Indian Hot Young girl Captured Naked by her lover MMS Wowmoyback

Indian Hot Young girl Captured Naked by her lover MMS Wowmoyback
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I can't say I'm sure how it began, I'm nobody special, I work hard and have a good job but I'm mostly described as plain by my exes. That all changed one summer. "Morning Bethany, how are you?" I said with a smile to the pretty blonde who lived in my building as she passed me in the hall.

"Your cat shit on my doormat again." She said, stopping briefly. "I uh, I've never owned a cat." I replied. "K then." She said then walked away.

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I tried to engage her in conversation as much as I could, to be honest I'm not sure why I did, she was tall, had the body of a playboy model with real nice breasts and a pretty face and usually she'd usually only look at me in disgust, despite how nice I always was to her. I tried to tell myself I wasn't pathetic for drooling over her every day for about two years but I knew I didn't stand a chance.

She was one of 5 stunning women in the building that wouldn't give me the time of day unless it was to buzz them in when they forgot their lobby key. I'd moved to the city for a job, it was half across the country but it came with a corporate apartment in a connected part of town.

I considered myself average where I came from, in the city though I was just another guy and didn't stand out in any way. I did have an above average cock but it wasn't really something women stuck around long enough to find out about. I had a few friends at work who were nice to be around but they were married and outside work was busy in that life so I found myself pretty lonely at times.

I decided I'd go people watch in the park, it was a nice Saturday and I was feeling a little down after Bethany's latest scowl.

"Is this seat taken young man?" Said the old woman, pointing at the bench. "No Ma'am, let me move my trash, I'm sorry." I replied, picking up my empty sandwich bag. "Oh I've not been called Ma'am in years, you're not from the city are you?" She said, smiling.

"No Ma'am, I grew up in small town middle America where they still value manners and respect, I don't see too much of it here." I replied. "Well is a refreshing change from the rude, 'move it old lady' I get a lot." She said and gently patted my forearm. "People have no respect anymore, my parents would be appalled if they came to visit me here." I replied. "Well don't you change young man, thank you for letting me rest my legs a minute." She said then slowly got up.

My phone beeped as I got a message, I looked at it briefly to make sure it wasn't work but when I looked up to say goodbye to the nice old lady she was gone. I looked all around me and all I could see was the joggers and walking couples.

'Great, going crazy now.' I said to myself quietly. I put my trash in the garbage can and slowly walked back to my apartment, stopping to pick up a tv dinner from the corner store. It was pretty hot out so I showered when I get home then pulled up my tv guide to see what I'd be doing for the rest of the day when my doorbell rang. It was the internal bell and not the buzzer for the building, I got up and opened it. To my surprise, Bethany was standing there.

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"Hey, um, I was talking to Amber and she told me you're good with computers and stuff and I was hoping you could help me get my email on my phone." She said. "Uh, sure, do you want to come in or just stand here?" I said, glad I kept my place clean. "Oh I can come in, it shouldn't take long right?" She said, smiling. It took less than a minute to set up her email, the wizard pretty much did everything for me but she was putting the wrong email type and it was messing it up.

"Oh thank you so much, my boss gets so mad when I miss important emails at the weekend." She said then kissed me on the cheek.

"Oops, I got lipgloss on you." She said then rubbed my cheek with her thumb. I'm sure it was just the fact the building goddess was actually touching me, combined with a soft smell of Jasmine and freshly washed hair combined with her low cut top but I felt myself harden and wearing only loose shorts I couldn't hide it.

I waited for the 'fucking perv' then hard slap across the face I expected would come when she looked down but instead she just smiled. "I did that just by touching your cheek?" She said, smiling.

"I uh, I'm so sorry." I replied, I could feel myself getting red. "Oh don't be silly, I'm flattered. Now, I should thank you properly." She replied.


I figured I'd wake up at that point, that Bethany wasn't really in my apartment and had just pulled my shorts down after she got on her knees in front of me but when her warm mouth engulfed my hardening cock I knew I hadn't fallen asleep on my couch. I groaned as she worked my cock with her tongue, stroking me as I grew. She looked up at me and winked as she sucked me. Once I was fully hard she held it in her hand and looked up at me.

"I wish I knew you were hiding this, I can tell it's been a while so I'm going to make you cum in my mouth before we fuck so you last longer okay?" She said then pulled off her shirt and the sports bra she wore under it. I was in awe, I probably would have came just at the sight of her beautiful breasts spilling out if she didn't soon have a grip on my cock.

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"You like these don't you, I've seen you looking at them." She said then carried on sucking me. The surrealness of the situation, her pretty eyes looking up at me and her beautiful exposed breasts swaying as she sucked soon had me close, I warned her before I came but she just increased her sucking and I struggled to stay on my feet as I sprayed what felt like gallons of cum down her throat.

When I was spent and she was satisfied she had every drop she stood up and kissed me on the lips. "Come, you can return the favor but I expect you hard again pretty quick mister." She said. At first my 'deer in headlights' had me wondering what she meant by return the favor but she stepped out of her shorts and panties, sat down on my couch, put a pillow at her feet then opened her legs.

I walked over to her in a daze, she had me take my shirt off then gazed at her perfect looking pussy then slowly slid my tongue into her. She tasted amazing, I took my time, licking, tasting and exploring every inch of her then when she moaned and her clit stiffened I focussed on it and was soon rewarded with a mouthful of her sweet cream.

I kept licking, never wanting the experience to be over but after cumming a 2nd time she gently pushed me away. "Oh wow, you're good at that." She said then stood up. I could only grin. She had me sit on the couch and noticing I was hard as steel again, straddled me and took my cock inside her. Her pussy felt beyond amazing, she groaned as she slowly lowered and took every inch inside her then was cumming again after 3 of 4 thrusts.

At her insistence I took her nipple into my mouth and hungrily sucked on it while she rode me. After cumming again she held my head to her chest as she caught her breath. She got off me then kneeled on the couch, her hands holding the back of it and looked at me as she wiggled her ass. I took the hint and got up to slowly push my cock back into her and held on to her waist as I pushed my cock deep in and out of her.

Despite having sprayed a full load down her throat less than 15 minutes prior I felt myself getting close again. "I'm gonna cum, should I pull out." I said. "Don't you dare, fuck me harder and fill me up." She said breathlessly. I did as I was told and my living room was soon filled with the sound of my thighs slapping against her sexy ass. I pushed in as deep as I could then felt my cock swell before spraying more seed deep in her pussy.

I felt her cum again as I climaxed and stayed inside her until I started to soften. I sat down on the couch beside her and watched as she wiped her pussy with her panties, wiped my cock with them then put them into my hand before she pulled on her shorts and her top.

"That was really fun, don't be telling anyone about this okay." She said, kissed me on the cheek then left. I looked at the pink lace panties in my hand, I still couldn't believe what had just happened but I threw her panties in my hamper then jumped in a hot shower. I slept really well that night, decided I'd get my fitness back up in case I needed the stamina for Bethany again, did a few laps round the park then went home. I was just getting to my door when I seen Bethany, I tried to play it cool and just said hello to her.

"I'd stop and chat but you really need a shower." She said with a scowl and walked away. I watched her ass as she walked away then shook my head with a 'what the fuck' to myself then went inside.

Thinking I was nuts and my afternoon of amazing sex with her was just a cruel dream I made my way to my hamper and sure enough, her panties were still there and the dried cum had crusted her panties to my boxers but were definately real. I showered then made myself a light lunch and set about tidying my kitchen as I did laundry.

To my annoyance my doorbell rang right as I sat down. I wasn't sure who to expect, an angry Bethany demanding her panties back maybe? I opened the door to Louise, a petite brunette with a beautiful face and very sexy body. Like Bethany she usually never said more than 2 words to me, would usually just stare at me with a straight face when I'd say good morning. Her smile put me off guard, I'd never seen it before. "Hey Marcus, I hope you don't mind me bothering you but my computer locked up and I need to finish uploading this paper for work tomorrow.

It saved but is completely frozen." She said, holding her laptop. "Uh, sure, I can look at it." I replied and invited her in. We sat at the kitchen table and I started looking through the system, everything looked clean on the software but when I flipped it over and opened the back one of her memory sticks was a little charred and looked like it had shorted. "There's the issue, memory stick fried, wait here, I have a stack of these modules." I said and pulled a small box from my shelf.

I installed the replacement memory stick and had her log in to check it, she grinned as she hit send. "Oh my gosh, it's faster than it was before, what did you do?" She said, smiling. "This is fried, I suspect it's been slowing you down for a while." I said, showing her the bad ram. "Do I owe you anything for it?" She said. "No you're fine, this stuff is pretty old but still fine for work models like yours." I replied.

"Well I really want to thank you another way." She said. Time seemed to slow at that point, Louise pulled off the t-shirt she was wearing, stepped out of her sweatpants and pulled my chair round to face her, before I could say anything she pulled my shorts and boxers down and started sucking my cock.

Once I was hard she got up, pulled her panties to the side and straddled me, impaling herself on my cock. She still had her bra on, a see through black lace one that matched her panties, she just pulled it up and held my head to her nipple as she fucked me. She came pretty hard, I was worried she was going to slam my pelvis into my chair but she bit my ear and told me to cum in her, I pushed up and let go and sprayed my seed deep in her as she came a second time. When I started to soften she climbed off my lap and got dressed again and kissed me softly on the cheek.

"Don't be telling anyone about this okay." She said, picked up her laptop then left. 'The fuck.' I said to myself then got in the shower.

That Monday I left to take the train to work, Bethany always left at the same time, she walked past me like I wasn't there and carried on to the stairs. I got in the elevator and Louise was already in there, I smiled at her and said good morning, she gave me her usual dry stare and just said 'ground right'?

as the doors closed. I said yea then stood next to her in silence. "Thanks for fixing my laptop yesterday." She said without looking at me as the doors opened then walked away before I could reply. I put my surreal weekend out of my mind and spent the rest of the week just working and did my best to avoid both women, when the weekend came round again I busied myself cleaning and decided to stay inside.

I sat on my couch with a coffee when I heard a light knocking on my door. I opened it to Clarissa, the tall redhead that lived on the floor above me. She was another of the 5 I'd classed as 'OMG hot' in my head, tall, slim, amazing tits and a very pretty face, like the other 4 she too wouldn't look twice at me. "I uh, didn't have anything broken or anything so I didn't know what to say but I felt I should come here." She said.

I was so engrossed in her amazing blue eyes I barely noticed she was only wearing a robe, as she spoke she opened it, pushed me inside then let it drop to the floor as she pushed the door closed behind her. She stood before me naked, I had time to look over her body, my cock hardening at the sight of her breasts and pale nipples then she embraced me in a passionate kiss as she pulled my clothes off.

She knelt to briefly suck me to make sure I was fully hard then pulled me to my couch, pushed me to my butt then straddled me, taking me inside her already soaked pussy.

She fed me her breasts as she rode me, I was in heaven, I'd daydreamed about simply seeing her topless but there I was, my cock buried deep in her as she had me suck her nipples. I had jerked off that morning in the shower so I lasted a while but Clarissa came a couple of times before I pushed up into her then sprayed her pussy with seed. She looked at me as she caught her breath then kissed my forehead and pulled her robe back on.

"Don't be telling anyone about this okay." She said then was gone, my door closing with a thud after she left. If all of the women had came, teased me then left laughing I'd have been upset but I'd now slept with 3 of the hottest women I'd ever seen and had cum in each of them. I showered and sat at my table to eat my lunch and no sooner had I finished rinsing my plate my doorbell rang. I'd given up expectations by that point and just opened my door.

"Hi, I hear you're really good with computers, I think mine got a virus, can you look at it for me?" Said Kelly. I didn't get to drool over Kelly too much, I'd seen her once or twice in her Air Hostess uniform but she was away a lot. She was stunning, every bit the stereotype Air Hostess, curves in all the right places, killer smile and just oozed sexuality from every pore.

"Sure, is it a laptop?" I asked. "No, I was hoping you'd come to my apartment, it's a desktop." She replied. "Okay, let me grab my software." I said, grabbed my pc tools then followed her out the door. Kelly was never mean to me like the others, she'd give me a cordial smile whenever I seen her but I think the conversation we had at my door was the most we'd ever said to each other. Her computer was pretty messed up but I ran a few tools and soon had it clear.

"Thank you so much, how much do I owe you?" She said, reaching into her bag. "Oh you're fine, I wasn't doing anything and it didn't take long, I hate charging nice people." I said. "Well, I have to thank you, I'd fuck you but I'm ovulating and I'm allergic to latex, do you like anal?" She said, pulling off her shirt. "I uh, sure." I replied.

She led me to her bedroom and stripped naked, her body was every bit as magnificent as I had imagined, I pushed my lubed cock into her ass and brought her to at least 2 orgasms before I sprayed her ass with my seed. She cuddled up to me when we were done, kissed me on the cheek then held me as she caught her breath. "I need to take a nap, please pull the door closed as you leave and don't be telling anyone about this okay." She said. "Okay." I replied, dressed then left.

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I slept pretty hard that night, the next morning I went for a run and when I got into the building the Superintendent was standing outside his door. "Hey Marcus, got a sec?" He said. "Sure Mr Collins, what can I do for you." I replied. "You can start by calling me Jim like everyone else, makin' me feel older than I already am with that Mr nonsense." He said, smiling. "I uh, I'll get straight to the point, if you could ask your girlfriends to keep their clothes on when they leave your place that would be great.

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Mrs Jennings on your floor seen that leggy redhead leave your place in just an open robe and by the way she described, those lovely tits and red bush were on full display." He said, he was never one for guarding his words.

I could feel myself getting red. "I uh, she's not really my girlfriend but if I see her again I'll tell her, sorry." I replied.

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"Hey I'm not judging, I know you young uns like to fool around but I would sure love not getting grief, thanks buddy." He said, slapped my shoulder then went into his office. That afternoon my doorbell rang, I was almost hesitant to open it but I did, Sara was standing there smiling.

"Hey Marcus, I'm really sorry to bug you but do you have a spare apple charger I could use, I just stood on mine and it split and the apple store is closed." She said. Sara was another petite girl, very pretty and very sexy with long blonde hair.

I'd get a token smile from her in passing but she'd bury her face in her phone rather than talk to me. "I might have, my ex left one behind, I'll need to dig it out though, is in a box somewhere. Want to come in while I find it?" I said.

"Sure, thank you!" She said. I had her sit at the kitchen table then pulled out 2 boxes that I suspected it was in, I found it in the 2nd box, tangled amongst other old chargers. I handed it to her when I'd got it. "Oh you are so awesome, thank you. Can I give you some cash for it or should I just return it when I get a new one?" She said. "You can keep it, ex left town a year ago, she won't be coming back for it, I'm pretty sure she smashed her iPhone when she threw it at me anyways, blamed me for her cheating." I replied.

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"Well I appreciate it. I know, I want to thank you another way." She said grinning. She took me by the hand and led me to my bedroom.

About an hour later I laid in my bed exhausted, Sara had ridden me, sat on my face and had me fuck her from behind before she left, 'don't be telling anyone about this okay' whispered in my ear before she left. I expected my run of luck to end but in the weeks that followed my circle started all over again, Bethany came to me first and then the rest of the women in the order they'd fucked me before. It got to the point where I was exhausted all the time and looked forward to Mondays to get a rest.

One Sunday, after a visit from a very horny Sara I sat on the roof of my building as I drank a beer. "Not thinkin' about jumpin' are ya, I hope not, blood takes ages to wash away." Said Jim, the super. "Sorry Jim, I didn't set an alarm of or anything did I?" I said. "Nah but I seen you on the camera, thought I'd come say Hi, you doin' okay?

You look a little wiped my friend." He said. "Can I tell you a secret?" I said. "No but I'm sure you're gonna tell me anyhow, you know I talk to everyone." "I get visits from 5 of the hottest women in the building, every weekend they come see me in order, this is weekend 7 and I'm worn out. I never thought I'd say it but I just want to relax." I said. "Ya know it's funny, they all look a lot like a lady who used to live in your apartment years and years ago. When I was cleaning out her stuff, she passed away in hospital at 89 years old but I found a picture of her and her husband when they was younger, real looker she was, anyway, her ol' man died and she made it 6 months without him.

He was a gentleman I tell ya, always tipped his hat and said good morning with a smile and never seen the guy unhappy. Come by my office some time and you'll see what I mean. Anyways, about your women problem, ask if any of them like older men and I'll help ya out." He said then laughed with his usually hearty laugh.

"Don't worry, I won't spill but you gotta be the first kid I ever talked to who's tired of pussy." He said when he stopped laughing, slapped me on the shoulder then left me alone. I did as he suggested and took a look at the picture, he was right, Margaret and Charlie Jones were really good looking. I don't know what made me do it but after work on the following Monday I sat on the bench in the park and collected my thoughts.

I almost jumped out of my skin when the old lady spoke. "Which one do you want?" She said, smiling at me. "What? I don't understand, where did you come from?" I asked. "Oh that's not important young man but you get to choose, I know I've hardly let you stop but one of them should be with you." She said. "I really don't understand Ma'am." "Marcus, every weekend I take your ladies to you, open their mind up to lust and let them see you for who you really are.

They're all so focused on their looks they can't see past their noses but my Charlie showed me that there was more than that and he wanted me to give you the same. Pick one, she'll see you tonight and fall in love with the heart she knows is right for her." "M.Mrs Jones?" I said. "Yes dear, my Charlie can't come through but he's here too." She said, I felt the hair on my arms stand up.

"Bethany has always been a favorite, she's just so beautiful and when she's with me I feel different. She won't want me though, I don't want her to be forced into anything." "Forcing doesn't work my dear, I just open doors. Take care young man." Said Mrs Jones.

"Hey, you okay there buddy, you're kinda zoned out there, not on drugs or anything are you?" Said the Police Officer. "No Officer, sorry, been a long day and was kinda zoned out there, I'll head home." I said, he looked at me like I was nuts but walked away. I looked around and there was no sign of the old lady, I walked to my apartment and had just gotten out of the shower when my doorbell rang, I was shocked when all 5 women were standing there, Bethany in front, she spoke. "We all need to talk to you, can we come in." She said.

"Uh, sure." I replied, they all smiled at me as they walked in and sat on the couch. I sat down on the chair. "We have all really enjoyed having sex with you, your tongue is amazing and you have a lovely cock, not what we expected when we first came to you but we all came to an agreement and Bethany will be the only one with you now." Said Kelly.

"I know you really like me but I think I'm falling for you, even though I've never treated you nicely you're always so wonderful to me and I want to experience more of that outside the bedroom." Said Bethany, she got off the couch and knelt in front of me, taking my hand.

"I think I'd really like that, you're very beautiful and you have the most amazing smile, I'd love to get to know you more." I said, she smiled up at me. "Well we are going to leave you two alone, goodbye Marcus." Said Amber, the other 4 women left. "What do you say we make love nice and slow then spend all night talking." Said Bethany. Six months later I stood nervously at the alter as Bethany walked down the isle to me, Amber, Kelly, Sara and Louise as her bridesmaids.

She grinned at me as we faced each other. Later that night on our first dance as husband and wife she whispered into my ear. "I got you some of that Mexican Viagra my love, as my wedding gift to you you're having my bridesmaids. They're coming to our suite at 9." She said then smiled at me. "I love you, are you going to sit on Kelly's face while I fuck her like last weekend?" I replied.

"You know me so well baby." Something caught my eye at the edge of the marquee, a shimmer but I could faintly see a couple standing arm in arm. The man raised his hand in a wave and then they were gone. "What were you looking at baby?" Said Bethany.


"Oh nothing, thought I saw a ghost or something." x