Slut girl who slashed my friends tire conned into doing porn as revenge

Slut girl who slashed my friends tire conned into doing porn as revenge
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The drive had been long, the traffic heavy, and the car's radio her sole companion. Understandably, Donna Howell was weary. Add the facts that she had slept restlessly the previous night, had left much later than anticipated, was now traveling over an unfamiliar road, and it was not hard to understand that the blonde schoolteacher was slightly irritable as well.

It was an exhausted Donna Howell who finally stumbled into the lobby of the Ahwahnee Hotel, inquired about her family, and dutifully followed the bag-toting bell captain across the terrace, over a rough-hewn bridge, and up to the door of a large, single story cabin tucked under stately pines in the shadow of the towering main building. And it was a bubbling, stretch-pants and ski sweater clad daughter who answered the bell captain's knock.

"Mom! There you are! We were worried." Donna smiled a greeting to her daughter, then followed the bell captain inside. Her eyes widened in surprise at the handsome man who rose from his chair and followed the now empty-handed hotel employee back to the door, filling it with a single crisp note. Donna's mouth must have been gaping open because when the stranger turned, his eyes suddenly crinkled with matching incredulity.

"Mom. This is Ward Murdock," Sheri said cheerfully. Donna was too stunned to speak. Good God, she thought, he's nearly my own age! "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Howell," he replied expectantly. A short, but definitely awkward silence followed.

Finally Donna managed a crisp: "Mr. Murdock." Then, swinging around, her eyes challenging Sheri's, she asked: "Where's Kevin?" "He met another boy," Sheri answered, "who's staying at the hotel and they've gone over to the Camp Curry ice skating rink with the boy's family.

He said not to worry, they invited him to dinner, and not to expect him back until nine." Donna was too stunned to think clearly, but sober enough to wonder what was happening to her close-knit family. First this strange older man and then Kevin not being here when she arrived. The exhaustion of the day caught up with her, and she suddenly felt giddy. Stretching out one arm, she steadied herself against a nearby chair. "You look tired, Mrs. Howell," Ward Murdock said pleasantly. "Can I fix you a drink?" "A drink?" "Ward makes excellent martinis," Sheri interjected.

"And just wait until you see all the groceries and things he bought us." Donna glanced at the coffee table and noted the martini glasses and pitcher. It was apparent that he had been about to prepare drinks. Maybe a drink would steady her nerves, she thought.

She nodded yes, and then realized that, by her own word, Sheri had experienced this man's martinis before. "I was about to mix a batch, but if you'd prefer something else?" "No. A martini sounds fine. Thank you." Donna moved to the couch and sat down next to Sheri as Ward began busily mixing the drinks.

When he served them, she took a sip before remembering she hadn't eaten since breakfast.

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Being tired and not having eaten was a dangerous combination, she realized, but the drink did taste good and she quickly drank it down. "Would you care for another?" Ward asked.

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"I really shouldn't, Mr. Murdock." ". Ward," he interjected. "Ward," she repeated. "But it was very good." He needed no further incentive, and the confused young mother did not object when he refilled her glass. The three of them sat sipping their martinis, interspersing the consumption of alcohol with small talk. Ward was very suave and polite, asking Donna questions about school, and he proved to be surprisingly knowledgeable about teaching.

It came to her as no great shock when he explained he was an assistant professor of English Literature at San Diego State, and Donna, with the aid of alcohol, began to warm to his easy banter. After a half hour and one more martini, Ward abruptly asked: "I was planning to take Sheri to the hotel for dinner.

I hope you'll join us." "Thank you," she said rising, "but I really can't tonight. It's been a long day for me, and to be quite honest, I welcome the opportunity to go to bed early." "Oh, Mom! You need to get out more, and you can't have eaten already. Won't you change your mind?" Sheri asked. "No, really, I can't, but don't let me hold you two up. I'm sure you must be famished." "Maybe tomorrow night then?" Ward said, rising.

"Perhaps ." Donna replied indecisively, weariness clearly evident in her tone. "Well, if I can't change your mind, we'll be going ." Donna walked with them to the front door, then stood in the open doorway until they had disappeared over the bridge, across the terrace, and into the hotel. Closing the front door, Donna walked slowly back into the living room, staring vacantly at the coffee table, her mind whirring with concerned thoughts. Unconsciously, she picked up the martini pitcher, poured the remainder into her empty glass, and drained it in one gulp.

The burning sensation in her throat seemed to suddenly bring her to her senses. "Damn!" she exclaimed aloud, then set the glass down and walked uncertainly toward the kitchen. She was hungry and opened the refrigerator, searching, but nothing looked appetizing. Confused and upset, she decided the best thing to do was to go to bed.

She walked down the short hallway that led to the four bedrooms and sitting room, checking each one as she passed. Three of the bedrooms, like the sitting room, were fairly small and each contained partially unpacked suitcases, but the fourth bedroom, the one next to Ward Murdock's, was quite large. It had a separate dressing room and bathroom, and she was pleased to note that they had left it for her use.

Donna returned to the living room for her own suitcase and carried it back to her bedroom; the effort bringing into sharp focus her weariness. She did not often drink alcohol and the effect of the four martinis left her gasping at even this slightest exertion. She walked straight into the dressing room, and began to disrobe, trying to keep her mind off her daughter.

It was too much to believe that she might be involved with a man old enough to be her father, a man that should more fittingly be dating a woman her age instead of Sheri's. Putting her dress on a hanger, the troubled young mother then closed the closet door, and in the process saw her own full reflection in the mirror mounted on the outside.

Whether it was making a mental comparison with her daughter, or just seeing how much her own age showed, she stood there for a moment examining herself.

She looked younger than thirty seven, that much she was willing to concede, but she didn't think of herself as being very attractive.

This opinion was part of her defense mechanism, and she couldn't have been more off base. Her body was still like that of a girl in her early twenties, soft where she should be soft, and firm in all the tight places.

She loosened her brassiere, letting it fall away from her full, rounded breasts, and though she wouldn't admit it, she was proud of the fact that they still stood out high and proud without support. Lowering her hands to the elastic waistband of her panties, Donna shifted her gaze down over her flat, still taut stomach, watching the smoothly curved flesh of her buttocks come into view as she lowered her white nylon panties.

An instant later she was staring at her naked figure, and her eyes looked again and again at the soft triangle of light blonde pubic hair. It looked silky smooth and untouched, a condition that had been the case for some time, and she allowed herself to wonder for a moment if she really looked as young as she appeared, or if it was just her imagination. She decided it had to be her old weakness asserting itself, and she turned away from the mirror, grabbing a nightgown on her way to the bathroom.

After brushing her teeth, the young mother turned off all the lights except the one by her bed, then turned down the covers and stretched out between the cool sheets.

Once again feeling tired, she switched off the bedside light, closing her eyes to wait for peaceful sleep. But it didn't come easily, as she couldn't stop worrying about Sheri.

Donna knew that she was going to have to find more time to spend with her children. Ward Murdock had aroused her protective instinct. Her daughter was young and innocent, and a man nearly twice her age could quite easily get her to do things she might later regret.

Yet, Donna thought, Ward was certainly acting like a gentleman, and it was possible that he was only being kind, taking the place of the father Sheri had never known. Perhaps she should give him the benefit of the doubt, Donna thought. He didn't seem the type to take advantage of a seventeen year old girl. Keeping that in mind, she began to drift off into a restful void where sleep was not very sound.

What exactly made Donna awaken with a start several hours later, she didn't know, but suddenly she was sitting up in bed, listening intently to the silence of the vacation cabin. The clock on the bedside table said one o'clock in the morning.

It was unusual for her to wake up like that, and she listened for some odd sound that might have disturbed her, but all she heard was the hush of a winter morning.

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She got out of bed and started toward the dressing room to get a robe, when an odd creaking sound made her freeze. It had seemed like it was right there in her own room, and she listened intently, hearing faint, but distinct voices. She thought somebody was still up and the sound might be coming through the heater vents.

But when she heard the voices again, she realized they were not coming through the heater vents, but from the next room, the room where Ward Murdock was sleeping. There was something wrong, something about it that made her nervous and tense. It was faint, but she was certain that it was a female voice she was hearing, and her curiosity aroused, the young mother moved carefully to the wall. As she pressed her ear against the wall, another creaking sound came through, and what she heard kept her frozen to the spot.

"Ohhh, wow!" It was Sheri.

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There was no mistaking her giggle, and she wondered what her daughter was doing in the next room, especially considering the hour! Then she heard a second voice, and it was unquestionably Ward's. "Hey, ssshhh!


What about your mother?" "Don't worry, silly . she was sound asleep when I looked in. Nothing wakes her up!" Were they only talking? What was that other sound she kept hearing? Was it the bed? Donna wanted to move away from the wall, to go back to her own bed and put the whole thing out of her mind, but she couldn't make her legs move.

"Oooh, God! You're so hard, so big I'd like to take it into my mouth and suck it . let me kiss your cock, lover!" Donna was stunned, unable to believe that she had heard the words correctly. Her daughter, talking about that man's penis, about taking it into her mouth and it was too horrible and repulsive to believe!

"Oooooohhhhhh . ooohhh, honey! Your mouth . breath . so warm . ohh, yes! Lick it like that," she heard Ward's voice saying. "Aaaahhh . the way you make your lips . so tight around it! Yes, yes, yes . ohhh, Sheri .

your tongue! Yes! Oh, suck it, baby, yes, ohhhh!" "Mmmmmmmmmmm." "God that feels good! Ssshhh! Don't suck so loud . ooooohhh, wait . no you don't . get that beautiful little ass over here . there! Your cunt's so warm and wet . I want to finger-fuck it while you suck my cock!" "Mmmmmmmmmmmm." "God, ohhhhh!

Yes, like that! Oooohhh, suck it baby!" His voice rose to a gruff whisper, and on the other side of the bedroom wall, Donna stood petrified, unable to move. She was fascinated by the sounds of sheer lust coming from the next room. "Oooohh, God!


Your hot little mouth is like butter . ooooohh!" Donna's hands began to tremble, and she ran her tongue around and around her lips, moistening them from the terrible dryness she suddenly felt. She wanted to back away from the wall, from the cabin, and escape the terrible obscene sounds that were so near. Her mind was filling with vivid images of what was happening in the next room, and it seemed so clear, so precise, she felt like she was looking right through the wall.

It was awful. Her own seventeen-year-old daughter . certainly not the innocent girl she had believed her to be . doing things that she herself had never even imagined doing! The horrified young mother was immobilized by the sounds, by the involuntary thoughts of that older man's muscular body stretched out nakedly on the bed, his penis erect, its blood-swollen head sunk up inside the moistly sucking oval of her daughter's mouth, and her long blonde hair lying across his stomach, kneeling over him and performing the terrible, unnatural act of fellatio while he finger-fucked her innocent young vagina.

His voice, gasping and groaning seemed to echo through the wall, "Oooohhh . don't let it slip out of your mouth . ohh, God, honey!" A lewd slurping noise seemed to penetrate the entire cabin. "Ooohhh, lover! My cunt's on fire . let me get up over your face so you can lick me . lick it! Ohhh!" "MMMmmmmmmm . uuuugggghhhh!" "Like that.


Yes, yes!" Sheri wailed. "Oh, God, your cock's so hard, so warm and wet against my tongue . Mmmmmmm, that's so nice!" Donna's mind was screaming at her to run away, but, her body wouldn't obey her mind. She was transfixed by the words her ears were hearing, the obscene sounds of sexual pleasures she hardly knew existed! It made her feel strange, as if she wasn't standing there at all, but was somewhere else, dreaming that she was hearing all this. "God! Oooooohhh .

your teeth . so sharp . ooooh!" Sheri was crying out in ecstasy now. "Yesss, oh, oh, oh! Yeeessss, lover, yeeessss!" "Sheri . I've . got to . fuck you . NOW!" Ward Murdock was gasping, his voice coming unevenly, slurring out his words. "Got to . put it in!" "Yes, yes . do it to me like in the film, lover . from behind like the dog in the film . slowly!" And Donna gasped again as she heard the lewd, unmistakable squeak of movement in the bedsprings.

"From behind?" "Yes, yes! Put it in my cunt . there!" "Oh, baby . your ass . cunt . so goood! Looks so good with you kneeling in front of me like that!" "Ooooohh . slooowwwlllyyy . oh, God, yes yes yes! Fuck me good . ooohh, fuck me fuck me fuck me!" Donna could feel a cold sweat dripping freely down her body beneath the folds of her nightgown.

And between her tightly clenched thighs, she could feel her pussy tingling, quivering in a strange way, like it had never done before.

It was beyond her understanding, her mind, body, every nerve and fiber mesmerized into a state of sensual shock. It hadn't been like that even on the nights she had succumbed to her own weakness. These sounds were too arousing, beyond all rationality, and reason somehow was not important. As if controlled by an outside force, the confused mother moved automatically, her own intense and demanding physical need all that mattered. Her left hand began to move down along her body to the narrow curve of her waist and across her stomach to rest on her own swollen pubic mound, then exploring, rubbing back and forth across the soft material of her nightgown and then up underneath it as her fingers searched lewdly between her trembling thighs.

A strange exciting wetness seeped from her cuntal lips, running freely from her lust-inflamed pussy. Her right hand came up to cup one breast, squeezing and kneading the tiny nipple into painful tautness through the restrictive nightgown. The moaning from within the next room was almost incoherent now, as daughter and boyfriend thrashed about wildly on the bed in sinful intercourse.

Donna gathered up her nightgown, bunching fold upon fold of its silky material in her left hand and drawing it farther and farther up around her firm, white thighs to expose the lightly curling pubic hairs covering her pulsating cunt. Holding the gown bunched at her waist, she lowered her right hand slowly over her stomach to her hotly steaming pussy and began to massage it as she had done before, knowing it was perverted and wrong, but powerless to stop herself.

Pressing harder and harder, her middle finger sliding wetly along the moist hair-lined slit, she found her clitoris and gently began teasing the erect little nerve-end with her fingernail, feeling waves of all-consuming sensual pleasure ripple through her body. She dipped her finger still lower, insinuating it into the tight opening of her moist, inflamed cunt, and began pistoning in and out while her thumb rubbed rapturously across her swollen clitoris.

"Ooooohhhh, keep on, lover. Don't stop!" Sheri's voice seeped through the wall. "Something new . you'll like it . wait!" came Ward's muffled reply. There was a small cry of protest and the unmistakable squashing sound of an erect cock pulling from a passion-drenched vagina. Donna heard them moving on the bed, or were they merely moving up and down? "I'm going to fuck your tight little ass-hole, baby.

You'll like it!" he said, his voice tense and straining. "Oh, God, yessss! Put it in my ass-hole. Fuck my ass-hole, darling!" Sheri cried. "Uuuugghh. God, you're tight back here!" "Aaagghh .

it hurts . hurts, so good! Don't stop! Aaagghhhh!!" Trembling, Donna shut her eyes, the lurid image of what was transpiring on the bed in the next room surging through her mind. She could picture her young daughter bent over, kneeling with her buttocks waving high in the air, her hands spreading the twin cheeks wide and exposing the little brown ring of her anus to the lewdly waiting cock.

"Ooohh . yesss, ohhh, yesss!" Sheri groaned. "All of it, lover. Hurt me. Jam your cock all the way up into my ass!" How could she? How could her own child allow such an obscene and unnatural act to be done to her? Donna groaned in helpless torment. She heard the older man's lunging gasps as he drove deep into Sheri's defenseless ass-hole. She imagined his stiff cock ramming into her teenage daughter's tiny puckered anus, skewering it mercilessly as the full length of his heavily elongated cock fucked in and out of the tight rubbery little hole.

"Oooohhh, yesss. Oooohh, ooohh, oooohhh!" came the terrible sounds from the next room. But as much as those sounds and the lewd images in her brain were shocking her, they were also stimulating her beyond reason.

The bewildered young mother was caught up in the frenzy of the moment, her entire body trembling with unwanted excitement. She dropped down onto the carpeted floor of her bedroom, her glistening thighs splaying wide. A rush of cool air moved across her steaming cunt, giving her a new thrill of ecstasy, and she squirmed a second finger in next to the one already working there. The wet sucking noises of her desperate finger-fucking pervaded the master bedroom, as her voluptuous body heaved and jerked in time to the rhythmically moving fingers between her open thighs, and the tight flooding walls of the passage pulled and sucked hungrily at her buried fingers.

She cupped one breast almost brutally, squeezing the supple flesh, pinching the tender nipple with wild, animal-like abandon. Her whole lust-incensed body was writhing about on the floor in a turbulence of self-induced passion.

"Oh, baby, reach back under your cunt and squeeze my balls . oh, God, yes!" Ward cried suddenly. "Your ass . so tight . so tight!" "Ooohhh, yes, lover . so good, so good . I love your cock, love it, love it!" Donna wanted to scream, to wail in unison with the two nakedly locked bodies in the adjacent room as she hung on the edge of her own release. She was near, so near that mysterious peak, delirious with her own sizzling passion. She removed her hand from her breast with conscious intent, and licking her left forefinger, reached around under her smoothly rounded buttocks to probe the tiny puckered ring of her own anus.

She shut out the guilt, the knowledge that she was doing wrong. Her mind was caught up in her own depraved sexual hunger, and she didn't care about anything else. She wormed her finger slowly into the resisting nether ring, and nearly went out of her mind with the excitement of the entrance. "Your cock . harder . ooohh, God, lover, hurt me! Fuck my ass-hole harder!" "Can't hold back .

uuugghh . I'm going to cummm!" Ward groaned in response. Yes, oh, yes, Donna thought, me too, me too! Insanely she plunged her fingers into her wetly heated cunt, rubbing her clitoris with her thumb, the middle finger of her other hand impaled deep in the tight little opening of her anus, buried to the second knuckle.

She too was going to cum! "Ooohh, lover, yesss. Fill my ass-hole. Give me your hot cum. Fill meeeeeee!" It almost seemed as if it was her voice crying out instead of her daughter Sheri's and Donna drove harder and faster, deeper and deeper, her body undulating under the pressure, gasping for imminent release. "Aaagghh!" Sheri gasped, then her voice rose in pitch. "Oooohhh, ooohhh, noooowwwww!

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I'm cuummiinngg!" Ward's deep-throated cry of pleasure vibrated through the wall as his sperm cascaded far up into Sheri's cock-split rectum. "Yessss . ooohh, yessssss!" It was as if she were controlled by the wild passion in the other bedroom, and Donna felt her own body automatically react.

She strained, flaying her legs wide in spasmodic jerks and the floor seemed to rumble beneath her. Lifting herself up in a convulsive arch, her fingers reaching for maximum depth in her moisture-drenched cunt and burning rectum, she gasped out her own climax.

Its tremendous force, rebounding through her quivering belly, spilled out of her churning cunt around her deeply implanted fingers, flowing down the crevice of her buttocks to where her other finger rotated deep up inside her rectum.

How long it lasted, she didn't know, but suddenly spent and exhausted, the young mother collapsed to the floor, her legs trembling from effort, her breathing ragged. She could still hear noises in the next room, though they were no longer wild sounds of passion, but now only soft sighs of contentment. She lay there for several minutes, waiting for strength to return so that she could make her way back to the bed, and when finally her heart stopped its wild pounding in her chest, she stood up and moved cautiously on shaky legs.

Stretching out on the bed, she felt the nightgown clinging stickily to her inner thighs, a lewd and obscene reminder of her self debasement. She sat up abruptly, pulling the garment off over her head, then slipped between the sheets naked, wanting to sleep, wanting desperately to escape the thoughts that were running wildly through her mind.

There was no longer any doubt about her daughter's relationship with Ward Murdock, and it was far worse than she had dared to imagine.

But what bothered her as much as her teenage daughter's lost innocence was the fact that her own lewdly inspired sexual experience had been so obviously pleasurable. Trying desperately to block these images from her mind, Donna lay perfectly still and waited for sleep to overtake her body. As she waited, another, more persistent thought emerged. Knowing now what Sheri had done, was it possible that her little boy, too, had experimented with sex?

He had changed, his tall, muscular body now that of a man's, not a boy, and in spite of her efforts to resist, she couldn't help imagining him naked and sexually aroused. She shuddered with a mixture of revulsion and excitement, ashamed with herself for having such thoughts, but her dreams that night allowed her no escape.