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Torcedor do fortaleza chupador de rola
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Great Mom Pt.13 The other stories by NKL13 are available on this site. Just search for the author's name and you will find them. I have posted them here because he has gone inactive on the site and many people want to read the sequels too. Note : This story is completely fictional!

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My mom was downstairs working in her office; I knew she was going out in a little while. I was cleaning up my moms' bedroom when I heard my brother come up stairs and go into his room. I peaked out of my moms' door and saw Hunter closing his bedroom door. I wondered if he was going to jack off, I liked sneaking a peak of my brothers' jacking off. I quietly walked down the hallway and very gently opened Hunters' door.

I opened it up just enough to peer in with one eye. My brother turned his TV and stereo on; then he lay down on his bed. He took his shirt off and then his pants. I figured he must be watching a porno movie. I watched his cock become rigid and then watched with forbidden, incestuous lust as my brother began to stroke his cock.

After five minutes or so, Hunter got up, his stiff cock bouncing around, and went over to his dresser. He pulled out a magazine and went back to his bed. He opened up the magazine, grabbed his cock and proceeded to go back to stroking his nice, hard prick. I couldn't stand it anymore; I wanted my brothers' cock. I opened his door, walked in and shut his door behind me. "Oh shit Tiffany!" my brother hissed out as he quickly tried to cover up his hard cock with the porno magazine.

I just ignored him and sat down on his bed. "What are you doing Tiffany?" "So Hunter, you're jacking off? Don't stop on my account." I smiled at my brother that seemed to throw him off.

He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face. "Oh come on Hunter, its not like I don't know guys jack off. Besides." I giggled in my little girlie voice, "I have watched you jack off before." "What?

When? How?" "Sometimes, when you don't have the door locked, I open it up just enough so I can watch you jacking off." My brother just stared at me, not knowing what to say. "It really turns me on when I see all that cum spurting out of your cock." My brother smiled with a small, wicked, incestuous lustful look.

I reached for the magazine, "So who are you jacking off to?" My brother pulled it out of my hand and put it under him.

"Nobody!.nobody special." I smiled at my brother, "Ok, Ok, no need to get so defensive. Oh hey, I have something to show you. I will go get it, so don't lock the door or get dressed. Ok?" "Sure Tiffany." I left my brothers' room, checked to see where our mom was then I went into my room. I grabbed a copy of the porno magazine I was in and went back into my brothers' room. Hunter was still lying on his bed, naked. His cock was starting to go limp but I knew I would change that.

I shut my brothers' door behind me, went up to him on his bed and handed him the magazine. "Check out the page's I marked and tell me what you think." My brother opened the magazine and went right to my marked pages. He let out a gasp as I watched his eyes bugged out. His cock went hard almost instantly, so I knew he really liked seeing his sister naked.

"Oh fuck Tiffany! It''s you! Shit you are so hot!" "Thank you Hunter, I could tell that by how hard your cock went." My brother flipped through my pages, almost salivating with incestuous lust.


"Hunter, do you think guys will be jacking off to my picture?" "Fuck yes Tiffany! I know all my friends would be jacking off all day if they saw these pictures of you. I.I would jack off too." "Really? You would jack off to my pictures, even though those are pictures of your sister naked?" "Yes, it makes it even dirtier sis." I didn't say anything for a few moments, just letting my brother enjoy seeing me naked. "I never realized your tits are so big and your pussy looks so good.

How big are your tits Tiffany?" I smiled and blushed a bit at my brother. It was kind of odd hearing my own brother talking about me in such a raw, sexual way. "My tits are a 34D." "They look fucking great! I would love to fuck them and blow my load all over your tits!" Then my brother realized what he just said and he let out an 'oh shit', then started to apologize.

"Oh don't worry Hunter.I kind of like it.a lot when guys fuck my tits and cum all over them. So Hunter, would you like to jack off to my pictures? I don't mind, if it gives you pleasure." "Yes, can I keep this magazine?" "Sure, as long as you don't show anyone it. It can be our special secret, our brother-sister secret. Um Hunter.can I watch you jack off to me?

That is if you don't mind jacking off in front of me." My brother smiled a very, very lustful smile. "You bet I will jack off to you and you can watch. I don't fucking care." My brother held the magazine on his chest with one hand, grabbed his prick with the other and proceeded to stroke his cock even faster than what he was doing before.

I watched my brother loose himself in an incestuous, lustful fantasy. Every now and then he would just moan, 'Oh wow Tiffany, you are so fucking hot!' 'Look at your tits!

That pussy and that ass. Fuck I'm gonna spend the rest of the getting myself off to you." I just thought to myself, 'we'll see about that.' As I watched my brother jacking off to my naked pictures, I began to flush with my own incestuous lust.


My nipples became very hard; I could feel the wetness from my pussy through my thong and shorts! I watched my brothers' hand moving up and down his stiff rod, milking more and more pre cum out of his piss slit. I kept thinking how all that pre cum was for me, my brother was going to cum just for me.

His cock was so red, I began to think about how rigid it was, how hot it must be and how it would taste in my mouth. "Hunter.let me know when you are going to cum." "Oh yeah.sure wanna see how much cum you make me blow all over myself?" "Something like that Hunter.just let me know when you are close to cumming." I began to lick my lips, picturing my brothers' cock erupting with cum.

I began to really fantasize about how sticky and tasty his cum must be. "Are you thinking about me Hunter?" "Oh yes Tiffany!" "Are you thinking about fucking my tits?" "Fuck yes!" "Can you picture your hot cum all over my tits? Your cum splattering all over your own sisters' big tits?" "Oh yes.oh fuck yes!" I let my brother stroke his cock a bit more. I really liked how easily my brother answered my questions and how honest he was being.

"Are you having incestuous thoughts about fucking me?" "Fuck yes Tiffany.oh fuck yes!" My brother stroked his cock faster. "Are you thinking about fucking my pussy or my ass?" "Both Tiffany! Oh shit, I would fuck you in every hole, all fucking day long! I would fuck you until I couldn't cum anymore!" I repositioned myself, getting on my hands and knees, moving my head closer to my brothers' prick. My brother either did not notice or care.

After about another minute or so Hunter started to hiss, "Tiffany.I'm getting close to cumming. Shit, you are making so fucking horny.I can't hold it much longer!" "Hold it longer Hunter! I want a big cum load." I could tell my brother was trying really hard to hold his cum load in his nice hard cock for as long as he could. I knew he could release it any moment but he kept holding it in, building up a larger and larger cum load.

I decided I would give my brother an unexpected treat. I bent my head down, opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his prick head. I only took his cock head into my mouth, just far enough that I could run the tip of my tongue on the underside of his cock head, right where all the nerves are at by the piss slit.

Hunter loved it! He let out a moan, and then dropped the magazine on his chest so he could see his cock in his sisters' mouth. I grabbed the magazine and held it back up, blocking his view.


I knew that would turn him on more, just feeling my lips around his prick head, while he just looked at my pictures. It only took a couple of strokes on his cock with his hand before he let his load go. My brother didn't say anything.

I felt his cock tense up, I knew he was going to cum and then a huge spurt of cum erupted from my brothers' prick and jetted into my mouth. I felt it splatter against the roof of my mouth.

"OH YES TIFFANY! TAKE IT!" Then another huge spurt of my brothers sticky, hot, salty cum surged out of his cock and into my mouth. I began to swallow the huge cum load he was pumping into my mouth. Hunter tasted even better than I had imagined! Not to mention I did not expect this much cum! I love cum and to me, the more cum, the better. My younger brother did not disappoint me at all! I have no idea how long or how much cum Hunter fired into my mouth, all I know was it was a huge amount.

-=-- When my brother finally emptied his cock into my mouth, I swallowed my brothers remaining load and then sat back up.

My brother looked at me with a very wicked, lustful, happy smile. I pretended that I did not really know what I was doing; I had a feeling my brother would like a little sweet innocence from his sister.

"I'm so sorry Hunter; I don't know why I did that. I know I'm your sister and I shouldn't have let you cum in my mouth. I just love cum. I love making guys cum, I love watching guys cum, I love how cum feels on me, in my mouth and I just love how cum tastes." This really seemed to get my brothers attention, I could tell because his eyes bugged out.

"I hope you didn't mind." "Oh hell no Tiffany. I didn't mind at all." "Did you like it? Could I have done anything to have made it better?" My brother smiled, his cock twitched, "Tiffany, it felt awesome having my cock in your mouth. Then you let me cum in your mouth that was fucking awesome!" We just looked at each other for a few moments, and then my brother spoke again.

"The only thing that would have made it a little better would have been if you would have let me seen my cock in your mouth. Instead you held your magazine up in front of me so I couldn't watch." "I'm sorry Hunter.

I thought you really liked seeing my pictures. I thought that would have made you cum more, looking at my naked pictures." "Well Tiffany, if that is what you wanted, to make me cum more, you could have just taken your clothes off.

I would rather look at you in the flesh naked than pictures of you. Aside from that Tiffany, do I get to return the favor and get to go down on you?" "Hunter, mom is home. I wouldn't want her to have caught us. You really want to see me naked? You wouldn't mind going down on your sister?" "Hell yes sis." "Ok, um, stay here Hunter. I will be right back." I quickly left my brothers' room and went downstairs to see if our mom was still home and when she would be leaving.

I found our mom getting ready to leave. She told me a few more things to do and then said she would be gone for three or four hours. I waited until she got in her car and pulled out of the garage before I went back upstairs to my brother. What I did not find out until much, much later was that while I was downstairs talking to our mom, my brother was busy as well.

Hunter went and got our moms digital camcorder and set it up in his room on his desk. He positioned it so he could film what he and I did next.

He covered it up under some clothes and of course I never noticed it. I came back up stairs and found Hunter lying down on his bed where I left him, still naked, his cock partial erect. "Ok Hunter, mom will be gone for a couple of hours." "That's good Tiffany, so now what? Are you going to get naked for me?" "Hunter! Damn, you are really horny aren't you?" "Sis, you are so hot and after what you did you better believe I'm horny." "Well, I will strip for you under one condition.

Can I give you a hand job?" My brother looked a bit disappointed; maybe he was expecting me to say something else. "Come on Hunter, please.

Trust me; you will like it the way I will do it." My brother smiled as he grabbed his cock. He slapped it against his stomach and said ok. "Ok sis, you're in charge." I stood in front of my brother and quickly took off my shorts and T-shirt.

I watched as my brothers' eyes widened and his cock went completely stiff again. I decided to tease him a little by taking off my thong and bra very slowly. "So Hunter, which first, top or bottom?" My brothers' eyes traced up and down my body with incestuous lust.

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"Your bottom Tiffany, I wanna wait to see those gorgeous big tits of yours." I turned around showing off my ass to my brother, he said out loud, 'great ass sis'. I pulled on the sides of my thong and very, very slowly pulled them down over my ass cheeks. Then I bent over as I pulled them off, letting my brother see my tight ass and giving him a glimpse of my wet pussy.

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I put one hand over my pussy as I turned around to face my brother; I tossed my thong at him. Hunter grabbed it and smelled the crotch. "Shit Tiffany, its already wet!" "Sucking your cock and swallowing your load made me really horny Hunter." My brother then licked the small wet spot on my thong, "Mmm that tastes good. I can't wait to dig my tongue into your wet pussy." I took my hand off of my pussy, my brother let out a moan of approval as he started to stroke his cock slowly.

"Hunter, don't jack off now! I want to do that!" "Don't worry sis, I am just making sure my cock is ready for you." Then I placed one arm over my tits and used my other hand to undo my bra. I kept my tits covered as I took my bra off, then I let it fall to the ground; now I was completely naked in front of my brother. "Damn Tiffany, your tits look even better in person. Those pictures don't do you justice." "Aw, thank you Hunter" I felt flush with lust with my brother's compliment.

I slowly walked over to the bed, my tits bounced around as my brother very happily watched them. Unknown to me, my tits were also bouncing for the hidden camera. I ran my fingers lightly up my brothers' leg, as I stared at his prick.

I had never seen so much pre cum oozing out of a guys cock as what I saw coming out of my brothers prick. "Ok sweetheart, spread your legs." My brother did as I asked as I climbed up on his bed. My brothers' lustful, incestuous eyes never left my tits. I sat down between my brothers legs, facing him.

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I placed my legs over his and around his waist; my pussy was only an inch or two away from my brothers steel shaft. "Hunter I hope you don't mind if I leave a wet spot on your bed spread from my pussy." "Don't worry about it sis." I reached down and grabbed hold of my brothers' cock and very slowly began to stroke it. Hunter let a moan, "Mmm, yes Tiffany. I didn't think my sisters' hand would feel so good on my cock." I smiled at my brother as I ran my fingers tips around his prick head.

My fingers were becoming covered with my brothers' sticky pre cum. "Hunter, you can touch my tits." Instantly my brothers' hands went right to my tits, wildly fondling them, squeezing and pinching my nipples. His hands were all over them like a guy getting to play with tits for his first time. I moaned with approval as I began to seriously stroke my brothers' cock.

"Can I do more to them Tiffany". I looked into my brothers lust filled eyes, "Do you want to suck on my tits? Will you lick my nipples and kiss them?" "Fuck yes sis." I just nodded my head yes and my brothers mouth went right to my erect nipples. I was not expecting the intense, electrifying incestuous pleasure I felt as soon as my brothers' mouth and tongue hit my nipples. For some reason it was even better than when my father and my other brother sucked on them.

I let out a loud groan of lustful pleasure as I tilted my head back. My brothers' mouth and hands did not leave my tits for the next several minutes. I hissed and moaned with incestuous, lustful pleasure, "Ooh yes.Oh yes Hunter.suck them! Don't stop sucking my tits." My brother, with his head buried in-between my tits looked up at me. I was begging to lose myself in my lustful thoughts.

Hunter held my tits together looking up at me, I looked down and watched with such pleasure as he flicked his tongue across both of my erect nipples and then sucked on both of them at the same time. I was slowing down on stroking his cock, I was just becoming lost in the pleasure my brother was giving me.

I needed to get off so badly, "Hunter.finger my pussy.please.get me off.I need to cum too!" Without removing his mouth from my tits, my brother moved a hand down to my very wet pussy. When his fingers touched my clit, I thought I would explode with my orgasm right then and there! "Oh yes! Fuck me with your fingers! Please Hunter.make me cum!" My brother slid a couple of fingers into my wet, tight pussy.

In and out he pushed his fingers as his thumb kept rubbing my clit. At the same time he continued his wild, incestuous attack on my tits. I kept stroking his cock as best and as fast as I could but I couldn't keep it up as I was getting closer to my own orgasm. My brother kept fingering my pussy, working his fingers into my tight, wet, hot hole; once he found my G-spot I couldn't hold back my orgasm any longer. Hunter knew he hit my G-spot by the loud scream of intense pleasure I let out.

He sucked even harder on my tits as his fingers stimulated my G-spot and my clit. I wave of intense incestuous pleasure over came as experienced a fantastic orgasm.

My brother kept sucking on my tits while fingering me as my pussy covered his fingers with my sweet love juice. My brother actually made me experience a multiple orgasm. I kept moaning, begging Hunter not to stop sucking on my tits or fingering me as my pussy kept sending waves and waves of intense pleasure up my body to my brain.

I pretty much collapsed into my brothers' arms, totally spent from the incestuous orgasm; there was no way I could continue to jack off my brother. Hunter sensed this and he gently laid me down on my back, my whole body was glistening with sweat. My huge tits bounced around, my nipples were extremely erect and sensitive from the all the pleasure my brother placed upon them.

Hunter straddled my body, his rigid cock stood straight out, drooling pre cum onto my body. He played with my tits as he wiped his prick head across my tits. Then he lowered his body enough to press his cock between my tits.

"Mmm, your tits are so big sis. They are perfect for fucking!" My brother pressed my tits together around his cock as he began to pound his hard shaft between them. His hot, sticky pre cum felt so good as it coated my tits. "Oh love fucking tits! I love fucking big tits like yours!

I am gonna cum all over your tits sis! Then I want you to lick my cum off of them!" I didn't know he was saying all of this for the camera, making his secret video even better. I of course went right along with it "That's it Hunter.

Fuck my tits! Fuck them good! I want you to cum all over them. I want to watch you jacking yourself off, spewing your hot, sticky cum all over my tits! I will lick up every drop of cum. Oh god this is so hot! I want you to fuck my tits every day. Will you do that for your sister? Will you be a good brother and fuck my tits every day, blowing your cum all over them!

I want you blow you cum all over my face too! I love cum Hunter and I want yours!" My brother didn't last too long, maybe a couple of minutes before he was ready to let his incestuous cum load go. He fucked my tits with his shaft faster and faster, as he did, I kept telling him how good it felt and how I wanted him to cum all over my tits. Little did I know we were making one hell of an incestuous video. "Oh yes.fuck Tiffany.I can feel it.I'm gonna cum.I'm gonna fucking cum all over you sis!" "Do it Hunter!

Be a great brother and cum all over my tits! I want it! I want all of your cum!" My brother pulled his cock out from between my tits, holding his cock with an absolutely wild look of lust and incest in his eyes. "Open your mouth Tiffany!" I got up on my elbows, holding my tits together and opening my mouth.

Just as I did that I watched my brother stroke his cock and the longest stream of cum I had ever seen erupted out of his piss slit and splattered all over my tits up to my mouth! His cum stream landed in my mouth, down my chin, my neck all over my hands and my tits.

At that moment I was so glad I had seduced my brother! I knew then I was going to be fucking Hunter as often as I could. I love cum and seeing how much my own brother fired out of his cock for me, overwhelmed me with pure incestuous lust. As he sent out his first huge spurt of cum he let out such a yell of delight. "OH YES TIFFANY!!!! TAKE IT!" He gave his prick another couple of strokes as I kept my mouth opened for him. Then another large spurt of cum erupted from my brothers cock.

This cum load surged across my tits, coating my nipples with his hot sticky cum. then Hunter let out a loud groan 'Oh yes sis, here I cum again!' and he sent another stream of cum right into my face. Cum landed on my nose, the side of my face, on my tongue and into my mouth.

A few small spurts of his remaining cum load dribbled out of his cock as he grabbed my hair and brought my cum covered face up to his prick.

"Now suck it sis! Suck my cock!" I took his cock into my cum filled mouth, swallowing his cum load as I sucked his cock dry. "Oh yes, suck it Tiffany. Oh fuck you are the best sister ever! You look so good with cum all over you!" Then he pulled his prick out of my mouth and ran it across my face collecting his cum on the tip of his prick. "Lick it off Tiffany. Yeah that's it, eat my cum!" He told me to wipe the cum off of my face with two fingers as he and the camera watched me swallow this cum.

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Then I licked all of his cum off of my hands as he continued to kneel over me. "Don't clean off your tits just yet sis. Wait until I bury my face in your sweet pussy." Hunter wasted no time in getting down between my legs. He lay down, spreading my legs wide. I looked down at my brother's head between my legs. His tongue snaked out and flicked up my pussy lips to my clit.

I let out a loud moan. He smiled at me and said out loud. "Your pussy tastes so good, a sweet pussy sis. Why don't you enjoy my cum while I enjoy your fucking sweet pussy juice. Hunter pulled my pussy lips apart with his thumbs as he rammed his tongue deep into my wet pussy.

I let out a nice delightful scream of pleasure as my brother wildly gave my pussy a tongue lashing. I could hear him slurping up my pussy juice. Hunter buried his face into my pussy, his tongue worked in and out of my pussy, running up and down my pussy lips before flicking across my clit.

I began to writhe around in incestuous pleasure; which I am sure made for a much better video. After a few minutes my brother pulled his mouth away from my pussy, just looking at me over my stomach and tits. "Why did you stop Hunter? Please don't stop! I want to get my pussy juice all over your face." "You're not eating my cum off of your tits!

I am not going to eat out your pussy anymore until I see you licking my cum off of your fucking awesome tits!" I gave my brother a wicked smile as I grabbed my cum covered tits. I stuck my tongue out, licking off a bit of my brothers cum off of my right nipple.

"Yeah that's it sis. Lick it all off and swallow it." Then my brother dove back down into my pussy. As my brother kept at my pussy, I fondled my tits, holding them up to my mouth and licking off Hunters cum. I thought in the back of my mind how having sex with Hunter was even kinkier than it was with my other brother. I really wanted Hunter to fuck me. I wanted to feel him cumming in my pussy.

As I looked down at my brothers head between my legs, swallowing his cum off of my tits I said to him as sexy as I could; "Hunter, are you going to fuck me? Are you going to give me your nice hard cock? Can you fuck your own sister?" Hunter looked up at me, "You want me to fuck you Tiffany?" "Oooh yes Hunter. I want to feel your cock pounding into my tight pussy. I want to feel your prick explode inside of me. Don't you want to fuck me?" "Fuck yes sis! I gonna fuck your pussy real good, as soon as I am done making you cum with my tongue." "I am so close to cumming now Hunter.

Make me cum! I want you cock in me, I need your cock in me!" My brother went at my pussy and clit even faster. I could tell by the way he was squirming around he had a nice erection. I encouraged my brother more by moaning louder and louder. I grabbed his hair, pushing him into my pussy. I moaned to him lustfully how good his tongue felt, how much I loved getting my pussy licked by my own brother. I could feel my orgasm building quickly; I clamped my thighs around my brothers' head as his tongue brought me closer and closer to my delightful conclusion.

"That's it Hunter.oh god yes Hunter.don't you stop! Don't fucking stop licking my clit.Make me cum and you can fuck can fuck me hard with your cock.Oooh yes.that's your sisters pussy.fuck yes Hunter.Oooh god yes!" My body twitched as my pussy sent waves of pleasure up and down my body. I arched my back, my tits bounced around uncontrollably as I screamed with a forbidden pleasure. I made my brothers tongue and face wet with my sticky sweet pussy juice.

My brother kept lapping it up as quickly as my pussy released it. I know I had multiple orgasm's because my brother did not stop licking and sucking on my clit. I kept feeling wave after wave of incestuous delight wrack my body, then at some point I passed out from the pleasure. When I recovered I saw my brother getting up on his knees with his nice hard, red cock in his hands. He guided his shaft right into my pussy. "Oh yes Hunter! Do it! Fuck me! Fuck your sister!" My brother began to pound my pussy with his prick.

"Oh shit.sis.your pussy is fucking tight! Oh fuck, I won't last long fucking you!" "I don't care Hunter. Just fuck me! Fuck me with your nice cock!" My brothers' eyes almost immediately glazed over with incestuous lust. I could tell he was lost looking at my tits bouncing around. "Look at my tits Hunter. Look at how your fucking is making them bounce. Do you like that? Do you like making your sisters tits bounce around?

Do you like fucking your sister?" "Oh god yes Tiffany. I gonna fuck you so much. I love seeing your huge tits bounce around!" "Come on and suck them! Suck them Hunter! Suck your sisters' tits while you fuck her!" My brother leaned down, doing his best to keep up his hard, fast fucking pace. I held my tits for my brother as his lips met my erect nipples. His tongue flicked around my nipple and then he began to suck on my tit. I let out a loud moan with pleasure my brother was giving me with his hard prick and his sucking on my tits.

"Oh yes.oh yes Hunter.suck my tits.fuck me.give it to me Hunter!" My brother lasted about two or three minutes. I knew he was ready to cum when he couldn't keep sucking on my tits. He rose back up with an intense lustful look on his face. He started grunting louder and louder, "Oh yes Tiffany.oh fuck yes.I'm gonna fucking cum.Oh shit I can't hold it much longer." "Don't hold it!

Blow your wad! Do it Hunter.fucking fill my pussy with your cum!" My brother sped up is pussy fucking pace. Then he let out a gleeful scream, "here I cum!" I felt his cock swell up and then I felt his huge surge of cum erupt from his prick and surge deep inside of me. "Oh yes Tiffany! I'm cumming! Oh fuck.this feels so good!" I had never seen my brother look so happy, as happy as he looked right now blowing his load into my pussy.

I could feel him sending spurt after spurt of cum up into me. I was wildly turning me on watching and listening to my brother getting off. Once my brother was done pumping his cum load into my pussy he collapsed onto my body. Hunter rested his face between my tits, panting away. However, I was incredibly horny now and I wanted more from my brother. Much to his surprise I pushed him off of me.

"Get off of me Hunter and lay down!" My brother did what I said with a confused look on his face. As soon as he lay down on his back I leapt for his semi hard cock. I swallowed his cock, hungry for more of my brother. His prick tasted so good between his cum and my pussy juice, it was a delightful mix of salty sweetness. "What are you doing tiffany?" "I'm sucking your cock Hunter, what does it look like?" I went back to bobbing up and down his sticky prick.

I worked my tongue all over it, doing my best to make my brother rock hard again. "Fuck you are horny tiffany!" I had to take my mouth off of my brothers' prick again to answer him. But as I talked to him, I ran my tongue up and down his hardening shaft.

"I'm not done with your cock. I want more of your cock! I want you to cum for me one more time. Can you do it, can you cum for me again Hunter?" "If you keep sucking my cock like that, I sure will sis." It took me about five minutes or so before I got my brother rock hard again. I am sure he did not mind having his cock worked over by his sisters' mouth; I know I didn't mind having my brothers' cock in my mouth. I loved feeling his cock swell and stiffen in my mouth.

I never felt that before, every cock I had sucked was already hard. When Hunters' steel shaft was ready I pulled my incestuous, cock hungry mouth off of his prick and while still on all fours I swiveled around presenting him my pussy and ass. "Fuck me again! Please fuck me Hunter. I want you to fuck my pussy and ass!" I looked over my shoulder and watched my brother quickly get up to his knees with his cock in hand.

"You want me to fuck both?" "Yes Hunter! Fuck my pussy!

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fuck my ass! I want to feel your cock pounding each hole." My brother didn't need any more encouragement; his cock went right into my tight asshole. He grabbed my hips and went to town pounding my ass with his prick.

I moaned with pure delight as my brother hammered my ass with his jack hammer fucking. "Oh yes.oh yes.Hunter.fuck me.fuck me good! That's it.fuck your sisters' ass.fuck it good.don't forget my pussy.fuck my pussy!

Fuck it Hunter!" My brother grunted, pulled his cock out of my ass and then rammed it deep into my pussy. Now he hammered the hell out of my pussy. "There you go Tiffany. You want your pussy fucked.take this! You want your brother to fuck you nice, tight, wet pussy.I'll fuck it!

Moan for me sis, come on, I want to hear you scream with pleasure." I let out a loud scream of delight as enjoyed the incestuous fuck my brother was giving me.

"Oh god yes! Fuck me Hunter.give it to your sister!" Hunter pounded my pussy for a few minutes, and then he withdrew his steel shaft from my pussy and then slowly inserted it back into my ass. He slowly fucked my ass, moaning under his breath. "You are the best sister ever! This is such a dirty fantasy of mine Tiffany. I have wanted to fuck you for so long!" "Fuck me good!

Fuck me like you always wanted to.oh yes Hunter.fuck me so good." My brother spent the next 10 to 15 minutes fucking me, which was the longest fuck I have ever had without the guy cumming long before then. He did a great job alternating from fucking my pussy and my ass. He would start out slow, increase his tempo until I thought he was going to cum and then he would slow down and switch holes.

"Sis.I'm getting close to cumming." "I want you to cum for me Hunter.Cum all over me! I want your hot load all over me." "You want me to cum all over want it all over your ass and back?" My brother now gave my ass a few quick thrusts with his cock; he pulled it out and then quickly fucked my pussy, pulled it out and went back to fucking my ass.

"Oh yes Hunter.I want your cum all over my ass, my back.I will even open my mouth for you.if you wan to blow your load into my mouth." My brother pulled his prick out of my ass and slapped it on my ass cheek. "Ok Tiffany.get your mouth ready! I gonna fuck you good now and then I'm gonna give you a nice cum shower." Now my brother went wild fucking my ass and pussy.

I could tell he wanted to cum as quickly as possible. My tits bounced around as I moaned louder and louder. "Oh yes.oh yes.fuck me.FUCK ME!!! Give me your hard prick.give it to me.give it to your sister!!!!" I heard my brother breathing heavier."Oh yes.oh fuck yes sis.I'm gonna fucking cum.You are going to make me cum!" I looked over my shoulder; my eyes were glazed over with lust as were my brothers.

I opened my mouth, wagging my tongue at him; I then licked my lips at my brother. "Cum for me.I want it.I want your cum." My brother hammered my ass faster and faster."Oh it comes!" His cock swelled up and my brother pulled his prick out of my ass, he held it tight and rammed it into my pussy. He gave my pussy a couple of quick thrusts before he pulled his cock out of my sweet honey hole.

Then he gave his prick a couple of strokes with his hand when his prick finally erupted with a huge surge of cum. "Oh fuck wide sis!" His first wad of cum shot out of his cock landed across my ass and lower back.

My brother started to stand up and as he did he blew another huge wad of cum all over my back. "Your mouth! Your mouth!" Hunter screamed out with such wild, lustful incestuous tone. I moved as quickly as I could, turning around, sitting on my ass.

My brother reached out with his free hand, grabbing my head by the hair. He let out another scream of delight, "Oh fuck tiffany!" cum splattered across my tits! I kept my mouth open as my brother stroked his prick again and another wad of cum jetted out of his prick.

I felt cum splatter across my face before my brother placed his cock onto my tongue. Cum was all over my cheek and chin, it felt so hot and sticky. I looked at my brother with such pleasure as he jacked off the rest of his load into my mouth. He looked down at me, whacking his shaft as he did. "Oh yes.oh fuck yes sis. Here is some more cum for you!" He pumped the rest of his load into my mouth and all over my tongue.

Hunter started to tell me to suck his cock but I didn't need him to say a word to me, I happily wrapped my lips around his shaft and sucked it dry; right to the last drop.

Then my brother took his fingers and wiped the cum off of my ass and back. He fed each wad to me, which of course I lustfully swallowed. Of course all of this made for an even better, dirtier secret video for him.

When he was done, we did not say a word to each other, I just got up, gathered up my clothes and magazine and left. As I left my brother asked if we do it again; I just gave him a lustful glance and as I shut his door I said, "Oh yes." Then I just thought to myself what it would be like to fuck both of my brothers at the same time.