Antonella greco cojiendo en cuatro

Antonella greco cojiendo en cuatro
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A Little Pussy When the back doorbell rang it caught me off guard because no one ever goes to the backdoor. The front door goes ding-dong while the backdoor just goes ding.

So after opening the front door and finding no one there the back doorbell rang again. This time I headed right for it. When I opened the door my new neighbor was standing there. She was about twenty years old, beautiful, and had gorgeous brown curly hair to her breasts. It was thick enough that I believe she could had gone topless and not been obscene. Marjorie asked, "Would you like a little pussy?" Then she held up a tiny kitten. I smiled and said, "You know I could have taken that two ways!" Marjorie said, "You can have it both ways if you want!" I smiled broadly and said, "Really?" Marjorie said, "Sure!

I think you're cute." I replied, "And I really think you're cute too." Marjorie pointed at her crotch and said, "You can have this pussy if you take this pussy." Then she held up the tiny kitten. I asked, "Does it have a name?" Marjorie said, "Why don't you call both pussies Marjorie?" I said, "That sounds okay to me.

Is she fixed?" Marjorie again pointed to her crotch and said, "This one? No! But this one, yes." As she held up the kitten again.


So I opened the door and invited them both in. She explained that she had gotten the kitten at a shelter and fell in love with it but that her husband told her to get rid of it or he would drown it. That caused a big fight last night and really pissed her off. She said that I could have all of the stuff that she bought too. She had a kitty litter pan, eating and drinking bowls, and enough food and litter to last a month or more.

Then she said, "If you let me come over every day to play with her then I'll let you play with her" pointing to her crotch again. I answered, "There is no way I can turn that down.

Does your husband own a gun?" Marjorie laughed and said, "No!" Then she pointed at my crotch and said, "This gun doesn't work very well either." I said, "Oh I'm sorry to hear that." I really wasn't. Marjorie said, "I'm lucky if I get it once a week.

He changed after we got married. I just don't excite him anymore." I said, "You excite the hell out of me!" Marjorie said, "Then please make love to me now." I said, "Okay" and took her to my bedroom. Marjorie put down the kitten and waited until I was looking before starting to undress. She put on the best show that I had ever seen before.

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She was breathtaking. When she revealed her breasts I sucked in a gulp of air. Her breasts were absolutely perfect. They were round, firm, and had the cutest pink nipple and areola that I had ever seen outside of a girly magazine. I was standing at full attention in anticipation of seeing her pussy next.

The wait was excruciating but definitely worth it when she slid her sexy panties down her long legs. She had her pubic hair cut short and had shaved it into a heart shape on her pubic mound.

Her pussy lips were shaved bald and I could see some moisture from her excitement. Then Marjorie got in the middle of my bed, tossed the pillows on the floor, held the kitten, and opened her legs inviting me in.

I don't remember undressing but I sure remember sliding my cock into her for the first time. It was an incredibly sensation. She had her first orgasm before I even got it all the way in. She really was excited and she needed this more than I did. It was a pleasure making love to this gorgeous lady. Marjorie had an orgasm every couple of minutes. I felt like a superhero for lasting thirteen minutes. She had six orgasms that made her eyes roll back into her head, her breathing to go raspy, and made her chest heave.

I loved filling her pussy with my cream. Marjorie then placed the kitten between her legs and told it to drink. I watched that kitten lick her pussy. She cringed as the kitten's tongue tore at her tender flesh. Cat's tongues have sharp barbs on them and can really hurt. Marjorie endured it for as long as the kitten wanted to drink. Marjorie looked at my erection and invited me back in for seconds.

I loved it just as much and lasted longer. Marjorie again had an orgasm every couple of minutes. This time I last nineteen minutes and gave her nine orgasms. Once again Marjorie placed the kitten between her legs and told it to drink and I watch intently. Marjorie looked up at me as the kitten licked her clit giving her yet another orgasm.

She said that she had never had sixteen orgasms in an hour before and that her husband had never fucked her twice in a row like that. In fact she couldn't remember him fucking her twice in the same day either. Marjorie then asked, "Can we feed the kitten her cream like this every day?" I replied, "It would be my pleasure." Marjorie said, "I need a nap! Would you be a dear and wake me up in an hour?" I replied, "I'd love too." Marjorie said, "Maybe the kitten will be hungry again too." Then she gave my cock a little squeeze.

In an hour I gentle pushed on her shoulder to wake her up. Marjorie opened her eyes, looked around the room, and smiled. Then she said, "I was afraid that it was all a dream." I said, "I had the same thought. That's why I kept checking on you. The kitten never left your side. I even saw her go down and lick your pussy occasionally." Marjorie said, "That's sweet.

Shell we feed her again?" I said, "Okay" and got on the bed as she opened her legs one more time. We made love for twenty-one minutes and she had ten more orgasms. In her eyes I was a God! After I came she placed the kitten down there and told it to feed all it wanted.


Then she opened her wet pussy lips up with her fingers. That kitten tried to get it all. It was amazing to watch. Marjorie asked, "Can we do it one more time before my husband comes home at five-thirty?" I replied, "I think so but shouldn't we get the kitten's stuff before that?" Marjorie smiled and said, "She got plenty of stuff already." Then she wiped her pussy with her hand, turned it over, and showed me that her hand was clean.

Wow! That kitten sure loved my cum. She got dressed to go outside but placed her sexy panties on my nightstand first. I went with her to help carry things back. It wasn't much really just a bag of kitty litter and a bag of kitten chow.

Marjorie carried the kitty litter pan with the two bowls and some toys in it. Marjorie promised to scoop out the litter every morning and feed the kitten for me. After showing the kitten where her food and potty were she took her back up stairs so that we could make some more cream for her. This time I only lasted seventeen minutes and gave her eight orgasms.

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The kitten really enjoyed the cum. Marjorie said, "I can not believe that you made love to me four times in just one day and gave me that many orgasms. I said, "Well I kept track if you care." Marjorie said, "Please tell me." Then I said, "Well in the four times we made love so far they lasted a total of one hour and ten minutes and you had thirty-four orgasms including one that the kitten gave you." I added, "We could do it one more time if you're sure he won't come home before five-thirty." Marjorie said, "I'm sure.

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Right now I don't care if he finds out or not. You are the best lover I ever had. But then again I have only had five lovers.

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There was the boy that took my virginity, my two high school sweethearts, my husband, and now you." This beauty was half my age but she certainly made me feel like I was a teenager and my cock thought that I was too as we made love for the fifth time that day.

I added to my note, twenty minutes, nine orgasms, and two more from the kitten. Marjorie hated to leave but assured me that she would be back in the morning just as soon as her husband left for work. That evening I watched television with the kitten in my lap sleeping. I went to bed early.

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I was sure that I would need my rest for tomorrow. I was up and had eaten breakfast when I saw Marjorie's husband go off to work. I saw Marjorie run between our backyards and had the door open as she came in. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me like lovers that hadn't seen one another in a long time. She picked up the kitten and asked it, "Are you hungry? Do want some good cream this morning?" Then she took my hand and led me to my bedroom. Marjorie just had on a long T-shirt and nothing else, not even a pair of shoes.

She jumped on the bed and spread for me cuddling the kitten to her breasts. I got on the bed and bent down to eat her pussy. Marjorie said, "I was hoping that you would do that.


I cleaned it out this morning. My husband has never gone down on me but expects me to go down on him whenever he wants me too." I couldn't answer her with my tongue in her pussy.

Marjorie said, "Oh that's it. Right there! Oh God! That feels so good. Please don't stop. Oh! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" Then she had one tremendous orgasm that rocked her World. I slipped my cock into her. I had been thinking of nothing else all morning. I made love to her for the first time that day knowing that I was going to try and do it more often than I had yesterday. I did too. Marjorie could not have been more pleased. We made love six times and she had forty-seven orgasms.

Marjorie was almost exhausted from pleasure.

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I knew that it was going to be an early bedtime for me too. I had cum eleven times in two days. That was some kind of record for me too.

I hadn't cum eleven times in the past year and that would only be from a hand job every now and then. I did have a girlfriend for a while the year before and I probably cum twenty to thirty times that year. Marjorie was twenty-two and I was fifty but the age didn't seem to matter in bed.

Every day even on the weekends Marjorie found a way to come over to feed the kitten our special cream. Of course on the weekends it was just one short lovemaking session but we sure made up for it during the week while her husband was at work.

For our one-month anniversary Marjorie told me that she was in love with me. I was pleased and surprise at the same time.

All sorts of thoughts ran through my mind. Marjorie said it again, "I'm in love with you." I said, "I love you too!" That made her happy because she smiled, hugged me, and kissed me for a very long time before asking, "Can I move in with you and our kitten?" I asked, "What about your husband?" Marjorie said, "That son-of-a-bitch has been fucking my Bride's Maid." I said, "Really?" Marjorie said, "Yes!

She came to the house last night. They told me that it started before the wedding. She is pregnant with his child. She wants us to get an annulment so that he can marry her. He wants that too. What should I do?" I said, "Give it to him, move in here with me, and marry me." Marjorie said, "Really?" I said, "Yes. I love you!" Marjorie hugged me and I swear that she didn't let go for a good half-hour. That gave her time to think.

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Marjorie said that she wanted me to help her move her things over before he came home. So I helped her move most of the stuff from her bedroom over to my bedroom. We took drawers over then carried the chest-of-drawers over too and put it all back together. She took what she wanted from the kitchen, living room, and the bathroom. Then she took the computer, digital camera, and all of the CDs that she could find. Marjorie said, "I let him take nude pictures of me and I don't want him showing them to anyone." I just smiled and she said, "I'll let you see them and take all that you want of me." After everything was moved to my place Marjorie asked me to make love to her on his bed.

She left just the bottom sheet on the bed. We made love and then she made sure to rub her used pussy all over that sheet making as big a mess as she could. All I could think of was a woman scorned. Then Marjorie took a black marker and wrote 'fuck you' on the sheet in big letters.

As a final gesture I drove her to the bank where she emptied their joint account and closed it out. She explained to me that it was money from their wedding. People were asked to give money instead of a bunch of gifts that they didn't want. Back at my house she called the Phone Company, the Gas Company, and the Electric Company and had everything shut off because it was all in her name.

She called her landlord and explained things to him too. Then she called a lawyer about getting an annulment as soon as possible. Wow this girl was not only beautiful and very good in bed but she was intelligent, forceful, and vengeful too. That evening at five-thirty when he pulled into the driveway Marjorie was sitting on my front porch and gave him the finger with a big smile.

He looked mad but went inside.

He quickly came flying out of the house. As he approached my porch Marjorie smiled and pointed to the police car sitting across the street. Two police officers got out of the car and walked toward him. They served him with a notice that his wife was suing him for an annulment, an eviction notice to vacate his apartment, and said that if he took one more step toward her that he would be placed under arrest. He swore at the officers but went back inside. The officers tipped their hats toward Marjorie and said to call 911 if he started anything at all.

Marjorie smiled and thanked them for everything. Then she gave me a big hug and kiss right out on the porch for everyone to see.

I was looking over her shoulder and could see her husband looking out his bedroom window. He must have been furious. If Marjorie had left him any blinds or curtains I felt he would have closed them. Later that evening the front doorbell rang. I answered it to find 'the other woman' standing there. She asked to come in and Marjorie said that it was okay. Janet apologized profusely.

She said that Marjorie's husband was furious but knew better than to get arrested. Janet said that he was moving in with her and would be out in a few days. Marjorie asked Janet about her affair with her husband.

Janet was very truthful. She had been seeing him since they had announced their wedding plans. Janet said that she was pretty sure that the day she got pregnant was on their wedding day. He had fucked her in her bride's maid dress just minutes before the ceremony.

Janet had a pussy full of his cum throughout the entire wedding. Janet also said that he was only good for one fuck a week. Marjorie laughed and said that Janet could have him because she had found a real man and that I was a hundred times better in bed than her husband was. Janet cried and apologized again before leaving. A few weeks later her annulment was finalized. We had not heard from Janet or Marjorie's husband since that day with the police.

Marjorie and I had know her annulment was coming any day now and we had our marriage license. So the judge that had just granted her annulment married us within five minutes. It was very special to Marjorie. She had not felt very good about 'living' with a guy without being married. Besides she thought that she might be pregnant too. We were positive that it was mine because she had a period a few days after moving in with me. We were very happy together, the kitten grew up, and we had a daughter.

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