Having a risky wank in the sunshine

Having a risky wank in the sunshine
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Tim was lying in bed furiously stroking his cock. He was watching amateur daddy/daughter porn, and the video had just gotten to the part where the father was cumming all over his daughter's face and chest. Tim came all over his stomach and chest at that exact instance. There was a quiet knock at the door, and before he could cover up his daughter Samantha walked in the room.

She stopped in shock, staring at her dad Tim, looking him up and down. And the first thing she noticed was his cock, his cum on his body, and the porn video that was still playing on the bed. She quickly covered her eyes and Tim scrambled to cover himself, not caring that his cum was getting on the blankets. "What are you doing in here?" he practically yells at her.

"I wanted to ask if you can come with me later, so I can go look at new cars." She says while here eyes are still covered. "That's fine." Tim says. "Just let me take a shower and get dressed." She turns and walks out of the room, her face as red as a cherry tomato because she was embarrassed at seeing her dad naked, and what he was doing. Her father has always been very open sexually. When she was growing up, if she was curious about guys, orgasms, dates, condoms, birth control etc.

she always went and asked her dad. She didn't have a woman to ask these questions to since her mom ran out on her and her dad with Tim's best friend when she was 2. So, Tim raised her as a single dad. He had a couple girlfriends over the years, but no one stuck around for long.

Tim had noticed over the last couple years how beautiful his daughter had grown. Today she was celebrating her 20th birthday, and as a surprise Tim had bought her a new car since her older one broke down permanently. Samantha was a drop-dead gorgeous girl. She was 5'7", 170 pounds and she had blue eyes that looked right into your soul as if you'd soon start spilling all your secrets to her.

Her hair was short, styled in an inverted bob, a natural dark brown and she wore shorts and t shirts all the time. She was the epitome of a tom boy. She liked cars, video games, action and adventure movies. She couldn't put make up on or dress girly to save her life, and she didn't care about her nails. Even though she was a tom boy she was still gorgeous. Samantha was still embarrassed. It had been years since she accidently saw her dad naked. And if she was totally honest with herself, she knew that her dad was lonely, and he was tired of being alone, and his life lacked a woman's touch.

If she was totally honest with herself, she couldn't stop thinking of his body and the way his cock looked when she walked into his room. This wasn't the first time she's thought of him in a sexual way because he was the only man in her life. She was closer to him than anyone else, and in every other way and why shouldn't she get close to him this way? Just because he was her dad? She didn't think so. Not if she could help it. She started to devise a plan. Since tonight was her 20th birthday, she had plans with her friends tonight.

They were going to bring alcohol over to her house and they'd drink at her house, so her dad could watch them and make sure they were okay.

They'd have a sleep over, have some drinks, have dinner (probably pizza) since it was all her dad knew how to cook, and then once her dad was asleep, they'd bring out the sex toys. Her dad didn't know when her best friend Brittany came over, they were having sex. Not just talking about boys and playing video games.

From Samantha's point of view Brittany was even more gorgeous than she was. She was 5'4" and 145. She had long brown hair, expressive brown eyes. Big, sensual tits that were a little less than a handful and the wettest pussy she'd ever been privy to being buried in.

Brittany was her best friend, and they told everything to each other, including that Brittany had a crush on Tim as well. According to Brittany, there was a couple times she played with herself wishing it was Tim fucking her. Tim got out of bed and jumped into the shower. He thought about what happened and was deeply embarrassed that Samantha saw him like that.

He normally doesn't masturbate when she's home, but he couldn't help himself because he hadn't had sex in 10 months since his ex-girlfriend June left him. Tim finished cleaning himself off, toweled off and stepped into his cargo shorts and t shirt. He put on his shoes and socks, grabbed his keys, wallet and phone and he walked out his bedroom door, closed it and started to head downstairs so he could take Samantha to the car dealership. "Sam.

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Are you ready?" he says as he walks into the living room. She is sitting on the couch waiting for him. "Ready." She says.

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As she's already heading through the living room and to the front door. They jump into his 2016 Ford F-150 and head to the dealership. He had promised that he'd buy her a car when she turned 20. Because she was going to go off for school and she needed something reliable. It was going to be a total surprise when they got to the dealership and he bought her a car instead of just looking at one.

She had been working the last 3 years to save money to be able to put down a good down payment. And Tim had promised her that he'd match whatever she saved up.

Currently their total combined amount was about 9 grand. He could easily afford the rest of the payment especially since he didn't want her to start out her life with debt. So, he'd take care of the car payment, and her first 2 years of college. Sam looks at him while he's driving and notices his stubble, his strong jaw and his lean, muscular body and strong legs.

I need to ask him if he's ever thought of me like I think of him. "So, can I ask you a question Dad?" she says. "Sure, babe what's up?" he asks. He's already dreading what she's going to ask. "Have you ever thought about having sex or a relationship with a younger girl?" The truck swerves because he's shocked she'd even ask something like that. He tries to think what he can say to get her to change the conversation or not continue with her line of thinking, but at the same time he wants to be honest with her.

"Well, yes. I've thought of having sex and a relationship with a younger girl." He says. "Can I tell you something?" she says. "Yes, always." He says. She looks ahead at the traffic, and then back at him contemplating on what to say, and how to say it.

"I… I want to be that younger girl." She says as fast as possible. He slows down the truck for a light that's turning red and says "Repeat that. I don't think I heard you correct." "I want to be that younger girl. I want you to be the guy I have a relationship with. You don't have a girlfriend, and I know you're lonely. And I'm not dating anyone either. So, I figure I can kill two birds with one stone… Plus I'm an adult. I know what I'm doing." He stares at her trying to process what she said.

The light changes to green and the car behind them start honking their horns because he's holding up traffic. Tim looks at Sam and realizes she's totally serious. "Do you know what you're asking me to do? You're asking me to have an intimate relationship with you.

My little girl.

My daughter. How can I do that?" he asked her. "Well, I haven't really thought about it that far. But, we already have a relationship. It shouldn't be that hard to go from being father/daughter to being lovers. We can take this slow. One day at a time. I've been thinking of you in a sexual way for a year or so now.

I don't want you to be lonely anymore. We don't have to tell anyone. Please?" "Let me think about this, and I will let you know. I will admit, the thought of fucking my daughter turns me on. But I don't know how we'd do this. And I don't want to get caught." He tells her. Samantha understands where he's coming from.

But she also understands this is what she wants. And she always gets what she wants. They finally arrive at the dealership in an uneasy silence. They both get out of the truck and she immediately runs over to the new ford mustangs. "Are you sure you don't want something a little slower?" he yells as he's trying to catch up to her. "How about a ford fusion?" They're good and reliable. And won't cost you an arm and a leg in insurance." She heads over and looks at a gorgeous cherry red, 2020 ford fusion Titanium.

It was top of the line, all wheel drive, it had a back up camera, voice activation and all the bells and whistles a girl could want. "I want this one, Daddy!" Sam squeals happily. A salesperson comes over and says "I'm John, how can I help you? Have you looked at this car over here? He tries to sell them a more expensive car. "We want this one." He tells the guy. "Let me get the paperwork." John says.

They all head inside and Tim and Sam sit down at a table and wait for John to come back with the paperwork. After a couple minutes he comes back, they fill out the paperwork, hand Jim a check for 20 thousand dollars.

9 that was combined between the two, and 11 from Tim so he wouldn't have to pay so much for a car payment and Sam has a brand-new car. She stands up and jumps into Tim's arms squealing and then she kisses him. He recoils in shock and because they're in public. "Thank you!


Thank you!" she says. She grabs his hand and holds it.


John hands Sam the keys to her new car and she runs out into the parking lot. Tim and John follow her, and Tim can tell John is staring at her ass and he says.


"Man, you're lucky. Your girlfriend is gorgeous." Tim stops and stares at John. "What did you say?" he asks.

"Your girlfriend, she's gorgeous." John repeats himself. "That's not my girlfriend. That's my daughter." Tim says.

"Oh… I thought it was your girlfriend, because of the way she threw herself at you." "No. How dare you even say that." Tim says as he starts to raise his voice and walks away from John.

He walks out the door, forgets all about John's comment and smiles when he see's Sam's smiling face as she's taking pictures of her car. She runs up to her dad and grabs his hand again and pulls him to the car. "Look!" she yells. She gets in the driver seat and puts the key in and starts the car and the engine turns over and starts purring like a cat.

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"I'll meet you at home. Don't speed or get into a wreck." He says. He taps the top of the car, his chest filled with pride at the sight of her driving in her new car. Tim heads to his car and gets in, starts it and pulls out of the parking lot and starts to head home. His mind is replaying their conversation from earlier, and he has to admit it really turns him on to know that his daughter wants him in a sexual way. And if he is completely honest with himself. He wants her as well. That's why he started watching the daddy/daughter porn, is to distract himself from his feelings for his daughter.

He makes a turn down a side street and drives past See Port. It is the most up to date porn, sex toy, clothing store. He decides if he can't figure out how to tell Sam he wants her, he can just show her.

He steps into the store, and immediately his eyes are assaulted by all the different sights of corsets, crotchless underwear, dildos, vibrators, massage oil, anal beads, all types of porn- lesbian, gay, bisexual, toys, masturbation, gang bang etc. He decides to just get a little of everything. He grabs a 6-speed vibrator, 2 different sized dildos, lube, a threesome/bisexual porn dvd and a couple clothing items he thinks would be sexy on her he heads to the counter and pays.

"You are buying all this for your girlfriend?" the female clerk asks. "Yes. It's her birthday." He says.

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Not wanting to complicate the issue. "Well, happy birthday to her. And this looks like it will be a very fun night." She says with a wink. After finally getting his purchases, he puts the stuff in his car and heads home.

He arrives a couple minutes after her and he grabs the bag and heads inside the house. It's time to get ready for her birthday party that will happen soon in the next couple hours. He walks through the house, not stepping on any of the squeaks. He doesn't want her to see what he bought yet.

He puts the bag in his bedroom and stops at her semi cracked door. He hears noise in her bedroom and he dares to take a peek inside and what he sees floors him. Samantha is laying on her bed. Legs open, and she's pushing a purple dildo in and out of her pink pussy. The base of the dildo looks white because of how wet she is. She is using a vibrator on her clit and she's moaning "daddy. Daddy fuck me." His cock gets hard as a rock and all he wants to do in that moment is fuck her til she can't take it anymore.

Her body starts shaking as her breathing gets erratic and she quickly pulls the toy out of her pussy and she squirts cum on herself and the blankets. She's laying there breathing hard and he slowly backs away from her door, not wanting to let her know that he was watching her.

He was golden until he stepped on a squeak on the floor and he could hear scrambling in the bedroom. She was probably trying to hide what she was doing. The door is suddenly flung open and Sam is standing in the doorway, clothes hastily thrown on. "Hi, daddy. I didn't hear you get home." She says. "I've been home for a couple minutes. I wanted to see if pizza was okay with you for tonight. But, I heard some noise from your room, so I waited until you were done…" "Look, I was going to make some excuse.

Follow me really quick." He says as he turns and walks into his room. He sits on the bed, and she walks into the room and stands in front of the bed near the dresser. "I've been thinking about what you said earlier in the truck.

I want you as well. I don't really know how to say it, and to be honest even thinking it, I know I'm going to end up going to hell. But. I don't care. You're right. I am lonely.

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I don't really know what else to say about this. So, I'm just going to give this to you and you can make up your mind about what to do.

If you want to continue let me know. If not, then I totally understand." At this point he's just rambling. He reaches under the bed and pulls out the bag from the sex store and hands it to her.

She looks inside and pulls out the clothing. One is a red, crotchless teddy. One is black and is cup less, so her breasts are totally free all the time. And the last one is bright blue and is a mix of both, it is crotchless and cup less, so everything is exposed.

She sees the toys and the lube and finally the dvd. "How did you know I was bisexual?" she asks. "That's your first question?" he asks her. "And contrary to your opinion, you and Brittany are not as quiet as you think you are. I've heard your little sex sessions when she came over and I masturbated to hearing you two together. So, what do you think?" he says.

"I love it. And I can't wait to use them with you. I still want to do this." She says. "We can't show anyone of course." Tim says.