when she looked up at me she had some of my sperm on the side of her mouth and chin.

She used her tongue and finger and cleaned it off then looked up and smiled. "This was so wrong" I said "We should not be doing this" "Too late now" she said as she took my hand and led me into the bedroom.

A minute later the two of us were naked and after putting a condom on my, now fully erect, cock we began fucking and sucking each other till we both collapsed in exhaustion.


The baby finally woke up and Becca went out to feed and change her then moved the playpen in so we could continue our lovemaking. I stayed the night and when I got back home, the phone was ringing. It was my wife and she told me what time her plane was getting in and asked where I was the night before because she called several times.

I told her that Becca wanted to go out with her friends and so I babysat and she got home so late that I slept on the couch. She told me what a wonderful husband and father I was and once again reminded me what time her plane was landing.

Becca and I continued to have sex whenever we could and constantly when my wife was out of town. I told Becca that this could not go on much longer that eventually we would get caught.

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She said that she had thought about it and had a plan to make everyone happy.